✍️JSW here 2 blow some smoke up your stack and let u know TheBitchIsBack until I fade 2 black trying not 2 step on a crack and break your momma’s back going 2 a go go where they have liquor in the front and poker in the rear called the sugar shack where baby got back dancing 2
AC/DC’s Back In Black and Unforgettable by Godsmack makes u wanna rent a room next door at a place called the Love Shack trying 2 find your hopes wishes and dreams is a hard nut 2 crack and chasing them just might give u a heart attack thinking u r a big dog that wants 2 run with the pack or should u ride down the Freeway Of Love In A Pink Cadillac and stop at Micky D’s 4 a little snack and get a large fries and a Big Mac listening 2 the Chain by Fleetwood Mac and the Beatles doing Get Back praying that on my day of reckoning our father cuts me some slack don’t b a hypocrite and b a pot that calls the kettle black try 2 never lose your mind and go insane feeling no pain driving off the track in your train flying it like a plane past King Kong on the Empire State Building trying 2 give u a wack hey let’s b friends and scratch each other’s back I love the song My Sharona by the Knack I have been 2 hell many times and I know the place well and I can tell u this I am never goin back no drugs or alcohol 2 make me all wack and lose my way back 2 a life that I pray 2 god everynight and everyday 2 help me keep myself on track sealed with a kiss 💋 or as I say swak u could say muah a smooch a peck or a smack 😘
✍️I hope all is good in your neck of the woods and everything is going the way it should in your neighborhood
When we all realize we r brothers and sisters and we learn 2 share only peace love and happiness it is then that the meaning of life will b understood if only we all could
✍️2 everyone everywhere outthere always bsafe bstrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare living on this crazy planet that we all share keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with hearts of ice and beware
✍️Peace hangloose iloveu ok
4ever always have a GOODMORNING a gr8 day and at night May everything go your way chasing everything u hope wish dream and pray as u and yours live love laugh and play remember 2 always keep a smile on your face come what may everyday it makes the life u live and the house u call home a better place 2 stay
🌝🌝🌝🌝👁👁🌝🌝🌝🌝✍️the FullColdMoon was last night and the weather tried 2 hide it from sight but if there’s a Will there is a way in every battle u fight All will b seen when god shines his light and anything that might b going wrong will end up being all right 🌝❤️🍀
✍️never let a little rain drive u insane and cause u 2 piss and moan as u complain and walk around like your ass is in pain
just sit back and relax and smoke a big fatty of skunky MARYJANE 🙃😍😛😝😜😵‍💫

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