✍️ 😎 THE REAL DEAL 😎 ✍️
🍀Sammy Hagar has a song ilove called the Real Deal & there is a boxer that was a favorite of mine named Evander The Real Deal Holyfield & in 1972 a gr8 song called Stuck In The Middle With You that was released by the band Stealers Wheel &
AC/DC has a cool song they do called Love At First Feel & Kiss From A Rose is a beautiful song with 51.7 million views sung by Seal & there is a song called Love Will Keep Us Together that has 7.1 million views that was a big hit 4 Captain & Tennille & Jesus Jones has a couple songs I like called Right Here Right Now & Real Real Real & Carrie Underwood has a song that puts a tear in my eye with 83 million views called Jesus Take The Wheel & everyone’s life is a big deal & in the big picture u have 2 b a beautiful sight 2 c as well as being a bite of an excellent meal & b just like Superman with nerves of steel & when he looks at Wonderwomen he sports a rocket that is hard 4 his tights 2 conceal & always keep your ship a drift on an even keel & when u experience your dreams while u r awake your life is surreal & heel over head I still get a kick out of doing a cartwheel & regime media cbs abc cnn & nbc report censored against Republicans lies & bullshit at the same time they protect the brain dead devils advocate buck fiden & his socialist communist party on the newsreal & don’t slip on a banana peel & the Ohio Express have 2 songs I like called Yummy Yummy Yummy & Beg Borrow & Steal & doves cry & pigs squeal & there is an awesome beautiful & amazing song that ilove with over 1 billion views called Happier by Marshmellow ft. Bastille & Jerry Garcia has a gr8 song he does live called Deal & don’t look a gift horse in the mouth it just might b a blessing in disguise that might open up your eyes & make your life a walk in the park that is a real shot in the dark that u hope hits its mark or b off by
a country mile as the crow flys & u end up getting cut down 2 size after u r taken by surprise & u have 2 stay alive 2 become old & wise & 2 b able 2 have friends pets & family ties living in the heavens above hidden within the clouds floating by in the friendly sky’s from sunset 2 sunrise with stars in my eyes & Aerosmith has 2 gr8 songs that ilove called No Surprise & Lord Of The Thighs & if u feel like u r right never compromise or apologize say what u feel & feel what u say & look a person in the eyes & don’t beat around the bush & dress it up in a pink disguise as u synchronize & tantalize giving your stomach a flock of butterflies that u recognize as adrenaline 2 let u energize & The Who has a gr8 song they do with over 9.4 million views called Behind Blue Eyes & they say heavy is the head that wears the crown well if I had a chance 2 b king 4 a day u bet your sweetass I am going 2 try it on 4 size & never stand 4 second best as long as u r alive always strive 2 b the pilot & drive & never stop chasing the grand prize because one never knows if one never try’s so go find an art that suits u 2 play the part & make a hit song or movie real soon & shoot 4 the moon because it should come as no surprise that life is short & time flys & if u have 2 take the law in2 your own hands don’t shoot until u c the whites of there eyes or give them everything that u got & u could b the one that ends up getting shot on the spot that dies 😥

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