😎when your team ties the score it’s A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME & on the album Houses Of The Holy Led Zeppelin does The Song Remains The Same & in 1988 Cheap Trick did a song with over 54 million views called The Flame & what’s your claim 2 fame or shame the past is the past 2morrow u get 2 wake n bake & start A Whole New Ballgame & make some fresh memories by taking happy photos 4 u 2 admire in the future of smiling faces frozen in a moment captured inside of a picture frame DMX has a couple rap songs I like called
Where My Dogs At & What’s My Name & Andy Warhol says we all get 15 minutes of fame ain’t that a shame good or bad it’s all the same who’s 2 blame run wild or b tame it’s better 2 b seen than heard if u r a lamé brain with no direction 2 aim or urgency giving u an insatiable temptation 2 go out in this world & stake your claim & when it comes 2 me & my life as I live love laugh & play everyday I try 2 keep my candle light of thought burning bright like a torch flame & the first time I saw Donna I knew she was my kind of dame & she was the spark that lit my flame & I knew one day in the future I would ask her 2 share my name & ilove the J Giels Band song Freeze Frame & everynight I say prayers in Gods name about the hopes wishes & dreams that I pray one day 2 claim b4 I travel 2 the otherside & start A Whole New Ballgame & I know this all might sound insane but they say the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain & Eric Clapton sings If You Wanna Hang Out You’ve Got To Take Her Out COCAINE & Guns N Roses has a song with over 132 million views called November Rain & on the Black Sunday album Cypress Hill raps there hit Insane In The Brain & David Bowie is ALADDIN SANE & on the Rumors album Fleetwood Mac does there hit song The Chain & ilove the song Jump Around by House Of Pain & life can b a tricky & difficult path 2 follow so try not 2 go against the grain & only fools rush in so chill out & smoke some high grade Maryjane & on the Hotel California album The Eagles gave us Life In The Fast Lane &
On the Blizzard Of Ozz album Ozzy Osborne gave us a ride on the Crazy Train & on the One Hot Minute album The Red Hot Chili Peppers let us fly an Aeroplane & in the 70’s the best trip 2 take was paper acid called window pane & on the Rock N Roll Animal album Lou Reed sings a gr8 hit song ilove called Sweet Jane & on the Strikes album Blackfoot rocked our brain when they gave us a ride on there hit Train Train & the super group Chickenfoot sings us a song called Down The Drain & Love Will Lead You Back is a hit song with over 52 million views by Taylor Dayne & The Who do a track with over 12 million views called I Can’t Explain & on the London Calling album The Clash sing Train In Vain & in 1941 Orson Welles starred in a gr8 movie titled Citizen Kane & if u r in a period of decline u wane & when u suffer 2 achieve success & rewards that’s what u call no pain no gain & on the Vanzant album called Get Right With The Man brothers Donnie & Johnny sing a cool tune titled Plain Jane & on the Incesticide album Nirvana gave us Stain & if u r looking 4 some good Indica Buds try the Banana Puddintain Strain & my favorite magician is David Blain
2 everyone everywhere outthere never let anyone rack your brain & pull your chain or ride on your back like u r the gravy train & don’t let your peers convince u 2 do things u don’t want 2 do & watch your life get washed down the drain
& go find the love of your life & 2gether try & capture never ending peace love & happiness time & time again as u both stroll on the stairway 2 heaven called Lovers Lane ☮️💟✝️😍

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