🍀😵‍💫🙃🤸🏿‍♀️SPELL 🙃😵‍💫🍀🤸🏿‍♀️
😏everyone has a story 2 tell like they live a life that’s like a fairytale SPELL and yours is a living hell because u can c the coins spilling over the top of your wishing well trying 2 pay your way in2 heaven if u could only find the path back from the heartbreak hotel without a snowballs chance in hell Anita Ward has an awesome song with over 8 million views called RING MY BELL 🛎 on 2-1-21 Dustin Diamond passed away he was better known as SCREECH on SAVED BY THE BELL and AC/DC has over 270 million views on there song called HIGHWAY TO HELL and in 1987 TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY had a gr8 song that I love called WISHING WELL and PINK FLOYD had an album and title track on it in 1994 called the DIVISION BELL u know it’s a hard sell thinking u can fakeit 2 makit I say like hell if I put my ear up 2 your ear would I hear the ocean just like like listening 2 a sea shell if so u must live your life in that nursery rhyme called the FARMER IN THE DELL a legendary hero of Switzerland once successfully shot an apple with a crossbow off his sons head and his name was WILLIAM TELL and ELVIS PRESLEY has a gr8 song with over 23 million views called HEARTBREAK HOTEL and LYNYRD SKYNYRD has a song with over 15 million views called THAT SMELL go get a Dutch Master and roll a blunt and smoke a L and if u r a collector of Barbie Hot Wheels and Fisher Price shop MATTEL in 2005 there was a funny comedy/romance called THE 40 YEAR Old Virgin played by STEVE CARELL if u r a gullible one and easy 2 convince swell because I am looking 4 someone wanting 2 buy the Brooklyn Bridge that I am trying 2 sell the first time I saw DONNA I knew that she was going 2 b my sweet MADEMOISELL and I love a song Adele does with over 2 billion views called ROLLING IN THE DEEP if u r given a secret 2 keep it’s a good idea 2 play dumb and don’t make a peep the rumor mill is a black hole and talk is cheap try 2 find a way 2 b awake 2 live your dreams and not let them all die in your sleep there was a young girl named Winona Brooks from Australia that was a singer-rapper-and video blogger that died at the age of 22 that was better known as LIL BO WEEP there is a gr8 song called EASY LIVEN with over 1 million views by URIAH HEEP at the end of everyday I pray 2 god my soul 2 keep just b4 I hit the hay and go 2 sleep there is a 160 acre State Park in Connecticut that is named LOVERS LEAP think of your life like it’s a garden and try 2 only let peace love and happiness b the seeds u sow and all your hopes wishes and dreams shall b the crops u reap and u and yours will live a life of victory a total and decisive clean sweep and RADIOHEAD has a beautiful song I love with over 751 million views called CREEP and DEEP PURPLE has a song I love that they do called THE CUT RUNS DEEP remember 2 always get your beauty sleep and try 2 stay on the right side of wrong and not b a black sheep a defining judgment in your life good or bad will depend on the friends that u keep and always know that still waters run deep and watch what u wish 4 it might turn out 2 b a nightmare when u take your final leap over the cliff just like WILE E COYOTE and the last thing u hear is the ROAD RUNNER SAY BEEP BEEP ☮️💟✝️💫🌞🌝🍀🦂🕷PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS✌️GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 😇PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS ❤️HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🤞

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