If U could Dig Your Way In Behind My Eyes & C The Wings That My Brain Chooses 2 Use When It Flys Thru The Fields Of Joy Looking 4 Thoughts & Feelings As I READMYMIND Soaring In2 A World Of Color With My Eyes Closed Dreaming Like The Blind Being Lead By The Blind Chasing Hopes & Wishes That I Pray One Fine Day That I Will B Lucky Enough 2 Find That R All Miracles Of Magic That R Unique & One Of A Kind & Make Sure No Worthy Words R 4Gotten & Left Behind & I Believe That Heaven & Earth R 2 Worlds That R Intertwined On A 24 Hour Clock Of Sunrise & Sunset & When The FullMoons Have Shined & The Stars & Planet’s R All Aligned In A Solar System Inside The Milkyway & God Is The Mastermind Who Personally Designed The Sun & Moonshine 2 Help Us Find The Wonders Of An Awesome Beautiful & Amazing Planet 2 B Shared By Mother Nature & Mankind R Combined & Streamlined & Nirvana Has A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 1.7 Billion Views Called Smells Like Teen Spirit Where Kurt Cobain Sings I Found It Hard , It’s Hard To Find Oh Well Whatever, Never Mind On There Album Released In 1991 Titled NEVERMIND & We All Have Our Own Ladders Of Life That We Climb As We Ride Shooting Stars Over The Arc Of The Rainbows Without Reason Or Rhyme Trying 2 Hold On 2 The Hands Of Time That Never Speaks A Word Or Makes A Sound & Knows The Art Of Silence Like Marcel Marceau The Master Of Mime & Your Life Isn’t Worth A Dime If U Think U Can Find Peace Love & Happiness Hidden Within The Grips Of Crime As We Listen 2 The Music Of The Hourglass Chime & My Brain Is The Train My Imagination Loves 2 Ride Knowing In This World U Can Run But U Can’t Hide & Never B Afraid 2 Tell Someone U R Hurting & Think U Can Just Hold All Your Anxiety Stress Sadness & Pain On The Inside & Think U Can Swim Against The Tide With Your Hands & Feet Tied With Your Brains Fried Swallowing Your Pride Looking In From The Outside Crosseyed As Heaven & Earth Collide & Confide In The Father His Son & The HolyGhost & Let Them B Your Guide When U Feel Like U R Caught In A Landslide That U Can’t Brush Aside & The Black Crows Have A Gr8 Album Ilove Titled The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion Released In 1992 That Has An Awesome Song & Video From It That Has 2.5 Million Views Called Thorn In My Pride & The Blues Image Has A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 1.7 Million Views Called Ride Captain Ride & Take My Advice The World Can B A Fools Paradise That Turns Out 2 B Cold As Ice When It’s Your Life U Play Around With Like It’s Your Own Sacrifice & Your World Is Controlled By A Poltergeist & U Live 2 Consume Your Life Like An Alcohol & Drug Fueled Vice & Let The Bible B Your Device That Is The Spice Of Your Life 2 Break The Ice & Know That Hopes Wishes & Dreams R The Avenue That Teaches Us That Peace Love & Happiness Is Worth The Cost At Any Price If U R Willing 2 Gamble & Roll The Dice & U Understand That Lightning Never Strikes In The Same Place Twice 2 B Precise When U Want 2 Live A Life That Is Oh So Nice & Evanescence Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 23 Million Views Called Lost In Paradise & Foreigner Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 7.1 Million Views Called Cold As Ice & Creed Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 272 Million Views Called My Sacrifice & GBOLAGADE TAIWO Has A Gr8 Poem Ilove Called PAY THE PRICE 🤓😎🤪😜😝😛🙃🙂😇😊😳🙄😵‍💫🫠🫣 My Mind Has A Wondering Eye That Looks 2 The Wild Blue Yonder 2 Watch All The Silver Lined Clouds As They Float On By Way Up High In The Sky Where Eagles Cry & Angels Sigh Praying 2 God That When I Get My Wings & Give Them A Try & I’ll Say Peacecya Because I Never Like2 Say Goodbye & Take Off & Fly 2 The Mansions Of Glory That Our Father Created 4 U & I With A Twinkling In My Eye Flying High With Tears Of Joy In My Eye Because It’s My Final Wish Cross My Heart & Hope 2 Die & The Man Upstairs Knows The Answers & Reasons 4 Everything That Happens & He Is The Only One Who Knows Why ✝️🙏❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💙🤍🇮🇱👁👁😍🥰😘😋✌️🤙🤟👌✍️👅🐾🐾🍀🤞🫶👽🌝The Full Wolf Moon Played Hide N Seek With The Clouds & Rain Making The Ability 2 Take Pictures A Little Bit Of A Pain That Could Drive U Insane & Make U Raise A Little Cain As U Go Against The Grain Watching The Rain Washing Down The Drain & Know This It Never Does Anyone Any Good When We Whine & Complain Riding A Train In Vain Living Life In The Fast Lane & I Like 2 Sit Back & Relax & Smoke A Fat Bob Marley Rolled Up With Some Sticky Skunkbud Maryjane As I Ponder How Life Is A Long & Winding Road Built With Bricks Of Pleasure & Pain Where The Time Flys By Like A Bullet Train As We All Build Our Own Personal Memory Lane On&Off Again On A Never Ending Faith & Hope Whispering Poem & Poetry Campaign RightAsRain ☮️💟✝️✡️💝💖❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥💜💚💛❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💙🤍🇮🇱🌹🌺🌝🌞🌎🍒🕸🕷

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