😘heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share always BESAFE bestrong & protect yourself at all times & TAKECARE watch out 4 friends & family on April Fools Day with the mental & physical games they might play & if u r a prankster yourself May everything go your way all night & day because sharing some laughter & smiles with your peeps goes a long way living in this world 2day so peace hangloose iloveu ok OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY I hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing happy April Fools Day with a smile on your faces come what may🤪😜😛😝🙃
😘ilove a couple songs on Kid Rocks album Bad Reputation released in 2022 called never Quit & Never Enough & sometimes u have 2 go all in on nothing trying 2 get people 2 fold & not call your bluff with a poker face like u have a royal flush hidden up your cuff hoping 2 shine like a diamond in the rough thinking u r hot stuff & your game is high class & up 2 snuff as u send all the losers packing & watch them walk away in a huff &. U light up a fat bone & take a big puff because I can never get enough of the skunkbud green stuff & when I was young at parties with a pool I liked 2 put on a flip & gainer show like I was on Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass in the buff like a big showoff that knew his stuff & when I was doing drugs 2 much was NEVER ENOUGH & it took until I was 30 years old 2 realize that living life gets rough & if I wanted 2 stay alive I had 2 get tough & stop getting wasted all the time like my life was a candle that I was trying 2 snuff & ilove the song by the Fabulous Thunderbirds called Tough Enough & ilove a song by Five Finger Death Punch that has 8.6 million views called Never Enough & Joe Walsh released his 6th studio album in 83 called You Bought It You Name It that had a song on it I like titled I Like Big Tits & when your TV is out of order it’s called on the fritz & when everything that could go wrong in your life & does it’s called the pits & ilove the band Sweet & their song with 13 million views called Ballroom Blitz & there is a really cool dude named Taco that has a song with 9.9 million views called Puttin On The Ritz & Donna & I love 2 go 2 Carvels & eat Banana Splits & in the 72 Olympics a young American Competitive Swimmer won 7 Gold Medals in record times named Mark Spitz
& ilove a beautiful singer named Aimee Mann & her songs Freeway & Calling It Quits & when u have casual sexual relations with an acquaintance it’s called having a friend with benefits & when u get angry & lose your patience & temper because u can’t take it anymore they might say u r losing your wits & ilove Ed Sheeran’s song with 7.4 million views called Bad Habits & when I was growing up my stepfather liked 2 hunt so I was forced 2 eat a lot of game meals like Deer Rabbit & Pheasant & ilove 2 watch Cesar Millan on his show Better Human Better Dog & his advice he gave 2 a person he was helping with their dog he said the past is history & 2morrow is a mystery & 2day is a gift thats y they call it the present & ilove INXS & their song that has 1.2 million views called Heaven Sent & in 1976 LED Zeppelin released their 7th studio album on Swan Song Records called Presence

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