😜😛😝CHIT CHAT 😝😛😜
🙂everything is tit 4 tat mindless psycho babble about this and that talk about temptation curiosity killed the cat some people like 2 talk a mouthful of scat when they know they should keep that sad and ugly chit chat under there hat some daze u r the ball and some u r the bat
My father told me don’t tuck in your shirt if u r getting fat and if u r going bald wear a hat and if your breath smells like scat don’t get 2 close 2 anyone when u chit chat sing like a bird u dirty rat a foot in the ass or the welcome mat u talkin 2 me who r u mad at or r u just blind as a bat Or r u in need of a catnap it’s as simple as that u can’t win them all we all know better than that sounds like old hat Jack sprat could eat no fat his wife could eat no lean and so between them both u c they licked the platter clean Jack ate all the lean Joan ate all the fat the bone they picked clean then gave it 2 the cat shootin the shit blowin off steam or chew the fat and if u believe that I’ll eat my hat if I sense that something is not right then I smelled a rat if u believe in magic the way I do watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat it’s all just piss in the ocean water under the bridge that’s just a drop in the hat Tom Jones sings what’s new pussycat and Jeff Beck does goodbye pork pie hat he’s not a guitar player that’s easy 2 copycat if u think everything u got is hot aristocrat check your thermostat u would b better as a daring young man on the flying trapeze performing as an aerial acrobat in a circus habitat in the twilight zone with Vic Morrow playing combat in a virtual world format and when your done everything comes out in the wash so get some detergent and go 2 the laundromat and grin like a Cheshire Cat and leave it at that u know there’s not enough room in here 2 swing a cat don’t Fall flat right off the bat who r u trying 2 throw the book at going 4 the jugular like a vampire bat when people live in glass houses they shouldn’t throw stones and they should wear a hard hat if u think u want 2 poke some fun at a fat cat right off the bat who do u think u r looking down your nose at pack rat I can hear your dirty little feet go pity Pat leave it at that pest don’t make me get my gnat hat and protect myself with a baseball bat it’s better 2 chit chat than it is 2 get in a spat pick a side and enjoy the ride it’s as simple as that is planet earth round or flat Al Stewart had a hit single called year of the cat I want 2 stand on the rock that Moses stood or sit on the throne where King Tut sat when I am not buzzing around on my flying carpet I use it as a welcome mat don’t tell anyone about my crazy little secrets keep it under your hat I am just like Mr. Magoo blind as a bat wishing I had 9 lives like courageous cat and take a shot at a bucket list of all my hopes wishes and dreams and pray 2 never stop trying 2 hammer away at everything I want 2 go my way everynight and everyday and that’s that like Merlin the magician I plan on pulling everything I want in life out of my magichat ✍️🙏

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