❤️❤️ HOLD ME ❤️❤️

☮️💟✝️ Weezer has a song ilove called HOLD ME & ilove a song that The Who does called PICTURES Of LILY & KT Tunstall has a gr8 song ilove called BLACK HORSE AND THE CHERRY TREE & ilove The Rolling Stones & their song ANGIE & ilove George Harrison & his song called BETWEEN THE DEVIL & THE DEEP BLUE SEA & Kehlani has a song ilove called HONEY & ilove a song by Pink Floyd called MONEY & The EELS have a song I like called THAT’S NOT REALLY FUNNY & ilove Sting & his song called If You Love Somebody Set Them Free & Zero 7 has a song I like called Destiny & ilove Dave Mason & his song called We Just Don’t Disagree & Laney Wilson has a song ilove called Hillbilly Hippie & Pussycat has a song I like called Mississippi & Ariana Grande has a song I like called Nasty & Missio has a song I like called Dizzy & Gnarls Barkley has a gr8 song ilove called Crazy & ilove a song by Justin Bieber featuring Ludicris that has 2.9 billion views called Baby & ilove Deep Purple & their song called Lazy & Carly Rae Jepsen has a song ilove with 1.5 billion views titled Call Me Maybe & Nat King Cole has a song ilove called Tenderly & Forever The Sickest Kids have a song I like called She’s A Lady & ilove a song by Slash featuring Fergie & Cypress Hill called Paradise City & ilove a song by the Mamas & The Papas called Dream A Little Dream Of Me & Genesis has a song ilove called Home By The Sea & Run DMC has a song ilove called It’s Tricky & The Maine have a song I like called Sticky & 2 Live Crew has a song that I think is funny called Do Wah Diddy Diddy & George Harrison has another song ilove called Isn’t It A Pity & The Norris Nuts have a song I like called So Pretty & Shirley Ellis has a song ilove called The Nitty Gritty & ilove a song called More Human Than Human by White Zombie & ilove a song called Learning To Fly by Tom Petty & The Lovin Spoonful has a song ilove called Summer In The City & ilove a song called Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry & Kid Rock has a song ilove called Born Free & ilove Eminem when he does his song called The Real Slim Shady & ilove a song by Tanya Stephens called It’s A Pity & ilove a song by Spidebait called Black Betty & ilove a song by lita Ford called Kiss Me Deadly & ilove Right Said Fred & their song called Deeply Dippy & ilove a song by The Human League called Don’t You Want Me & Pharrell Williams has a gr8 song ilove that has 1.1 billion views called Happy & ilove Lana Del Rey & her song called Cola Pussy & ilove a song called Ticks by Brad Paisley & ilove a song called Let It Be Me by Elvis Presley & ilove The J.Geils Band & their song called Ain’t Nothin But A House Party & ilove a song by Justin Bieber that has 3.6 billion views called Sorry & ilove a song by Justin Timberlake called Rock Your Body & ilove a song by Toby Keith called She’s A Hottie & ilove U2 & Their song called Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me & Audioslave & Chris Cornell have a gr8 song ilove called Doesn’t Remind Me & ilove the Beatles song Let It Be ☮️💟☮️😘👁am never going 2 b what anyone else wants me 2 b in this world it’s hard 2 please everybody I just try 2 give everyone something hopefully amusing & thought worthy 4 UALL 2 hear & c that I find hidden within the imagination living on the inside of my mind that I choose 2 set free about little Old Me 66 & I’m still wild & Crazy & anyone that try’s shade me with negativity I am like a rock sticks & stones may break my bones but ignorant bullshit noise will never faze me hate & love r equals in power in our society & I would like 2 thank everybody 4 coming 2 c LULUANDJSW @ aneyefullofearcandy u put a smile on our faces from ear 2 ear that makes us happy ✌️🤙🤟👌💋🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝THE FULL STRAWBERRY SUPERMOON the Full Strawberry Moon will b here real soon on Saturday the 3rd of June so we all can sing that beautiful old Dean Martin AMORE tune & watch that giant stringless Cheese Balloon float across the sky way up high just like an animated Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd Cartoon OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY PEACE HANGLOOSE ILOVEU OK MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🍀🕸🕷🦋🙏✍️😵‍💫🙄😳😎👅🐾🐾👽👻🙃

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