❤️❤️❤️ MYSTIFIED ❤️❤️❤️

There’s a gr8 song ilove by Travis Tritt called MODERN DAY BONNIE AND CLYDE & if that’s the way u want 2 live your life where everyday & night u try 2 run your hustle & hide fit 2 b tied because the thought of being a cold blooded gangster has u MYSTIFIED & u think the world is your oyster as u take the weak & the innocent 4 a ride telling all of your victims welcome 2 my world step inside & u say I may joke but I don’t phuckin play so hey everybody walk this way & don’t lose your stride when I meet u on the darkside as I force u 2 swim against the tide & so I just wanted u 2 know what we have here on planet earth is a place where heaven & hell coincide & it’s sad but true that it’s everywhere worldwide so bad it makes me teary eyed when I think about the godfearing people that run in2 a misfit criminal with a brain that is fried from the devil that they let live inside when both of there worlds collide when u meet the sinners in public when u leave the safety of your home 2 go outside & in the center of my heart mind & soul that I have under complete control & is an imaginary time machine that is driven by a child ever since I was born I have been living my life like a fugitive from heaven on the loose running wild chasing words like wild birds around 2 hear that sound & hope they r worthy enough 2 save & say hoping 2 leave u beguiled if they were properly placed & mentally styled but as 4 me without the ability of being able 2 c your face because we r separated by time & space billions of humans caught up in this crazy rat race 2 know if u laughed or smiled as I get lost at any cost going hogwild trying 2 never let myself get easily riled & share peace love & happiness like a flowerchild that was always hot n nasty & anything but mild on my own a lonewolf running wild like Tarzan king of the jungle who was raised by animals when he was a helpless & lost dreamchild wishing the world could b reconciled & life can b a pain in the neck if u don’t live the one u got 2 the fullest & keep it in check as we all play the hand we r dealt knowing god is the dealer that controls the deck in a world where everything is on the leading edge of being spaceage & hightech where everything is all about cost & effect living a life where u should learn 2 suggest & not expect & always remember 2 give back when given respect & instead of saying what the hell say what the heck & b a stellar & perfect subject 4 the whole planet 2 inspect & ilove2 swim in the pool where my eternal waterfall of my imagination loves 2 collect expressing my internal mental magic that I think & redirect in2 the eyes & ears & minds of everyone everywhere Outthere that I hope wish dream & pray 2 infect with my Dirty Whiteboy New Jersey dialect & the candle of thought never burns if u don’t light the wick when u have an axe 2 grind or a bone 2 pick so get on the stick with no baffling bullshit just cut 2 the quick & lay it all out & spread it on thick & it’s eye 4 an eye so don’t blink u might miss a trick & then your life ain’t worth a lick that anyone would even want 2 touch with a 10 foot stick & when u got a bad case of anxiety & stress that u r trying 2 give a swift kick just handroll a fat Bob Marley stick & give that glue on the hemp paper a nice little lick in search of that T H C pleasure that is sure 2 b the one thing that always does the trick right after I light the bone when I flick my Bic & as I watch the cloud of the green haze rise with a sweet skunkybud aroma that is pungent & thick & they say if u like 2 play with the roses watch out 4 the thorns trying 2 give u a prick & everyone can learn a lesson from the Three Little Pigs when the Big Bad Wolf comes around 2 try & blow your house down make sure u build your Castle out of brick & INXS has a gr8 Album & song by the same name that they released in 1987 called KICK & there is a gr8 sci-fi fantasy comedy flick starring Adam Sandler ilove that was released in 2006 called CLICK & NBA Hall Of Famer Patrick Ewing is the number one Gr8est player of all time 2 ever suit up as a New York Knick & u can call it the wang or the wood the ding a ling or the tallywacker maybe it’s your junk the Johnson or the twig & berries your dipstick or your prick but in the end it’s just a DICK ✌️🤙🤟👌😍🍀😎🤞❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟✝️🙏🌝🌝🌝I just wanted 2 tell everyone everywhere Outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share 2 try & catch the Full Sturgeon Supermoon that will b here real soon a giant flying free from the string aged cheddar cheese balloon & we all can b like Dean Martin & crone that old Italian AMORE tune so keep your eyes open wide on August first Tuesday & hope wish dream & pray that the weather sees fit 2 let the the man on the moon & his starlight overnight skyshow live love laugh & play sending an awesome beautiful & amazing eyecandy display our way OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 🌝🌝🌝Donald Trump The 45th President Of The USA did more in two years for AMERICA & AMERICANS Than 4 years of peanutpicker jimmy carter 8 years of goodoldboy hillbillyclinton 8 years of the worst president in The History Of America headlikearockobomba & 2 years & 7 months of braindeaddevilsadvocatefuckjoebiden all 2gether & all of these 4 anti American cronies spent there time in the White House & our tax dollars working as hard as they could trying 2 turn our America in2 a third world country & regime media try’s 2 hide the truth by putting lipstick on & blowing out the hair on the bluebellydonkeyparty 2 try & make them look good instead of telling the truth like they should but hey it’s still the Beijingleftwingdonkeyparty 😵‍💫🤪🙃😳💀🤥😷☠️🤑😡🤬👺

❤️❤️❤️ LEARNING 2 FLY ❤️❤️❤️

on the day I die that will b the moment I spread my angels wings & start LEARNING 2 FLY & I loved the video I did 4 my poems from my book called THE WAY IT IS – THE WAY IT SHOULD BE & when I watched it over & over again just like a baby needing his momma it made me cry & always remember if there is a will there is a way 2 live your life 2 the fullest everyday just kiss your cross up 2 the sky & don’t b shy & go capture everything u hope wish dream & pray with a twinkling in your eye flying high like a Monarch Butterfly it’s easy as pie & never give up until the day u die on anything that becomes the apple of your eye & if u do kiss it goodbye & eat humble pie & there is a gr8 movie ilove2 watch that was released in 2010 starring Denzel Washington & Mila Kunis called The Book Of Eli & ilove a gr8 song by Pink Floyd called Learning To Fly & ilove a gr8 comedy movie released in 1999 starring Jason Biggs & Sean William Scott called American Pie & ilove a gr8 song by Def Leppard called High N Dry & EMILY DICKINSON has a gr8 poem ilove called THE BRAIN IS WIDER THAN THE SKY & there is a popular English nursery rhyme I remember from when I was a kneehigh little smallfry that goes like this Little Jack Horner Sat In The Corner Eating A Christmas Pie He Put In A Thumb And Pulled Out A Plum And Said What A Good Boy Am I & if u get a sensation of whirling dizziness & loss of balance it could b caused by a disease called Vertigo that affects your Equilibrium & the first fairytale ever printed in English was published in 1621 that was called The History Of Tom Thumb & U2 has a gr8 song ilove called NUMB & in the movie called Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire released in 2005 Stanislav Lanevski is the actor best known 4 playing the part of Viktor Krum & your life could really turn out 2 b a dulldrum & all hohum if u don’t learn how 2 dance 2 the beat of your own drum & ilove a gr8 song by Coone & Wildstylez called Here I Come & there is a cool song ilove by Clairo that has 51.9 million views called Bubble Gum & I always like 2 say have no fear my dear it’s just little OL me JSW here & I have a poem I wrote that I would like 2 whisper in your ear & I hope every word I say is coming in loud & clear mentally shifting your mind in2 a different gear trying 2 get u 2 scratch your head & fill your imagination with cheer or get u 2 shed a tear or give u that familiar look of headlights shining in the eyes of a deer as I try 2 pilot this spaceship that I commandeer trying 2 break on thru in2 a new frontier like a rocketman weird science engineer chasing time wherever it goes far & near dreaming 2 go where no man has ever gone b4 & b a spacecowboy pioneer & volunteer 2 disappear in2 a new lightyear hemisphere & the hands of time move so swift it’s hard 2 keep up as the Tectonic Plates Shift on the concept of the Continental Drift & l’m just glad 2 have my 2 feet on planet earth as it spins catching a lift thanking God his Son & the Holy Ghost 4 every second I am alive that has been a heavenly gift & I am glad 2 say that I always stop along the way everyday making sure that the RED ROSES have all been Sniffed if u catch my drift as I try 2 stay one step ahead of the reaper that tracks me working on the graveyard shift & there is a gr8 song ilove called SHAKE IT OFF that has 3.3 billion views that is sung by Taylor Swift 😍when I was growing up in school I used 2 love 2 say with my hand on my heart I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States Of America And To The Republic For Which It Stands One Nation UNDER GOD Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For All it’s all about Americans & America 🇺🇸 all 4 one & one 4 all 2gether we stand divided we will fall it’s time 2 close our borders & finish building the wall & GODBLESS & ALLTHEBEST 2 Mr Donald Trump THANKU 4 being there u r a gr8 man that is always on the ball b proud & walk tall u r the Gr8est President in the USA since the 40th President in America Ronald Reagan God Rest His Soul peacebrother c u in heaven when it’s my turn 2 take the fall ✝️ peace hangloose iloveu ok OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY & keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay as UALL live love laugh & play peacebwithuallalways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ☮️💟✝️😎💋🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🍀🤞

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 BEST 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

never expect always suggest or make a request & always try 2 b at your BEST & a smile is your best dress 4 success & it makes the cover of the book that everyone is judging easer 2 digest & a nod a wink & a wave proves it is better 2 b seen than heard so don’t utter a word when u r addressed & set everyone’s mind at rest & always stay abreast of things when u r put 2 the test & when playing the hand u r dealt always keep your cards close 2 your chest & don’t get stressed when being pressed by someone that is possessed trying 2 b a pest & stir up a hornet’s nest because cooler minds will always prevail over an angry dog foaming at the mouth running in circles chasing there tail when a fools thoughts r expressed taking leaps & bounds 2 get something off there chest & I just stand back & give them slack & say in jest go ahead & b my guest & let them act like an urban cowboy living off the land in the Wild Wild West & there is a gr8 movie that came out in 1997 starring John Leguizamo & he sings the opening song called Voodoo Mambo in the film titled THE PEST & here’s a hot tip 4 ya try 2 keep your mind 2gether & never lose your grip & always b as smart as a whip & say what u feel with a stiff upper lip & never let your tongue slip & spit them words right off the tip & let it rip skip & shoot straight from the hip & always run a tight ship as u drive your hotwhip down the dragstrip doing a cartwheel with a backflip & keep in mind that life is a one way ticket without a second time around trip & in my life as I live it I can’t afford 2 guzzle it down quick so I try 2 enjoy the time I got & savor it by the sip & go find my birthdaysuit & jump in the pool & skinnydip & try 2 hold on2 my goodlife & not lose my grip on the world that has been one awesome beautiful & amazing never say never crazy trip & sometimes u r the ball & sometimes u r the bat so watch what u wish 4 & remember curiosity killed the cat can u imagine that & there was a gr8 album released in 1993 by CRACKER that ilove called KEROSENE HAT & between u & me & the lamp post if u have something 2 get off your chest & u want 2 chew the fat & go all in & have a nice chit chat & go tit 4 tat make sure u don’t trip over your tongue talking scat & fall flat & I’m always glad 2 have UALL at my website where LULUANDJSW hangloose with open arms & minds it makes us happy as can b 2 gladly roll out the

welcome mat & it’s not like we r eye 2 eye flying around blind as a bat locked in2 a heavy game of mortal combat as we chit chat about yeti scat & I wear a smoke ring 4 a hat as I hit on a phat Bob Marley bone with a grin on my face like a Cheshire Cat & I am always bizzy as a one legged man in an ass kicking fight doing my own thing in full swing because I like 2 think that I am the realthing & I try 2 always keep my nose clean & never end up with my ass in a sling & ilove a gr8 song by U2 called EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING & I am in the RED on the Right & I never will b in the bluebellydonkey party flying on the extreme & mean regime Beijing left wing & ilove a gr8 song called IF I EVER LOSE MY FAITH IN YOU by STING & it’s always a good way 2 start the day when u wake n bake & hope & wish 2 make a clean break with all the choices that we all make praying every minute of our lives turns out 2 b a piece of cake & remember 2 always try 2 do what’s right 4 Christ Sake & never b a wolf in sheeps clothing & speak with the forked tongue of a low life rattlesnake & as we all live our lives not knowing what the future holds we realize in this world there is a lot more at stake so we pray 2 God everyday that he blesses us & gives us all a fair shake & have high hopes & make big wishes that we r lucky enough 2 have them all come true while we r awake & always let the love we make b equal 2 the love we take & make no mistake the speed of time never slows down & always flys at full throttle without a brake as the earth spins & u feel the ground shake from a tornado in the middle of an earthquake & sometimes things happen in life that take the cake & make your head ache & always b the real u & never b a fake in the life of love u make & b true or everything in your life could turn out 2 b your biggest mistake because at the end of the day we all have 2 try & get some sleep in the beds that we make without the center of our minds being one big migraine headache & wishing we could hit the refresh button & do a retake & I like 2 get up early b4 sunrise & go out barefoot & walk in the morning dew & 2day is on it’s way 2 being yesterday & 2morrow is a day that waits 4 u where everything that happens is brand new & ilove a gr8 song by The Who where they sing WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU because I haven’t got a clue I am just trying 2 meet the world using my poetry as bait trying 2 give all of u something nice & tasty 4 your minds 2 chew & after all that I have been thru the future is all I think about & look 4WARD 2 & I mean every word that I say & my heart is true in my point of view in the life I live chasing the bucket list I pursue ☮️💟✝️🙏✍️ I wrote the poem THE WAY IT IS – THE WAY IT SHOULD BE about 24 years ago & read it at the Washington DC INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF POETS convention in 2000 & I won best poem in my room of poets voted by everyone in the room the way the vote worked was they handed everyone a piece of paper with one thru 4 written on it & said put your your name in the number one spot & then pick who u thought was second third & forth to arrive at the top three poems in the room & I won first place & I cried then & I cried when I read it 2 uall in my video 2 💧💦 peace hangloose ILOVEU OK MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST peaceloveaPEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✌️🤙🤟👌😎🍀🇺🇸❤️🤍💙😍🫶😇👽🤞💋

✍️🙏😇 POR FAVOR ✍️🙏😇

Hey if u wanna say please another way when u need help or u just want 2 b polite just say POR FAVOR & if u & yours snore it’s time 2 go visit The Sleep Number Store & get a new bed & nobody gets kicked 2 the floor because u & your partner will snore no more & in 1964 The Gr8 Ian Fleming James Bond 007 Goldfinger Movie came out starring Honor Blackman as PUSSY GALORE & from 1977 until 1998 I had a Mexican Redleg Tarantula & when he passed I swore I would meet him again when my life comes 2 an end in heaven & I named my awesome beautiful & amazing neverending little 8 legged friend IGOR & there is a gr8 song ilove by Rise Against called Worth Dying For & if your ride thru life has left u with a saddle soar & everything u do 2 get thru your day is a chore & u feel like u r going in through the out door like a disease rotten 2 the core not knowing what 2morrow has in store & u just finished your tour in the Marine Corps looking 4 a good time & a chance 2 score & my friends call me the hammer because I nicknamed my Johnson Thor & ilove a gr8 song by Led Zeppelin that has 8.4 million views called The Battle Of Evermore & from 1970 until 1978 The American Motors Corporation manufactured & marketed a series of automobiles called The AMC Matador & in 2000 a gr8 action adventure movie came out that starred Joaquin Phoenix & Russell Crowe as The Gladiator & there is a Spanish phrase that translates 2 My Love when u say MI AMOR & Aerosmith has a gr8 song ilove that has 47.4 million views called Love In An Elevator & ilove a gr8 song by Descendants Cast that has 434.3 million views called Rotten To The Core & iloved the first 2 Star Wars movies & I thought they both were Spacedout films & I think James Earl Jones did the best Voice Of Darth Vader & Ain’t It Fun is a gr8 song ilove that has 163.1 million views sung by Hayley Williams & Paramore & in 2021 braindead Chinese communist fuckjoebiden got 13 MARINES murdered when he tried 2 get out of Afghanistan & he abandoned a fully equipped Military Base worth 85 billion dollars making the taliban the second largest arms dealer on the planet & the u.s.s.r. & china each got 2 purchase the world’s best made AMERICAN HELICOPTER & 2 everyone everywhere Outthere u need 2 go 2 BREIBART.COM or NEWSMAX.COM & FOXNEWS.COM & learn there r 2 sides 2 the coin where u might find out the truth if that’s what u r looking 4 & explore the sad & ugly truth about the socialist demrat party that the AntiAmerican BlueBellyDonkies adore & there is a gr8 book ilove by Washington Irving that was published in 1819 called Rip Van Winkle & males take a leak & females go tinkle & every chance I get ilove2 watch the North Star Twinkle & my face arms & legs & body r turning in2 one big tangled mess of roadmap wrinkle & Donna & I like 2 go 2 Carvels & get a waffle cone with soft serve vanilla ice cream dipped in rainbow sprinkle & when u r talking 2 your Dog a nod is as good as a wink & there is a edible small sea snail u can eat called a Periwinkle & from 1959 until 1964 there was a gr8 American Animated tv series that iloved called The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle & ilove 2 eat a sandwich made with Pepper Ham & Swiss Cheese on Pumpernickel with spicy brown mustard & a sliced bread & butter PICKLE & the weather man said 2day there would b a thunder & lightning storm brewing overhead but it turned out 2 b nothing more than a trinkle & the Vinca Minor Flower is also known as the Evergreen Periwinkle & the flag in the USSR sports the hammer & sickle & a favorite candy of mine when I was a young kid growing up outofmymind I used 2 love homemade Butter Brickle & ilove watching The Moonshiner’s tv show & my favorite cast member is a guy named Trickle & the most valuable 5 cent peace in the world is the 1916 doubled die obverse Buffalo Nickel & I always love a nice tug with a wet kiss & a sweet & tenderloving tickle 🕷🕸🦋🍀🤞👅🐾🐾❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💋I took some pictures of an alien face in the sky a year ago & I wanted 2 post them again & I just wanted 2 say as 4 me E.T. & his friends & family should b the only illegal aliens allowed 2 b let in 2 our country & b treated like royalty & as far as leaving the border wide open between headlikearock obomba for 8 years & braindead fuckjoebiden for 2 years & 7 months that’s just stupid & crazy & makes no sense 2 me 👎OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY PEACE HANGLOOSE ILOVEU OK keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday COMEWHATMAY it makes the life u live & the world u live it in a better place 2 stay LETUSPRAY PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✌️🤙🤟👌🫶👽🛸🌞🌝😎☮️💟✝️🇺🇸😍😵‍💫

☮️💟😍 UNIQUE 😍💟☮️

If I said my poetry is the best in all the world it would b completely tongue in cheek & we r all like finger prints & zebra stripes not one of us is the same just like the spots on a leopard totally unique & u can b chic or a crazy freak & tweak the way u speak & chase all the dreams u seek or b a nerd or a geek with a mind & an imagination that is meek & full of mystique with an excellent physique on a winning streak trying 2 sneak a peek in2 future & find out the right power ball numbers that come out next week & always remember 2 bring your paddle when u r planning a trip going up shit creek & at what age does a person officially become an antique & I hear that people in Greece speak Greek & that’s tongue in cheek & ilove fruit loops & the coolest bird on the planet is toucan Sam & his awesome beak & when Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love had a baby they named her Francis Bean & I can count myself as one of the 2% of the world’s people that has eyes that r green & I always try 2 run aneyefullofearcandy like a clean machine & always b serene & not b obscene on screen doing my daily routine at the WILLRELLO castle where I am the king & my best friend lover & wife is my beloved pristine queen & I am one Republican that never fell prey 2 the Chinese American man made corona virus & I never got a booster or a vaccine & ilove2 mix a bag of Twinnings Earl Grey tea & a Stash fusion green & white tea in my Yeti rambler mug twice a day 4 the caffeine & I would love 2 ride down 2 an octopuses garden in Atlantis with the Beatles on the Yellow Submarine listening 2 The Lemon Pipers sing My Green Tambourine & when u r getting a SuperFullBuckMoonTan u don’t need 2 put on any sunscreen & a Jarhead is a Marine & ilove a gr8 song by Led Zeppelin called Tangerine & in 1963 an awesome adventure drama movie was released that ilove called the Great Escape starring Steve McQueen & in 2013 a gr8 action sci-fi film ilove came out starring Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine & in 2005 a gr8 action fantasy flick came out that ilove starring Keanu Reeves called Constantine & Halsey has a gr8 song ilove that has 137.8 million views called Gasoline & Merle Haggard has a sad gr8 song ilove called Long Black Limousine & another name 4 the toilet is the latrine & there r several organs in the human body that we don’t need 2 survive like your tonsils appendix or the gallbladder & the spleen & Alice Cooper has a gr8 song ilove called I’m Eighteen & it doesn’t matter if I whisper or if I scream is my life 4 real or is it all but a simple Dream like a small boat trying 2 stay afloat going downstream with a full head of steam & no self esteem like a cat on a hot tin roof licking a bowl of Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream doing cartwheels on the balance beam running from an extreme & mean communist regime swat team trying 2 reign supreme with a cool Red White & Blue color scheme & I am a true American Republican hoping 2 Make The USA Great Again come what may thru thick & thin until my life comes 2 an end & I will ride the pine feeling fine thru hell & high water with my G.O.P. Red Team praying 2 live the American dream because I am not a fair weather friend & if u ever need someone 2 talk 2 have no fear my dear I am always here with with a listening ear 2 lend & if I had a chance 2 live my life twice & return 2 the big dance & come back & transcend & like a broken record I would gladly do it all over again my friend 😇🙏💋🌝the Super Full Buck Moon last night was hidden behind clouds & rain from our sight but that’s alright I took some cool pics on Sunday night of The Man On The Moon taking his monthly flight like a giant cheese pizza pie kite so close 2 planet earth u think u could reach up & take a bite & wash it down with an ice cold sprite & after I watched it with sheer delight 2 c it shining bright overnight & when it fell out of sight I smoked a big fatty & got high as a kite & I jumped in2 bed & said goodnight sleeptight don’t let the bedbugs bite & wish I may & wish I might make a wish on the stars hanging out with the SuperFullBuckMoon 2night & peace hangloose iloveu ok I hope wish dream& pray that everyone everywhere Outthere walks in god’s light everyday & everynight & your future is 4ever bright chasing all your hopes wishes & dreams 2 a new height out of sight in2 the twilight 🍀heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere Outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always bsafe bestrong & protect yourself at all times & takecare I hope uall enjoy Americas awesome beautiful & amazing 247th Happy 4th of July birthday celebrating our independence & everything goes your way as UALL live love laugh & play OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say peacebwithuallalways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS☮️💟✝️ HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🤞✌️🤙🤟👌🕸🕷👅🐾🐾🇺🇸❤️🤍💙😘😎