🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀
🤞heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share peace hangloose iloveu ok May everything go your way i hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀🍀🍀❤️❤️🍀🍀🍀
❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥GET TO ME ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
🤞ilove Train’s song GET TO ME & go check out the largest underground lake in the U.S.A.
called the Lost Sea & in 78 Genesis released their 9th album titled And Then There Were Three that had a gr8 song on it called Follow You Follow Me & in WW II 3,800 Japanese pilots flew in suicide attacks 4 the Empire of Japan after joining an organization known as Kamikaze & Japan also has a ceremonial suicide they do if they r disgraced or sentenced 2 death called
Hari-Kari & in 2007 a cool computer animated comedy film came out that starred the voices of Seinfeld & Chris Rock called the BEE MOVIE & Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 on the 12th of February near Hodgenville Kentucky & in 66 Tommy James & The Shondells had a big hit song called HANKY PANKY & the Philadelphia Flyers have a Team Mascot named GRITTY & in 2013 a cool adventure comedy drama film came out starring Ben Stiller called THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY & the first cousin & bodyguard that was in charge of all money flowing thru AL CAPONE’S operations was FRANK NITTI & in 78 Nick Gilder had a gr8 song that was an ODE 2 Runaways called HOT CHILD IN THE CITY & in 75 the rock band Led Zeppelin released their 6th studio album that was a musical masterpiece called PHYSICAL GRAFFITI & ilove the band INXS & they have a song I like called SHAKE THE TREE & ilove 2 hear Queen & Freddy Mercury singing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY & when I go 2 the dentist I never get a novacaine shot even when they r drilling a cavity & in 84 Prince & The Revolution hit it big with their second # one hit on the billboard hot 100 with a gr8 song called LET’S GO CRAZY & Deep Purple had an awesome hit song from their 72 album Machine Head called
LAZY & ilove Ted Nugent & his gr8 song called HEY BABY & Capital Punishment is a nice way 2 say DEATH PENALTY & it’s a magical mystery how humanity never learns from mistakes made in our past history one day human stupidity will lead us all 2 our destiny & in 82 there was a romantic comedy starring Dustin Hoffman in the theaters called TOOTSIE & when it comes 2 James Bond my favorite 007 is Sean Connery but I also like Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me & For Your Eyes Only & OCTOPUSSY & the Marshall Tucker Band has a gr8 song ilove called
CAN’T YOU SEE & everything is up 2 the powers that b what they say is what will b will b we just have 2 wait & c as we live our lives FOOTLOOSE & FANCYFREE under lock & key making WHOOPEE knowing 2morrow 4 all of us is not a Guarantee ☮️💟✝️🙏😎💋

Body Like An Old Back Road 💋Sam Hunt has a gr8 song ilove 2 hear him play that has 286.6 million views called Body Like An Old Back Road & Hero Of The Day is a gr8 song by Metallica that’s on there 96 album release called Load & The Dropkick Murphys have a cool song with 2.2 million views called The Warrior’s Code & Johnny & Edgar Winter have a gr8 song with 2.6 million views called Tobacco Road & Ludicris has a heavy track with 6.1 million views titled Beast Mode & Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Do a gr8 song 2gether that has 1.6 million views called Further On Up The Road & Tone Loc has a cool rap song I like called Next Episode & we can’t find our way 2 the road of peace because there is no exit 2 take off of life is a highway so they say b that as it may hip hip hooray have a gr8 day come what may I dare say where there is a will there is a way & crime doesn’t pay so let it lay in god we trust let us pray & we r all made by the hands of our father out of magic human clay & everything is a o k it’s all child’s play if u don’t rub someone the wrong way & remember in life & love it’s safe 2 say it’s what u do & not what u say & always let a sleeping dog lie where they lay & try not 2 get caught up in or participate in sad & ugly mind games that people play & back in the day we used 2 say hey dude I got some good grass want 2 go smoke a Jay & go munch out at an all u can eat American buffet & have lobster tails & filet & finish it off with some fresh made lemon sorbet & go home & roll up a big fatty with the roaches piled up in my filled 2 the brim ashtray & go out & hit your ball thru the sticky wickets as u blast away the day any which way but loose playing croquet & then drive up 2 the chalet in your cabriolet in Monterrey & drink some Perrier & then have a nice bottle of Cabernet & take hits from the Bong with Cypress Hill Snoopdog & Dr. Dre & take a ride down 2 the Fissco Bay in a 56 Corvette Chevrolet & stop by the Old Cabaret & suck down double shots of Jose that they purvey 2 anyone on a temporary vacay or just looking 4 some oh so sweet AMORE sitting around a massive dining room table with a beautiful floral bouquet display & all of this mental 4play is what happens when everything goes your way when u r in search of your forte
Every night & day & never give up the chase after everything uall hope wish dream & pray because u have 2 pave the way knowing that Rome wasn’t built in a day so never do anything halfway & GODBLESS the U.S.A. & I am already old & gray so I guess I will b doing my little dog & pony show until the REAPER comes by my way 2 rescue me on my dying day
Remember 2 keep a smile on all of your faces everynight & everyday COMEWHATMAY because sharing some laughter and a smile goes a long way in this world 2day making a persons life & the house they call home a better place 2 stay 🏡🍀🙏😇🥰😁
✌️🤙🤟👌👁️👁️✌️🤙🤟👌❤️😍 ❤️‍🔥😘😎😎😘❤️‍🔥😍❤️

✍️ 🍀 FRITZ THE CAT 🍀 ✍️
😘ilove the rock band INXS & there song with over 4 million views called NEW SENSATION & SANTANA has a gr8 tune he play’s called OPEN INVITATION
& in 84 ROD STEWART had an album titled CAMOUFLAGE with a song on it that that he did with JEFF BECK called INFATUATION & THE WHO has a awesome tune they do with over 17 million views titled
Has a cool song with over 1.9 million views I like called SECRET SEPARATION & every day we go thru the trials & Tribulations of being alive learning from our mistakes & what 2 do the right way until the day we die because we will always b the student & living life is our education so it’s heaven or bust in god we trust & pray it will b our final destination & doing the work of our father on the otherside will b our devoted occupation as we run thru the fields of joy looking 4ward 2 a spiritual world of never ending celebration & I know it sounds like a far stretch of the imagination but u have 2 have faith in the good book & it’s affirmation that has a lot of questions & answers that always leads 2 an interesting conversation & I believe in the heavenly information & ilove DAVID BOWIE & he has a gr8 song with 3.8 million views called STATION TO STATION & try not 2 let your friends convince u that it’s cool 2 have a healthy cosmic debris habit that winds up leading u 2 a life of degradation that takes u down a path of physical & mental devastation so y not try some rehabilitation with determination & give your heart mind & soul a little purification & have a born again lust 4 life reincarnation & enjoy the rejuvenation of no longer being controlled by intoxication & stop zig zagging & criss crossing over all your lines of communication & don’t let your curiosity 2 open Pandora’s box of death defying experimentation drive u in2 a world of demoralization hey chill out & go on a me myself & I vacation & JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS have a gr8 song with 4 million views called BAD REPUTATION & U2 is a gr8 Irish rock band ilove that has an amazing track with over 32 million views called ELEVATION & JAMES has a cool tune I like 2 listen 2 with 5.5 million views called BORN OF FRUSTRATION & the MOTOR CITY MADMAN
TED NUGENT has a gr8 guitar song he does called HIBERNATION & ashes 2 ashes & dust 2 dust after my cremation & I don’t like doctors or medication & there is a gr8 double LP album that was recorded on the 85 tour that was the first official live music that TOM PETTY released called PACK IN THE PLANTATION & AEROSMITH has a title track on there ninth album in 87 that ilove called PERMANENT VACATION & in 07 JOHN FOGERTY did a cool song called PREMONITION 😘
😘2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always BESAFE bestrong protect yourselves at all times & TAKECARE & ever since the first time I read this poem by MARY HOWITT The Spider and The Fly that she wrote in 1829 it is an amazing lesson in life that teaches children not 2 trust a stranger that is trying 2 lure them in so teach them not 2 listen 2 wolves in sheeps clothing & run the other way from back then until now we have 2 worry about predators & monsters that r lurking in the shadows & hacking & tracking on the airwaves destroying the innocence of children in our society 2days children r 2morrows future let’s protect them with our lives & save them from the insanity 😵‍💫

❤️ 2-12-89 🍀🍀 2-12-23 ❤️
❤️‍🔥Donna & I have been friends 2gether for 49 years & on 2-12-23 it will b our Wedding Anniversary #34❤️‍🔥& everyday I hope wish dream & pray 2 God 2 let us b with each other 2 live love laugh & play 4 another 34 years or more❤️‍🔥& Donna is the love of my life that I so adore❤️‍🔥& she can light up the world with her smile that is full of happiness & joy galore❤️‍🔥& she has a heart mind & soul that I live 2 love & explore❤️‍🔥4 evermore❤️‍🔥because she is the precious earthangel that I breathe every breath I take & live my life 4❤️‍🔥
Waiting 2 c what will b will b we just have 2 wait & c what the future holds 4 her & me because no one knows what 2morrow has in store❤️‍🔥no matter what I have 2 endure she will always b my sweet
Mi Amor❤️‍🔥2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share❤️‍🔥there is a lid 4 every pot waiting 4 u out there in this wonderful world somewhere❤️‍🔥so go out & find your significant other & live a life of peace love & happiness like a fairy tale folklore affair❤️‍🔥& let the love u both give 2 each other b the love u both make & TAKECARE❤️‍🔥saying i LOVE YOU makes use of the 3 most powerful words a person can say❤️‍🔥 telling someone by your side is where u always want 2 stay❤️‍🔥& I will always b there with u 4ever & a day❤️‍🔥come what may❤️‍🔥in God we trust let us pray❤️‍🔥peace hangloose iloveu ok❤️‍🔥may everything go your way❤️‍🔥with smiles on all your faces making the life uall live & the world uall live it in a better place 2 stay❤️‍🔥I hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing HAPPY VALENTINES DAY❤️‍🔥😍🥰😘

😎in 1991 on the MAD MAD WORLD album Tom Cochrane
did a song with over 2 million views called LIFE IS A HIGHWAY sending me on a Rock N Roll binge & in 1981 he was in a band called RED RIDER & he played a gr8 tune with over 10 million views called LUNATIC FRINGE ❤️‍🔥
😎when I was young and dumb I did a lot of drugs but I never did any of them intravenous I never injected myself with a syringe & if u do u went overboard just a tinge & the thought of being caught up in that kind of situation makes me cringe & just think about all of the brain cells u singe once u r hooked u go 2 hell so many times that the door 2 the devils party flys off the hinge & u limit your rights of freedom 2 live a good life without being an addict & it’s your own sanity that u infringe & if your brain is 2 eggs frying in a pan as u 4get 2 take the time 2 think about how much u make your heart kidneys & liver twinge ❤️‍🔥
😎give yourself a running start & go all in with one’s heart & save yourself 4 everyone else & b a person that u can b proud of & do whats right & don’t b a poser & play the part take a good look at where u were & where u r now & where u could b & u will c that being lost & being found r worlds apart & if u want love u have 2 give love & your life will become a state of art & know this there is no diploma given out 4 being streetsmart & u will never get 2 the top of the hill pumping gas at a speedmart
or by wearing an orange vest chasing shopping carts at the local Walmart u have 2 jumpstart your lionheart & know change makes change so go out & upset the apple cart & live a life that is admired by everyone because u r off the chart & who u were & who u can b r poles apart if u can find it in your heart 2 give yourself a flying start & b smart & kickstart your sweetheart & don’t follow your peers down a path that tears your little world apart & know that a new beginning is waiting 4 u 2 turn the key & start ❤️‍🔥
😎this might come as a shock but u were not born yesterday & your not the new kid on the block u r in a human race against the clock & b like Johnathon Seagull & fly free from the flock & people that always have a my dog is bigger than your dog story 2 tell talks poppycock & I think of myself when I hear that beautiful song by Bob Seger that I love that brings a tear 2 my eye as time flys by with over 4 million views called LIKE A ROCK ❤️‍🔥
Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK

🇺🇸I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all 🇺🇸
😎with every second that ticks on by in everyone’s life we reach the Point Of No Return crash & burn live & learn & how much time we all have on our meter left 2 live is a major concern Fuel has a song I love with over 2 million views called Sunburn & never sell your soul 4 the love of dough b proud of the living u earn Kansas does a song I love with over 3 million views called Point Of No Return & in a 2011 movie Ryan Reynolds plays the staring role in a DC Superhero flick called The Green Lantern & I love the movies Our Man Flint & In Like Flint played by James Coburn & Deep Purple has a gr8 tune that they do with over 11 million views called Burn Jim Varney played Ernest P Worrell & he loved 2 say Know What I Mean Vern & the Byrds have a song I love with over 20 million views called Turn Turn Turn 😘
😎once u feel like u have been put thru the mill & u have had your fill u start 2 think the grass is greener on the other side of the hill if only u could find some time 2 kill because everyday is a like a fire drill as u make your way thru the human mill praying 2 god that u don’t take a spill as u try 2 find a nice place 2 chill & try 2 hold still sitting on a bar stool in your favorite gin mill caught in a time warp in the Twilight zone biting the bullet & chewing the poison pill & 4 fun everything we do as crazy as can b we do it all 4 free just 4 the thrill like we r the king of the hill footing the bill of our own free will dressed 2 kill with high hopes & dreams 2 fulfill & a mind full hopes and wishes & an imagination overflowing with creation that I need 2 spill trying 2 keep up with the pace on life’s treadmill as I Bob n weave & zig & zag reality like an artist with awesome & amazing skill because now I am 66 & and u know what they say once u hit 50 everything in your life will b all down hill 😍🥰😘😇🙃😛😜😝🤓😋🙂
😎 GODBLESS no stress try 2 live a life of peace love and happiness that u don’t second guess & always try a little tenderness & with a loving hug
& a caress of sweetness sealed with a kiss & I must confess in the morning when u pick out your wardrobe know that a smile is your best dress 4 a howling success & all work & no play makes life a whacked out mess so when it comes 2 getting a healthy helping of fun loving recess always say loud & clear HELL YES ✌️🤙🤟👌

❤️The December Solstice❤️
😍on Wednesday the 21st The December Solstice starts in 2022 and if u live in the northern hemisphere like I do it will b the shortest day of the year 4 us to go through 2 everyone everywhere outthere all the best 2 yours and u may everything go your way doing whatever it is that uall choose 2 do every minute that goes by the future is brand new never tell someone u love them if every word u say is not true follow through with your point of view have dignity and respect and always say please and THANKU if u feel like u have been here b4 that’s DEJA VU every time my father would talk 2 me he would say hey kid what have u been up 2 hoping one day I would turn my life around and listen 2 his words of wisdom and break through my wall of voodoo and cut thru the peer pressure that I clung on2 living like a crazy animal that broke free from the human zoo that I got used 2 digesting cosmic debris and drinking witches brew 4 something 2 do until my brain was black and blue eagles cry and cows moo the Beatles have a song they do with over 29 million views called I WANT YOU I love the song MEXICAN RADIO by WALL Of VOODOO when u take on more than u can handle it’s called biting off more than u can chew watch what u wish 4 with the hopes and dreams that u Pursue take your time only fools rush in don’t always try 2 b a hot shoe we r not like Ironman we r only skin and bone held 2gether with gods glue life is a journey in2 the unknown we have 2 b like Indiana Jones and Crocadile Dundee and sit back and relax like u r on a lazy river Rendezvous listening 2 CAN YOU SEE THE REAL ME by THE WHO at first light always kiss the sun good morning and at night b4 u and your dreams take flight thank god and bid the day adieu every word I said is true 2 all of u and this message of peace happiness and love that I pray 4 u from the heavens above because it’s everyone everywhere outthere that I am thinking of
God bless and all the best 2 yours and u and may peace b with uall 4ever trying 2 get everything 2 go your way in the life u pursue happy trails peace cya from LULUANDJSW
and once again thank u 4 coming 2 aneyefullofearcandy 2 check out my point of view as I try 2 breakthrough with what u c and hear by whispering in your ear and I hope what I write and say is easy 2 read and coming in loud and clear and like I said b4 every word is true I am just like Bryan Adams when he sings his song with over 335 million views titled EVERYTHING I DO I DO IT FOR YOU ☮️💟✝️🙏

🫵🫵🫵🫵🐻🐻 🫵🫵🫵🫵
😎😜Don’t Poke A Bear 😜😎
❤️‍🔥Don’t Poke A Bear u just might become dinner and disappear in2 thin air live 2 give learn how 2 share always tell your lover Iloveu and say I will always b there cross my heart and hope 2 die and a pinky swear we live in a world without time 2 spare and all life is precious and fragile and it needs 2 b handled with tender loving care we need 2 find a way 2 repair Mother Nature because the way things r going eventually all her cupboards will b bare everything is not do or die don’t live your life on a dare when opportunity knocks answer the door the chance’s of him returning r extremely rare as we get older our lives become one big family affair
❤️‍🔥it’s easy 2 hypnotize the brain hidden behind the eyes with habits and vices that mesmerize and tantalize and try 2 get u 2 live a life that is counterclockwise and everyone knows time flys and it all starts everyday at sunrise and there’s one thing uall need 2 know u have 2 stay alive 2 become old and wise u have 2 make your hopes wishes and dreams your biggest enterprise 2 maximize the possibilities of surprise and mobilize as u stargaze and guise about all of the avenues u need 2 traverse 2 capitalize and pray 2 god 2 give me all the supplies I need to energize
And kick ass and take no names and never say I’m sorry or apologize I don’t like 2 hang out with the enemy and fraternize I am just trying 2 live my life 2 the fullest in the little bit of time that our father supplies one never succeeds at anything if one never trie’s and everything u want in life r all the things that only big money buys 💸💵💰🙃😳🙂
❤️‍🔥Christmas is only 9 days away and I hope yours puts u in a state of bliss wrapped in tenderness tied what a ribbon of sweetness and sealed with a kiss 💋 the best day of the year filled with peace love and happiness that no one ever wants 2 miss joy 2 the world what on earth could b better than this all the best 2 u and yours and GODBLESS 🤞🙏

☮️ 💟 ✝️ THING ☮️ 💟 ✝️
✍️birds fly and bees sting and they say in heaven u can hear sugar bells ring everyday and everynight I pray 2 god 2 come back 2 earth and fix everything and show all these world leaders who is the real King I really do love music and a 2 hear a person sing it’s my THING until my ears ring it gets me thru it doesn’t matter if it’s the WHO or MEXICAN RADIO by the new wave rock band WALL OF VOODOO the music moves me around and turns this big world upside down it gives me a mood swing bee sting what can I say I love the entertainers and there songs they r the wind beneath my wing just like a drug they r my THING iloveit when I hear THE TROGGS sing WILD THING INXS have a song from 82 I love titled THE ONE THING and in 1982 there was a horror mystery sci-fi movie starring Kurt Russell called
THE THING in 1973 there was an American caper flick starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the movie masterpiece THE STING the WOMBATS have a really cool song they sing titled BEE STING and there is a horror mystery movie franchise that started in 2002 that we all know as THE RING and in 2016 and 2021 we were gifted with 2 animation comedy family movies that r star studded when u hear there voices in the films SING in 1981 SANTANA covered a RUSS BALLARD tune on his ZEBOB album that was called WINNING THE CULT have a gr8 song from 89 I love 2 hear them sing called SUN KING AndTHE THOMPSON TWINS have a THING they do from 83 titled
LOVE LIES BLEEDING one day I will get 2 hear The Angels Sing
but until that day I look 4ward 2 listening 2 singers sing as loud as the speakers go trying 2 break my window and my ears start 2 ring crazy as a loon singing like a Ding A Ling
there is a song I love by BARRY WHITE with over 37 million views called YOU ARE THE FIRST MY LAST MY EVERYTHING because all the joy that it can bring music would rule everything if I was king and if I could get everyone’s ears 2 ring my job is done It’s Good To Be King and if anyone doesn’t like it Get In The Ring and take your best Swing I loveit when JULIE ANDREWS sings THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS it’s the music and when a person sings and the peace love and happiness it brings it’s my drug of choice like I said in the beginning of this THING it’s my THING and THE VOODOO CHILD JIMI HENDRIX has a gr8 song with over 6 million views called LITTLE WING and I like 2 hear DUA LIPA sing LEVITATING and SHINEDOWN ROCKS on
2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share we all have a THING that makes our minds swing and our hearts sing that makes our ears ring and our gets our feet 2 dancing as we enjoy the lives we live being Queens or a king on your little peace of god’s gr8 earth chasing everything u hope wish dream and pray
with the one u love doing your
☮️ 💟 ✝️ THING ☮️ 💟 ✝️

☮️ 💟 ✝️ F R E E ☮️ 💟 ✝️
🙏the truth can set America FREE🤞there is a gr8 album I love called FIRE AND WATER by a band called FREE ❤️
I don’t care if no one wants 2 Call Me or if u think I’m crazy don’t try 2 Save Me 💋
SHINEDOWN has a couple songs I love called CALL ME and SAVE ME 💋
sometimes I say the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary 2 Rescue Me and there r daze I look in the mirror and I am Afraid Of Me😎
there is a Nashville Rapper called JELLY ROLL doing songs like RESCUE ME and AFRAID OF ME ✌️
I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers when they sing TELL ME BABY – THE ADVENTURES OF RAIN DANCE MAGGIE and NOBODY WEIRD LIKE ME ❤️
I love it when Florence And The Machine sing STAND BY ME and WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME ❤️ JETHRO TULL has a gr8 album titled AQUALUNG
with an amazing song on it called CROSS EYED MARY ❤️
KEHLANI never ceases 2 amaze me she is hot when she does DO YOU DIRTY and CRZY ❤️ Harry Styles is laid back and cool when he sings TO BE SO LONELY – CHERRY and SHE ❤️ I feel the music when Dua Lipa Does HIGH WILD AND FREE and ELECTRICITY ❤️ Royal Blood rocks me when they play LITTLE MONSTERS and ONE TRICK PONY ❤️ when I listen 2 Willie Nelson it gets me high when he sings Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die and Crazy ❤️😍🥰😘✌️🤙🤟👌
I live in the home of the brave and the land of the free it’s going 2 take more than fire and water if u call me 2 save me I like 2 say the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary 2 rescue me and there r daze that myself and I r afraid of me and I ask Donna 2 tell me baby as we dive head first in2 the adventures of rain dance Maggie and I’m thinking out loud and saying there’s nobody weird like me I thank god 4 letting my wife stand by me and look what the holy water gave me as I play cross eyed Mary and I will never do u dirty or lose my mind and go crzy i always strive never 2 be so lonely when she is my cherry I like 2 b high wild and free with life pumping thru me like electricity my mom used 2 say my brother and me were little monsters and we would always b a one trick pony but I want 2 say roll me up and smoke me when I die and enjoy the high
as I jam 2 Pink Floyd playing The Great Gig In The Sky and then David Lee Roth Singing Goin Crazy well that about says it all 4 me as I put this dog and pony show on 4 FREE and I would like 2 thank everybody that comes 2 c me @ aneyefullofearcandy it puts an ear 2 ear smile on my face that makes me happy remember a person without dreams has no life so b all u can b because the best days of your life r waiting 4 u 2 set them free 🍀

😎❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 FIRE ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😎
✌️there will come a day when I will pass away and I choose 2 b cremated and go out like a Viking on my funeral pyre with the spirit of my soul rising 2 the heavens above as I burn 2 ashes and dust in the flames of the FIRE 🔥 I love THE DOORS song LIGHT MY FIRE and there is a gr8 song by ARTHUR BROWN done in 68 called FIRE
JIMI HENDRIX sings Let Me Stand Next To Your FIRE 🔥 and JOHNNY CASH does his hit tune called RING OF FIRE while the ROLLING STONES do
❤️I live love laugh and play everyday come what may
and hope wish dream and pray with faith and DESIRE ❤️
U2 has DESIRE ❤️there is a gr8 song called HURRICANE on BOB DYLANS 17th studio album titled DESIRE ❤️
❤️when I was young and dumb living my life on the run thinking I was having fun getting so wasted I couldn’t get any HIGHER ❤️
SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE have a beautiful tune they do titled I WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER ❤️I love a song by CREED called HIGHER ❤️
MICHAEL BUBLE’ has an amazing album called HIGHER❤️if GEPPETTO created the devil’s advocate buck fiden they would have 2 trim his nose everyday because it would grow just like it does on PINOCCHIO whenever he is a LIAR 🤥 QUEEN has an awesome song with over 9 million views called LIAR 🤥
THREE DOG NIGHT has a cool tune with over 1 million views titled LIAR 🤥
✍️everyday I plan 4 the future and I never think about the end or ever saying that’s it phuckit I quit I’m DONE ✍️SWEET EMOTION can’t b found with a warm gun here comes the sun
4 mother natures son I’m One
the Willrello ranch is a house of fun that is blessed by the raze of the Black hole sun I like 2 call LULU Little One and I never had a talk between a Father&Son I used 2 hang with the hounds of hell like a Band On The Run some daze I think I’m The Only One and then I say I Ain’t The One Lucifer and reality r a Tag Team at night when I sleep I’m in a nightmare
caught in a Scream Dream I know when I was a child running wild and crazy I had no Self Esteem but god gave me the Power To Redeem and fight against buck fiden and his New Regime that I hope gets hit by a Sun Beam
as I go Runnin Down A Dream and pick up some Steam and catch a ride with David Bowie on a Moonage Daydream all across the Promise Land as I make my STAND with a confident and intelligent SLOWHAND and play Let It Whip by The Dazz Band knowing my FIRE burns bright with DESIRE that Takes Me Higher and I know the truth will set us free so try 2 never b a

❤️❤️❤️❤️LIGHT ❤️❤️❤️❤️
😎high JSW here in the red on the right 2 tell u it may not b 2day or 2night but one day the American Conservative Republican Party is going 2 drag the truth about buck fiden and his gang out in2 the LIGHT
David Bowie and Iggy Pop wrote a song where they sing Everything Will B Alright Tonight and LED ZEPPELIN has a song I love called IN The LIGHT Stevie Wonder has a song with over 1.8 million views called UPTIGHT and INXS Sings NÉED YOU TONIGHT and I love it when RUSH plays LIMELIGHT and FLY BY NIGHT while MICHAEL JACKSON does his tune BLACK OR WHITE and CHEAP TRICK has a song I love called SHE’S TIGHT and GREAT WHITE does LADY RED LIGHT everyone everywhere outthere needs 2 hear THE SUGARHILL GANGS
Or THREE DOORS DOWN PLAYING KRYPTONITE and I love 2 hear IAN HUNTER singing a gr8 song called STANDING IN MY LIGHT and
ERIC CLAPTON does an excellent cover of J.J. CALE’S hit song AFTER MIDNIGHT and the BEATLES do GOOD NIGHT
and a movie album and song called A HARD DAY’S NIGHT and a cool tune titled BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR KITE
Lindsey Stirling has an amazing music video with over 36 million views called
There is a song that THE WHITE STRIPES do called IN THE COLD, COLD NIGHT that was written by JACK WHITE
Everything Will Be Alright Tonight In The Light don’t get Uptight because I Need You Tonight in the Limelight as we Fly By Night it doesn’t matter if we r Black Or White She’s Tight Lady Red Light partying 2 Rappers Delight eating KRYPTONITE hoping u move because your Standing In My Light After Midnight saying Good NIGHT it’s been A Hard Day’s Night Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite as we Take Flight the time is Too Tight we need 2 Shine A Light In The Cold, Cold Night Dancing In The Moonlight It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight
as we all work from GOODMORNING until we say GOODNIGHT 2 make everything in our lives go right
Working our fingers 2 the bone trying 2 get home by the end of daylight where only positive things happen as we fight 2 never let negativity take the spotlight always reading the writing on the wall written in black and white and never stand in another person’s light that is trying 2 fly like a stringless kite as I let this little light of mine shine after midnight munching KRYPTONITE and enjoying every bite on a cold cold night in a fight against frostbite dancing in the moonlight 2 my hearts delight in the face of the enemy without any fear or fright and never lose sight of the difference between wrong and right and always fight 2 bring everything that is a lie hidden within the darkness of night and expose it all out IN THE SUN LIGHT in hopes of making America Great Again with a future that is bright living a life that is a blessing and a SHEER DELIGHT ❤️