☮️💟✝️ WHEN I AM HAPPY ☮️💟✝️

When I am happy I might say YIPPEEWAALAAYEEHAAOOLALA if everything is going my way as I while away the day letting my imagination live love laugh & play planning the steps I will take 2 get each & everyone of my hopes wishes & dreams underway in the life I portray keeping a smile on my face everyday come what may Jesus Mary & Joseph let us pray & if u let God come in2 your world he will make the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay until 4ever & a day if there’s a will there is a way peace hangloose iloveu ok & Sting has a gr8 song ilove that has 15 million views called BRAND NEW DAY & ilove a gr8 song by Shannon that has 41.3 million views called LET THE MUSIC PLAY & ilove a gr8 song by Fergie that has 48.1 million views called LONDON BRIDGE (OH SNAP) & maybe u think I am an old chap trying 2 bridge the Generation Gap like my website is a tourist trap when your surfing the internet trying 2 catch the big kahuna hanging 10 all over the global map & that makes me wanna say yipyapflipflaptiptapholycrap in a cold snap like I am the first driver in a NASCAR race at the Daytona 500 & they just waved the white flag on the last lap & slappers slap nappers nap & rappers rap as clappers clap & toe tap & ilove a gr8 song by Fitz And The Tantrums that has 131.3 million views called HANDCLAP & ilove a gr8 song by Guns N Roses that has 752.6 million views called DON’T CRY & I am always on the fly never knowing if we r seeing things the same eye 2 eye sweetie pie as I try 2 b a nice guy that never says die with an endless well of words that never leaves me hanging high & dry without something 2 say 2 get me by & ilove a gr8 song by Bush that has 1.2 million views called GREEDY FLY & Tool has a gr8 song called THE POT that has 40.5 million views where Maynard James Keenan sings YOU MUST HAVE BEEN HIGH & Willie Nelson has a gr8 live song that ilove that has 9.2 million views called ROLL ME UP AND SMOKE ME WHEN I DIE & if I take 2 big of a toke & I cough & start 2 choke I might say oakydoakyhokypokyholysmoky & it ain’t no joke & Billy Squier has a gr8 song ilove that has 10.9 million views called THE STROKE & sometimes I might whisper fatloghighonthehoghotdiggitydog when I get caught in a cloud of PEPE LE PEW FOG & i never worry about what people might say trying 2 ruin day because everynight b4 I go 2 sleep I pray 2 God my soul 2 keep & I catch zzz’s like a log & they say if u smell the middle finger of Kermit The Frog it smells like bacon from playing doctor with Miss Piggy The Hog & there is a gr8 drama/music movie ilove that was released in 2007 starring 12 year old Dakota Fanning called HOUNDDOG & when things r going gr8 i just might say coolbeans or beesknees when I am shooting the breeze & I always say GODBLESSU if I hear someone sneeze & I always try 2 b polite & say THANKU & Please & ilove it 2 the moon & back every time I go 2 JIMMY BUFFETT’S MARGARITAVILLE RESTAURANT IN THE FLORIDA KEYS & when LULU is acting wild & crazy like a puppy I like 2 say Jeez Louise u act like a Daring Young American Pitbull on the flying trapeze soaring like an Angel with the Gr8est of ease up in the clouds high above the Redwood Trees with no ticks or fleas & I like 2 share PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS with the world & swaddle it in a blanket of tenderness & seal the deal with a hug & a kiss trying 2 ease your minds in2 a elevated state of bliss like I am Kris Kringle & everyday is Christmas & ilove Holy Cheese & my favorite kind is Swiss & Pearl Jam has a gr8 song ilove that has 18.1 million views called LAST KISS & until we all reach heaven & as long as we r alive what on earth could b better than this & I am blessed 2 b able 2 take every breath I breathe in my search 4 my own state of bliss & I will always reminisce about the pets family & friends that i lost & until I meet them again on the otherside they will all b the loves of my life that I miss 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times and takecare time flys by in the wink of an eye & leaves us no time 2 prepare & the next thing u know u r on your way 2 the promise land & the spirit of your soul evaporates in2 thin air out of nowhere & alls fair ☮️💟✝️✌️🤙🤟👌✍️🙏😎😍🥰💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️ WHEEL ❤️❤️❤️

Your life is yours 2 live & control 2 b the driver & never let anyone but u b the one that sits behind the steering WHEEL & get the feel of being the one that keeps your ship floating on an even keel with nerves of steel & b proud of who u r with a good sense of humor & a whiplash smile & a positive mental attitude full of sexappeal & ilove a gr8 song by Brantley Gilbert called MAN OF STEEL & ilove a gr8 poem by Walt Whitman called Sparkles From The Wheel & I never only pray 2 God when things don’t go my way I say a prayer everyday just 2 tell him his Son & The Holy Ghost just 2 let them know how I feel & when I do I get caught in a thought inside of a dream where everything around me feels so Surreal & ilove a gr8 song by Jesus Jones called Real Real Real & I am 2 old 2 try & do a backflip at the end of my cartwheel because hurting yourself at 66 could turn in2 a real life changing ordeal & the 8th Commandment says Thou Shalt Not Steal & never sell your soul 2 the Devil 2 4ever let him keep your neck under his heel & kneel b4 him & kiss the fire in his hand 2 seal the deal & when in china they say u r in the dark if u r Yin & u walk in the light if u r Yang & Jessie J has a gr8 song ilove called Real Deal & I am a lone wolf with no need 2 run with the pack or hang with the gang it’s just not my thang & if u live your life by the sword u will die by the sword just like throwing a boomerang & I am a male from Mars & i call my Johnson the wang & ilove females from Venus that have T+A & a vertical smile that I like 2 call the poontang 2 use a slang & try 2 never say God dam & instead I might say gosh darn or gall dang & I believe that God created all life living on planet earth & I am not a follower of the theory called the BigBang & I always get a tear of joy in my eye when I hear the Star Spangled Banner properly sang & in Washington DC the difference between the blue on the left & The Red On The Right is like the darkness & the light that takes place during the day & the night & it’s a never ending fight that is a SAD&UGLY plight that is played out in front of the world in plain sight with the blue taking over the fbi doj cia & the secret service that has now turned in2 a one sided battle that is unfair 2 Republicans as they run America like it is a leftist political mafia run country with all there might & if people never look 4 the answers they will continue 2 b brainwashed dumbed down & stupid 2 there heart’s delight & if they look 2 regime media 2 find the truth that is the one thing they will never see & only u control your mind don’t let anyone lockup your thoughts & hypnotize u 2 b what they want u 2 b only u have the key 2 unlock your brain & set it free & let your choice b your voice & speak about what u love & hate freely & not b afraid 2 tell somebody when u agree or disagree & let God b the referee & let honesty b the difference between positivity & negativity & ilove a gr8 song by Prince called LOOSE & ilove it every morning when I drop a deuce it makes me fly free like a Howard Hughes Spruce Goose just like a runaway train without a caboose sharing my poetry with everyone everywhere Outthere that has eyes ears & minds that I can try 2 seduce & ilove 2 drink some POM Wonderful Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice & ilove the art & the poetry hidden within the beautiful heart & the amazing mind of a one of a kind American Author & Cartoonist Writing & Illustrating more than 60 Books Under His Pen Name Dr. SEUSS 🍀🤞💋😍🙏✌️🤙🤟👌☮️💟✝️😇😎🫶Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY always keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸

❤️❤️❤️ MYSTIFIED ❤️❤️❤️

There’s a gr8 song ilove by Travis Tritt called MODERN DAY BONNIE AND CLYDE & if that’s the way u want 2 live your life where everyday & night u try 2 run your hustle & hide fit 2 b tied because the thought of being a cold blooded gangster has u MYSTIFIED & u think the world is your oyster as u take the weak & the innocent 4 a ride telling all of your victims welcome 2 my world step inside & u say I may joke but I don’t phuckin play so hey everybody walk this way & don’t lose your stride when I meet u on the darkside as I force u 2 swim against the tide & so I just wanted u 2 know what we have here on planet earth is a place where heaven & hell coincide & it’s sad but true that it’s everywhere worldwide so bad it makes me teary eyed when I think about the godfearing people that run in2 a misfit criminal with a brain that is fried from the devil that they let live inside when both of there worlds collide when u meet the sinners in public when u leave the safety of your home 2 go outside & in the center of my heart mind & soul that I have under complete control & is an imaginary time machine that is driven by a child ever since I was born I have been living my life like a fugitive from heaven on the loose running wild chasing words like wild birds around 2 hear that sound & hope they r worthy enough 2 save & say hoping 2 leave u beguiled if they were properly placed & mentally styled but as 4 me without the ability of being able 2 c your face because we r separated by time & space billions of humans caught up in this crazy rat race 2 know if u laughed or smiled as I get lost at any cost going hogwild trying 2 never let myself get easily riled & share peace love & happiness like a flowerchild that was always hot n nasty & anything but mild on my own a lonewolf running wild like Tarzan king of the jungle who was raised by animals when he was a helpless & lost dreamchild wishing the world could b reconciled & life can b a pain in the neck if u don’t live the one u got 2 the fullest & keep it in check as we all play the hand we r dealt knowing god is the dealer that controls the deck in a world where everything is on the leading edge of being spaceage & hightech where everything is all about cost & effect living a life where u should learn 2 suggest & not expect & always remember 2 give back when given respect & instead of saying what the hell say what the heck & b a stellar & perfect subject 4 the whole planet 2 inspect & ilove2 swim in the pool where my eternal waterfall of my imagination loves 2 collect expressing my internal mental magic that I think & redirect in2 the eyes & ears & minds of everyone everywhere Outthere that I hope wish dream & pray 2 infect with my Dirty Whiteboy New Jersey dialect & the candle of thought never burns if u don’t light the wick when u have an axe 2 grind or a bone 2 pick so get on the stick with no baffling bullshit just cut 2 the quick & lay it all out & spread it on thick & it’s eye 4 an eye so don’t blink u might miss a trick & then your life ain’t worth a lick that anyone would even want 2 touch with a 10 foot stick & when u got a bad case of anxiety & stress that u r trying 2 give a swift kick just handroll a fat Bob Marley stick & give that glue on the hemp paper a nice little lick in search of that T H C pleasure that is sure 2 b the one thing that always does the trick right after I light the bone when I flick my Bic & as I watch the cloud of the green haze rise with a sweet skunkybud aroma that is pungent & thick & they say if u like 2 play with the roses watch out 4 the thorns trying 2 give u a prick & everyone can learn a lesson from the Three Little Pigs when the Big Bad Wolf comes around 2 try & blow your house down make sure u build your Castle out of brick & INXS has a gr8 Album & song by the same name that they released in 1987 called KICK & there is a gr8 sci-fi fantasy comedy flick starring Adam Sandler ilove that was released in 2006 called CLICK & NBA Hall Of Famer Patrick Ewing is the number one Gr8est player of all time 2 ever suit up as a New York Knick & u can call it the wang or the wood the ding a ling or the tallywacker maybe it’s your junk the Johnson or the twig & berries your dipstick or your prick but in the end it’s just a DICK ✌️🤙🤟👌😍🍀😎🤞❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟✝️🙏🌝🌝🌝I just wanted 2 tell everyone everywhere Outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share 2 try & catch the Full Sturgeon Supermoon that will b here real soon a giant flying free from the string aged cheddar cheese balloon & we all can b like Dean Martin & crone that old Italian AMORE tune so keep your eyes open wide on August first Tuesday & hope wish dream & pray that the weather sees fit 2 let the the man on the moon & his starlight overnight skyshow live love laugh & play sending an awesome beautiful & amazing eyecandy display our way OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 🌝🌝🌝Donald Trump The 45th President Of The USA did more in two years for AMERICA & AMERICANS Than 4 years of peanutpicker jimmy carter 8 years of goodoldboy hillbillyclinton 8 years of the worst president in The History Of America headlikearockobomba & 2 years & 7 months of braindeaddevilsadvocatefuckjoebiden all 2gether & all of these 4 anti American cronies spent there time in the White House & our tax dollars working as hard as they could trying 2 turn our America in2 a third world country & regime media try’s 2 hide the truth by putting lipstick on & blowing out the hair on the bluebellydonkeyparty 2 try & make them look good instead of telling the truth like they should but hey it’s still the Beijingleftwingdonkeyparty 😵‍💫🤪🙃😳💀🤥😷☠️🤑😡🤬👺

❤️❤️ READMYMIND ❤️❤️

I would like 2 invite each & everyone everywhere Outthere 2 READMYMIND & try 2 find something I said that blows your mind or causes your gears 2 grind or maybe there is a poem that lets your mind unwind or something I said that runs circles all around the inside of your head that u don’t hear everyday on your daily grind but first u have 2 wake & bake some sticky buds & get blind & a person without dreams lives no life so blow everybody’s mind & B the big dog that all the other big dogs chase & let them eat your dust as u pick up the pace in the human race & leave them all behind & everyone’s cloud is silver lined just waiting 2 b mined so u can b a never seen b4 one of a kind & in 1991 NIRVANA released an album that featured Dave Grohl 4 the first time called NEVERMIND & my brain is a train that I wish uall would b my guest & hop on inside & enjoy my ride & I am not running from anyone or anything & I have nothing 2 hide I am a proud AMERICAN REPUBLICAN with Brass Balls & a healthy helping of Ego & Pride & I like 2 let my voice in my head b my pens guide & I am still chasing my bucket list trying 2 check off some things that I never tried knowing some daze r good & some days r sad or bad where I try 2 turn my frown upside down & show my flipside & everyday that I am alive they r measured by the smiles & laughter or by the puddles of tears that I cried & I’m not scared 2 succeed ilove2 strap on my hockey blades & dare 2 glide where the ice is thin as I slip & slide keeping my eyes & ears open wide & enjoy the free ride alive & well There Fore I Am & many times I have had 2 pay the toll 4 thinking I was cool & playing the playing the role & I was lucky 2 never have 2 do any time 4 the I wack bullshit I was so stupid about everytime I committed a crime & I learned my lessons & I was taught well how 2 walk the line & I found out that being a goodboy was a heavenly sign that with the help of god I was going 2 b fine & like Atlas I know I can carry my world of failures & problems & not falter from the mental & physical weight & now I understand & know that the 2 strongest feelings that exist on this crazy planet that we all share is pure love & hate & on the day our father made me from human clay he broke the mold & threw it away & like u I am the only one when everything has been said & done & when my life here on earth had begun living in a world breathing my first breath like Chris Columbus on the run catching some vitamin D for free from the rays of the giant star we call the SUN in search of peace love & happiness every second of my life until it’s over & done & I am just a simple man made of skin & bone & I have paid all my dues each & everyone & I have done my fair share of being wasted without a care living my life in the twilight zone & like the Led Zeppelin song ilove called Nobody’s Fault But Mine & I point the finger of blame at no one else but me 4 all the skeletons in my closet that I own by myself all alone without anyone at home 2 talk 2 on the cellphone & only if there was a way that I b u 4 a day I would say I wish I could b u & give myself some advice & a different point of view about cherry RED roses & eyes that r baby blue living in the rat race where humans lock themselves up real tight inside their houses like animals in a zoo & never tell a person u love them unless u feel that way from head 2 toe & every word u speak is True & remember we will always b held accountable 4 everything we say & do & I am always going 2 b the real little old me & I want u 2 always b the real u 2 & listen 2 my hopes wishes & dreams with every word that I say peace hangloose iloveu OK may everything go your way always keep a smile on your faces come what may as uall live love laugh & play OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY🦋I almost got killed by a minivan in front of my house last week & I am glad 2 say I thank god I am still here & the sun & moon were looking crazy because of the wild fires burning in Canada & the New Jersey Pinelands 💋PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✌️🤙🤟👌😎🍀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️ Off The Top Of My Head ❤️

😍 every word I ever said was a thought that came Off The Top Of My Head without any fear about the path that I tread & I sleep like a baby when I go 2 bed stoned 2 the bone with my pie eyes bloodshot & beet red singing Box Of Rain by the Grateful Dead & my Stepfather has been in heaven for 22 years but I still remember every word that he said telling me I was not the brightest bulb in the closet or the sharpest tool in the shed & that my brain was as slow as a herd of turtles swimming in a sea of peanut butter spread always following my friends & marching with the zombies in the walking dead gullible as a puppy & easily misled who would give up the good life 2 burn in hell instead & I can’t remember how many times I went down not knowing my life was hanging on by a thread almost an angel with my wings widespread hoping 2 make a cluster of clouds my cherubfeatherbed singing killed by death by Motörhead & I do not follow the Chinese communist party who’s followers r easily led by the bullshit & lies that they r fed I Am A Proud American 🇺🇸 Republican until the day I pass away & my favorite color is Cherry Red ❤️ & everyone has a my dog is bigger than your dog story 2 tell & I’m happy 2 say I got 2hear & c Ronnie Van Zant & Lynyrd Skynyrd live singing a gr8 song called That Smell & u have go c Billy Idol live & hear him sing in your ear a cool tune called Rebel Yell & ilove 2 listen 2 Ed Rolland & Collective Soul sing Yeah Let’s Gel & I’m just waiting 4 AC/DC 2 let me know when they r ready 2 go 4 a ride on the Highway To Hell & it would b beesknees if I could go Rolling In The Deep with Adele & Desire (Drive) sings I Do Nothing But Think Of You on their song Under Your Spell & I would love 2 b like the Allman Brothers Band & drink mushroom tea & Eat A Peach & go c the Farmer In The Dell & ring a southern bell & go check in with The Rolling Stones over at the Memory Motel & when I was young I loved 2 chew bubble gum & my 2 favorite brands were made by Bazooka Joe & Swell & ilove the movie 40 Year Old Virgin starring Steve Carell & ilove the hilarious stoner comedy cult film called Half Baked starring Dave Chappelle & they say u should save your pennies 4 a rainy day sou can go out & live love laugh & play with god as your pilot is all we can hope wish dream & pray telling everyone I meet peace hangloose iloveu ok with a smile on my face everynight & everyday come what may wearing a necklace made of garlic 2 keep the Vampires away listening 2 Let’s Get It On Sung By Marvin Gaye & no one ever portrayed an iconic celebrity as good as Jamie Fox when he starred in an awesome beautiful & amazing film released in 2004 called RAY & ilove 2 hear Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones sing Sway & ilove The Grateful Dead song on the In The Dark Album called Touch Of Gray & ilove the song Higher by Creed off of their album titled Human Clay & if u want 2 live all your dreams remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so we live & learn that if there is a will there is a way & they say every dog has his or her day 2 look 4 & find everything that puts your heart soul & mind in a state of bliss like that song by Dean Martin called AMORE ✌️🤙🤟👌🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🍀🙏2 everyone everywhere Outthere I would like 2 say GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 all the mom’s in the world peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY i hope uall have an Awesome Beautiful & Amazing Happy Mothers Day as uall LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ☮️💟✝️🫶😘😎

😎when I was growing up my stepdad used 2 tell me that I was a loser & a failure & I would never amount 2 anything well when it comes 2 my vocals he was right about one thing JSW can’t sing haha u should hear me at Birthday party’s making everyone’s ears ring but when I am in the shower I can dance like Michael Jackson & I can sing like Elvis Presley the King but I am never going 2 make a living at dancing & singing 2 earn my Cha Ching & I wish that I knew what I know now when I was young about life love & happiness & y birds fly & bees sting 🐝
😵‍💫🙃😳TIME WE KILL ⏱️ 🫣
2 everyone everywhere outthere we all should b arrested 4 the capital crime of murder 4 all the time that we kill & living life in this world u have 2 walk the walk & not talk the talk because bullshit is never going 2 pay the bill & never stop chasing all your hopes wishes & dreams that give u a thrill & always have eyes bigger than your stomach 2 make sure uall get your fill as u climb the stairway 2 heaven touching every step all the way 2 the top of the hill tap dancing like Sammy Davis Jr. 2 show off your skill & they say u should pray 2 god 2 help u find your way & let our father his son & the Holy Ghost b the strength that gives u the Will & in 1938 Cadillac made the Sixty Special & in 1959 they gave us the De Ville & in 1975 they made a Caddy called the Seville & the Beatles have a song ilove called I Will & they say the best coffee in the world comes from Brazil & there is a song with 2.5 million views that is sung by a bird called the Whippoorwill & Do Not Let Spacious Plans For A New World Divert Your Energies From Saving What Is Left Of The Old is a beautiful quote said by Winston Churchill & when people go out 2 drink it up some sip some guzzle & some act like they r on a fire drill & take the bullet train 2 inebriation & swill &Jewel has a song I like with 7.7 million views called Standing Still & the largest animal living on planet earth is the Blue Whale getting up 2 to 98 feet long & they r filter feeders & their diet consists almost exclusively from eating Krill & 4 over 120 years aspirin has been known as the wonder drug or the miracle pill that alleviates pain fever & inflammation when u r feeling ill so u can act like Sleepy from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs & chill & from 2001 thru 2011 there was gr8 American Superhero tv series based on a DC Comics character named Superman on the show Smallville & The Beastie Boys have a song called time 2 get ill that was on their first album released in 86 titled Licensed To ILL & zero – zip & zilch all equal Nil & ilove a song called Go Rest High On That Mountain that has 58 million views sung by Vince Gill & ilove a song by Ed Sheeran that has 522 million views called Castle On The Hill & Motley Crue has a song I like with 13 million views called Looks That Kill & there is a clay character that did recurring sketches on Saturday Night Live from 76 until 82 called Mr. Bill & Citizen Way has a song I like with 12.2 million views called I Will & the first major battle of the American Revolution was fought in Charleston ( now known as Boston) on June 17th 1775 & was called The Battle Of Bunker Hill & the Screaming Trees have a song I like with 1.4 million views called Dollar Bill & there is a 5 minute segment of the tv show The Office that has 34.8 million views called Fire Drill & Quentin Tarantino has an awesome action crime drama Trilogy that ilove starring Uma Thurman called Kill Bill 😜
OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY peace hangloose iloveu ok may everything go your way & always keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday COMEWHATMAY it makes the life u live & the world u live it in a better place 2 stay ☮️💟✝️

🙃a little bird was flying south 4 the winter & it was so cold he froze & he fell 2 the ground in2 a large field & while he was lying there a cow came by & dropped a fresh turd pie on him & as the frozen bird lay there in the hot cow pie he began 2 warm up & started thawing out & he laid there warm & happy & he began 2 sing 4 joy & then a passing cat
Heard the bird singing & discovered the bird under the crap & dug him out & ate him
Know what the moral of the story is, one – not everyone who shits on u is your enemy, two – not everyone who gets u out of shit is your friend, -three
& when u r in deep shit it’s best 2 keep your mouth shut
🇺🇸 🇺🇸PROMISE LAND 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
🙃a place or time of ultimate happiness paradise or heaven a place of total peace & rest in2 eternity can b found in the PROMISE LAND & Mr. Bojangles is a song off of the Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy album in 1974 that has over 15 million views that is played by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & the battle of Little BigHorn is better known as Custer’s Last Stand & on my 50th birthday on November 15th 2005 Donna took me on a trip 2 Las Vegas & on the 18th we went 2 c The Rolling Stones in the Garden Arena at the MGM Grand & Neil Young has a song on his album Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere in 1969 with over 4 million views called Cowgirl In The Sand & if u r looking 4 men’s blue jeans in classic & modern styles including skinny slim straight & bootcut options go shop with the American Denim Company called Lucky Brand & Tobymac has a song he plays that has over 3 million views & I feel every word he says in my heart
& head when he sings his tune Promised Land & Can”t You See is a song written by Toy Caldwell in 1973 that has over 47 million views that was recorded by The Marshall Tucker Band & on LED Zeppelin”s 7th album Presence in 1976 the opening track is a song with over 6 million views called Achilles Last Stand & Zakk Wylde & The Black Label Society have a crazy song that ilove called Ain’t Life Grand & on Jimi Hendrix’s second album Axis Bold As Love in 1967 he wrote a beautiful song on it called Castles Made Of Sand & all around the world Tattoos & Piercings have become pretty mainstream & now the Body Art Community offers u branding with the choice of a Thermal Cautery or Hot & extremely cold & they even have a Solar Brand & The Who has a gr8 song that they do with over 2 million views called Teenage Wasteland & god has the whole world in his hand & everything & all life living in it is at his command & humans take & never give back as much as they demand & a lot of people act like an Ostrich & bury their heads in the sand & there is a line between the Red & the blue pick a side & make a stand 2 everyone everywhere outthere in the USA 🇺🇸 it’s all about God & country America & Americans & facts over lies

🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀
🤞heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share peace hangloose iloveu ok May everything go your way i hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🍀🍀🍀❤️❤️🍀🍀🍀
❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥GET TO ME ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
🤞ilove Train’s song GET TO ME & go check out the largest underground lake in the U.S.A.
called the Lost Sea & in 78 Genesis released their 9th album titled And Then There Were Three that had a gr8 song on it called Follow You Follow Me & in WW II 3,800 Japanese pilots flew in suicide attacks 4 the Empire of Japan after joining an organization known as Kamikaze & Japan also has a ceremonial suicide they do if they r disgraced or sentenced 2 death called
Hari-Kari & in 2007 a cool computer animated comedy film came out that starred the voices of Seinfeld & Chris Rock called the BEE MOVIE & Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 on the 12th of February near Hodgenville Kentucky & in 66 Tommy James & The Shondells had a big hit song called HANKY PANKY & the Philadelphia Flyers have a Team Mascot named GRITTY & in 2013 a cool adventure comedy drama film came out starring Ben Stiller called THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY & the first cousin & bodyguard that was in charge of all money flowing thru AL CAPONE’S operations was FRANK NITTI & in 78 Nick Gilder had a gr8 song that was an ODE 2 Runaways called HOT CHILD IN THE CITY & in 75 the rock band Led Zeppelin released their 6th studio album that was a musical masterpiece called PHYSICAL GRAFFITI & ilove the band INXS & they have a song I like called SHAKE THE TREE & ilove 2 hear Queen & Freddy Mercury singing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY & when I go 2 the dentist I never get a novacaine shot even when they r drilling a cavity & in 84 Prince & The Revolution hit it big with their second # one hit on the billboard hot 100 with a gr8 song called LET’S GO CRAZY & Deep Purple had an awesome hit song from their 72 album Machine Head called
LAZY & ilove Ted Nugent & his gr8 song called HEY BABY & Capital Punishment is a nice way 2 say DEATH PENALTY & it’s a magical mystery how humanity never learns from mistakes made in our past history one day human stupidity will lead us all 2 our destiny & in 82 there was a romantic comedy starring Dustin Hoffman in the theaters called TOOTSIE & when it comes 2 James Bond my favorite 007 is Sean Connery but I also like Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me & For Your Eyes Only & OCTOPUSSY & the Marshall Tucker Band has a gr8 song ilove called
CAN’T YOU SEE & everything is up 2 the powers that b what they say is what will b will b we just have 2 wait & c as we live our lives FOOTLOOSE & FANCYFREE under lock & key making WHOOPEE knowing 2morrow 4 all of us is not a Guarantee ☮️💟✝️🙏😎💋

Body Like An Old Back Road 💋Sam Hunt has a gr8 song ilove 2 hear him play that has 286.6 million views called Body Like An Old Back Road & Hero Of The Day is a gr8 song by Metallica that’s on there 96 album release called Load & The Dropkick Murphys have a cool song with 2.2 million views called The Warrior’s Code & Johnny & Edgar Winter have a gr8 song with 2.6 million views called Tobacco Road & Ludicris has a heavy track with 6.1 million views titled Beast Mode & Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Do a gr8 song 2gether that has 1.6 million views called Further On Up The Road & Tone Loc has a cool rap song I like called Next Episode & we can’t find our way 2 the road of peace because there is no exit 2 take off of life is a highway so they say b that as it may hip hip hooray have a gr8 day come what may I dare say where there is a will there is a way & crime doesn’t pay so let it lay in god we trust let us pray & we r all made by the hands of our father out of magic human clay & everything is a o k it’s all child’s play if u don’t rub someone the wrong way & remember in life & love it’s safe 2 say it’s what u do & not what u say & always let a sleeping dog lie where they lay & try not 2 get caught up in or participate in sad & ugly mind games that people play & back in the day we used 2 say hey dude I got some good grass want 2 go smoke a Jay & go munch out at an all u can eat American buffet & have lobster tails & filet & finish it off with some fresh made lemon sorbet & go home & roll up a big fatty with the roaches piled up in my filled 2 the brim ashtray & go out & hit your ball thru the sticky wickets as u blast away the day any which way but loose playing croquet & then drive up 2 the chalet in your cabriolet in Monterrey & drink some Perrier & then have a nice bottle of Cabernet & take hits from the Bong with Cypress Hill Snoopdog & Dr. Dre & take a ride down 2 the Fissco Bay in a 56 Corvette Chevrolet & stop by the Old Cabaret & suck down double shots of Jose that they purvey 2 anyone on a temporary vacay or just looking 4 some oh so sweet AMORE sitting around a massive dining room table with a beautiful floral bouquet display & all of this mental 4play is what happens when everything goes your way when u r in search of your forte
Every night & day & never give up the chase after everything uall hope wish dream & pray because u have 2 pave the way knowing that Rome wasn’t built in a day so never do anything halfway & GODBLESS the U.S.A. & I am already old & gray so I guess I will b doing my little dog & pony show until the REAPER comes by my way 2 rescue me on my dying day
Remember 2 keep a smile on all of your faces everynight & everyday COMEWHATMAY because sharing some laughter and a smile goes a long way in this world 2day making a persons life & the house they call home a better place 2 stay 🏡🍀🙏😇🥰😁
✌️🤙🤟👌👁️👁️✌️🤙🤟👌❤️😍 ❤️‍🔥😘😎😎😘❤️‍🔥😍❤️

✍️ 🍀 FRITZ THE CAT 🍀 ✍️
😘ilove the rock band INXS & there song with over 4 million views called NEW SENSATION & SANTANA has a gr8 tune he play’s called OPEN INVITATION
& in 84 ROD STEWART had an album titled CAMOUFLAGE with a song on it that that he did with JEFF BECK called INFATUATION & THE WHO has a awesome tune they do with over 17 million views titled
Has a cool song with over 1.9 million views I like called SECRET SEPARATION & every day we go thru the trials & Tribulations of being alive learning from our mistakes & what 2 do the right way until the day we die because we will always b the student & living life is our education so it’s heaven or bust in god we trust & pray it will b our final destination & doing the work of our father on the otherside will b our devoted occupation as we run thru the fields of joy looking 4ward 2 a spiritual world of never ending celebration & I know it sounds like a far stretch of the imagination but u have 2 have faith in the good book & it’s affirmation that has a lot of questions & answers that always leads 2 an interesting conversation & I believe in the heavenly information & ilove DAVID BOWIE & he has a gr8 song with 3.8 million views called STATION TO STATION & try not 2 let your friends convince u that it’s cool 2 have a healthy cosmic debris habit that winds up leading u 2 a life of degradation that takes u down a path of physical & mental devastation so y not try some rehabilitation with determination & give your heart mind & soul a little purification & have a born again lust 4 life reincarnation & enjoy the rejuvenation of no longer being controlled by intoxication & stop zig zagging & criss crossing over all your lines of communication & don’t let your curiosity 2 open Pandora’s box of death defying experimentation drive u in2 a world of demoralization hey chill out & go on a me myself & I vacation & JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS have a gr8 song with 4 million views called BAD REPUTATION & U2 is a gr8 Irish rock band ilove that has an amazing track with over 32 million views called ELEVATION & JAMES has a cool tune I like 2 listen 2 with 5.5 million views called BORN OF FRUSTRATION & the MOTOR CITY MADMAN
TED NUGENT has a gr8 guitar song he does called HIBERNATION & ashes 2 ashes & dust 2 dust after my cremation & I don’t like doctors or medication & there is a gr8 double LP album that was recorded on the 85 tour that was the first official live music that TOM PETTY released called PACK IN THE PLANTATION & AEROSMITH has a title track on there ninth album in 87 that ilove called PERMANENT VACATION & in 07 JOHN FOGERTY did a cool song called PREMONITION 😘
😘2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always BESAFE bestrong protect yourselves at all times & TAKECARE & ever since the first time I read this poem by MARY HOWITT The Spider and The Fly that she wrote in 1829 it is an amazing lesson in life that teaches children not 2 trust a stranger that is trying 2 lure them in so teach them not 2 listen 2 wolves in sheeps clothing & run the other way from back then until now we have 2 worry about predators & monsters that r lurking in the shadows & hacking & tracking on the airwaves destroying the innocence of children in our society 2days children r 2morrows future let’s protect them with our lives & save them from the insanity 😵‍💫

❤️ 2-12-89 🍀🍀 2-12-23 ❤️
❤️‍🔥Donna & I have been friends 2gether for 49 years & on 2-12-23 it will b our Wedding Anniversary #34❤️‍🔥& everyday I hope wish dream & pray 2 God 2 let us b with each other 2 live love laugh & play 4 another 34 years or more❤️‍🔥& Donna is the love of my life that I so adore❤️‍🔥& she can light up the world with her smile that is full of happiness & joy galore❤️‍🔥& she has a heart mind & soul that I live 2 love & explore❤️‍🔥4 evermore❤️‍🔥because she is the precious earthangel that I breathe every breath I take & live my life 4❤️‍🔥
Waiting 2 c what will b will b we just have 2 wait & c what the future holds 4 her & me because no one knows what 2morrow has in store❤️‍🔥no matter what I have 2 endure she will always b my sweet
Mi Amor❤️‍🔥2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share❤️‍🔥there is a lid 4 every pot waiting 4 u out there in this wonderful world somewhere❤️‍🔥so go out & find your significant other & live a life of peace love & happiness like a fairy tale folklore affair❤️‍🔥& let the love u both give 2 each other b the love u both make & TAKECARE❤️‍🔥saying i LOVE YOU makes use of the 3 most powerful words a person can say❤️‍🔥 telling someone by your side is where u always want 2 stay❤️‍🔥& I will always b there with u 4ever & a day❤️‍🔥come what may❤️‍🔥in God we trust let us pray❤️‍🔥peace hangloose iloveu ok❤️‍🔥may everything go your way❤️‍🔥with smiles on all your faces making the life uall live & the world uall live it in a better place 2 stay❤️‍🔥I hope uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing HAPPY VALENTINES DAY❤️‍🔥😍🥰😘

😎in 1991 on the MAD MAD WORLD album Tom Cochrane
did a song with over 2 million views called LIFE IS A HIGHWAY sending me on a Rock N Roll binge & in 1981 he was in a band called RED RIDER & he played a gr8 tune with over 10 million views called LUNATIC FRINGE ❤️‍🔥
😎when I was young and dumb I did a lot of drugs but I never did any of them intravenous I never injected myself with a syringe & if u do u went overboard just a tinge & the thought of being caught up in that kind of situation makes me cringe & just think about all of the brain cells u singe once u r hooked u go 2 hell so many times that the door 2 the devils party flys off the hinge & u limit your rights of freedom 2 live a good life without being an addict & it’s your own sanity that u infringe & if your brain is 2 eggs frying in a pan as u 4get 2 take the time 2 think about how much u make your heart kidneys & liver twinge ❤️‍🔥
😎give yourself a running start & go all in with one’s heart & save yourself 4 everyone else & b a person that u can b proud of & do whats right & don’t b a poser & play the part take a good look at where u were & where u r now & where u could b & u will c that being lost & being found r worlds apart & if u want love u have 2 give love & your life will become a state of art & know this there is no diploma given out 4 being streetsmart & u will never get 2 the top of the hill pumping gas at a speedmart
or by wearing an orange vest chasing shopping carts at the local Walmart u have 2 jumpstart your lionheart & know change makes change so go out & upset the apple cart & live a life that is admired by everyone because u r off the chart & who u were & who u can b r poles apart if u can find it in your heart 2 give yourself a flying start & b smart & kickstart your sweetheart & don’t follow your peers down a path that tears your little world apart & know that a new beginning is waiting 4 u 2 turn the key & start ❤️‍🔥
😎this might come as a shock but u were not born yesterday & your not the new kid on the block u r in a human race against the clock & b like Johnathon Seagull & fly free from the flock & people that always have a my dog is bigger than your dog story 2 tell talks poppycock & I think of myself when I hear that beautiful song by Bob Seger that I love that brings a tear 2 my eye as time flys by with over 4 million views called LIKE A ROCK ❤️‍🔥
Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK