😎 😎 😎H E A D 😎 😎 😎
✍️if u Read My Mind u will c over 100 peace’s of my brain that escaped my H E A D ✍️
When I go thru it I remember everything and every word I said ✍️in everyone’s life we have times we love 2 reminisce
about and others we have trouble poking the needle in the eye with the thread ✍️
if I could choose how I would go I wish it could b while I was sleeping chasing dreams in my head as I lay sleeping like a baby in my bed ✍️I am a Conservative Republican American on the Right In The Red ✍️I live 2 hear the words socialist communism in the USA is DEAD 💀✍️
🖤I love 2 hear the song Ace Of Spade’s ♠️by the rock band MOTÖRHEAD 🖤
❤️‍🔥BJ Thomas sings Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head ❤️‍🔥
💘ELO does Can’t Get It Out Of My Head 💘
💜Little Anthony And The Imperials do Goin Out Of My Head 💜
💝Quiet Riot Says Bang Your Head 💝
💖Fleetwood Mac sings
Over My Head 💖
🟪Deep Purple plays Lazy and Smoke On The Water on there gr8 album Machine Head 🟪
💗I love the hit song I’m To Sexy by Right Said Fred 💗
💞I love the Flintstones Cartoons in 1960 when I was a young kid trying 2 keep up with the trial’s and tribulations of Barney and Fred 💞
❤️there is a beautiful song with over 105 million views called If You Don’t Know Me By Now done by Simply Red ❤️
💚I love the song Make It With You by the pop rock group BREAD 💚
❤️‍🩹when Phil Lesh’s father was dying from cancer he wrote a song called Box Of Rain with Robert Hunter that they did with the Grateful Dead ❤️‍🩹
✝️The Cure Does A dark Tune Titled Sleep When I’m Dead✝️
🤍there’s a rapper out there wireless in the air called Ramires with a gr8 tune with over 1 million views he does titled Lead Sled 🤍
🙂I’m here singing Ace Of Spade’s by Motörhead and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head trying 2 write poems that I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head that gets me Goin Out Of My Head sometimes u have 2 Bang Your Head when I Am in Over My Head so I take hit on the bong with Cheech And Chong and enjoy the Smoke On The Water 2 calm my Machine Head looking in the mirror thinking I’m To Sexy just like Barney and Fred and I say 2 everyone everywhere outthere If You Don’t Know Me By Now it’s hard 4 me 2 Make It With You as I cry listening 2 Box Of Rain by the Grateful Dead getting some rest when I can knowing deep down inside no worries I can always Sleep When I’m Dead but until then I’m going 4 a nice cruise listening 2 Rock Rap Country and Blues 4 my head floating down the highway of life in my LEAD SLED 😍🙏✌️🤙🤟👌

😎❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 FIRE ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😎
✌️there will come a day when I will pass away and I choose 2 b cremated and go out like a Viking on my funeral pyre with the spirit of my soul rising 2 the heavens above as I burn 2 ashes and dust in the flames of the FIRE 🔥 I love THE DOORS song LIGHT MY FIRE and there is a gr8 song by ARTHUR BROWN done in 68 called FIRE
JIMI HENDRIX sings Let Me Stand Next To Your FIRE 🔥 and JOHNNY CASH does his hit tune called RING OF FIRE while the ROLLING STONES do
❤️I live love laugh and play everyday come what may
and hope wish dream and pray with faith and DESIRE ❤️
U2 has DESIRE ❤️there is a gr8 song called HURRICANE on BOB DYLANS 17th studio album titled DESIRE ❤️
❤️when I was young and dumb living my life on the run thinking I was having fun getting so wasted I couldn’t get any HIGHER ❤️
SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE have a beautiful tune they do titled I WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER ❤️I love a song by CREED called HIGHER ❤️
MICHAEL BUBLE’ has an amazing album called HIGHER❤️if GEPPETTO created the devil’s advocate buck fiden they would have 2 trim his nose everyday because it would grow just like it does on PINOCCHIO whenever he is a LIAR 🤥 QUEEN has an awesome song with over 9 million views called LIAR 🤥
THREE DOG NIGHT has a cool tune with over 1 million views titled LIAR 🤥
✍️everyday I plan 4 the future and I never think about the end or ever saying that’s it phuckit I quit I’m DONE ✍️SWEET EMOTION can’t b found with a warm gun here comes the sun
4 mother natures son I’m One
the Willrello ranch is a house of fun that is blessed by the raze of the Black hole sun I like 2 call LULU Little One and I never had a talk between a Father&Son I used 2 hang with the hounds of hell like a Band On The Run some daze I think I’m The Only One and then I say I Ain’t The One Lucifer and reality r a Tag Team at night when I sleep I’m in a nightmare
caught in a Scream Dream I know when I was a child running wild and crazy I had no Self Esteem but god gave me the Power To Redeem and fight against buck fiden and his New Regime that I hope gets hit by a Sun Beam
as I go Runnin Down A Dream and pick up some Steam and catch a ride with David Bowie on a Moonage Daydream all across the Promise Land as I make my STAND with a confident and intelligent SLOWHAND and play Let It Whip by The Dazz Band knowing my FIRE burns bright with DESIRE that Takes Me Higher and I know the truth will set us free so try 2 never b a

😎heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share JSW here and I would like 2 say I’m in the REDONTHERIGHTSIDE
I love the Australien Rock Band INXS and I like 2 hear MICHAEL HUTCHENCE sing
my father always told me the difference between wrong and right and that I should fight 4 what I believe and never KOW TOW and run and hide
LYNYRD SKYNYRD has a song they do titled WAS I RIGHT OR WRONG
SUPERTRAMP has a gr8 song called BLOODY WELL RIGHT
MICK JAGGER has an awesome solo album that I can’t live without called PRIMATIVE COOL that has a track on it titled KOW TOW
there is an album by
THE HOLLIES from 66 called BUS STOP that had a tune on it titled DON’T RUN AND HIDE they say heaven is the ocean deep and we all swim there in the rapids of the river wide
THE HOUSES OF THE HOLY is an album by LED ZEPPELIN that has a song on it I love called THE OCEAN
I love the song GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU by ARGENT on there album
DEEP PURPLE has a gr8 song titled THE CUT RUNS DEEP
CALVIN HARRIS has a video with over 64 million views called OPEN WIDE
the steal is real the devils advocate buck fiden owns the FBI – DOJ and the CIA so he was allowed 2 steal the Presidential election without an investigation that TRUMP won by a landslide
STEVIE NICKS has a voice that is sugar 4 an ear in need of something sweet 2 hear when she sings LANDSLIDE
when I met the love of my life and my best friend lover and wife DONNA it was the first time I felt heaven and earth COLLIDE
BELINDA CARLISLE has a beautiful song she sings called HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH
HOWIE DAY has a video with over 77 million views titled
Bicycle’s in 1985 and till this day we still like 2 take them out 4 a RIDE
BACHMAN – TURNER OVERDRIVE has an awesome tune I like 2 hear them play called LET IT RIDE
I am not the Pillsbury Doughboy but I like 2 wake and bake and get fried
MACHINE GUN KELLY has a song I like called WAKE BAKE and THE ZAC BROWN BAND has a cool tune titled CHICKEN FRIED
I’m in the REDONTHERIGHTSIDE with Donna by my side fighting 2 make everything wrong right and never give in and Kow Tow
and run and hide living on a planet that is 2/3 ocean deep keeping our eyes and ears open wide knowing heaven is a place on earth and we hope 2 b there when they collide and get on our Diamondback bicycles and let it ride as we wake bake with Machine Gun Kelly and go hang out with Zac Brown getting chicken fried as we listen 2 Don McLean sing his song American Pie that is about the day the music died in life happiness walks hand and hand with sadness and pain so u know there will be days u r happy and laugh and there will b some that u cried always walk tall and proud full of dignity respect ego and pride with a smile on your face that is ear 2 ear wide that can’t b denied and always keep the faith and let God his Son and the Holy Ghost b your heavenly guide as u make your journey through life on a magical trip we all make on our way 2 the other side u know what they say u can run but u can’t hide

☮️💟✝️AY HELLO☮️💟✝️✍️Whatsup I really don’t have much 2 say 2 uall 2day other than AY HELLO
ADELE has a song I love on her 3rd studio album 25 called HELLO
2day is just like yesterday and by the looks of it 2morrow is going 2 b the same way
THE BEATLES have a video with over 58 million views titled YESTERDAY
I LOVE ANNIE when she sings
there is no place like home but if there is please tell me because I want 2 go
THE CARS have a gr8 tune they do called LET’S GO
August is the time of year 4 Ganga plants 2 start letting the sticky Buds Grow
with an excellent song called
I’m sitting in my backyard watching the bird is quicker than the eye INVISIBLE MAGIC HUMMINGBIRD SHOW
BLINK 182 has a video with over 78 million views called
I traverse the planet earth 2 the beat of a different drummer I never make plans 2 go with the flow
have a video with over 71 million views titled
everything I say and do is a feeling I get from head 2 toe
that has an awesome tune called HEAD TO TOE
everyday we wake and bake and the reefer wacks us as we try 2 stay one step ahead of the reaper that tracks us as we Bob and weave reality as it kicks and smacks us as we roll with the punches taking everyday blow by blow
JEFF BECK released his second album in 75 that was a musically magical mostly instrumental record called
TOM PETTY has a tune where he sings Baby Let’s Go To The
in the darkest daze of my life I believe the only way I made it out of trouble was because our fathers light lit up my way when it reflected off of my faded halo lighting the path 2 safety 4 me 2 follow with its glow
ELLA HENDERSON has a powerful song she sings that I like 2 hear called GLOW
the doctor says b careful with CUTIPS and that the only thing we should stick in our ear is our elbow yo hey oh
I love the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS hit track called
I am who I am and there is no one I would rather b than me
a true red white and blue Conservative Republican American in the red on the right in a fight trying 2 drag the truth out in2 the light everyday and everynight telling buck fiden and his socialist communist party hell no
INGRID MICHAELSON has a really cool visual video called
every once in a while it’s nice 2 listen 2 BEN FM IN Philadelphia
@ 95.7 on the FM dial and take it slow an lay low
JOSH TURNER has a laid back song called LAY LOW
It’s unbelievably punishing 2 watch UFC BEST KNOCKOUTS
In slow-mo
BAM BAM has a video with over 51 million views titled
U say Potato I say potatto
U say tomato I say tomatto
have it your way that’s my motto
TIESTO AND AVA MAX have a gr8 video with over 92 million views called THE MOTTO
AY 2 everyone everywhere outthere like I said in the beginning of this thing I just wanted 2 stop and say AY HELLO yesterday 2day and tomorrow so let’s go and let it grow in2 a rock show feeling it head 2 toe blow by blow in the cabin down below and watch it glow in the snow hey oh saying don’t stop when I say when hell no and lay low taking life in slow mo that’s my motto and put on my DR . DRE BEATS headphones
And listen 2 PETER GABRIEL doing his 5th solo studio Smash album called SO
Until the next time I think of a rhyme inside my mind as I chase all the hopes wishes and dreams that I pray 2 one fine day b lucky enough 2 find b4 I finish touching every step in the stairway 2 heaven that I climb ✌️🤙🤟👌😍🥰😘💋


🙃😎😳 FEED 🙃 😎 😳 🍀
😎I have quite an appetite 2 write and my minds light is powered by an imaginary electrical feed
😋when things don’t go right and u want 2 add some elevation 2 your hind sight and take things 2 a new height because u have a head u need 2 feed some good weed and float like a kite all day and 2 have sweet dreams every night trying 2 get the quality beauty rest we all need swimming in a REM world with crazy fantasies we hope 2 one day feed our minds when they r in need just like Mick Jagger singing lead 4 the Stones saying we all need someone we can lean on and if you want it well you can lean on me when he sings the song Let It Bleed New Jersey used 2 have a motorcycle club that had rivals like Hells Angels the Pagans and the Warlocks and they were founded in 1965 in the little shore town of Asbury Park and there name was THE BREED there is an awesome Rock Song I love 2 hear loud and clear called ONE LAST BREATH by CREED and if u have a need u have 2 feed take a WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with LOU REED and the ROLLING STONES released a Phenomenal gr8 album on November 28th 1969 with the same name as the title track written by KEITH RICHARDS and MICK JAGGER called LET IT BLEED that was an excellent meal of amazing mind feed in this world it takes a special breed 2 succeed and get everything u need when u have a family of mouths 2 feed as we try 2 defend ourselves from the ugliness of greed living the lives we lead with god speed they say everyday we have 2 find a way 2 pay it 4ward and be kind and do a good deed what came first the father and mother or the baby or the chicken or the egg or the pot plant or the seed let your eyes ears and heart b the filter 4 your mind on everything u c hear feel and read the brain is a knowledge hungry beast that is never 2 old 2 learn a lesson and is always patiently waiting like OLIVER begging 4 some more and we all r thirsty with high hopes wishes and dreams tempting our wildest imagination that has an uncontrollable and strong need 4 us all 2 feed as we blaze our own trail across gods gr8 earth trying never 2 follow the pied piper 2 hell and let god b the light u chase and always follow his lead the mind is a terrible thing 2 waste so write with your world lit up by your thought light hoping 2 let your prayers spawn from dusk till dawn in the clouds of heaven Trying 2 create an awesome beautiful and amazing peace of literature 2 feed everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share with a tempting and tasty slice of delicious mind babble 4 uall 2 read that grows in your minds like a weed and just like Michael Hutchence sings in the INXS Song I hope I give you WHAT YOU NEED 🥰
☮️❤️😍2U4EVER 👁❤️U😘
never think your arms r 2 short 2 hold gods hand when u reach up and touch the sky
all your hopes wishes and dreams r hidden within the clouds of heaven waiting 4 u 2 chase them way up high where they can only b seen by an eagles eye and give them a try
fish swim through water the same way birds do when they spread their wings and fly
2 everyone everywhere outthere BESAFE bestrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare I hope wish dream and pray uall have an awesome beautiful and amazing HAPPY4thOFJULY ❤️

😎✌️ 🤙 MY HAND 🤟 👌 😎
✍️when I get a peace of paper and a pen in my hand my imagination snorts pixie dust and out the window I fly destination never never land
I am a pilot of a balsa wood plane powered by a giant rubberband my brain is a crazy bullet train off the track and out of wack blowing smoke rings out of my stack hoping when I speak uall understand
Whenever I roll a nice fat and tasty bone ZIG-ZAG 1 1/4 ULTRA THIN rolling papers is my go 2 brand SOULSHINE is an awesome beautiful and amazing song that I love done by THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND I hope wish dream and pray 2 one day live on the WEST COAST OF FLORIDA
in the land of sun and sand
It’s one of the steps in my stairway 2 heaven on my way 2 the promiseland a person that has no dreams has no future life planned they say god has the whole world in his hand if u say that u r in love and that person is who u r always thinking of and u would like 2 live with them until u go 2 the heavens above always suggest never expect always compromise and never demand always let honesty b the truth that sets u free if u don’t want 2 end up all alone on your own in NoMansLand
Words fly like wild birds in my head hoping I capture them 2 b said and my eyes always get teared up and red about all of the one I leave behind and strand we need 2 use education 4 transportation and inhale information 2 get u 2 a higher destination if we want our minds 2 expand
LITTLE FEAT Sing IF You’ll Be My Dixie Chicken I’ll Be Your Tennessee Lamb And We Can Walk Together Down In Dixieland John Donne wrote a short and simple poem titled No Man Is An Island I am 6 month in2 being 65 taking the good with the bad thanking our father 4 letting me b alive and making my life so grand
I would like 2 thank the man upstairs personally 4 giving all of us a place 2 live 4ever eternally 4 free in the mansions of glory hidden within the HOLYLAND
Built with peace love and happiness by our father with tender loving care 4 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share is what he planned and made by hand and all u have 2 do is have faith and believe in him 2 of your own free will that is what he prays without demand
❤️🤍💙GodBlessAmerica 🇺🇸

the super Luna will be here real soon If the sky’s r clear we should all have a smile on our face from ear 2 ear when we c the Full Super Strawberry Moon on Tuesday the 14th of June and 2gether we can all sing that beautiful old Dean Martin Amore tune 🌝😘💋

❤️heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share BESAFE bestrong and protect yourself at all times and TAKECARE always keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with hearts of ice and beware we can’t fix death or stop the pain of the loved ones it’s just not fair we all only get one life 2 live without time 2 spare the hearts and minds of the families of loved ones lost r in need of tender loving care 2 try and fix a problem that has no repair when all your hopes wishes and dreams have turned in2 a nightmare 2 everyone everywhere outthere spend a moment of silence 2 show uall care and 2night when u pray 2 god your soul 2 keep b4 u go 2 sleep and talk 2 our father about TEXAS and the UKRAINE in your prayer 🙏

🤞when it comes 2 u and what u want 2 do u gotta go all in and let it rip and know that troubles r the buds u need 2 nip always b good and do what u should and get a grip don’t wait 2 long 2 test the waters of hopes wishes and dreams and take a dip u set the course of your future u r the skipper it’s time 4 u 2 grab the wheel and b the commander of your ship
The world is a 3 ring circus u have 2 learn how 2 control without a chair and a whip the reason a dog has so many friends is because they wag there tails instead of there tongues that’s just a little tip
my father taught me right from wrong and said live and die by what u believe and like Billy The Kid always shoot from the hip less is more and it’s always better 2 b seen than heard keep your opinions 2 yourself and button your lip 2morrow is a movie and god is the only one who knows the script u just have 2 b ready 2 play your part in every clip we have 2 live our lives 2 the fullest while we r strong and healthy because time goes by like Niagara Falls it doesn’t drip from the day we r born we begin a journey 2 the promise land a place without end knowing everyone’s LIFEISAONEWAYTRIP☮️💟✝️
🍀Gloria Gaynor sang I WILL SURVIVE and Eric Clapton played WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE while Incubus does DRIVE
In this world we r all helpless babies when we arrive
I have already burned thru 6 months of being 65
and everyday when I wake up I thank god and say it’s a good day 2 b alive
I am happy 2 still b able 2 do a cartwheel off the dive
I am blessed knowing that I am the king bee buzzing around the willrello hive
some people talk a lot of Jive
It’s your life 2 live never let anyone else drive always BESAFE BESTRONG and protect yourself at all times and TAKECARE if u want 2 SURVIVE ✌️🤙🤟👌😎😘

😵‍💫 FridayTheThirteenth 🙈
🙃 the movie franchise with JASON letting the blood 🩸spill enjoying the thrill of the kill
There r 13 movies and they all scare the hell out me and I watch them still I am just trying
2 get my FridayTheThirteenth
Horror movie fill u can stream them one after the other sitting there in your easy chair without a care if u got some time 2 spare and u got a nice bag of fattys 2 share just burning the day away cooking on the grill getting a pie eyed buzz kicking back letting our minds and bodies relax and chill ✌️🤙🤟👌😏
🤔 they say going under a ladder is bad luck it doesn’t even matter if u duck and if a black cat crosses your path watch out u don’t get run over by a truck 🛻 and if u break a mirror 🪞 your future Days 4 the next 7 years r going 2 suck😲😮😧😦😯😐😵
Buildings have No 13th floor 13 wraps on the noose 13 steps on the gallows stairs B4 your neck breaks after u drop thru the trap door triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13 by people who fall prey 2 old wise tales and folklore 🤪
🌕 a total lunar eclipse is coming soon on Monday May 16th 2022 4 me and u 2 view
TheFullFlowerMoon a good time 4 everyone 2 sing that old Dean Martin Amore tune as we watch the the universe’s biggest stringless balloon and during the eclipse the Luna will turn in2 FullBloodMoon 🤓

😵‍💫Vodka and Orange Juice is a Screwdriver and Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Sea Hunt was an action adventure television series in 58 with Lloyd Bridges
Doing 155 shows for 4 years playing a retired navy scuba diver 🤿
🤩2 all u treasure hunters outthere they say every squirrel finds his nut when u chase everything u hope wish dream and pray u have 2 feel it in your heart mind and gut b like Honest Abraham Lincoln and put on your top hat and do the keep on trucking strut 🎩
🤞We all r unique each one of us a true one of a kind freedom of speech and choice 2 choose whatever u believe and think in your mind never give up on your imagination it contains all the plans on how u r going 2 obtain everything u one day hope 2 find live and learn from the past because the future is a picture that leaves all of us out in the cold totally blind 😵
👍your life is all yours 2 do whatever u want 2 do don’t wait till it’s 2 late 2 let your hidden treasure of talents come shinning thru everyday we all get a chance 2 leave yesterday behind and wake up in the morning and start 2 live a life of peace love and happiness that is fresh and brand new never tell someone u love them unless every word u say is true only u can tighten that one loose screw all of your tomorrows r magnificent memories waiting 2 b made and the best days of your life r mindcandy just waiting 4 u 2 take in the view 👁👁💋😍🥰
🇺🇦 GodBlessTheUkraine 🇺🇦

💕2-12-89 ❣️💓2-12-22 💕
😍it’s 33 years ago 2day that DONNA and I said I DO on our wedding day and being 2gether 4ever is what I hope wish dream and pray always trying 2 have fun by the ton as we live love laugh and play it’s a blessing 2 c her smile everynight and everyday come what may it makes the life we live and the house we call home a better place 2 stay 😘
🥰living with Donna everyday is like Christmas in a world of peace love and happiness wrapped in a cloud of tenderness like heaven on earth a state of bliss it’s her hand I want 2 hold and her lips I want 2 kiss and every breath she takes I don’t want 2 miss in the end ours will b the gr8est love story ever told and when it comes 2 our love like M C Hammer said u can’t touch this
Donna is my earth Angel as we blaze a trail In2 the future like Christopher Columbus I am in search of nirvana my name is JSW but u can call me Chris 💋
2 everyone everywhere outthere this message comes 2 all of u straight from the heart SWAK or sealed with a kiss 😚
peace hangloose iloveu ok
may everything always go your way OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 🍀🤞

never stop chasing what u hope wish dream and pray everyday
in the land of the free home of the brave
FindYourHiddenTreasure and let it live love laugh and play don’t carry it with u lost in your thoughts 4ever 2 your grave
if u want 2 b a writer of songs or poetry give your words wings and let them fly
write about things hidden within your mind that make people laugh smile and shed tears of happiness when they read it and cry
make music or b an artist and
b the rainbow or shooting star that catches someone’s ears or eye as they watch it fly across the spacious sky
we r all special and unique and we all possess a magical gift that god hopes we put on display and try 2 give away everyday come what may until the time we become angels after we die and we get 2 fly high and kiss this crazy planet goodbye and make our way 2 the mansions of glory in heaven built on the clouds floating in the sky

there is a difference between right and wrong but the truth is still unknown if America had an unbiased Department Of Justice FBI and Television and Newspapers the real criminals in our government would have there covers blown and they all would b speaking in a different tone voter fraud stealing the election the corona virus the nursing home deaths and the veteran nursing home deaths
and the 3 million corona sick lawless illegal aliens 2 run free in our country it’s like we live in the twilight zone
2 everyone everywhere outthere BSAFE BSTRONG protect yourself at all times and TAKECARE 2eachthereown
I am in the RED on the RIGHT and I know I am not the only one who thinks and feels this way I have brothers and sisters all over this world and I am not all alone ✌️🤙🤟👌👅🐾😎