Bobby Hebb Has A Gr8 Love&happiness Song He Released In 1966 That Has 8.4 Million Views Called SUNNY & There Is A Gr8 Limerick That Says (Is It Me Or The Nature Of Money-That’s Odd And Particularly Funny-But When I Have Dough-It Goes Quickly You Know-And Seeps Out Of My Pockets Like Honey) & Ilove A Gr8 Song Called My Friends My Friends Released In 1982 By Eddie Money & One Of The Gr8est Heavyweight Boxers Of All Time Nicknamed The Fighting Marine That Had 43 Knockouts Was None Other Than Mr. Gene Tunney & U2 Released A Gr8 Album In 2000 Titled All That You Can’t Leave Behind That Had A Beautiful Song On It Called Wild Honey & They Say That A 3 Minute Soft Boiled Egg Is The Perfect Time If U Like Your Yolk Loose & Runny & Marilyn Monroe Has A Gr8 Quote That I Think Is Funny that Says (I Don’t Mind Living In A Man’s World-As Long As I Can Be A Woman In It) & In 1953 Hugh Hefner Released The First Issue Of His Mens Magazine 2 Hit The Newsstand’s & When I Saw It Norma Jean Mortenson Became My Favorite Playboy Bunny & Pink Floyd Has A Gr8 Song That Has 11 Million Views Called One Of These Days & Ilove The Mental Games My Mind Plays & I Take Pride In All Bees Nest’s I Disturb & All The Hell I Choose 2 Raise & Ilove 2 Say Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK 2 Coin A Phrase With Honesty&Praise Coming From A God Loving Man That Prays & My Poems & Poetry R The Magical Mental Art That My Mind Portrays & My Idea Hungry Brain Feeds On Wild Words That Swim Thru The Air Like Flying Birds Playing In The Fields Of Joy Hidden Within My Wildest Imagination & That’s Where My Fantasy’s Of Thought Like 2 Get Caught & My heartfelt Feelings Like 2 Graze In A Twilight Zone Shinning Evergreen Maze In A Daze After I Roll A big Bob Marley Fatty & Flick My Bic & Blaze & Go Hunting On The WorldWideWeb 4 Some Open&Free Minds 2 Amaze With My Latest Displays Of Poetic Essays 4 Everyone Everywhere Outthere 2 Become LULUANDJSW Protégés & Metallica Has A Gr8 Song&video That Has 1.3 Billion Views Called Nothing Else Matters & When I Was Young Me & My Brother Always Fought With Each Other 2 C Who Would Get 2 Eat What Was Left In The Bowl When My Mom Made Cake & Cookie Batters & Ilove The Dawn When The Darkness Of Night Scatters As It Is Chased By The Sunlights Rays That Wake Us & Bake Us As The Daytime Paint Splatters & My Mind Fills With Memories Of Daydreams Of Me Playing Scrabble & Chutes & Ladders & All The Voice’s Of The Past Echo Inside My Head That Shatters Me & Leaves Me In Tatters Trying 2 Capture Ideas Of MentalMagic From The Ghostly Psychobabble Chitter Chatters About Life Love & Happiness The 3 Most Precious Things On This Planet That Really Matters As I Play Chess With All Of The Alice In Wonderland Madhatters As The Ink On My Paper Splatters & Linkin Park Has A Gr8 Song&Video That Has 2.1 Billion Views called Numb In The End ,Nothing Else Matters & Between Me&U In This World U Have 2 Keep Your Mind As Sharp As A Tack & Never Give Anyone Any Slack If U Want 2 B A Megalomaniac That Likes 2 Kayak The Niagara Falls In A Streamlined Cadillac Like An Exceptionally Good PoetryCrackerjack & If Not I Could End Up Living In A Tin Shack Somewhere Outthere On The Dark Side Of Town Way Off The Beaten Track A Total Wack Looking 2 Smoke Crack With A Nymphomaniac Stealing Toys 2 Sell From Santa’s Sack So Far Gone I May Never Make It Back & My Sharona Is A Gr8 Song & Video That Has 23 Million Views By The Knack & AC/DC Has A Gr8 Album They Released In 1980 With A Song by the Same Name That Has 980.8 Million Views Called Back In Black & Rockstar Is A Gr8 Song & Video That Has 304.1Million Views By Nickleback & I Stand Alone Is A Gr8 Song&Video That Has 210.6 Million Views By Godsmack & The Beatles Have A Gr8 Song That Has 22 Million Views Called Get Back & I Know Sometimes What I Say Is A Little Wack As I Take A Walk Trying Not 2 Step On A Crack & Brake Your Momma’s Back Or Shake Anyones Tree Or Blow Smoke Up Your Stack Like I Have A Monkey On My Back That Likes 2 Snort Cocaine Mixed With Meth&Smack That I Enjoy Inhaling Like A Snack Always On The Attack With My Nose Stuck In The Sack Looking 4 A Mind 2 Ransack & Virtually Hack B4 I Am Forced 2 Fade 2 Black & I Want 2 Say That I Would Gladly Give UALL The Shirt Off My Back & I Am Just A Lone Wolf That Doesn’t Like 2 Run With The Pack That Prays 2 God His Soul 2 Keep B4 I Hit The Sack & Hope I Wake-up So I Can Keep My One Of A Kind Life On Track Because I Have The Knack & The Breakfast Club Has A Gr8 Song/Video That Has 1.3 Million Views Called Right On Track & Pearl Jam Has A Gr8 Song That Has 107 Million Views Called Black ✌️🤙🤟👌🫶🙏✍️💋👍🍀🤞👁👁☮️✝️✝️🌝The Micro Full Snow Moon Show Was A Beauty 2 C Supplied By The Powers That B 4 U & Me 4 Free Across The Universe That Made Me Happy I Took Some Pictures I Think Were Cool I Hope U Agree 😜😝😛2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share bsafe bstrong & Protect yourselves at all times & takecare 😍🥰😘😎😇PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS ☮️GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST ✝️🙏😇😉PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS ☮️❤️😍HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🍀🤞🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸👁👁

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