❤️❤️❤️ MY FUNKY VALENTINE ❤️❤️❤️

Ilove a gr8 song by The Thompson Twins called MY FUNKY VALENTINE & they say 2 ERR is human & 2 4give is so Divine & Johnny Cash has a gr8 song ilove that has 20.1 million views called I WALK THE LINE & sometimes we have 2 draw the line come rain or shine always giving the peace sign stoned 2 the bone floating on cloud nine singing GUNS N ROSES SWEET CHILD OF MINE & now we follow the information trail on the internet by design & back in the day the grapevine was the knowledge hardline & it worked just fine & it helped us 2 get our stars 2 align & everything was so divine & complaining never does any good & all we can say 2 each other is would u like some cheese with that whine as we all tap dance like Sammy Davis Jr on a landmine as we watch the lives of the good & the evil intertwine in2 a state of sublime decline as the Beijingleftwing regimemedia try’s daily 2 brainwash dumbdown & convince the bluebellydonkey party 2 b stupid by telling everyone no need 2 worry everything is fine on the bluepartyline & Aerosmith has a gr8 song ilove called DRAW THE LINE & there is a gr8 movie ilove that was released in 1931 starring Boris Karloff called FRANKENSTEIN & Josh Turner has a gr8 song ilove that has 4.5 million views called EVERYTHING IS FINE & ilove a gr8 song credited to Percy Montrose (1884) called OH MY DARLING CLEMENTINE & ilove a gr8 singer named Alice Fredenham when she sang on week one of Britains Got Talent in 2013 doing her version of an amazing song called MY FUNNY VALENTINE & ilove a gr8 song by David Bowie called SWEET HEAD & when I was young growing up my black friends used 2 call me WhiteBread & I am a Republican on the Right In The Red until the day I drop dead & having that b said I hope that it doesn’t happen until lightyearsahead & it goes without saying because that is a day that I dread & my stepfather always said that I wasn’t the brightest lightbulb in the closet or the sharpest tool in the shed & that I would never learn anything watching cartoons or get an education from the comic books I read & ilove a gr8 song called BOX OF RAIN that has 2.7 million views done by THE GRATEFUL DEAD & ilove a gr8 TV show about a talking Equine that was on from 1961 until 1966 called MISTER ED & when I started dating girls I liked the ones that had legs like peanut butter that were easy 2 spread & don’t b a fool & follow your peers thru hell & high water trying 2 b cool u could just say no & go home instead & some of the finest things I ever said I felt the words in my heart after my imagination thought of them in my head when we got married Iloveu 4ever DONNA With This Ring I Thee Wed & I look 4WARD 2 the future & I can’t wait 2 take every step 2gether on the path 2 heaven that we Tread & every weeknight @ 8 pm I like 2 listen to FM 102.9 WMGK in Philadelphia as they play 3 Led Zeppelin songs 2 get out the Led & ilove a gr8 song by The Aviators called The Monsters Under My Bed & I read it & iloved a gr8 book that was published in 1851 by Hermin Melville that was called the Gr8est story about the Sea named MOBY DICK & it is one of the best novels I ever read with every page I turned it had me hanging on by a thread & what I learned is that fools rush in where Angels fear 2 tread & in 1991 a gr8 movie ilove was released called White Fang & the star of the film was Wolfdog Jed & ilove a gr8 song & hot video called I’M TO SEXY that has 12 million views & is sung by Right Said Fred & there is a gr8 poem ilove by ANNE LINDGREN that really touched me called I’M FREE & ilove a gr8 book published by Earnest Hemingway in 1952 that was called The Old Man And The Sea & Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush have a gr8 song ilove called I’M A KING BEE & MUHAMMAD ALI wrote the shortest poem ever written with only 2 lines in it that said ME? WHEE! & there is always more 2 the picture than the naked eye can see & who knows what the future holds 4 u & me I guess we all just have 2 wait & see because they say what will b will b 4ever until eternity & hopefully we will live in peace love & happiness in the home of the brave in the land of the free OH SAY CAN YOU SEE Mother Mary ☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🍀🤞🫶✌️🤙🤟👌😎😍💋

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