Body Like An Old Back Road 💋Sam Hunt has a gr8 song ilove 2 hear him play that has 286.6 million views called Body Like An Old Back Road & Hero Of The Day is a gr8 song by Metallica that’s on there 96 album release called Load & The Dropkick Murphys have a cool song with 2.2 million views called The Warrior’s Code & Johnny & Edgar Winter have a gr8 song with 2.6 million views called Tobacco Road & Ludicris has a heavy track with 6.1 million views titled Beast Mode & Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Do a gr8 song 2gether that has 1.6 million views called Further On Up The Road & Tone Loc has a cool rap song I like called Next Episode & we can’t find our way 2 the road of peace because there is no exit 2 take off of life is a highway so they say b that as it may hip hip hooray have a gr8 day come what may I dare say where there is a will there is a way & crime doesn’t pay so let it lay in god we trust let us pray & we r all made by the hands of our father out of magic human clay & everything is a o k it’s all child’s play if u don’t rub someone the wrong way & remember in life & love it’s safe 2 say it’s what u do & not what u say & always let a sleeping dog lie where they lay & try not 2 get caught up in or participate in sad & ugly mind games that people play & back in the day we used 2 say hey dude I got some good grass want 2 go smoke a Jay & go munch out at an all u can eat American buffet & have lobster tails & filet & finish it off with some fresh made lemon sorbet & go home & roll up a big fatty with the roaches piled up in my filled 2 the brim ashtray & go out & hit your ball thru the sticky wickets as u blast away the day any which way but loose playing croquet & then drive up 2 the chalet in your cabriolet in Monterrey & drink some Perrier & then have a nice bottle of Cabernet & take hits from the Bong with Cypress Hill Snoopdog & Dr. Dre & take a ride down 2 the Fissco Bay in a 56 Corvette Chevrolet & stop by the Old Cabaret & suck down double shots of Jose that they purvey 2 anyone on a temporary vacay or just looking 4 some oh so sweet AMORE sitting around a massive dining room table with a beautiful floral bouquet display & all of this mental 4play is what happens when everything goes your way when u r in search of your forte
Every night & day & never give up the chase after everything uall hope wish dream & pray because u have 2 pave the way knowing that Rome wasn’t built in a day so never do anything halfway & GODBLESS the U.S.A. & I am already old & gray so I guess I will b doing my little dog & pony show until the REAPER comes by my way 2 rescue me on my dying day
Remember 2 keep a smile on all of your faces everynight & everyday COMEWHATMAY because sharing some laughter and a smile goes a long way in this world 2day making a persons life & the house they call home a better place 2 stay 🏡🍀🙏😇🥰😁
✌️🤙🤟👌👁️👁️✌️🤙🤟👌❤️😍 ❤️‍🔥😘😎😎😘❤️‍🔥😍❤️

✍️my father told me when I was young that from the day u r born as the year’s & days advance whenever u take a leak it doesn’t matter how much u shake it or dance & prance those last few drops 💦 stay in your pants 😵‍💫🙃
✍️he told me his buddies wife went golfing & when she got home her husband said how was it & she said it was all good but she got stung by a bee & her husband said where & she said between the first & second holes & he said u must have used 2 wide of a stance 😵‍💫🙃😆😁😄😃😀😊🙂😛
✍️when u lose your temper in a flash u r the owner of a SHORTFUSE & if u snooze u lose & don’t step on my blue suede shoes in Baton Rouge & I love Blues Clues & I Want A New Drug by Huey Lewis & The News & a one night stand is hard 2 handle but easy 2 use just put it in auto pilot & cruise & in good times & bad times we all get 2 pay our fair share of unknown dues & try not 2 drink yourselves inside of your favorite bottle of booze & start singing that Frankie Ford song called Sea Cruise & ilove the song Madness By Muse & it’s your life 2 live & the decisions u make r yours 2 choose in this world we have no time 2 lose we have 2 mind our P’s & Q’s &
Tighten all of our loose screws & don’t judge a person until u walk a mile in there shoes & its not kind 2 use & abuse & if u got a bad case of the blues let me make u an offer that u can’t refuse try something new that u have never done b4 & give it a whirl & Lulu is my sweet & precious little earth angel baby girl & if the world is my oyster she is a one of a kind priceless gift from god a heavenly pearl & in 1961 Gene Chandler had a hit song with over 14 million views called The Duke Of Earl & when Donna was a young girl she used 2 march in the local parades because she was a master majorette at the magic of the Baton Twirl & when all u want 2 do is get high 2 get by it’s time 4 u 2 try & straighten up & fly right & ilove a song by Whitesnake with over 46 million views called Still Of The Night & the White Stripes have a song called 7 Nation Army with over 518 million views that was written sung & played by Jack White & if u r righteous & pure without sin it is said that u walk in gods light through the valley of shadows & death & u will fear no evil or fear any fright as u traverse gods gr8 earth everyday & everynight & try 2 stay in our fathers line of sight it’s your human right until god gives u permission 2 become an Angel & take flight 2 the other side with your heart mind & soul filled with sheer delight in a state of amazing grace like a Devine Mystical & Majestic Stringless Kite🪁 & 2 everyone everywhere outthere keep a smile on all your faces everyday & everynight & pray 2 the man upstairs 2 fix everything wrong on this planet & make everything 4 all of us ALRIGHT with a future that’s bright 4 all humanity & so all the worlds people can live happily ever after without any fear or fright ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✝️🙏😇🥰✌️🤙🤟👌✍️💋

✍️ 🍀 FRITZ THE CAT 🍀 ✍️
😘ilove the rock band INXS & there song with over 4 million views called NEW SENSATION & SANTANA has a gr8 tune he play’s called OPEN INVITATION
& in 84 ROD STEWART had an album titled CAMOUFLAGE with a song on it that that he did with JEFF BECK called INFATUATION & THE WHO has a awesome tune they do with over 17 million views titled
Has a cool song with over 1.9 million views I like called SECRET SEPARATION & every day we go thru the trials & Tribulations of being alive learning from our mistakes & what 2 do the right way until the day we die because we will always b the student & living life is our education so it’s heaven or bust in god we trust & pray it will b our final destination & doing the work of our father on the otherside will b our devoted occupation as we run thru the fields of joy looking 4ward 2 a spiritual world of never ending celebration & I know it sounds like a far stretch of the imagination but u have 2 have faith in the good book & it’s affirmation that has a lot of questions & answers that always leads 2 an interesting conversation & I believe in the heavenly information & ilove DAVID BOWIE & he has a gr8 song with 3.8 million views called STATION TO STATION & try not 2 let your friends convince u that it’s cool 2 have a healthy cosmic debris habit that winds up leading u 2 a life of degradation that takes u down a path of physical & mental devastation so y not try some rehabilitation with determination & give your heart mind & soul a little purification & have a born again lust 4 life reincarnation & enjoy the rejuvenation of no longer being controlled by intoxication & stop zig zagging & criss crossing over all your lines of communication & don’t let your curiosity 2 open Pandora’s box of death defying experimentation drive u in2 a world of demoralization hey chill out & go on a me myself & I vacation & JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS have a gr8 song with 4 million views called BAD REPUTATION & U2 is a gr8 Irish rock band ilove that has an amazing track with over 32 million views called ELEVATION & JAMES has a cool tune I like 2 listen 2 with 5.5 million views called BORN OF FRUSTRATION & the MOTOR CITY MADMAN
TED NUGENT has a gr8 guitar song he does called HIBERNATION & ashes 2 ashes & dust 2 dust after my cremation & I don’t like doctors or medication & there is a gr8 double LP album that was recorded on the 85 tour that was the first official live music that TOM PETTY released called PACK IN THE PLANTATION & AEROSMITH has a title track on there ninth album in 87 that ilove called PERMANENT VACATION & in 07 JOHN FOGERTY did a cool song called PREMONITION 😘
😘2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always BESAFE bestrong protect yourselves at all times & TAKECARE & ever since the first time I read this poem by MARY HOWITT The Spider and The Fly that she wrote in 1829 it is an amazing lesson in life that teaches children not 2 trust a stranger that is trying 2 lure them in so teach them not 2 listen 2 wolves in sheeps clothing & run the other way from back then until now we have 2 worry about predators & monsters that r lurking in the shadows & hacking & tracking on the airwaves destroying the innocence of children in our society 2days children r 2morrows future let’s protect them with our lives & save them from the insanity 😵‍💫

❤️ 2-12-89 🍀🍀 2-12-23 ❤️
❤️‍🔥Donna & I have been friends 2gether for 49 years & on 2-12-23 it will b our Wedding Anniversary #34❤️‍🔥& everyday I hope wish dream & pray 2 God 2 let us b with each other 2 live love laugh & play 4 another 34 years or more❤️‍🔥& Donna is the love of my life that I so adore❤️‍🔥& she can light up the world with her smile that is full of happiness & joy galore❤️‍🔥& she has a heart mind & soul that I live 2 love & explore❤️‍🔥4 evermore❤️‍🔥because she is the precious earthangel that I breathe every breath I take & live my life 4❤️‍🔥
Waiting 2 c what will b will b we just have 2 wait & c what the future holds 4 her & me because no one knows what 2morrow has in store❤️‍🔥no matter what I have 2 endure she will always b my sweet
Mi Amor❤️‍🔥2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share❤️‍🔥there is a lid 4 every pot waiting 4 u out there in this wonderful world somewhere❤️‍🔥so go out & find your significant other & live a life of peace love & happiness like a fairy tale folklore affair❤️‍🔥& let the love u both give 2 each other b the love u both make & TAKECARE❤️‍🔥saying i LOVE YOU makes use of the 3 most powerful words a person can say❤️‍🔥 telling someone by your side is where u always want 2 stay❤️‍🔥& I will always b there with u 4ever & a day❤️‍🔥come what may❤️‍🔥in God we trust let us pray❤️‍🔥peace hangloose iloveu ok❤️‍🔥may everything go your way❤️‍🔥with smiles on all your faces making the life uall live & the world uall live it in a better place 2 stay❤️‍🔥I hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing HAPPY VALENTINES DAY❤️‍🔥😍🥰😘

✍️ 😎 THE REAL DEAL 😎 ✍️
🍀Sammy Hagar has a song ilove called the Real Deal & there is a boxer that was a favorite of mine named Evander The Real Deal Holyfield & in 1972 a gr8 song called Stuck In The Middle With You that was released by the band Stealers Wheel &
AC/DC has a cool song they do called Love At First Feel & Kiss From A Rose is a beautiful song with 51.7 million views sung by Seal & there is a song called Love Will Keep Us Together that has 7.1 million views that was a big hit 4 Captain & Tennille & Jesus Jones has a couple songs I like called Right Here Right Now & Real Real Real & Carrie Underwood has a song that puts a tear in my eye with 83 million views called Jesus Take The Wheel & everyone’s life is a big deal & in the big picture u have 2 b a beautiful sight 2 c as well as being a bite of an excellent meal & b just like Superman with nerves of steel & when he looks at Wonderwomen he sports a rocket that is hard 4 his tights 2 conceal & always keep your ship a drift on an even keel & when u experience your dreams while u r awake your life is surreal & heel over head I still get a kick out of doing a cartwheel & regime media cbs abc cnn & nbc report censored against Republicans lies & bullshit at the same time they protect the brain dead devils advocate buck fiden & his socialist communist party on the newsreal & don’t slip on a banana peel & the Ohio Express have 2 songs I like called Yummy Yummy Yummy & Beg Borrow & Steal & doves cry & pigs squeal & there is an awesome beautiful & amazing song that ilove with over 1 billion views called Happier by Marshmellow ft. Bastille & Jerry Garcia has a gr8 song he does live called Deal & don’t look a gift horse in the mouth it just might b a blessing in disguise that might open up your eyes & make your life a walk in the park that is a real shot in the dark that u hope hits its mark or b off by
a country mile as the crow flys & u end up getting cut down 2 size after u r taken by surprise & u have 2 stay alive 2 become old & wise & 2 b able 2 have friends pets & family ties living in the heavens above hidden within the clouds floating by in the friendly sky’s from sunset 2 sunrise with stars in my eyes & Aerosmith has 2 gr8 songs that ilove called No Surprise & Lord Of The Thighs & if u feel like u r right never compromise or apologize say what u feel & feel what u say & look a person in the eyes & don’t beat around the bush & dress it up in a pink disguise as u synchronize & tantalize giving your stomach a flock of butterflies that u recognize as adrenaline 2 let u energize & The Who has a gr8 song they do with over 9.4 million views called Behind Blue Eyes & they say heavy is the head that wears the crown well if I had a chance 2 b king 4 a day u bet your sweetass I am going 2 try it on 4 size & never stand 4 second best as long as u r alive always strive 2 b the pilot & drive & never stop chasing the grand prize because one never knows if one never try’s so go find an art that suits u 2 play the part & make a hit song or movie real soon & shoot 4 the moon because it should come as no surprise that life is short & time flys & if u have 2 take the law in2 your own hands don’t shoot until u c the whites of there eyes or give them everything that u got & u could b the one that ends up getting shot on the spot that dies 😥

✍️when I was a young kid my father would always tell me crazy stuff about everything & anything he would say when the weather is hot & sticky that’s the time 4 dunkin dicky & when the frost is on the pumpkin that’s the time 4 dicky dunkin & he would say never sweat the petty stuff but always pet the sweaty stuff I laughed then & I still laugh now
he has been gone 22 years & I feel like it was yesterday that I saw him & said iloveu & gave him a hug I miss u dad 💦❤️‍🔥
🤞it makes me sing when I hear Twilight Zone & Radar Love by Golden Earring & every cloud has a silver lining if u have a positive mindset & an urge 2 go mining & it will make your eyes water & your nose sting when u smell the Swamp Thing & telling your lover u love them is precious & very heart touching & the Emancipation Proclamation is an awesome beautiful & amazing peace of President Abraham Lincoln’s speech Writing & if u r on a journey riding on the back of thunder & lightning turning over stones & kicking the bushes trying 2 find your hopes wishes & dreams u have 2 do some goodwill hunting & with over 5 million views INXS does their tune called The One Thing & Elvis Presley was sighted out & about eating in a restaurant in June 2022 that sounds amazing 2 me long live the King & eat like u r a hungryman Jack & I’m going 2 smoke a fat one & go hit the sack & I have been 2 hell so many times & I know the place well & I am never going back & I am never going 2 drive my train & say beep beep baby u can drive my car high on cocaine & fly like a bird off the track hitting on a bowl of crack riding a B-52 in2 the Love Shack sealed with a kiss or as I say swak & my skull is hard as a rock & I am one tough nut 2 crack & I will baffle u with bullshit if u blow smoke up my stack & u know what they say give them an inch & they will take a mile the world is wack & it pay’s not 2 give any slack & try not 2 fly out of the blue & in2 the black & is it a kiss a smooch or a smack & it doesn’t matter what u did or do no one gives a phuck about u it’s up 2 u 2 give yourself a Pat on the back & I hope I die in my sleep or maybe playing with the birds & the bees & have a heart attack & a chunky bowl of red Lebanese hash sounds like a wonderful snack & after eating a fresh garlic pizza pie u might want 2 suck on a mint tic tac & Elk antlers or a sweet pair breasts would b considered a nice rack & b a needle in the haystack & grow a 6pack & fine tune your brain & always try 2 b smart as a tac & itchy & Scratchy & Frick & Frack riding in the back of a Pink Cadillac & In sports when u do good it’s complimentary 2 give your ass a smack & wouldn’t it b nice if we could take control of the hands of time & turn the clocks back & The Rolling Stones want 2 Paint It Black& as a matter of fact in NASCAR there r no right turns on the race track & stuff that in your knapsack & hit the road Jack & don’t have a heart attack from 2 much artery plaque from eating 2 much piggyback 4 a midnight snack 😬😵‍💫😳🙃🙂😊😛😜😝🤓
Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK
May Everything Go Your Way
As Uall Live Love Laugh And Play That’s What I Hope Wish Dream And Pray And Always Keep A Smile On Your Faces Everynight And Everyday Come What May Because It Makes The Life U Live And The World U Live It In A Better Place 2 Stay My My Hey Hey I Will B Back And Rock N Roll With All Of Yall On Another Fine Day ✌️🤙🤟👌😁😁😃


⛄️🥶❄️⛄️🐾🐾⛄️❄️🥶☃️✍️heythere hothere highthere hello welcome 2 the LULUANDJSW dog and pony show & we r catching words like birds & when I say them 2 u I let them fly free 2 go where ever the 4 winds blow 🌬️🌪️
✍️there is an awesome beautiful & amazing song I love with over 33 million views called THE MIRACLE done by Freddy Mercury & Queen & 3 movies u must c r Rebel Without A Cause East Of Eden & Giant they all star James Dean & R. E. M. has a song called Orange Crush that has over 14 million views from there album Green & Peter Gabriel has a cool tune with over 10 million views called Steam & in 1983 John Carpenter made an American Supernatural Horror film about a 1958 Plymouth Fury that has become a cult classic called Christine & Roots is an American tv miniseries based on Alex Haley’s 1976 novel that first aired on tv in January 1977 & I loved it I loved older Kunta Kinte played by John Amos & Chicken George played by Ben Vereen & there is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is involved in movement memory pleasure arousal sleep mood attention learning & Cognition called Dopamine & there is a gr8 movie that came out in 1968 called Bullet that has one of the gr8est car chases ever in a Mustang that has over 5 million views that stared Steve McQueen & a place that’s not spoiled & corrupted or polluted by human civilization is considered Pristine & Greta Van Fleet has a gr8 song they do with over 4 million views called Age Of Machine & Apocalypse Now is a 1979 American film about the Vietnam War starring Martin Sheen & Alice Cooper has a gr8 song from 1970 with over 8 million views called I’m Eighteen & always try 2 keep your nose clean because finding honest god loving people r few & far between & it’s better 2 b Serene than Mean watch your mouth & don’t b Obscene & my real father was in the Army & my stepdad was a United States Marine & I am a true red white & blue Republican & I never had a booster or a Vaccine & every now and then I like 2 eat a sweet Nectarine or a tasty Tangerine as I play my Green Tambourine sailing on the bottom of the ocean in my Yellow Submarine & doing full gainer’s on my Trampoline in2 the future that 4 all of us is Unforeseen driven by drugs alcohol sex & Caffeine & do u have a strong feeling of fomo or r u going 2 make the Scene & b a rockstar or the next big thing on the silver Screen with a urge 2 b heard & monster talent that has yet 4 all of us is a sight Unseen caught up in your daily Routine riding on the escalator of life packed in like a Sardine taking a shower in Sunscreen wishing I was somebody that rides around in a stretch Limousine drinking Gasoline & Nirvana frontman Curt Cobain & Hole Frontwoman Courtney Love had an only child a daughter & they named her Frances Bean & Chuck Berry sang Oh Maybelliene OHWELL PEACEYALL JUSTSAYEN 2 everyone everywhere outthere it has been a dream & remember 2 always use your eyes & ears as filter’s 2 keep the thoughts that run thru the hallways of your mind truthful & clean 😍🥰😘💋🙃😇🤞