We All Should Think Of Our Bodies Like A Fine Tuned Machine & Keep Them Running Smooth & Clean Like The Beatles Yellow Submarine Taking On Anything Unforeseen without A Covid Booster Or Vaccine With Inhanced Physical Capabilities Like I Am An X-Men Wolverine Always Dressed 2 The Nines When I Go Out On Halloween & Take A Hit Of Mescaline & Snort A Pile Of Cocaine Mixed With Crystal Methamphetamine Drinking Cough Syrup With Codeine In A Military Canteen Mixed With Red Bull Just 2 Catch A Kick From The Caffeine Making My Blood Boil Like Gasoline & It’s The Same Color As Grenadine & It Feels Like I Am Pissing Fire When I Go 2 The Latrine Living My Life Like Everything I Do Is On The Bigscreen Playing My Green Tambourine Waiting 4 The Future So I Can Act Out My Next Unrehearsable Scene & Hoping I Get 2 Do A Cool Singing & Dance Routine Like Freddy Mercury Doing Bohemian Rhapsody With 1.7 Billion Views With Queen Looking 4 A Vertical Smile That Loves 2 Ride Mile After Mile That I Could Come Between When We Convene & Taste The Fruits Of Life Like We R Each Others Favorite Cuisine Trying Not 2 Say Anything Obscene & Act Like A Philistine & B Like Charlie Sheen Doing Time In Quarantine Riding In The Back Of A Long Black Limousine Doing Standing Backflips On My Indoor Trampoline packed In My Hot Whip Like A Sardine On A Trip 2 Florida 2 C The Oldest City In The Continental United States Located In Saint Augustine Listening 2 Robert Plant & Led Zeppelin Doing Tangerine While Eating A Nectarine Wearing A Suit Made Out Of Hot Red Neoprene Listening 2 Dexy’s Midnight Runners Singing There Hit Tune With 47.6 Million Views Called Come On Eileen & It Has Been 43 Years Since I Had A Kool Cigarette So I Could Breathe Some Nicotine & It’s Been 96 Months Since I Had Any Alcohol At All Passing Thru My Kidney’s Liver Or Spleen & Courtney Love & Curt Cobain Had A Daughter That Was Born On 8-18-92 & They Named Her Frances Bean & Life Is A Never Ending Movie That We All Play A Part In That Takes Place 24 Hours A Day From A Script That Is Sight Unseen Hoping 3 Get Your Picture On The Pages Of People Magazine As We All Pray 2 Pull Off The Great Escape From Death Every Minute Of The Day On A Harley Like Steve McQueen Burning The Midnight Lamp Filled With Kerosine Camping Out Under The Stars Beneath A 75 Foot High Blue Spruce Evergreen Eating A Sweet & Tasty New Orleans Praline Made With Pistachio Nuts 2 Get Some Excellent Plant Based Protein & Ilove Alice Cooper’s Genius Lyric’s When He Sings I Got A Baby’s Brain And An Old Mans Heart In His Gr8 Song I’m Eighteen Praying Not 2 Run In2 Michael Myers The Mental Patient In John Carpenter’s Slasher Flick From The Silverscreen In 1978 Called HALLOWEEN 🎃👽💀👻👹☠️🥸😳🫣😵‍💫😲😯🫢🫠🙄🌝 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share besafe bestrong protect yourselves at all times & takecare I hope uall had your EYES2THESKY 2 try & catch the FULLHUNTERMOON Floating By Way Up High In The Sky making me wish that I could fly where angels sigh & eagles cry & In The Wizard Of Oz Judy Garland Sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bluebirds Fly – Birds Fly Over The Rainbow Why Then Oh Why Can’t I & Crazy Town has a gr8 song ilove with 219.8 million views called Butterfly & Shaman’s Harvest has a gr8 song ilove with 8 million views called Dragonfly & we all get 2 live our lives 2 the fullest until the day we die ✌️🤙🤟👌🙏✍️💋🫶😎😍😋😜😇😛😝🤓🤔🤭🧐🥰🙂🙃😏😉😚PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 ISRAEL 🇮🇱 MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY THATS WHAT I HOPE WISH DREAM & PRAY EVERYNIGHT & EVERYDAY PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟✝️🍀🤞❤️❤️❤️❤️

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