☮️💟✝️ I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ☮️💟✝️

If u like or loveme iloveu2 & if u dislike or hateme I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS & we all hope 2 tip toe thru the tulips & not run in2 any snakes in the grass & life is all about the throttle & no brake with high hopes & dreams 2 live chasing the wishes that we make & right now is a good time 2 use a heavy shoe & mash the gas because Fathertime waits 4 no one so live love & laugh having fun by the ton getting what u want 2 do done as the days months & years pass & they say the eyes r the Ray-ban Aviator windows of the mind that r made of stained glass & there’s nothing better than an ice cold Fiji spring water & burning a fat one people watching on the AC Boardwalk & observe the critical mass as they pass everything from the lowest lowlife scum all the way up 2 the crass & entitled upperclass marching like zombies in the walking deadhead parade on a freepass making there way 2 midnight mass catching a whiff of me smoking a nice handrolled bone of some Pepe Le Pew skunkbudgrass like I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS & I have a pair of balls made of sparkling Brass carrying the world on my back like I am as strong as ATLAS & when I was young at a party with a pool I would b doing flips & double gainers in the nude 4 free in front of everybody like I was getting paid on Johnny Knoxvilles Jackass acting like I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS or have any class & I am on a journey 2 heaven & I hope when I meet Old Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates knowing he has seen my rap sheet showing when I was good & every time I committed a sin & all the wild & crazy things I ever did in all the evil places I have ever been on skates made of hells fire melting the ice I was cruising around on that was already paper thin & they say in life u have 2 learn what it is 2 lose 2 know how 2 win & always keep in touch with the ones u love all your close friends & your kin & always bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare what would I do without all of u I could never find a twin & I doubt that I could find a spare that would b able 2 fill the skin your in & they say if u sleep with dirty dogs u wake up with the crabs & u start bitching about how bad your junk is itching & it has u dancing & prancing with one hand in your pocket twitching trying 2 think of a remedy 2 takecare of this tiny crustacean affliction u hope 2 soon b ditching & remember never again go 4 a hitching on a parasite slippery flight without first checking the pulsating package that your partner is pitching because a couple minutes of fun could end up being a voodoo spell that is bewitching & Flume has a gr8 song ilove featuring Little Dragon that has 15 million views called TAKE A CHANCE & in this world u have 2 fly by the seat of your pants 2 give yourself a fighting chance living the life u live & hope 2 enhance In your search 4 peace love & happiness fortified by your hard earned high finance & an awesome beautiful & amazing sure shot tasty & hot romance surviving on god’s gr8 earth traveling across its vast expanse staying positive come what may in each & every circumstance in the hopes wishes & dreams that u freelance & never get side tracked or waylaid by temptation & bad habits that cause hesitation that blocks your way 2 a higher destination & lose sight of good over evil in a second glance don’t trade all of your 2morrows 4 vices & getting high & kiss the future u could have had goodbye because u can’t go back no matter how hard u try u know what they say time flys by in the wink of an eye so remember 2 keep it moving & dance & prance like u have ants in your pants & I like 2 Frenchkiss with my tongue the same way they do it in France & if I have some time 2 kill ilove2 sit back & relax & chill chasing the goodlife trying 2 get my fill & smoke a big toke of a Bob Marley joint & try not 2 choke & slip in2 a enlightening mental hypnotictrance & let my kaleidoscope imagination use ink & paper 4 transportation 2 express my psychobabble rants & chants in2 my poems that come 2gether by sheer happenstance from thoughts hidden within the universe of my mind that becomes food 4 my thinking brainwaves 2 have a fantasy romance that I fall in love with at first glance that no one will ever hear or c if I let fear of failure convince me 2 not let it c the light of day by not taking a chance & let my words fly free like wildbirds & hang out with the Man On The FullHarvestMoon & moondance & living life on planet earth has us all moving at a maddening pace like we r all in a human race trying 2 all fit in & find our happyplace praying 2 god just in case never knowing if everyday we will have a smile or a frown on our face keeping our fingers & toes crossed because we know life is journey where we all enter in2 the game of chance where we hope 2 go above & beyond what is known as normal exceedance on the stairway 2 heaven making unforgettable memories on every step we r taking along the path we traverse singing a Louis Armstrong song that has 8.3 million views called WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD as we dance & prance in a faithful & holy trance by always paying it 4WARD in advance so we all can live happily ever after as one like brothers & sisters on the otherside of gods rainbow bridge of light when we r given the chance & ilove an awesome beautiful & amazing song by LEE ANN WOMACK that has 84.7 million views called I HOPE YOU DANCE 🫵🙏heytere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share THANKU from LULUANDJSW 4 visiting aneyefullofearcandy we love UALL & we really do care as we travel the wireless internet worldwide flying thru the air on a wing & a prayer exposing 2 UALL the cross that I bare with the confessions & poetry that I share trying 2 convince everybody 2 b my friend & start a never ending love affair slow & steady always wins the race when u play the game of life fair & square always remember the Tortoise & the Hare 🥰☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🌞🌝✍️✌️🤙🤟👌🍀🐾🐾👅😎😍😇😘😵‍💫😳🫣🫢💋peacebwithuallalways godbless&allthebest peacelove&happiness HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 💋

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