❤️ 2-12-89 🍀🍀 2-12-23 ❤️
❤️‍🔥Donna & I have been friends 2gether for 49 years & on 2-12-23 it will b our Wedding Anniversary #34❤️‍🔥& everyday I hope wish dream & pray 2 God 2 let us b with each other 2 live love laugh & play 4 another 34 years or more❤️‍🔥& Donna is the love of my life that I so adore❤️‍🔥& she can light up the world with her smile that is full of happiness & joy galore❤️‍🔥& she has a heart mind & soul that I live 2 love & explore❤️‍🔥4 evermore❤️‍🔥because she is the precious earthangel that I breathe every breath I take & live my life 4❤️‍🔥
Waiting 2 c what will b will b we just have 2 wait & c what the future holds 4 her & me because no one knows what 2morrow has in store❤️‍🔥no matter what I have 2 endure she will always b my sweet
Mi Amor❤️‍🔥2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share❤️‍🔥there is a lid 4 every pot waiting 4 u out there in this wonderful world somewhere❤️‍🔥so go out & find your significant other & live a life of peace love & happiness like a fairy tale folklore affair❤️‍🔥& let the love u both give 2 each other b the love u both make & TAKECARE❤️‍🔥saying i LOVE YOU makes use of the 3 most powerful words a person can say❤️‍🔥 telling someone by your side is where u always want 2 stay❤️‍🔥& I will always b there with u 4ever & a day❤️‍🔥come what may❤️‍🔥in God we trust let us pray❤️‍🔥peace hangloose iloveu ok❤️‍🔥may everything go your way❤️‍🔥with smiles on all your faces making the life uall live & the world uall live it in a better place 2 stay❤️‍🔥I hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing HAPPY VALENTINES DAY❤️‍🔥😍🥰😘

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