😎in 1991 on the MAD MAD WORLD album Tom Cochrane
did a song with over 2 million views called LIFE IS A HIGHWAY sending me on a Rock N Roll binge & in 1981 he was in a band called RED RIDER & he played a gr8 tune with over 10 million views called LUNATIC FRINGE ❤️‍🔥
😎when I was young and dumb I did a lot of drugs but I never did any of them intravenous I never injected myself with a syringe & if u do u went overboard just a tinge & the thought of being caught up in that kind of situation makes me cringe & just think about all of the brain cells u singe once u r hooked u go 2 hell so many times that the door 2 the devils party flys off the hinge & u limit your rights of freedom 2 live a good life without being an addict & it’s your own sanity that u infringe & if your brain is 2 eggs frying in a pan as u 4get 2 take the time 2 think about how much u make your heart kidneys & liver twinge ❤️‍🔥
😎give yourself a running start & go all in with one’s heart & save yourself 4 everyone else & b a person that u can b proud of & do whats right & don’t b a poser & play the part take a good look at where u were & where u r now & where u could b & u will c that being lost & being found r worlds apart & if u want love u have 2 give love & your life will become a state of art & know this there is no diploma given out 4 being streetsmart & u will never get 2 the top of the hill pumping gas at a speedmart
or by wearing an orange vest chasing shopping carts at the local Walmart u have 2 jumpstart your lionheart & know change makes change so go out & upset the apple cart & live a life that is admired by everyone because u r off the chart & who u were & who u can b r poles apart if u can find it in your heart 2 give yourself a flying start & b smart & kickstart your sweetheart & don’t follow your peers down a path that tears your little world apart & know that a new beginning is waiting 4 u 2 turn the key & start ❤️‍🔥
😎this might come as a shock but u were not born yesterday & your not the new kid on the block u r in a human race against the clock & b like Johnathon Seagull & fly free from the flock & people that always have a my dog is bigger than your dog story 2 tell talks poppycock & I think of myself when I hear that beautiful song by Bob Seger that I love that brings a tear 2 my eye as time flys by with over 4 million views called LIKE A ROCK ❤️‍🔥
Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK

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