🍀😵‍💫🙃🤸🏿‍♀️SPELL 🙃😵‍💫🍀🤸🏿‍♀️
😏everyone has a story 2 tell like they live a life that’s like a fairytale SPELL and yours is a living hell because u can c the coins spilling over the top of your wishing well trying 2 pay your way in2 heaven if u could only find the path back from the heartbreak hotel without a snowballs chance in hell Anita Ward has an awesome song with over 8 million views called RING MY BELL 🛎 on 2-1-21 Dustin Diamond passed away he was better known as SCREECH on SAVED BY THE BELL and AC/DC has over 270 million views on there song called HIGHWAY TO HELL and in 1987 TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY had a gr8 song that I love called WISHING WELL and PINK FLOYD had an album and title track on it in 1994 called the DIVISION BELL u know it’s a hard sell thinking u can fakeit 2 makit I say like hell if I put my ear up 2 your ear would I hear the ocean just like like listening 2 a sea shell if so u must live your life in that nursery rhyme called the FARMER IN THE DELL a legendary hero of Switzerland once successfully shot an apple with a crossbow off his sons head and his name was WILLIAM TELL and ELVIS PRESLEY has a gr8 song with over 23 million views called HEARTBREAK HOTEL and LYNYRD SKYNYRD has a song with over 15 million views called THAT SMELL go get a Dutch Master and roll a blunt and smoke a L and if u r a collector of Barbie Hot Wheels and Fisher Price shop MATTEL in 2005 there was a funny comedy/romance called THE 40 YEAR Old Virgin played by STEVE CARELL if u r a gullible one and easy 2 convince swell because I am looking 4 someone wanting 2 buy the Brooklyn Bridge that I am trying 2 sell the first time I saw DONNA I knew that she was going 2 b my sweet MADEMOISELL and I love a song Adele does with over 2 billion views called ROLLING IN THE DEEP if u r given a secret 2 keep it’s a good idea 2 play dumb and don’t make a peep the rumor mill is a black hole and talk is cheap try 2 find a way 2 b awake 2 live your dreams and not let them all die in your sleep there was a young girl named Winona Brooks from Australia that was a singer-rapper-and video blogger that died at the age of 22 that was better known as LIL BO WEEP there is a gr8 song called EASY LIVEN with over 1 million views by URIAH HEEP at the end of everyday I pray 2 god my soul 2 keep just b4 I hit the hay and go 2 sleep there is a 160 acre State Park in Connecticut that is named LOVERS LEAP think of your life like it’s a garden and try 2 only let peace love and happiness b the seeds u sow and all your hopes wishes and dreams shall b the crops u reap and u and yours will live a life of victory a total and decisive clean sweep and RADIOHEAD has a beautiful song I love with over 751 million views called CREEP and DEEP PURPLE has a song I love that they do called THE CUT RUNS DEEP remember 2 always get your beauty sleep and try 2 stay on the right side of wrong and not b a black sheep a defining judgment in your life good or bad will depend on the friends that u keep and always know that still waters run deep and watch what u wish 4 it might turn out 2 b a nightmare when u take your final leap over the cliff just like WILE E COYOTE and the last thing u hear is the ROAD RUNNER SAY BEEP BEEP ☮️💟✝️💫🌞🌝🍀🦂🕷PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS✌️GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 😇PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS ❤️HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🤞

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥D R E A M S ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
❤️JSW here 2 tell u that in my dreams i am James Bond 007 the international spy and I am sly as a Fox because I am Just like Ironman and I can fly across the universe way up high where outer space meets the sky and I can hear doves cry and hangout with the man on the moon and smoke a big fatty and get high and dry and try 2 quench our cottonmouth with some Mountain Dew as we lay down in a crater and sigh thinking a person without an imagination or dreams lives no life and our father who art in heaven is the only one that knows y 🌝☮️💟✝️🍀✍️🙏
❤️peace hangloose iloveu ok I just wanted 2 stop and say 2 all u and yours may everything go your way that’s what I pray never stop hoping wishing and dreaming everynight and everyday about all of the things u want 2 do as u live love laugh and play with a smile on your face come what may making the world u live in and the house u call home an awesome beautiful and amazing happy place 2 stay🥰
❤️an important lesson 2 learn is that there is a time and a place 4 everything say No 2 drugs and keep your nose clean and obey the rules and laws and don’t get your ass in a sling or u have 2 hear your ma and pa say I told u so many times it makes your ears ring it always makes me cry when I hear whales sing and even 4 a day I never want 2 b king of anything I want 2 jump on a trampoline at the foul line and slam dunk the rock like Julius Erving and if u want 2 Donnybrook get in the ring and take your best swing and I will put u 2 sleep with my hornets sting I haven’t worked in 59 months because I planned ahead 2 make sure I would have all of the cha-Ching I needed 2 make all of the cash register’s ring I want 2 swim like a fish thru the air floating like a bird on a wing and quench my mental thirst on a fountain of imagination that runs like Poland spring and become a free spirit and find my hidden treasure of creativity and let my mind become gravity free and soar like a kite without a string my brain is like a blooming flower and every morning is the first day of spring I am not a material person I won’t die with the most toys or have a phat whip And gold teeth drenched in gold and platinum bling it’s just not my thing it’s just not the way I like 2 swing I’m not trying 2 b better than anyone else l’m just trying 2 b myself I don’t have 2 prove anything 2 anyone trying 2 make people I don’t even know think I am magnificent or something when it comes down 2 how I think this world should b run I don’t know anything I c the news around the globe and the negativity is terrifying let’s all learn from past mistakes and put a stop 2 all crime in our time and put an end 2 the murder of all the innocent people that have died 4 nothing because someone had a bad day traversing an off the rails bipolar mood swing saying should have would have could have doesn’t mean a thing 🙏💝💋✌️🤙🤟👌🤸🏿‍♀️❤️4ever until eternity come on everybody get happy and fancy free always tell the truth honesty is the best policy 2 stay Scott free big brother is watching and every picture tells a story go cold turkey and everyday of your life from now on will b all about your recovery it’s better 2 b safe than sorry between u and me and the devil in the deep blue sea being the leader of the pack is not all it’s cracked up 2 b thats what a little birdie told me everything is not 4 everybody don’t try it if it’s not your cup of tea don’t let things drive u crazy get all your ducks in a row and don’t set yourself up 4 a double whammy check everything out from a 2 z if something looks sketchy I don’t expect anyone 2 Agee with me we r all different and opinions r like the nose on our faces everybody has one so never b afraid 2 say it all sounds like Greek 2 me
❤️time flys by so fast it’s amazing how quick the seconds tick away the day in2 the past hey I guess that’s y they say 2 live everyday 2 the fullest like it was your last 😘

✍️JSW here 2 blow some smoke up your stack and let u know TheBitchIsBack until I fade 2 black trying not 2 step on a crack and break your momma’s back going 2 a go go where they have liquor in the front and poker in the rear called the sugar shack where baby got back dancing 2
AC/DC’s Back In Black and Unforgettable by Godsmack makes u wanna rent a room next door at a place called the Love Shack trying 2 find your hopes wishes and dreams is a hard nut 2 crack and chasing them just might give u a heart attack thinking u r a big dog that wants 2 run with the pack or should u ride down the Freeway Of Love In A Pink Cadillac and stop at Micky D’s 4 a little snack and get a large fries and a Big Mac listening 2 the Chain by Fleetwood Mac and the Beatles doing Get Back praying that on my day of reckoning our father cuts me some slack don’t b a hypocrite and b a pot that calls the kettle black try 2 never lose your mind and go insane feeling no pain driving off the track in your train flying it like a plane past King Kong on the Empire State Building trying 2 give u a wack hey let’s b friends and scratch each other’s back I love the song My Sharona by the Knack I have been 2 hell many times and I know the place well and I can tell u this I am never goin back no drugs or alcohol 2 make me all wack and lose my way back 2 a life that I pray 2 god everynight and everyday 2 help me keep myself on track sealed with a kiss 💋 or as I say swak u could say muah a smooch a peck or a smack 😘
✍️I hope all is good in your neck of the woods and everything is going the way it should in your neighborhood
When we all realize we r brothers and sisters and we learn 2 share only peace love and happiness it is then that the meaning of life will b understood if only we all could
✍️2 everyone everywhere outthere always bsafe bstrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare living on this crazy planet that we all share keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with hearts of ice and beware
✍️Peace hangloose iloveu ok
4ever always have a GOODMORNING a gr8 day and at night May everything go your way chasing everything u hope wish dream and pray as u and yours live love laugh and play remember 2 always keep a smile on your face come what may everyday it makes the life u live and the house u call home a better place 2 stay
🌝🌝🌝🌝👁👁🌝🌝🌝🌝✍️the FullColdMoon was last night and the weather tried 2 hide it from sight but if there’s a Will there is a way in every battle u fight All will b seen when god shines his light and anything that might b going wrong will end up being all right 🌝❤️🍀
✍️never let a little rain drive u insane and cause u 2 piss and moan as u complain and walk around like your ass is in pain
just sit back and relax and smoke a big fatty of skunky MARYJANE 🙃😍😛😝😜😵‍💫

❤️‍🔥heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere JSW here and I was wondering if I could whisper in your ear a poem I wrote that I want u 2 hear on November 15th I will b 66 and in my mind I will say whoops there goes another year everyday I walk a tightrope without a net thru life hoping 2 hear the crowd below cheer and everynight I fly around dreamland ducking nightmare’s in high gear with smile on my face from ear 2 ear with a positive mental attitude that I never second guess without a speck of fear we all need some affection and tenderness our fathers son died on the cross 4 our sin’s
now that’s what I call heavens sweetness that’s y every morning when I wake up I kiss the crucifix and look up in the sky and say GODBLESS I am on a journey 2 the houses of the holy 2 float on the clouds of bliss and run through the fields of joy in a state of divine peacefulness but until that day I’m going 2 burn a fat one and chase the birds and bees like an Appaloosa running the Preakness making my heart pound and drop me 2 my knees as I try 2 chase away anxiety and stress the peace love and happiness I feel 4 my wife Donna because of her uniqueness and deepness and 4 having the mind of a genius they say love is the drug that we can’t live without and from now until eternity L O V E
is the fix we all will always want
And 4ever will b our biggest weakness so give the one u can’t live without a loving caress and seal the deal with a hug and kiss swaddled in a blanket of peace love and happiness and endless tenderness😍🥰😘💋🤓✝️
🌝the total eclipse Full Blood 🩸Moon and the Full Beaver Moon were a sight 2 c I have some pictures 2 show everybody and hope uall agree
Try Some sky art eyecandy i love the way our father uses outer space like a tv creating astrological masterpieces 4 u and me 2 catch a little peace of mind 4 free so keep your EYES2THESKY that’s where mine plan 2 b ✌️🤙🤟👌🌝

✍️they say when u sleep with the dogs u wake up with the FLEAS ✍️it’s a shame how everyone on the left in blue can’t c the forest 4 the trees✍️RADIOHEAD has a beautiful song with over 59 million views called FAKE PLASTIC TREES ✍️Robert Plant sings squeeze my lemon till the juice runs down my leg and if u r a curious cat wanting 2 know what is hidden within a magician’s hat listen 2 TEMPTED with over one million views by the British rock band SQUEEZE✍️I know when I play with the birds and the bees it makes me happy and I say COOLBEANS or BEESKNEES✍️there is an awesome beautiful and amazing song titled ISLANDS IN THE STREAM with over 6 million views by the BEE GEES ✍️
✍️always tell the one u love god blessed u with a body that brings me 2 my knees I don’t mind saying I feel like Oliver Twist when I say 2 u
Could I Have Some More Please ✍️
✍️I just can’t live without having a healthy helping of Homemade Mac and Cheese✍️u r the Genie and all of your hopes wishes and dreams r in the bottle waiting 2 b set free when u give the command ✍️
✍️hey don’t bogart that joint pass it over 2 me so I can go crazy and feel my lungs expand ✍️
✍️they say the best laid plans always find a way 2 go astray no matter how good they r thought out and planned ✍️
✍️when I was a young kid I used 2 imagine on Thanksgiving Day that I was skipping down the Yellow Brick Road with Toto holding on 2 Dorothy ‘s hand ✍️
✍️every night when I am sleeping tight my imagination takes me on a flight after I sniff pixie dust with Tinkerbell holding her hand as I fly in2 the light on my way 2 Dreamland✍️one day I will b an Angel and fly away when things no longer r gonna go my way I am just a simple man and I have never been a king 4 a day if I asked u what u think of me what would u say I like 2 make videos 4 everyone everywhere outthere 2 view it’s your choice 2 just push play life is filled with the games people play and nothing is free in this world u have 2 pay 2 play and everyday u say I’m ok and other daze I’m not ok and the next thing I know hey I’m ok singing my my hey hey rock and roll is here 2 stay and everynight b4 I go 2 sleep my soul is all gods 2 keep is what I say when I pray we r all precious works of art made with tender loving care by the hands of god way up there in heaven somewhere with the miracles of magic hidden within the life giving human clay ✍️
🙏I know everyone everywhere outthere might not like the way I live love laugh and play acting like Frank Sinatra doing everything in my life my way well u know what they say life is a highway and we all drive on the parkway and we park in the driveway
and I apologize 2 no one 4 the way I chase everything I hope wish dream and pray 🙏
Peace hangloose iloveu ok ✍️
✍️Keep a smile on your face everynight and everyday
Come what may and give it away 2 everyone u meet out on the street that Passes by your way ✍️😎🤓😍😛😜😝💋

👁 👁 👁 E Y E 👁 👁 👁 😎
✍️ EYE know everyone that stops by aneyefullofearcandy might not feel the same way as me or read what 👁 think and say ok 👁 can look at this and c it EYE 2 EYE ✍️ Luscious Jackson had a gr8 song on there second album Fever In Fever Out in 1996 called NAKED EYE ✍️ the clock is the real thief in everyone’s life that causes us all a ton of grief and disbelief and brings a tear 2 my EYE as EYE watch it go sailing by without saying hello or goodbye like a jet flying thru the sky and 👁 know 👁 will never catch up 2 it no matter how hard 👁 try ✍️ everyone’s life is a book each day a new paragraph about being happy as a cage free Giraffe or laughing like John Nash when he figured out all the secrets 2 math and some we frown like a sad clown getting kicked out of town or like being one of the Flying Wallendas Troupe who died tragically when they fell down 2 the ground with a tear in your EYE putting on some wader’s 2 keep your feet dry while standing in the river that u cry life is all about ups and downs and our father who art in heaven is the only one who knows all the reasons Y✍️ they say when u cough u get off we all have some habit or vice that sends our minds on a trip 2 paradise because whatever it is it makes us feel so nice win or lose it’s worth the gamble every time we roll the dice and we knew the first time we did it that we were definitely going 2 do it again a lot more than twice running thru a maze like we r trained pied piper mice paying the price never taking good advice like your head was a block of ice as 4 myself what 👁 do 👁 don’t condone it 4 anyone else 👁 don’t drink or take drugs but 👁 like 2 burn a big fatty and getting a cottonmouth so dry 👁 could spit a pair of socks if 👁 try and laugh so hard that 👁 cry it’s just part of the fun 👁 have when 👁 get HIGH and when 👁 get my angels wings and 👁 am given permission 2 fly u can roll me up and smoke me when 👁 die ✍️ some of the best things in life r free they r not material things that money can buy that’s why 👁 always keep my EYES2THESKY 2 try and catch a shooting star flying by or a FullMoon filling up the night sky and sunrise’s and sunsets that make u sigh and in the back of your mind u think wow when it comes 2 the natural wonders of awesome beautiful and amazing eyecandy skyart god has a magically mystifying all seeing EYE 2 b able 2 create a precious and fragile butterfly or a place like heaven 4 all life 2 go when we die belief faith and more time 2 live r 3 things in life that money can’t buy it’s what 👁 say when 👁 pray that keeps the path of light lit as 👁 live love laugh and play with a smile on my face everynight and everyday that makes the life 👁 live and the world 👁 live it in a better place 2 stay all the way 2 the time 👁 pass away and 👁 meet old Saint Pete at the pearly gates and tell him peace hangloose iloveu ok seeing is believing when 👁 can check out the other side 4 myself with my own naked 👁EYE👁there is a cool song 👁 love by a gr8 Rock and Roll band called Judas Priest on there 1982 album Screaming For Vengeance with over 20 million views titled ELECTRIC EYE👁

😍♥️♥️♥️S K Y ♥️♥️♥️😍
❤️‍🔥never think your arms r 2 short 2 hold hands with god when u reach 4 the S K Y
❤️‍🔥fish swim through water just like birds when they spread there wings and fly
❤️‍🔥everyday happiness and joy
walks hand and hand with sadness and pain some days u smile and laugh and some daze u r upset and cry
❤️‍🔥don’t go crazy trying 2 figure out all the answers 2 everything good or bad our father who art in heaven Is the only one who knows all the reasons why
❤️‍🔥we r all gods creatures we come and we go it’s the nature of the beast we live love laugh and play and then we die
❤️‍🔥they say the tears u cry is the way the body and mind releases sorrow and heartache from the misfortune’s and tragedies we endure in our lives that reality has in its supply
❤️‍🔥some people like 2 live there life on the edge like daredevils gliding on skates of fire where the ice is as thin as a sheet of GLASS
❤️‍🔥with the regime fuel crisis in America it won’t b 2 long b4 we start playing that KINKS song from 1979 on the Low Budget album called
❤️‍🔥in 1975 with seconds left on the clock Roger Staubach threw a 50 yard pass 2 Drew Pearson 4 a come from behind win that popularized the saying we know 2 this day as the
❤️‍🔥I remember coming in2 school late and going 2 the principals office and a former State Policeman Mr Bookholt said 2 me hey kid u smell like u were standing in a field of burning grass
❤️‍🔥when I was a wild child growing up my father said I was 2 little 2 get a whoopen
so he used 2 just put his foot in my ass
❤️‍🔥in the 70s every party I went 2 that had a pool I folded my clothes in a nice pile by the keg and proceed 2 the diving board and put on an exhibition
of gainers and flips like I was on Johnny Knoxvilles jackass
❤️‍🔥when I used 2 get blind out of my mind trying 2 find Ozzy Osbourne and ride shooting stars with the High Priestess of the Midnight Mass
❤️‍🔥above our heads the houses of the holy in heaven float among the clouds in the
❤️❤️❤️❤️ S K Y ❤️❤️❤️❤️

✌️🤙🤟👌AROUND ❤️🍀🤞
✍️everyday I thank god 4 letting me stick AROUND
some daze I feel lost and some days my happiness is found
did u ever find yourself caught in a thought that was deja vu brought on by a smell or sound
when I was growing up I spent a lot of time being a passenger on a crazy train going off the rails hell bound
there were times I almost got 2 b a gardener growing flowers from beneath the ground
my father always told me an ounce of prevention is worth more than any cure sold by the pound in my life there have been times that I laughed and times that I frowned and some where I cried like a baby and my tears made a puddle between my feet on the ground I can remember being a perfect gentleman and I have memories of myself howling at the moon like a blue tick coon hound I used 2 love the way I felt after a couple rounds of Wild Turkey 101 were downed
I used 2 try and drink myself on2 the boat in the bottle and I don’t know how I didn’t drowned I am nothing but a ding a ling destined not 2 b the king of anything my head will never b heavy from being crowned did u ever think that planet earth is a baseball field and u control the game of your life from the pitcher’s mound
Green Day has a song with over 105 million views called
When I Come Around
I love the song I Once Was Lost
But Now I’m Found
Lynyrd Skynyrd sings That Smell and INXS say Hear That Sound
Hank Williams Jr is Whisky Bent And Hell Bound
Stevie Wonder does Higher Ground
There’s a song called Let’s Play House by The Dog Pound
when I come around love can b found I love music and I feel better when I hear that sound and from now on my train is heaven bound and until that day I am going 2 keep my 2 feet on the right side of the ground and everyday I exercise an ounce of prevention and I never need 2 buy any cure sold by the pound and I remember the times I laughed and I learn from the ones I frowned
I used 2 run with the pack but now I am a lone wolf with no desire 2 b a hell hound
on October first it will b 84 months 4 me since any alcohol at all has been downed
I have 2 friends Craig Stire and Andy Fasanella that I grew up with when we young who disappeared from Round Valley
while camping and May have drowned and they were never found I can remember 5 times in my life where I was set upon in a bar and I was Royaly crowned and beaten 2 the ground in2 a perfect little mound like I was in a deep sleep without a sound it is best 2 live 2 love another day and run away than 2 b attacked and knocked down 2 the ground in my life I have found I am good at hand rolling a nice bone that is perfectly wound so 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bestrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare thanx 4 coming AROUND 😎❤️‍🔥❤️
🌝the FullHarvestMoon was hidden from sight by the clouds and rain on Saturday night but I’m glad I got some pictures on Friday that came out alright just a little eyecandy from me 2 u and I hope uall enjoy every bite
2 everyone everywhere outthere I can’t wait 4 October 9th so we all can get caught up in the FullBloodMoon light
and admire it as it floats by like a stringless kite 🌝👁👁🌝

❤️❤️❤️❤️ ME ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love 2 listen 2 the music made by The Planet P Project
like the song Why Me and go Surfing With The Alien Joe Satriani and find David Bowie the Starman on a Space Oddity
Singing Gene Genie hanging out with the Beastie Boys smoking weed and drinking Brass Monkey as we Fight For Your Right To Party until the future happens your whole life is but a memory playing Deep Purple all the way up as they do there hit tune Lazy and Don’t Make Me Happy backed up by Sammy Hagar singing Would You Do it 4 Free and Lay Your Hand On Me and I love The Rolling Stones tunes Angie
I’m Free – Saint Of Me and Happy and Gary Hoey picking his guitar 2 Linus And Lucy I love music it makes me happy and fills my body with radioactivity and I like Motley Crue and become a Rock N Roll Junkie and dance 2 Here We Go (Let’s Rock And Roll)
By C&C Music Factory and jam 2 Bad Company because they really rock me when I hear Rock N Roll Fantasy And Rock Steady I ask the same question as The Simple Minds sing Don’t You Forget About Me I am just like Bill Withers when he does Lean On Me or Canned Heat Goin Up The Country while Little Feat say Don’t Bogart That Joint My Friend Pass It Over To Me because I got No Particular Place To Go just like Chuck Berry as I go Runnin Down A dream with Tom Petty and go 4 a Ride With Me and Nelly and b More Human Than Human like White Zombie and get the Key To Her Ferrari from Thomas Dolby and take a ride to White City and find Steppenwolf and ask them 2 play Sookie Sookie Rock Me and Ride With Me and Believe just like The Bravery and listen 2 Flo Rida sing Can You Blow My Whistle Baby as Bruno Mars does Old And Crazy as I play the album by XTC called Black Sea released in 1980 as Roy Orbison sings Here Comes The Rain Baby as Bobby Mcferrin tells me Don’t Worry Be Happy and let Pink Floyd take me 2 The Dark Side Of The Moon and Listen 2 There tune called Money and let The J Geils Band Give It To Me and I’m on the Highway To Hell with AC / DC doing the JB Witchdance with the Masters Of Reality and ask Third Eye Blind How’s It Gonna Be as I slip in2 Narcolepsy watching Kid Rock go by on his Harley singing Born Free while Jimi Hendrix plays The Wind Cries Mary as Nat King Cole dose L.O.V.E well that about says it all 4 me ☮️💟✝️🙏😇💋😍
the Full Super Sturgeon Moon was quite a sight 2 C last night 4 Me it put a smile on my face from ear 2 ear and made me happy 4 all the gifts of love from the heavens above that god let’s us c 4 Free I took some pictures and I think u will agree that the Luna eyecandy was a mighty tasty treat 4 me 2 post on my website @ Aneyefullofearcandy where I am blessed by the World Wide Web 4 all of the people that come 2 c me and watch me as I try 2 keep a tight grip on reality and always b a positive light in society and swim in a sea of tranquility that borders on the line between sane and insanity knowing whatever will b will b no one knows what the future holds 4 us all we just have 2 sit back and relax and wait and c giving it everything I got inside of me 2 find peace love and happiness with endless prosperity ready 2 chase the light when it shines my way sending me on a journey 2 the other side where I will live 4ever in2 ETERNITY
well that about says It all 4 me always live your life 2 b all u can b growing on your family tree 🌝🌕🌝👁👁🌝🌕🌝

❤️ 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share peace love and happiness
god bless and all the best 2 uall is what I wish
Each and everyone of us is a precious and fragile human being that needs 2 b swaddled in a blanket of tenderness
while being held in the arms of kindness 2 help put our hearts minds and souls in2 a state of bliss my love is your love here on earth and in the heavens above u r who I am always thinking of as I chase everything I hope dream and wish swimming thru life like a fish I am alive and 65 what could b better than this I have faith in the man upstairs and I believe that my life will go on 4ever in the promise land where I can c all of the friends family and pets that I love and miss I always end my videos by saying happy trails peace cya and blow u a kiss and say SWAK SEALED WITH A KISS
everything I do I do it 4 me I think the best days of my life r waiting in the future 4 me 2 c
I love who I am and me is all I ever wanted 2 b giving away my book 4 free at my website aneyefullofearcandy I am blessed 2 have everyone that comes 2 c me u put a smile on my face and make me happy THANKUALL4 being so friendly as I try 2 live a normal life on a planet where everything is wild and crazy filled with reality’s that faze me and daze me as the time and the future plays me I am praying 4 the RED WAVE on November 8th 2 come thru and amaze me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
on Thursday August the 11th 2022 the Full Super Sturgeon Moon will b here and I hope wish dream and pray the sky’s r clear so we all can catch a smile on our faces from ear 2 ear as the man on the moon floats on by way up high in the sky where only eagles and angels dare 2 fly a Luna vision that u can c 4 yourself with your own naked eye 👁👁
peace hangloose iloveu ok 👌
may everything go your way🙏
keep a smile on your face😜everynight and everyday come what may it makes the life u live and the world u live it in a better place 2 stay ☮️💟✝️

😍💋😘 FINE / TIME 😘💋😍
🙃a rolling stone gathers no moss so I keep it moving and shaking and everything is FINE
Johnny Cash did a song in 1958 called I WALK THE LINE
a good massage release’s a rapture of elation that gives u a bolt of positive energy up and down your spine I like 2 say peace hangloose iloveu ok and express it by using a hand sign
news travels fast on the internet and World Wide Web
or social media when I was young we had 2 wait 2 hear it thru the grapevine
Aerosmith has a couple songs I love called DRAW THE LINE and F.I.N.E. I guess we all have a long list of things that r going on that blows our mind and we can look at each other and say would u like some cheese with that wine there is a comedy movie called THE PINK PANTHER that came out in 2006 and starred Steve Martin and Kevin Kline and Henry Fonda plays Wyatt Earp
In an American Western film in 1946 called My Darling Clementine my imagination is a little light of mine that I am going 2 continue 2 let shine 2 help me find all of the peace love and happiness I need 2 make me feel FINE 😎☮️💟✝️❤️
❤️both PINK FLOYD and THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT have a gr8 song called TIME FRANK ZAPPA has an amazing
tune titled I’M THE SLIME I like 2 write morning noon and night just trying 2 get it all right taking the thoughts I think and put them on paper in ink hoping everyone everywhere outthere understands the reason 4 my rhyme it’s my choice 2 publish my one of a kind precious and fragile kaleidoscope mind if I didn’t share everything I feel deep down inside it surely would b a capital crime I love 2 listen 2 SANTERIA SMOKE TWO JOINTS and WHAT I GOT by SUBLIME when I was young and dumb out in the world having fun by the ton living my life on the run u could go in2 a phone booth and make a call 4 only a dime
If it’s better 2 b seen than heard and not utter a single word MARCEL MARCEAU is hands down the worlds gr8est
MIME it would b a crime if we didn’t listen 2 music all the time trying 2 put a smile on our faces and blow our minds searching 4 all the hopes wishes and dreams we pray 2 one day find chasing after everything it takes 2 live a life of love that is always in search of a FINE / TIME ❤️☮️💟✝️