Rest in Peace

4 The Love Of Steve

Life is precious and fragile

Please handle it with care

Everyone keep on breathing and

Treasure every breath u take with

The ones u love in this life we share

U never know when a loved ones spirit

Will b forced 2 disappear into thin air

4 all of his friends and family that knew him

The news on 8 23 13 was so hard 2 believe

He was an amazing and beautiful person

Who had the gift of gab and the magic of

Laughter hidden up his sleeve

Harold and Adel were overwhelmed with

Peace love and happiness after

Reuniting with their son Steve

He was a proud father of Marc and his

Grandkids Lara and Hayden

Made him the happiest grand pop

Debby was the love of his life and best friend

The love they share will go on forever and

Never stop

A Diamond Is Forever

Life is like the weather it comes and it goes

The future is uncertain because the man upstairs

Is the only one who knows

Poems are a collection of thoughts hidden behind

The expressions on a face

It’s a sure bet that one day we will all disappear

Without a trace

Reality is driven by time at a maddening pace

We need to find a way to be awake

During the dreams we chase

Life is a train driven by a clock

No matter what happens its never going to stop

Life is a mountain and our memories are

The steps we take on our way to the top

Once a child always a child

She had the face of an angel whenever she smiled

In the land of never ending happiness

Her journey has just begun

With St.Anthony holding her hand it’s good to know

That Marian and God are as one

Every morning she is a part of the smile

On the face of the sun

Long may you run through the paths of our mind

When I pass to the other side you will be one of

The precious cherubs I hope to find

As we live our lives being wishers wishing on a dream

A person’s life is a fragile little boat

And time is the water that carries us down stream

For me this is just see you later not goodbye

They say that it is pain that lets us know we are alive

And it doesn’t go away when we cry

Even though it makes me sad I am happy knowing

I will see you again when it’s my turn to visit

The great spirit in the sky


Carmella Rest In Peace

We r all astronauts and the space we travel

With hope and faith is inside our head

Remember the words that Jesus Christ once said

My blood the wine my body the bread

Our father who art in Heaven

Made it a place 4 all life 2 go

After we r dead

Carmella u r a precious and beautiful spirit

We can all find comfort knowing every time

We speak your name we know we r near it

Until we r all 2gether again we will miss your voice

And long 2 hear it

Its good 2 remember all the times we were able

2 share a smile and a laugh

May your heart and mind b filled with

Peace love and happiness as u make your way

Along the lighted path

Life is a book and when u reach the pearly gates

U will c your mom and dad waiting with your

Sister and brothers 4 u 2 start writing

The next paragraph

Save Me

Eternity is hidden from our eyes

By clouds floating in the spacious skies

God’s breath is the wind beneath a loved ones wings

Every time an angel flies

Bob’s sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee

Talking 2 Billy Ray his brother

Adda they r waiting 2 eat a good old fashioned

Kentucky breakfast made by your mother

The spirit world in the land of 4ever is full of

Magic and wonder like no other

4 all of us death is only one moment in a life

Filled with peace love and happiness

That we can say God gave me

There will b a day in every ones life

When we will knock on heavens door

2 beg our father who art in heaven

Please come save me