❤️The December Solstice❤️
😍on Wednesday the 21st The December Solstice starts in 2022 and if u live in the northern hemisphere like I do it will b the shortest day of the year 4 us to go through 2 everyone everywhere outthere all the best 2 yours and u may everything go your way doing whatever it is that uall choose 2 do every minute that goes by the future is brand new never tell someone u love them if every word u say is not true follow through with your point of view have dignity and respect and always say please and THANKU if u feel like u have been here b4 that’s DEJA VU every time my father would talk 2 me he would say hey kid what have u been up 2 hoping one day I would turn my life around and listen 2 his words of wisdom and break through my wall of voodoo and cut thru the peer pressure that I clung on2 living like a crazy animal that broke free from the human zoo that I got used 2 digesting cosmic debris and drinking witches brew 4 something 2 do until my brain was black and blue eagles cry and cows moo the Beatles have a song they do with over 29 million views called I WANT YOU I love the song MEXICAN RADIO by WALL Of VOODOO when u take on more than u can handle it’s called biting off more than u can chew watch what u wish 4 with the hopes and dreams that u Pursue take your time only fools rush in don’t always try 2 b a hot shoe we r not like Ironman we r only skin and bone held 2gether with gods glue life is a journey in2 the unknown we have 2 b like Indiana Jones and Crocadile Dundee and sit back and relax like u r on a lazy river Rendezvous listening 2 CAN YOU SEE THE REAL ME by THE WHO at first light always kiss the sun good morning and at night b4 u and your dreams take flight thank god and bid the day adieu every word I said is true 2 all of u and this message of peace happiness and love that I pray 4 u from the heavens above because it’s everyone everywhere outthere that I am thinking of
God bless and all the best 2 yours and u and may peace b with uall 4ever trying 2 get everything 2 go your way in the life u pursue happy trails peace cya from LULUANDJSW
and once again thank u 4 coming 2 aneyefullofearcandy 2 check out my point of view as I try 2 breakthrough with what u c and hear by whispering in your ear and I hope what I write and say is easy 2 read and coming in loud and clear and like I said b4 every word is true I am just like Bryan Adams when he sings his song with over 335 million views titled EVERYTHING I DO I DO IT FOR YOU ☮️💟✝️🙏

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