✍️ 🍀 FRITZ THE CAT 🍀 ✍️
😘ilove the rock band INXS & there song with over 4 million views called NEW SENSATION & SANTANA has a gr8 tune he play’s called OPEN INVITATION
& in 84 ROD STEWART had an album titled CAMOUFLAGE with a song on it that that he did with JEFF BECK called INFATUATION & THE WHO has a awesome tune they do with over 17 million views titled
Has a cool song with over 1.9 million views I like called SECRET SEPARATION & every day we go thru the trials & Tribulations of being alive learning from our mistakes & what 2 do the right way until the day we die because we will always b the student & living life is our education so it’s heaven or bust in god we trust & pray it will b our final destination & doing the work of our father on the otherside will b our devoted occupation as we run thru the fields of joy looking 4ward 2 a spiritual world of never ending celebration & I know it sounds like a far stretch of the imagination but u have 2 have faith in the good book & it’s affirmation that has a lot of questions & answers that always leads 2 an interesting conversation & I believe in the heavenly information & ilove DAVID BOWIE & he has a gr8 song with 3.8 million views called STATION TO STATION & try not 2 let your friends convince u that it’s cool 2 have a healthy cosmic debris habit that winds up leading u 2 a life of degradation that takes u down a path of physical & mental devastation so y not try some rehabilitation with determination & give your heart mind & soul a little purification & have a born again lust 4 life reincarnation & enjoy the rejuvenation of no longer being controlled by intoxication & stop zig zagging & criss crossing over all your lines of communication & don’t let your curiosity 2 open Pandora’s box of death defying experimentation drive u in2 a world of demoralization hey chill out & go on a me myself & I vacation & JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS have a gr8 song with 4 million views called BAD REPUTATION & U2 is a gr8 Irish rock band ilove that has an amazing track with over 32 million views called ELEVATION & JAMES has a cool tune I like 2 listen 2 with 5.5 million views called BORN OF FRUSTRATION & the MOTOR CITY MADMAN
TED NUGENT has a gr8 guitar song he does called HIBERNATION & ashes 2 ashes & dust 2 dust after my cremation & I don’t like doctors or medication & there is a gr8 double LP album that was recorded on the 85 tour that was the first official live music that TOM PETTY released called PACK IN THE PLANTATION & AEROSMITH has a title track on there ninth album in 87 that ilove called PERMANENT VACATION & in 07 JOHN FOGERTY did a cool song called PREMONITION 😘
😘2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always BESAFE bestrong protect yourselves at all times & TAKECARE & ever since the first time I read this poem by MARY HOWITT The Spider and The Fly that she wrote in 1829 it is an amazing lesson in life that teaches children not 2 trust a stranger that is trying 2 lure them in so teach them not 2 listen 2 wolves in sheeps clothing & run the other way from back then until now we have 2 worry about predators & monsters that r lurking in the shadows & hacking & tracking on the airwaves destroying the innocence of children in our society 2days children r 2morrows future let’s protect them with our lives & save them from the insanity 😵‍💫

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