😵‍💫they say buck fiden only has 2 brain cells one is out trying 2 find some ice cream & the other one is lost in pelosis freezer trying 2 find him 😵‍💫
😵‍💫did u hear about the buck fiden toilet paper lifehack
if u c buck fiden & he only has one sock on he shit himself again 😵‍💫
😵‍💫let’sgobrandon means phuckjoebiden 😵‍💫
✍️the Bangles have a gr8 song ilove with over 116 million views called ETERNAL FLAME & if u want 2 run with the BIG DOGS u have 2 improve your skills & STEP UP YOUR GAME & David Bowie has a gr8 song that ilove with over 6 million views called FAME & QUASIMODO is the main character in a novel by Victor Hugo & he plays the deformed bell ringer in the story published in 1831 called The Hunchback Of Notre Dame & Chuck Barris did the Gong Show & he also had a cool game show that ran for 15 seasons in the 70s & 80s that was a big hit called The Dating Game & RATT has an awesome song ilove with over 1 million views called Shame Shame Shame & Korn has a heavy hit ilove 2 hear with over 1 million views called Blame & the
J. Geils Band has a cool hit tune they do with over 5 million views called Freeze Frame & in 1965 Shirley Ellis had a gr8 song with over 2 million views called The Name Game & Cheap Trick has a gr8 song ilove with over 5 million views called The Flame & they also do a tune with over 4 million views titled Ain’t That A Shame & if u want someone 2 b quiet zip it or hush up tell them 2 Shush & if u r looking 4 one of the strongest Marijuana strains known 4 a classic stoner high try some Bubba Kush & there is a gr8 song I love titled Machinehead with over 16 million views sung by Gavin Rossdale & The Band Bush & in cyberspeak if u want 2 cuddle or squeeze someone lovingly ask them if they want 2 Smoosh & on the Fandango album by ZZ Top they had a song ilove with over 6 million views called TuSH & there is a biblical account in the Book Of Exodus about the event of the Burning Bush & Matchbox Twenty has a gr8 song ilove that they do with over 6 million views called PUSH & a person with shorts on that r riding up & get stuck in2 there crotch in a V shape that’s what u call a Quackenbush & Bonnie & Clyde had no idea in the morning on 5-23-34 in Sailes Louisiana that they were going 2 die on the highway in an inescapable ambush & Budweiser-Kona- Michelob- Estella – Presidente -Stella Artois – Landshark – Hoegaarden – and Shock Top r all brewed by Anheuser Busch & in 1933 there is a cool short comedy featuring OUR GANG & they r eating home cooked oatmeal but they called it MUSH😋😛😜🙃🤪🫣🙂😇
2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always BESAFE & BSTRONG & protect yourselves at all times & TAKECARE & always keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with hearts of ice & beware knowing some daze the bear gets u & some days u get the bear & never give up on all your hopes wishes & dreams until the day that u pass away & disappear in2 thin air & never live your life on a dare & act like if u don’t make it it’s ok like I have a spare & thinking frankly my dear I don’t even care like a debonair millionaire trying 2 wake up in the middle of a nightmare hanging on by a hair & remember the story about the Tortoise & the hare & know that slow & steady is the best race 2 run as we all make our way from here 2 there because everyday life & reality hits us in the face at a maddening pace making us all say a prayer because there is never enough time 2 rehearse or prepare or ever recover from all the wear & tear knowing that in love & war all is fair & peace ✌️ hangloose 🤙 iloveu 🤟ok👌
I swear everything I say 2 u is true cross my heart & hope 2 die on top of a pinky swear THANKU 2 all of u that come 2 c LULUANDJSW @aneyefullofearcandy in a world without time 2 spare it’s gr8 2 know that there r awesome beautiful & amazing people like all of u coming 2 c me as I fly wireless thru the air with an endless supply of peace love & happiness that I want 2 share & as long as god let’s me live my life on planet earth I declare I promise uall from the bottom of my heart that I will always b there 😍

🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀
🤞heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share peace hangloose iloveu ok May everything go your way i hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀🍀🍀❤️❤️🍀🍀🍀
❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥GET TO ME ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
🤞ilove Train’s song GET TO ME & go check out the largest underground lake in the U.S.A.
called the Lost Sea & in 78 Genesis released their 9th album titled And Then There Were Three that had a gr8 song on it called Follow You Follow Me & in WW II 3,800 Japanese pilots flew in suicide attacks 4 the Empire of Japan after joining an organization known as Kamikaze & Japan also has a ceremonial suicide they do if they r disgraced or sentenced 2 death called
Hari-Kari & in 2007 a cool computer animated comedy film came out that starred the voices of Seinfeld & Chris Rock called the BEE MOVIE & Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 on the 12th of February near Hodgenville Kentucky & in 66 Tommy James & The Shondells had a big hit song called HANKY PANKY & the Philadelphia Flyers have a Team Mascot named GRITTY & in 2013 a cool adventure comedy drama film came out starring Ben Stiller called THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY & the first cousin & bodyguard that was in charge of all money flowing thru AL CAPONE’S operations was FRANK NITTI & in 78 Nick Gilder had a gr8 song that was an ODE 2 Runaways called HOT CHILD IN THE CITY & in 75 the rock band Led Zeppelin released their 6th studio album that was a musical masterpiece called PHYSICAL GRAFFITI & ilove the band INXS & they have a song I like called SHAKE THE TREE & ilove 2 hear Queen & Freddy Mercury singing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY & when I go 2 the dentist I never get a novacaine shot even when they r drilling a cavity & in 84 Prince & The Revolution hit it big with their second # one hit on the billboard hot 100 with a gr8 song called LET’S GO CRAZY & Deep Purple had an awesome hit song from their 72 album Machine Head called
LAZY & ilove Ted Nugent & his gr8 song called HEY BABY & Capital Punishment is a nice way 2 say DEATH PENALTY & it’s a magical mystery how humanity never learns from mistakes made in our past history one day human stupidity will lead us all 2 our destiny & in 82 there was a romantic comedy starring Dustin Hoffman in the theaters called TOOTSIE & when it comes 2 James Bond my favorite 007 is Sean Connery but I also like Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me & For Your Eyes Only & OCTOPUSSY & the Marshall Tucker Band has a gr8 song ilove called
CAN’T YOU SEE & everything is up 2 the powers that b what they say is what will b will b we just have 2 wait & c as we live our lives FOOTLOOSE & FANCYFREE under lock & key making WHOOPEE knowing 2morrow 4 all of us is not a Guarantee ☮️💟✝️🙏😎💋

where do all the one leg waitresses work IHOP
what do u call a cow with no legs ground beef
what do u call a prostitute with no legs a night crawler
how do u make a tissue dance blow a little boogie in2 it
why is six afraid of seven because seven ate nine
why does buck fiden always get hurt raking leaves he falls out of the tree
If u think the superbowl is the worlds biggest toilet u might b a redneck😳🫣🫠🤭🤗🤔🙄
I c a lot of people walking around with their heads in the clouds like they r caught in the grip of a MORPHINE DRIP hoping god don’t give them the pink slip thinking I will always b ok like life is a round trip as they do the deadman’s dance 2 the beat of the crack of the whip with your friends & family praying one day u might b able 2 give your bad habits the slip like a pack rat deserting a sinking ship with a tear in your eye wave goodbye & smile & keep a stiff upper lip & hang on tight 4 dear life & never lose your grip if u want 2 run a tight ship & get rid of your Siamese twin named addiction that appears 2 look like u both r joined at the hip so always remember life is an adventure on a one way journey it’s one & done there’s no round trip & the life u live is not a race so don’t treat yours like it’s a drag strip & u have 2 realize your cravings & your hunger 2 get HIGH r buds of demise & failure that u need 2 nip & don’t act like your life is a keg headstand guzzle & try 2 savor the flavor & casually enjoy it by the sip & know that there is a lot more 2 being alive & living than getting wasted all the time just letting it rip straight off the hip & u r the pilot of your imagination & mind it’s time 2 put your foot down & claim ownership & your brain is not a train or plane or spaceship taking off from NASA’s Florida airstrip & u & yourself need 2 start a loving & friendly relationship with u & Yourself & consider that my words of wisdom on sunset strip as a hidden & hopeful hot & tasty tip & if it’s the path u want 2 take hoping 2 give yourself a clean break it should b a peace of cake & make no mistake it’s your life that’s at stake 4 heavens sake think of it as a blessing & a warning shot that just missed & take a break give yourself a fair shake & the love u give is equal 2 the love u make & when your dreams unfold 4 your eyes 2 behold try 2 b there awake & Motley Crue does the Rattlesnake Shake & 4 heavens sake a good way 2 start the day is 2 wake n bake & ilove a song by Van Halen called Poundcake & Prince will get your brain 2 shake when he does Housequake & Average White Band likes 2 Cut The Cake & give me a break if u say u have 2 fakeit 2 makeit I say ixnay 4 Christ sake go jump in the lake & ilove 2 hear Mercyme sing there song Shake & Jamal Crawford has a signature move called the shake N bake & Billie Eilish has a song called Bellyache & Lynyrd Skynyrd has a tune called Jake & Sheryl Crow has a cool song called My Favorite Mistake & I love the Limp Bizkit song BREAK & Jack Johnson sings a song called Flake & ilove the songs Short Skirt / Long & Jacket & a gr8 cover of the hit tune I Will Survive done by CAKE & u r the devils advocate if u speak with a forked tongue of a snake 🐍🤥💀💩🤡👺
😍 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always BSMART with the choices Uall make & b careful with the chances Uall take we r not cats with nine lives 4 Christ sake we only get one life 2 live 2 the fullest 2 try & make or break & pray 2 God everyday we wake that we all get a fair shake 😍

😎when your team ties the score it’s A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME & on the album Houses Of The Holy Led Zeppelin does The Song Remains The Same & in 1988 Cheap Trick did a song with over 54 million views called The Flame & what’s your claim 2 fame or shame the past is the past 2morrow u get 2 wake n bake & start A Whole New Ballgame & make some fresh memories by taking happy photos 4 u 2 admire in the future of smiling faces frozen in a moment captured inside of a picture frame DMX has a couple rap songs I like called
Where My Dogs At & What’s My Name & Andy Warhol says we all get 15 minutes of fame ain’t that a shame good or bad it’s all the same who’s 2 blame run wild or b tame it’s better 2 b seen than heard if u r a lamé brain with no direction 2 aim or urgency giving u an insatiable temptation 2 go out in this world & stake your claim & when it comes 2 me & my life as I live love laugh & play everyday I try 2 keep my candle light of thought burning bright like a torch flame & the first time I saw Donna I knew she was my kind of dame & she was the spark that lit my flame & I knew one day in the future I would ask her 2 share my name & ilove the J Giels Band song Freeze Frame & everynight I say prayers in Gods name about the hopes wishes & dreams that I pray one day 2 claim b4 I travel 2 the otherside & start A Whole New Ballgame & I know this all might sound insane but they say the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain & Eric Clapton sings If You Wanna Hang Out You’ve Got To Take Her Out COCAINE & Guns N Roses has a song with over 132 million views called November Rain & on the Black Sunday album Cypress Hill raps there hit Insane In The Brain & David Bowie is ALADDIN SANE & on the Rumors album Fleetwood Mac does there hit song The Chain & ilove the song Jump Around by House Of Pain & life can b a tricky & difficult path 2 follow so try not 2 go against the grain & only fools rush in so chill out & smoke some high grade Maryjane & on the Hotel California album The Eagles gave us Life In The Fast Lane &
On the Blizzard Of Ozz album Ozzy Osborne gave us a ride on the Crazy Train & on the One Hot Minute album The Red Hot Chili Peppers let us fly an Aeroplane & in the 70’s the best trip 2 take was paper acid called window pane & on the Rock N Roll Animal album Lou Reed sings a gr8 hit song ilove called Sweet Jane & on the Strikes album Blackfoot rocked our brain when they gave us a ride on there hit Train Train & the super group Chickenfoot sings us a song called Down The Drain & Love Will Lead You Back is a hit song with over 52 million views by Taylor Dayne & The Who do a track with over 12 million views called I Can’t Explain & on the London Calling album The Clash sing Train In Vain & in 1941 Orson Welles starred in a gr8 movie titled Citizen Kane & if u r in a period of decline u wane & when u suffer 2 achieve success & rewards that’s what u call no pain no gain & on the Vanzant album called Get Right With The Man brothers Donnie & Johnny sing a cool tune titled Plain Jane & on the Incesticide album Nirvana gave us Stain & if u r looking 4 some good Indica Buds try the Banana Puddintain Strain & my favorite magician is David Blain
2 everyone everywhere outthere never let anyone rack your brain & pull your chain or ride on your back like u r the gravy train & don’t let your peers convince u 2 do things u don’t want 2 do & watch your life get washed down the drain
& go find the love of your life & 2gether try & capture never ending peace love & happiness time & time again as u both stroll on the stairway 2 heaven called Lovers Lane ☮️💟✝️😍

😵‍💫2 farm flys were cruising the ranch in search of some grub when they spotted a pitchfork in a fresh pile of horse manure so they proceeded 2 chow down 4 a long spell & b4 u know it they were stuffed 2 the gills so they both crawled up the pitchfork 2 the top & the first fly said hey dude peacecya & jumped off like Ironman & sputtered around & splattered on the ground & the second fly said wow man that sucked but I got 2 get my ass moving on & jumped off like a airheaded dimwit & splattered all over the place when he hit
so u know what the moral of this story is DON’T FLY OFF THE HANDLE WHEN U R FULL OF SHIT 🙃🙂😛😜😝🤪🙂
✍️when it comes 2 poetry I take baby steps in the footsteps of giants but in my mind I always think I am the best & I strive 2 b a CUT ABOVE THE REST & there is a movie ilove that stars John Liguizamo called THE PEST & if u want your house 2 b a happy home u have 2 learn how 2 build a Love Nest & when I was a kid there was an American animated science fiction adventure that I liked 2 watch called JOHNNY QUEST & if u have a bone 2 pick or an axe 2 grind don’t beat around the bush just say how u feel & get it off your chest & always make a smile part of your wardrobe when u wake n bake & get yourself dressed & Will Smith has a cool song with over 40 million views called WILD WILD WEST & I never like 2 say goodbye it’s better 4 me 2 tell someone peacecya GODBLESS & ALLTHEBEST &
hard headed people that don’t listen & do as they wish I just say have it your way do as u please with the gr8est of ease
& b my guest when u finally rule the world so keep me abreast & b secretive & cautious & give nothing away & keep all your cards close 2 your chest & ilove a song called OH MY GOD by a TRIBE CALLED QUEST & from 81 until 90 there was a prime time soap opera that aired for 9 seasons called FALCON CREST & Robin Hood is a legendary heroic outlaw in English folklore that robbed the rich & gave 2 the poor & he & his merry men lived happy as can b living there lives 2 the fullest in the SHERWOOD FOREST & I worked for 33 years as a Land Surveyor & I wish I had a dollar 4 every time that I had 2 run 4 my life because I stepped on the entrance 2 a wild & wicked ground bees nest & the largest selling single pot still Irish Whiskey in the world is called REDBREAST & from 2001 thru 2007 I went 2 c the one & only Prince Of Darkness & his traveling band of Gypsy’s put on a Heavy Metal Concert in Camden N.J. all day & night long that was called the OZZFEST & sometimes it is a lot 2 digest the things that I confessed or ideas I might suggest that u might detest but don’t get distressed because of the things that I expressed like my mind was undressed & possessed & it’s like a Dennis Miller Rant when I protest or talk about past history that I think needs 2 b addressed with the words that I finessed like I am in a poetry contest ✌️🤙🤟👌👁️❤️U😎
On March 7th 2023 The Full Worm Moon will b here & I hope the weather is on our side & the skies above r cloud free & clear as we all wait 4 the man on the moon 2 appear & put a smile on all of our faces from ear 2 ear & say have no fear I am right here my dear trying 2 kick your peace love & happiness in2 a higher gear every month of the year 🙏✝️
Peace Hangloose Iloveu Ok
May Everything Go Your Way
With The Help Of God Let Us Pray powered by a smile that is a free gift that u get 2 give away 2 everyone u meet on the street everynight & everyday & always live2love & love2live until your dying day come what may ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟✝️😘