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😎😜Don’t Poke A Bear 😜😎
❤️‍🔥Don’t Poke A Bear u just might become dinner and disappear in2 thin air live 2 give learn how 2 share always tell your lover Iloveu and say I will always b there cross my heart and hope 2 die and a pinky swear we live in a world without time 2 spare and all life is precious and fragile and it needs 2 b handled with tender loving care we need 2 find a way 2 repair Mother Nature because the way things r going eventually all her cupboards will b bare everything is not do or die don’t live your life on a dare when opportunity knocks answer the door the chance’s of him returning r extremely rare as we get older our lives become one big family affair
❤️‍🔥it’s easy 2 hypnotize the brain hidden behind the eyes with habits and vices that mesmerize and tantalize and try 2 get u 2 live a life that is counterclockwise and everyone knows time flys and it all starts everyday at sunrise and there’s one thing uall need 2 know u have 2 stay alive 2 become old and wise u have 2 make your hopes wishes and dreams your biggest enterprise 2 maximize the possibilities of surprise and mobilize as u stargaze and guise about all of the avenues u need 2 traverse 2 capitalize and pray 2 god 2 give me all the supplies I need to energize
And kick ass and take no names and never say I’m sorry or apologize I don’t like 2 hang out with the enemy and fraternize I am just trying 2 live my life 2 the fullest in the little bit of time that our father supplies one never succeeds at anything if one never trie’s and everything u want in life r all the things that only big money buys 💸💵💰🙃😳🙂
❤️‍🔥Christmas is only 9 days away and I hope yours puts u in a state of bliss wrapped in tenderness tied what a ribbon of sweetness and sealed with a kiss 💋 the best day of the year filled with peace love and happiness that no one ever wants 2 miss joy 2 the world what on earth could b better than this all the best 2 u and yours and GODBLESS 🤞🙏

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