❤️‍🔥something u won’t c on regime media last week when phuckjoebiden was in Ireland 🇮🇪 he thought the microphones were off & he was asked about abortion & he said FU-K THE CATHOLIC’S😵‍💫
❤️‍🔥ilove a song by The DIVINYLS with 41.2 million views called I Touch Myself &
Ilove a gr8 song called What Mama Said by Jeff Beck off of his 7th studio album titled WHO ELSE & there is a song with 23.7 million views called Elf On The Shelf & there is a funny wild & crazy holiday movie starring Will Ferrell & ilove it when he discovers coffee in a flick called ELF & 2 everyone everywhere outthere always TAKECARE of yourself when it comes down 2 u & your life u can’t depend on anyone else I hope wish dream & pray that everything goes your way as uall live love laugh and play & that every minute of your lives is lived in good health & abundant wealth🍀🤞😘😍
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥HESITATING ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
❤️‍🔥it could b devastating if u miss out on all your hopes wishes & dreams by not participating because of lack of confidence & fear of failure & second guessing like Marshall Bruce Mathers III in 8 MILE doing LOSE YOURSELF with 1.3 billion views about the life he was navigating throwing up his Mom’s Spaghetti & freezing in the moment & HESITATING but hey get some brass balls & b like Eminem & win all your Rap Battles & do some celebrating & if there is something u want 2 do in your life that is mentally invigorating u have 2 b like Columbo & school yourself on all the things u don’t know & do some investigating & when u free your mind 2 look within yourself 2 find the god given hidden treasures of pleasure that your imagination is waiting 4 u 2 start creating & dance 2 the beat of a different drummer like the Alex Van Halen drum solo your heart is pulsating turning thoughts in2 reality by letting your eyes & your body language do the translating about all the peace love & happiness u r advocating hoping everyone everywhere outthere finds your special gift as fascinating & invigorating as u because when u love yourself & everything do that’s when u find out that love is like a drug that can b very titillating & powerfully intoxicating & when u find your best friend & lover that u pray 2 god will b your partner thru thick & thin ready & waiting 2 play the game of giving & taking & always willing 2 do some reciprocating & accommodating & open Pandora’s box & do some hyperventilating letting the sounds of ecstasy & the look in each other’s eyes b the only form of communicating because it’s very sexually captivating & amazingly stimulating just think about all the stress & anxiety that uboth r annihilating & the fantasies of the mind u r emancipating & if things go well uboth will b saying GOODMORNING & waking & baking feeling refreshed like uboth took a drink & a swim in St. Augustine Florida at Prince De Leon’s Fountain Of Youth because uboth feel the magical powers inside & out of your bodies rejuvenating regenerating & liberating that leaves u thirsty 2 swill again & trade kisses & hands the next time uboth plan on dating💋
🌝The Full Flower Moon makes his presence known on May 5th Cinco De Mayo & it’s a good time 2 drink double shots of tequila & say here’s mud in your eye & put on a sombrero & wash that Agave nectar down with an ice cold & tasty mellow Modelo & lay down on a lounge chair & watch the Man On The Full Flower Moon Show toking on a fat Bob Marley as watch the Ganga Smoke Rise Up 2 The Sky where the 4 winds blow & sit back & relax & let yourself go with the flow enjoying the awesome beautiful & amazing feelings of being Stoned2TheBone from head 2 toe 🫠 & Aloha means goodbye & hello ☮️cya tallyho
Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK 💋
May everything go your way

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