where do all the one leg waitresses work IHOP
what do u call a cow with no legs ground beef
what do u call a prostitute with no legs a night crawler
how do u make a tissue dance blow a little boogie in2 it
why is six afraid of seven because seven ate nine
why does buck fiden always get hurt raking leaves he falls out of the tree
If u think the superbowl is the worlds biggest toilet u might b a redneck😳🫣🫠🤭🤗🤔🙄
I c a lot of people walking around with their heads in the clouds like they r caught in the grip of a MORPHINE DRIP hoping god don’t give them the pink slip thinking I will always b ok like life is a round trip as they do the deadman’s dance 2 the beat of the crack of the whip with your friends & family praying one day u might b able 2 give your bad habits the slip like a pack rat deserting a sinking ship with a tear in your eye wave goodbye & smile & keep a stiff upper lip & hang on tight 4 dear life & never lose your grip if u want 2 run a tight ship & get rid of your Siamese twin named addiction that appears 2 look like u both r joined at the hip so always remember life is an adventure on a one way journey it’s one & done there’s no round trip & the life u live is not a race so don’t treat yours like it’s a drag strip & u have 2 realize your cravings & your hunger 2 get HIGH r buds of demise & failure that u need 2 nip & don’t act like your life is a keg headstand guzzle & try 2 savor the flavor & casually enjoy it by the sip & know that there is a lot more 2 being alive & living than getting wasted all the time just letting it rip straight off the hip & u r the pilot of your imagination & mind it’s time 2 put your foot down & claim ownership & your brain is not a train or plane or spaceship taking off from NASA’s Florida airstrip & u & yourself need 2 start a loving & friendly relationship with u & Yourself & consider that my words of wisdom on sunset strip as a hidden & hopeful hot & tasty tip & if it’s the path u want 2 take hoping 2 give yourself a clean break it should b a peace of cake & make no mistake it’s your life that’s at stake 4 heavens sake think of it as a blessing & a warning shot that just missed & take a break give yourself a fair shake & the love u give is equal 2 the love u make & when your dreams unfold 4 your eyes 2 behold try 2 b there awake & Motley Crue does the Rattlesnake Shake & 4 heavens sake a good way 2 start the day is 2 wake n bake & ilove a song by Van Halen called Poundcake & Prince will get your brain 2 shake when he does Housequake & Average White Band likes 2 Cut The Cake & give me a break if u say u have 2 fakeit 2 makeit I say ixnay 4 Christ sake go jump in the lake & ilove 2 hear Mercyme sing there song Shake & Jamal Crawford has a signature move called the shake N bake & Billie Eilish has a song called Bellyache & Lynyrd Skynyrd has a tune called Jake & Sheryl Crow has a cool song called My Favorite Mistake & I love the Limp Bizkit song BREAK & Jack Johnson sings a song called Flake & ilove the songs Short Skirt / Long & Jacket & a gr8 cover of the hit tune I Will Survive done by CAKE & u r the devils advocate if u speak with a forked tongue of a snake 🐍🤥💀💩🤡👺
😍 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always BSMART with the choices Uall make & b careful with the chances Uall take we r not cats with nine lives 4 Christ sake we only get one life 2 live 2 the fullest 2 try & make or break & pray 2 God everyday we wake that we all get a fair shake 😍

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