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There’s a gr8 song ilove by Travis Tritt called MODERN DAY BONNIE AND CLYDE & if that’s the way u want 2 live your life where everyday & night u try 2 run your hustle & hide fit 2 b tied because the thought of being a cold blooded gangster has u MYSTIFIED & u think the world is your oyster as u take the weak & the innocent 4 a ride telling all of your victims welcome 2 my world step inside & u say I may joke but I don’t phuckin play so hey everybody walk this way & don’t lose your stride when I meet u on the darkside as I force u 2 swim against the tide & so I just wanted u 2 know what we have here on planet earth is a place where heaven & hell coincide & it’s sad but true that it’s everywhere worldwide so bad it makes me teary eyed when I think about the godfearing people that run in2 a misfit criminal with a brain that is fried from the devil that they let live inside when both of there worlds collide when u meet the sinners in public when u leave the safety of your home 2 go outside & in the center of my heart mind & soul that I have under complete control & is an imaginary time machine that is driven by a child ever since I was born I have been living my life like a fugitive from heaven on the loose running wild chasing words like wild birds around 2 hear that sound & hope they r worthy enough 2 save & say hoping 2 leave u beguiled if they were properly placed & mentally styled but as 4 me without the ability of being able 2 c your face because we r separated by time & space billions of humans caught up in this crazy rat race 2 know if u laughed or smiled as I get lost at any cost going hogwild trying 2 never let myself get easily riled & share peace love & happiness like a flowerchild that was always hot n nasty & anything but mild on my own a lonewolf running wild like Tarzan king of the jungle who was raised by animals when he was a helpless & lost dreamchild wishing the world could b reconciled & life can b a pain in the neck if u don’t live the one u got 2 the fullest & keep it in check as we all play the hand we r dealt knowing god is the dealer that controls the deck in a world where everything is on the leading edge of being spaceage & hightech where everything is all about cost & effect living a life where u should learn 2 suggest & not expect & always remember 2 give back when given respect & instead of saying what the hell say what the heck & b a stellar & perfect subject 4 the whole planet 2 inspect & ilove2 swim in the pool where my eternal waterfall of my imagination loves 2 collect expressing my internal mental magic that I think & redirect in2 the eyes & ears & minds of everyone everywhere Outthere that I hope wish dream & pray 2 infect with my Dirty Whiteboy New Jersey dialect & the candle of thought never burns if u don’t light the wick when u have an axe 2 grind or a bone 2 pick so get on the stick with no baffling bullshit just cut 2 the quick & lay it all out & spread it on thick & it’s eye 4 an eye so don’t blink u might miss a trick & then your life ain’t worth a lick that anyone would even want 2 touch with a 10 foot stick & when u got a bad case of anxiety & stress that u r trying 2 give a swift kick just handroll a fat Bob Marley stick & give that glue on the hemp paper a nice little lick in search of that T H C pleasure that is sure 2 b the one thing that always does the trick right after I light the bone when I flick my Bic & as I watch the cloud of the green haze rise with a sweet skunkybud aroma that is pungent & thick & they say if u like 2 play with the roses watch out 4 the thorns trying 2 give u a prick & everyone can learn a lesson from the Three Little Pigs when the Big Bad Wolf comes around 2 try & blow your house down make sure u build your Castle out of brick & INXS has a gr8 Album & song by the same name that they released in 1987 called KICK & there is a gr8 sci-fi fantasy comedy flick starring Adam Sandler ilove that was released in 2006 called CLICK & NBA Hall Of Famer Patrick Ewing is the number one Gr8est player of all time 2 ever suit up as a New York Knick & u can call it the wang or the wood the ding a ling or the tallywacker maybe it’s your junk the Johnson or the twig & berries your dipstick or your prick but in the end it’s just a DICK ✌️🤙🤟👌😍🍀😎🤞❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟✝️🙏🌝🌝🌝I just wanted 2 tell everyone everywhere Outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share 2 try & catch the Full Sturgeon Supermoon that will b here real soon a giant flying free from the string aged cheddar cheese balloon & we all can b like Dean Martin & crone that old Italian AMORE tune so keep your eyes open wide on August first Tuesday & hope wish dream & pray that the weather sees fit 2 let the the man on the moon & his starlight overnight skyshow live love laugh & play sending an awesome beautiful & amazing eyecandy display our way OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 🌝🌝🌝Donald Trump The 45th President Of The USA did more in two years for AMERICA & AMERICANS Than 4 years of peanutpicker jimmy carter 8 years of goodoldboy hillbillyclinton 8 years of the worst president in The History Of America headlikearockobomba & 2 years & 7 months of braindeaddevilsadvocatefuckjoebiden all 2gether & all of these 4 anti American cronies spent there time in the White House & our tax dollars working as hard as they could trying 2 turn our America in2 a third world country & regime media try’s 2 hide the truth by putting lipstick on & blowing out the hair on the bluebellydonkeyparty 2 try & make them look good instead of telling the truth like they should but hey it’s still the Beijingleftwingdonkeyparty 😵‍💫🤪🙃😳💀🤥😷☠️🤑😡🤬👺

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