Grateful Dead Has A Gr8 Video & Song Ilove That Has 12 Million Views Called TOUCH OF GREY & Ilove 2 Watch My Videos That Give What I Say A Place 2 Flyaway Using The World Wide Web As My Passageway Where I Pay 4 My AirPlay 2 Display The Poems & Poetry That I Purvey As I Hope Wish Dream & Pray That I Can Meet Everyone Everywhere Outthere Halfway & Katy Perry Has A Gr8 Video & Song Ilove That Has 1 Billion Views Called The One That Got Away & They Say Every Dog Has There Day & Robert Longley Has A Gr8 Inspirational Poem Ilove About The Victims Of The Newtown School Shooting Called Where Angels Play & Sting Has A Gr8 Video & Song Ilove That Has 16 Million Views Called Brand New Day & They Say The Mice Will Play When The Cat Is Away & In Life & Love It’s What U Do & Not What U Say & Jesus Saves The People That Pray & Don’t Wish Your Life Away U Know What They Say Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day & I Am Just A Dirty Whiteboy Made By Gods Hands Out Of Caucasian Clay & Everything I Do In My Life I Did It My Way 4 Free Without Pay & Where there’s A Will There’s A Way & It Takes Love 2 Make Love If U Want 2 Meet Someone Halfway & Hit The Hay & Have A Field Day & Always Let A Sleeping Dog Lay & Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK Everynight & Everyday Comewhatmay & It Might Sound Strange 2 Say But If The Devil’s Playground Is Where U Wish Your Life Away Like Chucky From Child’s Play Where All Your Lessons U Experience Were All Learned The Hardway & It’s Always Better 2 B The Hunter Than It Is 2 B The Prey & Ilove All The Poems In My Book Read My Mind About Thoughts I Was Lucky Enough 2 Write Like Page 13 Called I’M ON MY WAY & On Page 14 I Have One Where I Say TOMORROW IS TODAY & On Page 60 I Talk About Reality Power & Greed Where I Try 2 Tell U EVERYTHING IS NOT OK & On Page 108 I Wrote A Poem About A Person Ilove That Was In One Of My Favorite Rock N Roll Bands Called IN EX CESS That Is About An Awesome Beautiful & Amazing Singer IN LOVING MEMORY OF MICHAEL HUTCHENCE When He Passed Away & Aerosmith Has A Gr8 Album Ilove That Was Released In 2001 Called Just Push Play & They Say An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away & Remember 2 Always Seize The Day & Tell All Them Pencil Pushers That They Better Get The Phuck Out Of My Way & Watch What U Wish 4 u Know What They Say That Curiosity Killed The Cat & Sometimes When Things In Life Don’t Go Your Way U Have 2 Stop & Say Hey It’s Time 4 Me 2 Call It A Day & Let The Chips Fall Where They May Knowing Crime Doesn’t Pay & Always Think Positive & Try 2 Clear All Of Your Cobwebs Away & Know That 2morrow U Get 2 Start All Over Again On A Brand New Day 4 U 2 Enjoy Some Peace Love & Happiness As U LiveLoveLaugh&Play & Try 2 Never Rub Anyone Anywhere Outthere The Wrong Way Because U Never Know When U Will Have Hell2Pay & Dave Mathew’s Band Has A Gr8 Video & Song Ilove That Has 2.2 Million Views Called What Would You Say & There Is A Limerick Ilove That Says (My Neighbor Came Over To Say – Although Not In A Neighborly Way – That He Would Knock Me Around – If I Didn’t Curb The Sound – Of The Classical Music That I Play) & Lenny Kravitz Has A Gr8 Video & Song Ilove That Has 123 Million Views Called Fly Away & When I Was A Young Kid Growing Up & I Didn’t Want 2 Do Something I Would Say No Way Jose & The Left Banke Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 2.9 Million Views Called Walk Away Renee & Ilove A Gr8 American Drama/Movie Released In 2017 Starring Lennie James Called Double Play & George Strait Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 21 Million Views Called Give It Away & U2 Has A Gr8 Video & Song Ilove That Has 18 Million Views Called Stay & They Also Have A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 190 Million Views Called Beautiful Day 🕷🕸👅🐾🐾🤓😎😇☮️💟✝️🤞🍀🙈🙉🙊🍄😍🥰😘🙂🙃😛😋😜😝On Thursday January 25th 2024 The Full Wolf Moon Will B Here & I HopeWishDream&Pray The Weather Goes Our Way & The Coast Is Clear & We R All Happy As Can B With Smiles On Our Faces From Ear2Ear As We All Start The New Year In Search Of PeaceLove&Happiness That Is Filled With Endless Cheer Where No one Has 2 Cry A Tear Or Live Our Live In Total Fear In This AwesomeBeautiful&Amazing LeapYear where we All Get An Extra Day This Year 2 get our Asses In Gear every morning of Everyday When The Sunrise Leads Us All In2 A New Frontier Hemisphere When We C Our Blazing Star Called The Sun Smile Giving Us Gr8 Weather That Is All Blue Skies That R Always Clear & All U Can Hear Is Mother Nature Chirping InYour Ear With The FullWolfMoon Bringing Up The Rear 🌝🌕🌺🌸🌼🌻🥀🌹🌷💐☘️🌎Well It Snowed 4 Inches & We Have Had Temps In The Teens Making It A Nipplely Bit Chilly & My Stepfather Used 2 Always Say If U Go Outside It’s As Cold As A Witches TIT & If U Try 2 Lick Or Kiss It Your Tongue & Your Lips Would Stick 2 It 👁👁🥶😳🙄😬😵‍💫🫶😊☺️😆😁😄😃😀🥹❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💙🤍🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💙🤍🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💙🤍🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇮🇱

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