⛄️🥶❄️⛄️🐾🐾⛄️❄️🥶☃️✍️heythere hothere highthere hello welcome 2 the LULUANDJSW dog and pony show & we r catching words like birds & when I say them 2 u I let them fly free 2 go where ever the 4 winds blow 🌬️🌪️
✍️there is an awesome beautiful & amazing song I love with over 33 million views called THE MIRACLE done by Freddy Mercury & Queen & 3 movies u must c r Rebel Without A Cause East Of Eden & Giant they all star James Dean & R. E. M. has a song called Orange Crush that has over 14 million views from there album Green & Peter Gabriel has a cool tune with over 10 million views called Steam & in 1983 John Carpenter made an American Supernatural Horror film about a 1958 Plymouth Fury that has become a cult classic called Christine & Roots is an American tv miniseries based on Alex Haley’s 1976 novel that first aired on tv in January 1977 & I loved it I loved older Kunta Kinte played by John Amos & Chicken George played by Ben Vereen & there is a neurotransmitter in the brain that is involved in movement memory pleasure arousal sleep mood attention learning & Cognition called Dopamine & there is a gr8 movie that came out in 1968 called Bullet that has one of the gr8est car chases ever in a Mustang that has over 5 million views that stared Steve McQueen & a place that’s not spoiled & corrupted or polluted by human civilization is considered Pristine & Greta Van Fleet has a gr8 song they do with over 4 million views called Age Of Machine & Apocalypse Now is a 1979 American film about the Vietnam War starring Martin Sheen & Alice Cooper has a gr8 song from 1970 with over 8 million views called I’m Eighteen & always try 2 keep your nose clean because finding honest god loving people r few & far between & it’s better 2 b Serene than Mean watch your mouth & don’t b Obscene & my real father was in the Army & my stepdad was a United States Marine & I am a true red white & blue Republican & I never had a booster or a Vaccine & every now and then I like 2 eat a sweet Nectarine or a tasty Tangerine as I play my Green Tambourine sailing on the bottom of the ocean in my Yellow Submarine & doing full gainer’s on my Trampoline in2 the future that 4 all of us is Unforeseen driven by drugs alcohol sex & Caffeine & do u have a strong feeling of fomo or r u going 2 make the Scene & b a rockstar or the next big thing on the silver Screen with a urge 2 b heard & monster talent that has yet 4 all of us is a sight Unseen caught up in your daily Routine riding on the escalator of life packed in like a Sardine taking a shower in Sunscreen wishing I was somebody that rides around in a stretch Limousine drinking Gasoline & Nirvana frontman Curt Cobain & Hole Frontwoman Courtney Love had an only child a daughter & they named her Frances Bean & Chuck Berry sang Oh Maybelliene OHWELL PEACEYALL JUSTSAYEN 2 everyone everywhere outthere it has been a dream & remember 2 always use your eyes & ears as filter’s 2 keep the thoughts that run thru the hallways of your mind truthful & clean 😍🥰😘💋🙃😇🤞

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