❤️❤️ MUCH KIN HAND ❤️❤️

☮️💟✝️ ilove the rock band AC/DC & they have a gr8 song with 55.2 million views called Touch To Much & always try 2 stay in touch with your friends & family loved ones u always think about & miss so much because when u r in need of some T L C they will b your crutch & because they know how 2 get your motor running & shift your gears without using a clutch & Genesis has a gr8 song ilove with 4.7 million views called Invisible Touch & ilove Rob Thomas & Matchbox 20 & their cool tune with 1.8 million views called Crutch & Aerosmith is one of my favorite Rock N Roll Bands Of All Time that ilove & they do a gr8 song with 2 million views called Mama Kin & once they smack your ass at birth 2 get u 2 catch your breath & welcome u 2 planet earth 2 let your life begin 2 become Christopher Columbus & start an awesome beautiful & amazing journey that is a game of chance that’s all about your survival & learning how 2 play 2 win & our father is the only one who knows 4 sure if it’s a wheel of misery or fortune that we all spin & they say if u want 2 live your life on the edge of a dream with the thrill of ecstasy & excitement under your skin u have 2 strap on the blades & go skate where the ice is thin & always know where u r going & never 4get where u have been & try not 2 end up a flash in the pan sliding in2 a tailspin without a pot 2 piss in & u wind up getting pummeled by reality with upper cuts 2 the chin & I used 2 like a nice slice of lime in my tonic & gin & when I was young we used 2 call a five dollar bill a fin & an Archaic term they use paper money is Frogskin & David Carradine was on a tv show called Kung Fu where he played a martial arts Monk from Shaolin & Charlie Daniels & the devil went down 2 Georgia 2 compete 4 & win Lucifer’s shiny Gold Violin & when I was a kid I used 2 love the Stingray Cherry Picker Krate bicycle made by Schwinn & we all have a treasure trove of talents hidden within that r waiting 4 your mind & imagination 2 open up & let them all begin because it’s all about your future happiness & being ready 2 b the commander of your ship when when it comes in & guide yourself thru the thick & thin living a life that is so bizzy u wish u had an identical twin & ilove a gr8 song by The Band Manfred Mann that has 2.1 million views called The Mighty Quinn & Frank Sinatra a gr8 song with 38.5 million views called I’ve Got You Under My Skin & I will always love the Beatles 4ever & they have a gr8 song with 91.7 million views called I Want To Hold Your Hand & there r some modern day gunslingers all across America out there that think they r Billy The Kidd living off of the fat of the land that long 2 end up like that guy with long blond hair that got cut down 2 size at Custer’s Last Stand & when these young people were growing up going 2 school they lived their lives like an ostrich with their heads stuck in the sand & just imagine if u only thought about doing positive things as hard as u like 2 mastermind all of the negativity & mayhem that u have planned & always b courteous & respectful 2 all humans we all live in Gods promise land that our father who art in heaven built by hand 4 all life living on Mother earth so we all can stake our claim & make a stand & ilove the song Freebird Sung By Ronnie Vanzant that has 46 million views played by The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band & REM has a gr8 song ilove 2 hear that sounds like honey dripping in my ear with 7.5 million views called STAND 😎 ✌️🤙🤟👌 how about if I BE YOU & take a look inside the crazy & wacked out world @ aneyefullofearcandy starring LULUANDJSW & b the judge of everything that I do as I try 2 reach out & mentally touch all of u by only saying everything that I know 2 b honest & true & I hope wish dream & pray that coming in loud & clear by way of your ear trying 2 find a way 2 break on through GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 all of u & may PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS sharing PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS & I wish UALL HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🍀🫶🤞🙏💋😍🥰😘😇😳🙄😵‍💫🫣🤫🤗🫢🤐👻👽☠️🤡🤓🤨🧐😉

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