Emerson Lake & Palmer Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 2.1 Million Views Called LUCKY MAN & We All Always Need 2 Do Everything In Our Lives The Best We Can & Try 2 Run A Perfect Game Plan Better Than Just Another Flash In The Pan & Remember 2 Stand Back When The Shit Hits The Fan & 4 Me Ever Since Time Began In My Lifespan I Have Crawled Walked While I Was HalfInTheBag HalfInTheCan & Ilove Music & Being A Rock N Roll Fan & I Have Had The Pleasure Of Running 7 Marathons I Did 2 N J Waterfront Marathons & 3 Marine Corps Marathons With The Finish Line In The Arlington National Cemetery & I Did 1 Maryland Trail & 1 In Philadelphia & Iloved Every Step Of Every Mile That I Ran & Ilove A Gr8 Action/Adventure Movie Released In 2017 Starring Gal Gadot Called Wonder Woman & Johnny Rivers Has A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 13 Million Views Called Secret Agent Man & Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks Has A Gr8 Poem Ilove Called The Crazy Woman & The Police Have A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 152 Million Views Called Roxanne & Alice Cooper Has A Gr8 Song Ilove On His Billion Dollar Babies Album Released In 1973 Called Mary Ann & Everyone Everywhere Outthere That Follows Me @aneyefullofearcandy I Think Of Uall Like My Brothers&Sisters & LULUANDJSW Are Proud As Can B 2 Welcome Uall In2 Our Awesome Beautiful & Amazing FamilyClan & I Am My Own Biggest Fan & Ilove A Gr8 Horror/Mystery Movie Released In 2023 Starring Sophie Thatcher Called The Boogieman & The Kinks Have A Gr8 Song Ilove Called (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman & Ilove A Gr8 Romance/Comedy Movie Released In 1990 Starring Julia Roberts & Richard Gere Called Pretty Woman & Into The Spider-Verse Is A Gr8 Action/Fantasy Animated Superhero Movie Released In 2018 Starring The Marvel Comics Character Miles Morales/Spider-Man & Ilove A Gr8 Thriller/Drama Flick Released In 1992 Starring Al Pacino & Gabrielle Anwar Called Scent Of A Woman & Eric Clapton Has A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 3.8 Million Views Called Forever Man & Ilove A Gr8 Thriller/Action Movie Released In 1998 Starring Joe Pantoliano & Wade Dominguez Called Taxman & Golden Earring Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 16 Million Views Called Radar Love That Was On Their Awesome Album Released In 1973 Titled Moontan & Metallica Has A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 635 Million Views Called Enter Sandman & NOLOXONE Has Recently Been Approved As An Over The Counter Opioid Overdose Treatment Better Known As NARCAN & Electro Light Featuring Danyka Nadeau Has A Gr8 Chill&Dreamy Song Ilove That Has 1.5 Million Views Called Where It All Began & Lynyrd Skynyrd Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 21 Million Views Called Simple Man & The Knox By Night Band Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 5.4 Million Views Called Meth Smokin Woman & Ilove A Gr8 Song & Video That Has 270 Million Views Called Because I Got High Rapped By Afroman & Godsmack Has A Gr8 Live Song & Video Ilove That Has 17 Million Views Called Whatever I’m Doing The Best I Can & Santana Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 13 Million Views Called Black Magic Woman & The Chordettes Have A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 55 Million Views Called Mr.Sandman & Lenny Kravitz Has A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 40 Million Views Called American Woman & Ilove A Gr8 Action/Sci-Fi Flick Released In 2008 Starring Robert Downey Jr. & Gwyneth Paltrow Called Iron Man & Electric Light Orchestra Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 12 Million Views Called Evil Woman & Chet Atkins & Les Paul Have A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove Called I’m Your Greatest Fan & Ilove A Gr8 Action/Fantasy Film Released In 2018 Starring Amber Heard & Jason Momoa Called AQUAMAN & From 1960 Until 1970 There Was A Childrens TV Series That Was Made From 104 Seven Minute Live Action Short Movies Called Diver Dan & April Wine Has A Gr8 Song Ilove Called 21st Century Schizoid Man ✌️🤙🤟👌💋🙏✍️👁👁🫶😵‍💫😎 Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY As Uall LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY That’s What I Hopewishdream&pray & Keep A Smile On Your Faces Comewhatmay It Makes The Life U Live & The House U Call Home A Better Place 2 Stay OHWELL PEACEYALL Thatsallihave2say 😍🥰😘😇🤓 🤪😜😝😛😋🙃🙂😆😁😄😃😀😉How Do U Make A Tissue Dance U Have 2 blow A Little Boogie In2 It 🤭What Do U Do If U Don’t Have A Tissue In Your Pocket U Hold A Finger Over One Nostril & Blow A Snot Rocket 🚀😲🫣🤫😯😊😌😙🤨😏😤PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST ☮️💟✝️🌎🍀PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS ✌️❤️😍🕸🕷🐾🐾👅🙈🙉🙊🌞🌝🍄🌺HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸 💙🤍🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💙🤍🇮🇱🍀🤞

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