💝 WishYouWereHere 💝
Pink Floyd did 2 songs 4 their friend founding member and Guitarist Syd Barrett Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Wish You Were Here ❤️‍🔥
After a couple shots of Everclear u feel like Underdog and u have no fear after u wash it down with a Yuengling Beer and jam 2 Metallica as they play I Disappear if u drink don’t drive and if u drive don’t drink let a mind that is clear take the wheel and steer live 2 party another day young Musketeer while we r here we should never follow your friends and jump off the Empire State Building under the pressure of a peer let your heart and mind b the filter 4 everything u c and hear and always say iloveu 2 everyone u hold near and dear life is a journey of adventure in search of ☮️💟😍 as u explore the Northern and Southern Hemisphere when u learn 2 love yourself u can love someone else like Romeo and Juliet in that love story by Billy Shakespeare always chase what u hope wish dream and pray in search of a good career and try 2 live on the top tier and keep your ass in gear and live every minute of your life like it was the last because one never knows when it will b our time 2 get outta here and all the family and friends that love u will say WishYouWereHere😍🥰😘✝️

peace hangloose iloveu ok we all need 2 work 2gether and find a way 2 take everything wrong and make it all right by dragging the darkness out In2 the light the daylight exposes everything hidden under cover of the night 2 everyone everywhere outthere protect yourselves at all times and bsafe bstrong and take care
I hope all is good in your neighborhood watch out 4 the big bad wolf if u think u should go 4 a walk out in the woods like little red riding hood I wish we all could b good and do only what we should and love each other like sister and brother and share peace love and happiness and learn 2gether we r all gods children the most important thing that needs 2 b understood
time flys by fast and none of us knows when we take our next breath if it will continue or if it is our last we have 2 move on In2 the future with high hopes that we never have 2 relive the past
god bless and all the best 2 u and yours is what I hope wish dream and pray and that nothing negative ever happens 2 anyone of u as uall live love laugh and play keep a smile on your faces come what May and hopefully with some luck everything will go your way every night and everyday in love and life it’s what u do not what u say we need 2 all work as one and b a team and make this planet an awesome beautiful and amazing place 2 stay 🌎🌏🌍✌️🤙🤟👌🙏

✌️🤙🤟👌😎😎👌🤟🤙✌️😍 😘bthesugar4eyes 😘 😍
✌️bthesugar4eyes in need of something sweet 2 c 💝
🤙 spread the wings of your imagination and let your heart and mind b free 🦋
🤟Climb the mountains of peace love and happiness 2 get 2 where u want 2 b 🍀
👌 que sera sera what the future holds in store 4 us all
We will have 2 wait and c🥰
😜 live love laugh and play and enjoy your life 2 the fullest everyday come what may 😛
😋always hope wish dream and pray that everything will go your way 😇
😆peace hangloose iloveu ok keep a smile on your face and say 😊ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY and like magic the life u live and the world u live it in will become a awesome beautiful and amazing place 2 stay 🙏

I am not out there don’t even bother 2 look 👁👁
My website is where I like 2 b at aneyefullofearcandy.com if u want 2 find me u don’t have 2 b a friend or follower 2 check out what I created 4 everyone everywhere outthere 2 c and I give away a gift download of READ MY MIND a book I wrote with over 100 poems inside 4 free 🙃😎😳😍😵‍💫🤓🤪😜
U can email or comment if u like what u c and u can speak your mind if u don’t agree but I hope wish dream and pray that u like what u c and u smile and laugh and 4 a brief moment or 2 the heartfelt emotion comes over u 2 b happy 😆😝😁😛😄😜😃
as 4 me YouTube is a go and I am going 2 share with them every time I make a video under the name aneyefullofearcandy if anyone anywhere outthere wants 2 know I have 3 movies from 4 years ago that didn’t do real well 2 entice people 2 want 2 press play and watch the show I am not a rapper with a clever flow I have an urge 2 b heard and I love every word as they leave my mouth and I let them blow I love all of my poetry deep down inside from head 2 toe and I hope when I release them 2 the world I pray that they find fertile soul inside the minds of all people that give my poems a fair chance 2 grow
Hey I just wanted 2 stop and say peace hangloose iloveu ok
2 all my sisters and all my bro’s
I have had my site 4 30 years or so and in no way shape or form do I think 4 one second that I am perfect or better than the human status quo when it comes 2 tech mine is low and slow yo live your life 2 b the finest web ever spun time used fly like bird but now it whizzes by your head like a bullet from a gun don’t try and carry the weight of the world on your back it weighs a ton just live love laugh and play and have fun shame and pain hide in the darkness of night and peace love and happiness walks proud in the light of the sun remember 2 sleep like a baby when everyday u r alive is done

iTSTHELITTLETHINGS in life that make it worth living ✌️
we all should b sharing peace love and happiness and never take more than we r giving 🤙
life is an adventure that take us on a journey from here 2 there 🤟we r all caught in a time warp that zips by so fast it never leaves us any 2 spare👌
Protect yourself at all times bsafe bstrong baware and take care 🍀as u make your way 2 Heaven enjoy the climb and touch every step in the stair✝️
The mansions of glory and the houses of the holy float way up high in the sky on thin air 💟 a place 4 us all 2 share when we get there from all over the world from everywhere outthere 2 share what we all could spare and live a life of savior faire 😍

✌️heythere hothere highthere
2 everyone of u awesome beautiful and amazing MOMS living on this crazy planet we all share everywhere outthere PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS 2 uall BESAFE and TAKECARE 💜
🤙peace hangloose iloveu ok
I hopewishdreamandpray that uall have a magnificent and fantabulous HAPPYMOTHERSDAY let your smile b the light that leads the way as u celebrate with your family creating memorable moments of magic as u LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY🤓🐾👅
🤟I added some of my coloring book drawings 4 u 2 view of some of my latest masterpieces that I wanted 2 show all of u just a few of the weapons I use 2 kill time whenever I choose 2 I can only imagine what the rest of the world is In2 2 b honest I haven’t a clue I would need a crystal ball with a 80 inch wide screen with a rainbow of color with a 3D view 👁👁
👌keep on breathing and live everyday 2 the fullest and May every minute of your life always b the coolest as long as your heart is beating in your chest may everything go your way everyday and all the best peace love and happiness 2 the VIRGIN MARY 4 our Lord Jesus Christ THANKU GOD BLESS never stop chasing what u hope dream wish and pray until u pass away and u r laid 2 rest

✌️ 🤙 colormyworld 🤟👌✍️
💙 I got In2 Jared Hoffman’s Stoners coloring book drawing number 14 it was cool 2 pick the colors I wanted 2 use in between the lines and keep my pencils sharp and keep all of my pictures neat and clean I would gladly trade the family cow 4 some magic Ganga seeds and farm some homegrown mean green and roll up a big pile of fatties that look like cannons that were rolled by a machine
Only 2 percent of the world’s people possess the same color eyes as me my favorite part of a rainbow green I love 2 drink a hot cup or 2 of Irish black tea and I really enjoy the burst of energy I get from the caffeine
💜 I was given 2 new Easter gifts 2 give me something 2 do the whole day thru Timeless Creations has a catalog of coloring books 2 b colored by me and u the first edition I got In2 was called Dreams Take Flight and ohmygoodness they were right I had a blast with my Crayolas when I let my imagination float away like a kite creating a peace of art that is like a delicious meal that is consumed by your eyesight and when u smile it’s a dead giveaway that your mind enjoyed every bite doing the first drawing filled my heart with sheer delight and when I finished the masterpiece it gave me excellent mental buzz that took my head 2 a whole new height 💚 the second book I picked up is called Words To Color By and I would like 2 say YIPPEEWALAYEEHAOOLALA
As my brain grows wings and learns 2 fly it’s a cool way 2 pass time as zooms on by go out and get yourself some BLUES BROTHERS awesome beautiful and amazing BUDS called CHERRY PIE they say if u take 2 big of a toke and u choke from the smoke that’s when u know u r high and now I am good and ready without hesitation 2 dive headfirst In2 the Timeless Creation treasures and live love laugh and play until the day I die and let the artistic peace love and happiness hidden within my soul keep my cranium shooting like a star across the sky learning in life it’s better 2 give than receive it would b nice if everyone could give that idea a try I promise myself and god I will never stop being an ordinary all American average guy well it’s time 2 go yo so I just want 2 tell u when I go I always like 2 say peacecya or HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA I never say GOODBYE even if a loved one or friend passes away and makes me cry 😘


peace hangloose iloveu ok
may everything go your way
as uall live love laugh and play
always chase all your hopes wishes and dreams and thank god when u pray in life and love it’s what u do not what u say I hope everyone everywhere outthere had a awesome beautiful and amazing Happy EASTERSUNDAY keep a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY it makes the life u live and the world u live it in a better place 2 stay MYMYHEYHEY ROCKNROLL is here 2 stay ☮️❤️😍2U4EVER
❤️🤍💙💚💛🧡💜🤎🖤💝✍️got In2 the EDWINA McNAMEE STONER Coloring Book again
and I can tell u this my friend until I am dead this kind of thing is never going 2 end it was magnificent marvelous and mystifying when I grabbed my Crayola colored pencils and I did drawings 9-10 the colors have a way of sending my mind around the bend it’s a good way 2 massage your brain and enjoy yourself every now and then I like 2 burn and bake b4 I tell my hand 2 grab a pencil and draw and he has 2 stop when I say when I hope everyone everywhere outthere feels the peace love and happiness I try 2 give away in every post that I send maybe I can help u boost your ego confidence and the love u feel 4 yourself and everyone else and glue your broken heart 2gether again we all need a little time every now and then we all need some time 2 make everything wrong right and make it a daily trend 2 always help a loved one or friend that is hurting or on the mend never say iloveu 2 someone if it’s not real when it comes 2 love never pretend

✌️is it better 2 b in than out or 2 b with or without is it better 2 speak in peace or scream and shout does your weakness say whoa me like a little baby or when your word is heard does it carry clout try not 2 b a fan that likes 2 fry there brain like eggs in a pan inside and out and if u don’t use duck duck go u don’t know what the heck u r talking about r u a drain that likes 2 beg and complain if so I might offer u some cheese with that whine as I play the worlds smallest violin listening 2 u pout
hey what can I say I like a ballpark frank on a bun with mustard and sour Kraut I always start 2 drool when I git a good smell of it in my snout 🤪
🤙try 2 set your imagination free from the INSIDEOUTSIDE
the mind is blind and unable 2 find a life that is one of a kind if u don’t keep your eyes open wide and have some ego and pride in everyone’s life there will b daze we laughed and there r some we cried it’s better 2 b honest and telling the truth is the proof that will b your mental guide when wrong and right collide as u take all of your loved ones and friends 4 a ride trying 2 make people believe u all the time but u lied 2 everyone piling on the bull by the ton 2 get what u want done u won’t b denied because your hopes and wishes 2 get what u want 2 cope like some alcohol or dope has u on a slippery slope 24 hours a day trying not 2 slide until the buzz u need has been supplied what I would do if I was u is 2 stay away from the witches brew vices can b as deep and wide as the oceans blue if u love yourself on the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE don’t let yourself get pulled In2 the heavy surf by the pull of the rip tide imagine if being wacked all the time hanging around dazed and confused were foolish endeavors that u never tried and living a double life of wicket habits and addictions on a highride hiding everything u do by never letting the INSIDEOUTSIDE and run from reality and hide blazing through time tongue tied and pie eyed
u can live a life of peace love and happiness that is full of confidence and pride or drive down the highway 2 hell with the devil inside sitting shotgun 4 the ride as your mentor and tour guide it’s up 2 u 2 save yourself it’s not a job that can b done by anyone else u can run but u can’t hide keep your ears and eyes open wide life is 2 have and 2 hold trying 2 live 2 b a hundred years old or hear the whispers about how u were 2 young when u died it’s all about living and loving 2 b alive or not caring about 2morrow or if u survive these r decisions that all of us one fine day will have 2 decide 🙃🙂

The Queen Of Our Castle 🏰 Doesn’t Have A Sheshed your Highness Has A BABECAVE 🥰
She Has A Way Of Breathing 🌬New Life In2 All The Garden Statues That We Save 😘
When I Venture In2 Her Precious And Amazing Domaine I Need 2 B At My Best And Behave 😇 All Of The Magical Memories Of Special Moments We Enjoyed Will B The Baggage We Carry With Us 2 Our Grave 🙏🤞 We All Have A Hidden Treasure Of Talent Hiding Inside Of All Of Our Hearts ❤️ Minds 🥰 and Soul 😊 We Just Need A Little Confidence 2 Let Our Hopes Wishes And Dreams 😜😝😛🤩😉🤗🤓😆😁😄😃😀😳
Show Us The Way And Let Our Faith Take Control ✌️🤙🤟👌
Everyday U R Alive Live 2 Love 😍Love 2 Laugh 🤣 And Always Have Fun By The Ton As U Play 🙃🙂 Letting Peace Love And Happiness Show Us How 2 Let The Good Times Rock N Roll 😎 Everynight When I Fall Asleep 💤 I Chase Alice In2 Wonderland Every Time I Follow Her Down That Fairytale Rabbit Hole 👁👁💋We Like 2 Meet Up With Peter Pan And Tinker Bell 🧚‍♂️And Go 2 Never Never Land Sniffing Pixie Dust Trying 2 Get The Pocket Watch Back That The Alligator 🐊 Stole 🤓 I Am On My Way Down The Yellow Brick Road In Search Of The Wizard Of Oz But The Fields Of Poppy Have Buzzed My Mind And Delayed My Stroll 🚶 When I Was Young I Wondered Why Dorothy And Her Friends Fell Asleep I Never Played With Morphine But Everyone I Know That Did They Paid The Toll 😢
If We All Only Do Good And Never Nothing Bad Every Year At Christmas 🎄 Santa Will Bring Us Presents 🎁 Instead Of A Big Dusty Bag Of Coal🍀They Say A Redneck Thinks The Worlds Biggest Toilet Is The SUPERBOWL 😬😐🤔OHWELL PEACEYALL That’s All I Have 2 Say 🤫 Until The Next Time We Meet And Greet 👋
May Everything Go Your Way 💪 God Bless And All The Best 2 The World 🗺 And God Bless The USA 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙 Let Love Rule And Destroy Hate Where Ever It Hides COMEWHATMAY

They Say Paradise Is A State Of Mind 🤔 From Our First Breath At Birth Like Columbus Discovering The Planet Earth We R Looking 4 And Hoping 2 Find 🥰 A Little Peace Of Heaven 2 Make Our Own One Of A Kind 🍀 Ever Since I Met Donna All My Clouds Above Have Been Silver And Gold Lined ♥️ 😘 💋 😘 😊 ☺️
Live 4 2day And Make Plans 4 2morrow And Leave The Past Behind 😍 My Father Always Said Protect Yourself At All Times Don’t Drop Your Guard And Get All Hellbent And Twisted Because U Have Been Confined 🤪 We All Have A Long List Of Complaints I Will Play The Worlds Smallest Violin And Say Would U Like Some Cheese With That Whine That Has U In A Bind 😜 No One Ever Promised Any Of Us A Rose Garden What Did U Expect 😢 We R All Trying 2 Survive A Full On Pandemic Virus That Has The Planet In It’s Grasp After Making A DirectConnect 😷 We Need 2 Treat Each Other The Way We Want 2 Be Treated And If We Do This It Is Then That We Will Understand The Meaning Of Respect ✊ The Right 2 Live Love Laugh And Play As We Hope Wish Dream And Pray R All The Things We Need 2 Fight 4 And Protect 🤞We R All Gods Children Lets All Share The Peace In Our Souls The Love In Our Hearts And The Happiness In Our Minds And Keep Hate In Check ☑️ If We All Only Do Right And No Wrong And Learn From Our Mistakes And Work 2gether 2 Fix All The Problems We All Need 2 Correct 👌 We R All The Same Animal Lets Love Each Other Like Sister And Brother And Live A Awesome Beautiful And Amazing Life That Is Fantabulously Perfect 💝 💘 💖 ☮️ 👍 👁👁 😛 🧐

Paradise Is Nice And Worth The Cost At Any Price Just Play The Hand U R Dealt And Roll The Dice I Love My Life So Much I Pray 2 God 2 Please Let Me Live It Twice PEACECYA ✌️👋
🙃😳😳66 degrees 😳😳🤸🏿‍♀️
🤸🏿‍♀️💦💧pool temp 💧💦🤸🏿‍♀️

Lots 2 Do A Million Things 2 Get Done 2 Everybody Everywhere Outhere Have A
Gr8 One 🍀This Time Of Year We All Have A Long List Of Things 2 Get Done 🌸 As We Live Our Lives In A Hurry On The Run 🤙 Live Love Laugh And Play With Your Family And Friends And Have Fun By The Ton 🍄 after u do all u Hope wish dream and pray 🌞 Make Sure U Get A Good Nights Sleep At The End Of Everyday 🌝

♥️🤍💙💚💛🧡❤️💜🤎💖 ✌️🤙🤟👌👁👁👌🤟🤙✌️ Here R Some Poems I Wrote In The Past 😍 4 friends And Loved Ones Living In A World Where Time Flys Fast 😜 One Day I May Pass Away But I Hope The Poems I Say Find A Way 2 Last 🍀 Until That Day I Am Going 2 Live Love Laugh And Play And Try 2 Always Have A Blast 💝 If I Was Merlin The Magician A Spell Of PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS 4 Everyone Everywhere Outthere Is The Spell I Would Cast ☮️💟🤣 GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 😎🤓😜😆😝😁😛😄🙃🙂 🌞🌕💫🌈🌹🌸🌷🌺🌻🍄

💝HAPPY31stANNIVERSARY ✌️🤙🤟👌🍀♥️👌🤟🤙✌️ ☮️💟✝️🌹👁👁🌹✝️💟☮️ 😍31YEARSOFMARITALBLISS Every Second We R Alive Is Time With U That I Don’t Want 2 Miss 🤞 I Thank God Everyday 4 The Love We Share There Is Nothing In This World That Compares 2 this ✝️ I Am The Luckiest Man Alive 2 Have U 2 Hold My Hand And Give Me A Hug And A Kiss 💋 U Make The Life We Live And The House We Call Home A World Of Bliss ♥️ I Have A Million Awesome Beautiful And Amazing Memories Hidden Within My Mind 🍀 They Say Love Is Blind 😝 I Think The Man Upstairs Played A Big Part In Our Loves Being Each Others That We Were Able 2 Find 🥰 Since We Met U Have Been My Best Friend Lover And My Wife With Everything In Our Lives Intertwined 😊 Your Love Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened 2 Me Everything About U Blows My Mind 😇 U R The Pot Of Gold At The Rainbows End That I Was Blessed By The Heavens Above 2 Find 🤟 As We Make Our Way From Here 2 There 👆Handling Each Others Life With Tender Loving Care 🤝 I Hope Wish Dream And Pray That We Get 2 Share 🙏 The Future As We Live Love Laugh And Play Here On Planet Earth Or Way Up High In The Sky When We Become Angels And Fly 2 The Houses Of The Holy In The Promise Land Somewhere Way Up There Floating In Thin Air ☁️ GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ♥️🤍💙💝💗💘💓💖💞💜💚💕🧡❣️🤎👁👁☮️💟✝️ ♥️🍀😍😘


💧💦💧💦👁👁💦💧💦💧 INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL💧💦✍️🙏😇 As We Live Our Lives Wishing 4 The Best No Matter How Much We Try 2 Stay On The Ball INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL They Say When Opportunity Knocks Answer The Door If U Miss That Make Sure U Pick Up The Call INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL Just When U Think U R On Top Of The World U Find Yourself Down On Your Hands And Knees Learning How 2 Crawl INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL U Work Your Fingers 2 The Bone Trying 2 Make Ends Meet Dealing With Life And All It’s Problems Big And Small INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL Sadness And Pain Walk Hand And Hand With PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS Here 2day Gone 2morrow Keep You Hopes Up And Walk Tall INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL We Miss The Loved Ones Who Wait 4 Us In Heaven And Sometimes We Swear We Heard Them Talking Down The Hall INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL As We Make Our Way Up The Stairway 2 Heaven On A Journey 2 Eden Stay Strong It’s Only A Hop Skip And A Jump Over The Garden Wall INEVERYONESLIFESOMERAINISGOING2FALL ☮️💟✝️♥️🍀😇✍️🙏💋😍 YIPPEEWALAYEEHAOOLALA OAKYDOAKYHOKYPOKYHOLYSMOKEY FATLOGHIGHONTHEHOGHOTDIGGITYDOG LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY HOPEWISHDREAMANDPRAY HAVEAGR8ONE ALWAYSHAVEFUNBYTHETON REMEMBER2GETAGOOD NIGHTSSLEEPWHENTHE DAYISDONE ♥️ISFAMILY✌️🤙🤟👌 FAMILYIS♥️ HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🌞🌝💫🌈🍄🌸⚡️💧💦☂️’


No fomo here my dear

The definition of fomo is the FEAR OF MISSING OUT on good times and cheer

All the vapors pills and powders won’t help us 2 find our future hopeswishesanddreams

hiding in a shot and a beer

Love the life u live because one never knows if the end is far away or if it’s near

My willpower is strong

Every minute of the day 24-7 all year long

Life is the music we dance 2 and the words I write make it a song

I am never alone even if it’s just LULUANDJSW on our own

We both just kick back and chill with a big fat and tasty bone 🦴

My 5 best friends in the world that I hang out with the most

R Donna Lulu our father his son and the Holy Ghost

God is my pilot and I am his passenger enjoying the ride

Everyday I am going 2 enjoy whatever comes my way until I reach the other side

Happiness and being sad walk hand and hand

Life is all about the times u laughed and cried

Life can change in the blink of an eye so always remember 2 keep your peepers open wide

the best day of my life was when I became Donna’s husband and she became my beautiful and amazing BRIDE

We all have 2 make our way in this world and all the PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS

It takes 2 make it god has supplied


Keep on living loving laughing and playen