👅 👅 A Rolling Stone 👅 👅
A Rolling Stone gathers no moss
the bridge of light between here and there is a span one day we all must cross
GODBLESS and ALLTHEBEST 2 Charlie Watts family and friends and 2 the band so sorry 4 your loss 👅❤️👅❤️👅❤️👅❤️👅
tropical storm henri rained out the SturgeonFullMoon 4 me hey chicken little the sky is falling it was pouring cats and dogs as far as the eye could c everything is what it is what will b will b we live our lives in the land of the free never knowing what the future holds 4 u and me we just have 2 sit back relax
And wait and c and hope the world 4 everybody is heavenly
and sing along with Paul McCartney when I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom LET IT BE 💘💖💝💞
peace hangloose iloveu ok
always make plans 2 live another day no matter what keep a smile on your face come what may in life and love it’s all about what u do not what u say life is a gift of love made by god in the heavens above remember 2 thank him 4 the gracious present every time u pray and always share peace love and happiness as u live love laugh and play 🤓😎😜

☮️💟✝️💝👁👁✌️🤙🤟👌 🙏Poetry I Wrote 4 Family And Friends That I Love 💕 They Now Live Love Laugh And Play Every Night And Every Day In The Heavens Above 🤞 Until We R All 2gether Again It’s Each Other We Will All Always B Thinking Of 🤟 Love The Life U Live And Have A Gr8 One 🍀 Everyday Chase All Of Your Hopes Wishes And Dreams And Have Fun By The Ton 😜 Remember 2 Always Try And Stop 2 Smell The Roses As U Live Your Life On The Run 🌹 Don’t 4get When The Time Is Right Jump In2 Bed And Pull The Covers Up Tight And Get A Good Nights Sleep When The Day Is Done 😴 PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS CUINHEAVEN HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ♥️💗💔💓💙💞💚💕💛❣️🧡💘❤️💖💜🤍🌺🌹🌸🌷

✌️🤙🤟👌👁👁👌🤟🤙✌️ The one thing all of us don’t know Is when it’s time 2 pack up our dog and pony show and go It’s not like we have a choice when the time comes we just have 2 go with the flow There is no expiration date on us 2 let us know when we will b set free Love the ones u love 2day because 2morrow there is no telling where we might all b None of us has a guarantee on how many days in2 the future we will all b able 2 c LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY HOPEWISHDREAMANDPRAY keep a smile on your face everyday COMEWHATMAY with a little help from the heavens above MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY remember u can talk till your blue in the face but in life and love it’s what u do not what u say ABRACADABRAHIPHIPHORAY GODBLESSTHEUSA OHWELL PEACEYALL JUSTSAYEN lets all work 2gether and make this world a better place 4 all of us 2 b stayen GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ♥️💘💙💕💚❣️💛💖🧡💗❤️💓💜💞💝☮️💟✝️🍀🙏