If u feel like u r all alone on your own by yourself in this world without anybody else always remember GODS WATCHING U & ME & David Gilmour has a gr8 song ilove from his 1984 album titled About Face called Until We Sleep & if u believe in Our Father his Son & The Holy Ghost it is then that all the peace love & happiness of Heaven will b the gifts of joy that u will receive until eternity & I would say Merci 4 the Grand Prix & one fine day we will all b Scottfree 2 sightsee the otherside & the powers that b & fly like angels gravityfree & The Rolling Stones have a gr8 song ilove that has 7.7 million views called Saint Of Me & Prince & The Revolution have a gr8 song ilove off of their album in 1984 titled Purple Rain that has 27.1 million views called Let’s Go Crazy & Rob Dyrdek’s Rediculousness is the only show I will watch on any channel owned by MTV & Aldo Nova has a gr8 song ilove from 1982 that has 20.2 million views called Fantasy & Rimsky Korsakov has a gr8 Piano Tune ilove that has 22.3 million views called The Flight Of The Bumblebee & ilove a gr8 American Stand Up Comedy Film from 1987 called RAW Starring Eddie Murphy & Brian Hyland has a gr8 song ilove that was released in 1959 that has 6.1 million views called Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini & in 1989 a gr8 movie ilove was released starring Bruce Willis & Emily Lloyd called IN COUNTRY & in my eyes it was an awesome beautiful & amazing flick 4 the whole wideworld 2 c & Pharrell Williams has a gr8 song & video ilove from 2014 that has 1.2 billion views called HAPPY & there is a gr8 video out there that has 8.1 million views where the Singer Steals The Show called SHE ASKED IF I KNOW TENNESSEE WHISKEY & when I talk 2 God the call is tollfree & I just hope & pray everyday that somehow someway someone up there in heaven somewhere loves me because 2morrow is not promised 2 anybody so any minute could b your last no one gets a hasslefree guarantee & ilove a gr8 song by the Cranberries that has 191.1 million views called ZOMBIE & ilove a gr8 song by U2 that has 1.7 million views called IN GODS COUNTRY & when I was born I was a wildchild bornfree 2 b me stonecoldcrazy just like time I was always on the move & never lazy & I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS about all the knives in my back I never let that kind of bullshit phaseme or stop me in my tracks & dazeme as I plan my next moves in2 the future chasing things that amazeme that I hope will become the latest craze one of these days that causes eyebrows 2 raise as I walk on the path 2 Heaven lit up by Gods Light just trying 2 catch some rays & they say u can take a boy out of the country but it’s in the country is where that homesweethome boys heart always stays as he chases everything that he hopes wishes dreams & prays with a pocket full of handrolled Bob Marley bones 2 flick my Bic & Blaze trying 2 elevate my mental state with a boost from a skunkbud ganja raise & I haven’t worked in 69 months so as 4 me everyday of the year I am Scottfree living a life of nothing but Saturdays grinning from ear 2 ear on Cloud Nine Walking On Sunshine 2 use a catch phrase Flying On A Trackless Rollercoaster Coming In Hot & Heavy upsidedown & sideways knowing Jesus saves a person that prays & Our Father His Son & The HolyGhost r the only powers that b that I Praise & ilove a gr8 song by Pink Floyd that was the opening track on their 1971 album titled Meddle that has 11.1 million views called ONE OF THESE DAYS & The Jimi Hendrix Experience has a gr8 song ilove from 1967 that has 19 million views called PURPLE HAZE & the first time I ever saw paper acid my friend said take a hit of this kemosabi & enjoy the headgames that the imagination hidden within the brain that the mind plays ☮️💟✝️😍🥰😘😎😇🍀✍️🙏❤️🤍💙🇺🇸heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere the FullHarvestMoon was a tough site 2 c when the sky’s above were full of rain & cloudy it was like when I was young my stepfather would say u make a better door than a window when u r standing in front of the TV & I was hoping that mother nature & the weather would loosen there grip & let the ManOnTheMoon b footloose & fancyfree but u know what they say what will b will b the future is a movie that only Gods eyes r blessed 2 c & but I was fortunate 2 snap some pics 4 UALL 2 c I think they r gr8 & I hope UALL agree & but as 4 u & me it was still a rainy sight 2 c & all we can say is tough titty said the kitty & know that everything in outerspace & on the planet earth since it’s birth r in complete control of all the heavenly powers that b & ilove a gr8 song that has 173.7 million views called THREE LITTLE BIRDS sung by The WAILERS & BOB MARLEY & LULUANDJSW would like 2 say THANKU 2 everybody that visits us @ aneyefullofearcandy uall put a smile on our faces from ear2ear that helps our hearts minds & souls b healthy & happy 4ever trying 2 tempt u with my cosmicdebris potpourri poetry that I mentally keep under lock & key & set it free 4 your eyes & ears only Here on earth & in the heavens above with all my love till eternity peacebwithuallalways 🍀GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 🙏PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS☮️💟😍HAPPYTRAILS☮️CYA✌️🤙🤟👌💋❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

☮️💟✝️ I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ☮️💟✝️

If u like or loveme iloveu2 & if u dislike or hateme I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS & we all hope 2 tip toe thru the tulips & not run in2 any snakes in the grass & life is all about the throttle & no brake with high hopes & dreams 2 live chasing the wishes that we make & right now is a good time 2 use a heavy shoe & mash the gas because Fathertime waits 4 no one so live love & laugh having fun by the ton getting what u want 2 do done as the days months & years pass & they say the eyes r the Ray-ban Aviator windows of the mind that r made of stained glass & there’s nothing better than an ice cold Fiji spring water & burning a fat one people watching on the AC Boardwalk & observe the critical mass as they pass everything from the lowest lowlife scum all the way up 2 the crass & entitled upperclass marching like zombies in the walking deadhead parade on a freepass making there way 2 midnight mass catching a whiff of me smoking a nice handrolled bone of some Pepe Le Pew skunkbudgrass like I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS & I have a pair of balls made of sparkling Brass carrying the world on my back like I am as strong as ATLAS & when I was young at a party with a pool I would b doing flips & double gainers in the nude 4 free in front of everybody like I was getting paid on Johnny Knoxvilles Jackass acting like I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS or have any class & I am on a journey 2 heaven & I hope when I meet Old Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates knowing he has seen my rap sheet showing when I was good & every time I committed a sin & all the wild & crazy things I ever did in all the evil places I have ever been on skates made of hells fire melting the ice I was cruising around on that was already paper thin & they say in life u have 2 learn what it is 2 lose 2 know how 2 win & always keep in touch with the ones u love all your close friends & your kin & always bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare what would I do without all of u I could never find a twin & I doubt that I could find a spare that would b able 2 fill the skin your in & they say if u sleep with dirty dogs u wake up with the crabs & u start bitching about how bad your junk is itching & it has u dancing & prancing with one hand in your pocket twitching trying 2 think of a remedy 2 takecare of this tiny crustacean affliction u hope 2 soon b ditching & remember never again go 4 a hitching on a parasite slippery flight without first checking the pulsating package that your partner is pitching because a couple minutes of fun could end up being a voodoo spell that is bewitching & Flume has a gr8 song ilove featuring Little Dragon that has 15 million views called TAKE A CHANCE & in this world u have 2 fly by the seat of your pants 2 give yourself a fighting chance living the life u live & hope 2 enhance In your search 4 peace love & happiness fortified by your hard earned high finance & an awesome beautiful & amazing sure shot tasty & hot romance surviving on god’s gr8 earth traveling across its vast expanse staying positive come what may in each & every circumstance in the hopes wishes & dreams that u freelance & never get side tracked or waylaid by temptation & bad habits that cause hesitation that blocks your way 2 a higher destination & lose sight of good over evil in a second glance don’t trade all of your 2morrows 4 vices & getting high & kiss the future u could have had goodbye because u can’t go back no matter how hard u try u know what they say time flys by in the wink of an eye so remember 2 keep it moving & dance & prance like u have ants in your pants & I like 2 Frenchkiss with my tongue the same way they do it in France & if I have some time 2 kill ilove2 sit back & relax & chill chasing the goodlife trying 2 get my fill & smoke a big toke of a Bob Marley joint & try not 2 choke & slip in2 a enlightening mental hypnotictrance & let my kaleidoscope imagination use ink & paper 4 transportation 2 express my psychobabble rants & chants in2 my poems that come 2gether by sheer happenstance from thoughts hidden within the universe of my mind that becomes food 4 my thinking brainwaves 2 have a fantasy romance that I fall in love with at first glance that no one will ever hear or c if I let fear of failure convince me 2 not let it c the light of day by not taking a chance & let my words fly free like wildbirds & hang out with the Man On The FullHarvestMoon & moondance & living life on planet earth has us all moving at a maddening pace like we r all in a human race trying 2 all fit in & find our happyplace praying 2 god just in case never knowing if everyday we will have a smile or a frown on our face keeping our fingers & toes crossed because we know life is journey where we all enter in2 the game of chance where we hope 2 go above & beyond what is known as normal exceedance on the stairway 2 heaven making unforgettable memories on every step we r taking along the path we traverse singing a Louis Armstrong song that has 8.3 million views called WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD as we dance & prance in a faithful & holy trance by always paying it 4WARD in advance so we all can live happily ever after as one like brothers & sisters on the otherside of gods rainbow bridge of light when we r given the chance & ilove an awesome beautiful & amazing song by LEE ANN WOMACK that has 84.7 million views called I HOPE YOU DANCE 🫵🙏heytere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share THANKU from LULUANDJSW 4 visiting aneyefullofearcandy we love UALL & we really do care as we travel the wireless internet worldwide flying thru the air on a wing & a prayer exposing 2 UALL the cross that I bare with the confessions & poetry that I share trying 2 convince everybody 2 b my friend & start a never ending love affair slow & steady always wins the race when u play the game of life fair & square always remember the Tortoise & the Hare 🥰☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🌞🌝✍️✌️🤙🤟👌🍀🐾🐾👅😎😍😇😘😵‍💫😳🫣🫢💋peacebwithuallalways godbless&allthebest peacelove&happiness HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 💋


Ilove a gr8 song by Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers called WHO WILL BE THERE & one fine day the spirit of all of our souls will evaporate like a mist & disappear in2 thin air & just like Jesus we all have our own cross 2 bare living life happy go lucky on this crazy planet that we all share laid back & not worrying if the devil may care & always play fair & square on a wing & a prayer trying 2 make it from here 2 there without time 2 spare as heaven & earth collide in midair & we all start 2 break down from all the wear & tear & Huey Lewis & The News have a gr8 song & video ilove that has 16.9 million views called HIP TO BE SQUARE & never bet your life on a dare like u have a spare & remember the AESOP’S FABLES about the Race between the Tortoise And The Hare & Alice In Chains has a sad song about the lead singer Layne Staley’s heroin addiction that eventually killed him called ANGRY CHAIR & ilove a gr8 song that has 1.6 million views called I GOT YOU BABE by Sonny & Cher & everyone everywhere outthere beware because there is no way 2 prepare 2 become old & gray & b no worse 4 wear all square fighting 2 breathe air watching time fly in a wink of the nakedeye as u have a love affair with your rocking chair & Neil Young has a gr8 song ilove that has 1.1 million views called EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE & it’s nice 2 b with a woman that is bare with a perfect pair & a fantabulous derrière & a moist vertical smile without any hair pretty in pink stylish & debonair that makes me want 2 stare & I am ready 2 take on anything I face on this planet with savior faire & energy 2 spare living my life like I am a multimillionaire just like the Jetsons in my flying car landing in the driveway of my castle floating on thin air & dancing up my spiral staircase without a care as if I was Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire & then I am getting 12 hat tricks playing hockey 4 the Flyers just like John Leclaire & I like 2 keep my buds in an airtight container made by Tupperware & Chevrolet built a car from 1960 until 1969 in 2 generations that was there response 2 the VW Beetle with a rear mounted air cooled engine called the CORVAIR & there is a gr8 original soundtrack that ilove that was released in 1979 from an American Tribal Love Rock Musical called HAIR & who r u fooling if u cheat while playing solitaire & when I am shopping 4 sneakers I never buy Chinese made nike or sketchers when I purchase footwear & I declare buyers beware & ilove a gr8 song that has 300.9 million views by The Greatest Showman called NEVER ENOUGH & I like 2 think my poetry is up 2 snuff & each & every poem is a diamond in the rough that is filled 2 the brim with wild & crazy stuff that I write down every time I take a Puff of that funkystuff & I chase the thoughts inside my mind that r all one of a kind that helps me 2 get my brainspring 2 unwind that I say right off the cuff & streaking was popular in the 70’s & as 4 me 2 much was never enough & I remember going 2 a Halloween party wearing only sunglasses after taking a hit of windowpane & snorting a gram of cocaine & drinking a fifth of Lerox 100 proof peppermint schnapps & that’s what I did all night long in the BUFF & ilove a gr8 song by Vanilla Ninja that has 2.5 million views called TOUGH ENOUGH & The B52’S have a gr8 song ilove that has 1.9 million views called GOOD STUFF & the Indigenous Populations of Brazil were the first people 2 have used fine ground tobacco 2 snort as Snuff & Lady Gaga has a gr8 song ilove that has 3.8 million views called I LiKE IT ROUGH & when I was young it was hard 2 find a girl with no hair down there everyone of them had a muff & until I got older I never really thought anything was wrong with the fluffy stuff I could never ever get enough 😍🥰😘😋😛😜😝✌️🤙🤟👌✍️😎❤️🤍💙✝️💟✝️ peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY that’s what I hopewishdream&pray as UALL LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY & keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay it makes the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say peacebwithuallalways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🕷🕸🐾🐾👅💋🍒🌎🌞🌝🍄🙈🙉🙊👽😳

☮️💟✝️ WHEN I AM HAPPY ☮️💟✝️

When I am happy I might say YIPPEEWAALAAYEEHAAOOLALA if everything is going my way as I while away the day letting my imagination live love laugh & play planning the steps I will take 2 get each & everyone of my hopes wishes & dreams underway in the life I portray keeping a smile on my face everyday come what may Jesus Mary & Joseph let us pray & if u let God come in2 your world he will make the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay until 4ever & a day if there’s a will there is a way peace hangloose iloveu ok & Sting has a gr8 song ilove that has 15 million views called BRAND NEW DAY & ilove a gr8 song by Shannon that has 41.3 million views called LET THE MUSIC PLAY & ilove a gr8 song by Fergie that has 48.1 million views called LONDON BRIDGE (OH SNAP) & maybe u think I am an old chap trying 2 bridge the Generation Gap like my website is a tourist trap when your surfing the internet trying 2 catch the big kahuna hanging 10 all over the global map & that makes me wanna say yipyapflipflaptiptapholycrap in a cold snap like I am the first driver in a NASCAR race at the Daytona 500 & they just waved the white flag on the last lap & slappers slap nappers nap & rappers rap as clappers clap & toe tap & ilove a gr8 song by Fitz And The Tantrums that has 131.3 million views called HANDCLAP & ilove a gr8 song by Guns N Roses that has 752.6 million views called DON’T CRY & I am always on the fly never knowing if we r seeing things the same eye 2 eye sweetie pie as I try 2 b a nice guy that never says die with an endless well of words that never leaves me hanging high & dry without something 2 say 2 get me by & ilove a gr8 song by Bush that has 1.2 million views called GREEDY FLY & Tool has a gr8 song called THE POT that has 40.5 million views where Maynard James Keenan sings YOU MUST HAVE BEEN HIGH & Willie Nelson has a gr8 live song that ilove that has 9.2 million views called ROLL ME UP AND SMOKE ME WHEN I DIE & if I take 2 big of a toke & I cough & start 2 choke I might say oakydoakyhokypokyholysmoky & it ain’t no joke & Billy Squier has a gr8 song ilove that has 10.9 million views called THE STROKE & sometimes I might whisper fatloghighonthehoghotdiggitydog when I get caught in a cloud of PEPE LE PEW FOG & i never worry about what people might say trying 2 ruin day because everynight b4 I go 2 sleep I pray 2 God my soul 2 keep & I catch zzz’s like a log & they say if u smell the middle finger of Kermit The Frog it smells like bacon from playing doctor with Miss Piggy The Hog & there is a gr8 drama/music movie ilove that was released in 2007 starring 12 year old Dakota Fanning called HOUNDDOG & when things r going gr8 i just might say coolbeans or beesknees when I am shooting the breeze & I always say GODBLESSU if I hear someone sneeze & I always try 2 b polite & say THANKU & Please & ilove it 2 the moon & back every time I go 2 JIMMY BUFFETT’S MARGARITAVILLE RESTAURANT IN THE FLORIDA KEYS & when LULU is acting wild & crazy like a puppy I like 2 say Jeez Louise u act like a Daring Young American Pitbull on the flying trapeze soaring like an Angel with the Gr8est of ease up in the clouds high above the Redwood Trees with no ticks or fleas & I like 2 share PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS with the world & swaddle it in a blanket of tenderness & seal the deal with a hug & a kiss trying 2 ease your minds in2 a elevated state of bliss like I am Kris Kringle & everyday is Christmas & ilove Holy Cheese & my favorite kind is Swiss & Pearl Jam has a gr8 song ilove that has 18.1 million views called LAST KISS & until we all reach heaven & as long as we r alive what on earth could b better than this & I am blessed 2 b able 2 take every breath I breathe in my search 4 my own state of bliss & I will always reminisce about the pets family & friends that i lost & until I meet them again on the otherside they will all b the loves of my life that I miss 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times and takecare time flys by in the wink of an eye & leaves us no time 2 prepare & the next thing u know u r on your way 2 the promise land & the spirit of your soul evaporates in2 thin air out of nowhere & alls fair ☮️💟✝️✌️🤙🤟👌✍️🙏😎😍🥰💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band has a gr8 song ilove that has 23.4 million views called Blinded By The Light & I’m a cream filled French Eclair pastry take a bite & take a hike & go fly my kite & try 2 elevate your mental state 2 a new height just hold on 2 Peter Pans hand real tight & snort some Pixiedust with Tinkerbell & enjoy the flight out of sight as I write 2 my hearts delight in ink that is black on paper that is white about how the Red on the Right needs 2 find the switch 2 turn out the light on the bluebellydonkeyparty that works as hard as they can 2 destroy America everyday & everynight & the Chinese communist Beijingleftwing dbags run deep in the regime media & there control of the fbi cia doj & the secret service that makes it hard 4 Republicans 2 put a fight it’s unbelievable how much evidence we have against them & we still can’t drag the truth out in2 the light trying 2 fix everything that is wrong with the fuckjoebiden devils brigade & make everything alright 4 Americans & America 2 b socialist free with a future that is 4ever bright & Billy Joel has a gr8 song ilove that has 17.1 million views called You May Right & ilove a gr8 Action/Drama flick that was released in 2022 starring Liam Neeson called Blacklight & ilove a gr8 poem by Anonymous that says Star Light Star Bright First Star I See Tonight I Wish I May I Wish I Might Have This Wish I Wish Tonight & ilove a gr8 song & video by Michael Jackson that has 448.3 million views called Black Or White & ilove a gr8 poem by William Wordsworth called She Was A Phantom Of Delight & ilove a gr8 song that has 21.5 million views by Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show called The Cover Of The Rolling Stone & I am not a Superhero like Captain Marvel or Spider Man I am a simple man with a blood pumping heart made of skin & bone on an island in the center of my mind all alone on my own trying 2 find my comfort zone smoking some Pepe Le Pew sticky homegrown getting my mind blown as I get stoned 2 the bone living like a modern day Flintstone as I smile & laugh one day & the next I piss & moan still trying 2 figure out the world that lives inside my cellphone & there’s a gr8 song ilove that has 6 billion views sung by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth that’s on the Furious 7 Soundtrack called See You Again & we all get lost every now & then & the funny thing about everything that happens is that we never know how why or when & the paper is my shield & my sword is my PEN & every time I pray 2 God 2 tell him about my day I say Amen & in 1991 there was a gr8 debut album ilove released by Pearl Jam called TEN & there is a gr8 radio station in Philadelphia ilove 2 listen 2 at 95.7 playing anything they feel like called BEN FM & there is a gr8 book by John Steinbeck that was published in 1937 that ilove called OF MICE AND MEN & in1979 there was a gr8 movie released starring Dudley Moore & Bo Derek called 10 & on top of the Philadelphia City Hall Building sits a 37 foot high 53,384 pound bronze statue of William Penn & it’s time 2 put an end 2 the cartoon news network on tv that we all call cnn & I would like 2 let everyone everywhere outthere know if u need someone with an ear 2 lend that will never blow smoke up your stack or send u around the bend & b a fakefriend & pretend like I am a passing trend & have no fear my dear I am always here if u need a friend & if we make a bond love is a circle & once both ends meet it goes on 4ever without end & in heaven it starts again & there is a gr8 album by James Taylor ilove called Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon that has a song on it with 1.5 million views titled You’ve Got A Friend & Stevie Wonder has a gr8 song ilove that has 147.3 million views titled I Just Called To Say I Love You & sometimes allthetime what I say is more than one can take a bite of & chew letting it rip off of my tongues tip out of the blue trying 2 find my way in2 your mind & break on thru & I hope what I say rings true 2 u & gives u a bird’s eye view of what’s what & who’s who & give accolades & credence 2 & tell the truth & b honest with all of u & b true about the old & the new in my point of view & satan is the enemy so I can never give the devil his due no can do not after everything that I once upon a time put myself through & ilove a gr8 song by the Grateful Dead that has 1.6 million views called Morning Dew & ilove a gr8 Roy Orbison tune that became a Signature Song 4 Linda Ronstadt that has 26 million views called Blue Bayou & The Beatles have a gr8 song ilove that has 28.4 million views called Love Me Do & IF U LOVE ME ILOVEU2 & EVERY WORD I SAY IS TRUE MAY GODS LIGHT SHINE ON ALL OF U 🙏 2 everyone everywhere outthere i hope uall got 2 c the Superfullbluemoon go floating by without a care a beautiful sight 2 c 4 us all 2 share like a giant round cheddar cheese castle way up high in the sky flying on a magic carpet made of thin air on a lick & a promise on a wing & a prayer caught in the Milky Way somewhere in between here & there cross my heart & hope 2 die I swear TAKECARE 💋😘😍🍀peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY peacebwithuallalways GODBLESS&ALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✌️🤙🤟👌❤️🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸😎✍️