❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥D R E A M S ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
❤️JSW here 2 tell u that in my dreams i am James Bond 007 the international spy and I am sly as a Fox because I am Just like Ironman and I can fly across the universe way up high where outer space meets the sky and I can hear doves cry and hangout with the man on the moon and smoke a big fatty and get high and dry and try 2 quench our cottonmouth with some Mountain Dew as we lay down in a crater and sigh thinking a person without an imagination or dreams lives no life and our father who art in heaven is the only one that knows y 🌝☮️💟✝️🍀✍️🙏
❤️peace hangloose iloveu ok I just wanted 2 stop and say 2 all u and yours may everything go your way that’s what I pray never stop hoping wishing and dreaming everynight and everyday about all of the things u want 2 do as u live love laugh and play with a smile on your face come what may making the world u live in and the house u call home an awesome beautiful and amazing happy place 2 stay🥰
❤️an important lesson 2 learn is that there is a time and a place 4 everything say No 2 drugs and keep your nose clean and obey the rules and laws and don’t get your ass in a sling or u have 2 hear your ma and pa say I told u so many times it makes your ears ring it always makes me cry when I hear whales sing and even 4 a day I never want 2 b king of anything I want 2 jump on a trampoline at the foul line and slam dunk the rock like Julius Erving and if u want 2 Donnybrook get in the ring and take your best swing and I will put u 2 sleep with my hornets sting I haven’t worked in 59 months because I planned ahead 2 make sure I would have all of the cha-Ching I needed 2 make all of the cash register’s ring I want 2 swim like a fish thru the air floating like a bird on a wing and quench my mental thirst on a fountain of imagination that runs like Poland spring and become a free spirit and find my hidden treasure of creativity and let my mind become gravity free and soar like a kite without a string my brain is like a blooming flower and every morning is the first day of spring I am not a material person I won’t die with the most toys or have a phat whip And gold teeth drenched in gold and platinum bling it’s just not my thing it’s just not the way I like 2 swing I’m not trying 2 b better than anyone else l’m just trying 2 b myself I don’t have 2 prove anything 2 anyone trying 2 make people I don’t even know think I am magnificent or something when it comes down 2 how I think this world should b run I don’t know anything I c the news around the globe and the negativity is terrifying let’s all learn from past mistakes and put a stop 2 all crime in our time and put an end 2 the murder of all the innocent people that have died 4 nothing because someone had a bad day traversing an off the rails bipolar mood swing saying should have would have could have doesn’t mean a thing 🙏💝💋✌️🤙🤟👌🤸🏿‍♀️❤️4ever until eternity come on everybody get happy and fancy free always tell the truth honesty is the best policy 2 stay Scott free big brother is watching and every picture tells a story go cold turkey and everyday of your life from now on will b all about your recovery it’s better 2 b safe than sorry between u and me and the devil in the deep blue sea being the leader of the pack is not all it’s cracked up 2 b thats what a little birdie told me everything is not 4 everybody don’t try it if it’s not your cup of tea don’t let things drive u crazy get all your ducks in a row and don’t set yourself up 4 a double whammy check everything out from a 2 z if something looks sketchy I don’t expect anyone 2 Agee with me we r all different and opinions r like the nose on our faces everybody has one so never b afraid 2 say it all sounds like Greek 2 me
❤️time flys by so fast it’s amazing how quick the seconds tick away the day in2 the past hey I guess that’s y they say 2 live everyday 2 the fullest like it was your last 😘

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