Ilove A Gr8 Song By Simon & Garfunkel From 1966 That Has 1.3 Million Views Called 59th Street Song (Feeling Groovy) & Every Time I Write A New Poem & I Read What I Said Off Of The Top Of My Head & It Moovesme As I Take Another Toke & Start 2 Choke On The Green Pepe Le Pew Skunkbud Smoke & I Get A Little Woozy & I Say Ohmy That Fat Bob Marley Was A Handrolled Doozy & If There Ever Was Something In My Life That I Wanted & I Couldn’t Get It By Myself I Never Liked 2 Depend On Anyone Else Because Beggars Can’t B Choozy & Everyday I Play The Lead Role In My Life As I Live Love Laugh & Play Chasing Everything That I hope Wish Dream & Pray Like I Am Being Filmed By Steven Spielberg In A Home Movie & I Like 2 Say What I Mean & Mean What I Say & At The End Of The Day Let The Chips Fall Where They May & There Will B No So Sorry Or 4GIVEME Please From My Knees & I Won’t B Saying LetMeSlide Or Excussme & U Never Know When It Is Your Time 2 Go Or When It Will B The Last Time U Get 2 Lay Eyes On Me @aneyefullofearcandy So Hang On 2 Me & Hold Me Tight With All Your Might & Please Never Let Go & Loozeme & I Want 2 Say THANKU 2 Everyone Everywhere Outthere That Visits LULUANDJSW With An Open&Free Mind Ready 2 Lend An Eye&Ear 2 & It’s People Like All Of U That Gets Me Thru & Puts Me In A State Of Bliss Swaddled In Tenderness In A Cloud Of PEACELOVE&HAPPINESS That Moovesme Leaving Me Feeling Groovy & Ilove A Gr8 Simon & Garfunkel Song Covered By Disturbed That Has 949 Million Views Called The Sound Of Silence & Ilove A Gr8 Comedy/Romance Movie From 1985 Starring Anthony Michael Hall IIan Mitchell-Smith & Kelly Lebrock That Also Had An Awesome Theme Song By Oingo Boingo That Has 7.2 Million Views Called Weird Science & Ilove A Gr8 Song From 1973 By Mott The Hoople Called Violence & At The WILLRELLO Ranch I Wash The Dishes With Manpower So I Guess U Could Call Me A Handy Household Appliance & Ever Since I Was A Young Tyke I Never Did Like Rules & Regulations Or Being Told What 2 Do So I Guess U Could Say I Was Never In Compliance & Always A Little Wack That Was A Hard Nut 2 Crack Always Fit 2 B Tied That Could Give It Right Back As Good As I Got In Total Defiance Knowing Our Father His Son & The HolyGhost In Heaven R My Strongest & Only Reliance & Ilove A Gr8 ScienceFiction TV Series That Was On From 1968 Until 1970 Starring Gary Conway & Deanna Lund Called Land Of The Giants & Ever Since I Stopped Taking Drugs When I Was 30 Years Old & I Gave My Spacesuit & Helmet Back 2 NASA Because I No Longer Wanted 2 B Astronautic & Now Ilove The Awesome Beautiful & Amazing Feelings I Get From Head 2 Toe From Living My Life Being Nonnarcotic & The Star Spangled Banner Is My Alltime Favorite Song & Everyday Ilike 2 Say GODBLESS America When I Pray Because I Am Red White & Blue Thru & Thru & Truly 100% Patriotic & I Always Try 2 Avoid Processed Foods & Everything That Is Sugarsweet That I Shouldn’t Eat & Try 2 Survive On A Diet & Lifestyle That Is Healthy 4 Me That Is Macrobiotic & Ilove My Poems & Poetry & I Believe There R Mentally Nutritious & Delicious Message’s Weaved In2 The Fabric Of What I Say That R Not In Any Way Shape Or Form Psychotic Neurotic Or Idiotic & If Anything I Would Like 2 Think That My Poetry Gets Inside Of All Your Minds & Clears The Cobwebs Like An Antibiotic & My Ideas Expand Your Imagination’s & Become Posthypnotic & My Brain Swims In A Pool Of Holywater & The Thoughts Hidden Within My Wildest Dreams & Fantasies R Like Kevin Costner In Waterworld An Air Breathing Landwalker That Is Mentally Aquatic & Never Wants Anyone Anywhere Outthere 2 Ever think Of Me as Chaotic ☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🤍💙🇮🇱✡️🕎🙏☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🤍💙🇮🇱✡️🕎🙏2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare I hope wish dream & pray that uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing HAPPYTHANKSGIVING Day as uall live love laugh & play & keep a smile on all of your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay it make the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY we r all brothers & sisters made by the hands of god out of human clay waiting 4 a stork 2flyaway OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say wheretheresawilltheresaway ✌️🤙🤟👌💋🎈🍒😎🤞🕸🕷🍀👁👁🛸🚀✈️😍🥰😘😇😜🙃😉🤓😵‍💫keep your EYES2THESKY 2 try & catch The FullBeaverMoon that will b here real soon & we can all sing that spaced out old Frank Sinatra tune that has 157.4 million views called FLY ME TO THE MOON & say hey diddle the cat & the fiddle the cow jumped over the giant cheddar cheese balloon & so u know it’s at sunset on Sunday the 26th of November & I hope it is a gr8 one 4 all of us 2 remember & the only way 2 truly see the fullbeavermoon is 2 stand behind a woman bending over 2 touch her toes that’s not wearing any clothes pretty as a rose 🌹 🌝💫⚡️☄️💥🪐🌞🌻😋🌼🌷🌸🌺🍄🐾🐾👅✍️👍🫶🙂❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🍀

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