☮️ 💟 ✝️ THING ☮️ 💟 ✝️
✍️birds fly and bees sting and they say in heaven u can hear sugar bells ring everyday and everynight I pray 2 god 2 come back 2 earth and fix everything and show all these world leaders who is the real King I really do love music and a 2 hear a person sing it’s my THING until my ears ring it gets me thru it doesn’t matter if it’s the WHO or MEXICAN RADIO by the new wave rock band WALL OF VOODOO the music moves me around and turns this big world upside down it gives me a mood swing bee sting what can I say I love the entertainers and there songs they r the wind beneath my wing just like a drug they r my THING iloveit when I hear THE TROGGS sing WILD THING INXS have a song from 82 I love titled THE ONE THING and in 1982 there was a horror mystery sci-fi movie starring Kurt Russell called
THE THING in 1973 there was an American caper flick starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the movie masterpiece THE STING the WOMBATS have a really cool song they sing titled BEE STING and there is a horror mystery movie franchise that started in 2002 that we all know as THE RING and in 2016 and 2021 we were gifted with 2 animation comedy family movies that r star studded when u hear there voices in the films SING in 1981 SANTANA covered a RUSS BALLARD tune on his ZEBOB album that was called WINNING THE CULT have a gr8 song from 89 I love 2 hear them sing called SUN KING AndTHE THOMPSON TWINS have a THING they do from 83 titled
LOVE LIES BLEEDING one day I will get 2 hear The Angels Sing
but until that day I look 4ward 2 listening 2 singers sing as loud as the speakers go trying 2 break my window and my ears start 2 ring crazy as a loon singing like a Ding A Ling
there is a song I love by BARRY WHITE with over 37 million views called YOU ARE THE FIRST MY LAST MY EVERYTHING because all the joy that it can bring music would rule everything if I was king and if I could get everyone’s ears 2 ring my job is done It’s Good To Be King and if anyone doesn’t like it Get In The Ring and take your best Swing I loveit when JULIE ANDREWS sings THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS it’s the music and when a person sings and the peace love and happiness it brings it’s my drug of choice like I said in the beginning of this THING it’s my THING and THE VOODOO CHILD JIMI HENDRIX has a gr8 song with over 6 million views called LITTLE WING and I like 2 hear DUA LIPA sing LEVITATING and SHINEDOWN ROCKS on
2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share we all have a THING that makes our minds swing and our hearts sing that makes our ears ring and our gets our feet 2 dancing as we enjoy the lives we live being Queens or a king on your little peace of god’s gr8 earth chasing everything u hope wish dream and pray
with the one u love doing your
☮️ 💟 ✝️ THING ☮️ 💟 ✝️

😎 😎 😎H E A D 😎 😎 😎
✍️if u Read My Mind u will c over 100 peace’s of my brain that escaped my H E A D ✍️
When I go thru it I remember everything and every word I said ✍️in everyone’s life we have times we love 2 reminisce
about and others we have trouble poking the needle in the eye with the thread ✍️
if I could choose how I would go I wish it could b while I was sleeping chasing dreams in my head as I lay sleeping like a baby in my bed ✍️I am a Conservative Republican American on the Right In The Red ✍️I live 2 hear the words socialist communism in the USA is DEAD 💀✍️
🖤I love 2 hear the song Ace Of Spade’s ♠️by the rock band MOTÖRHEAD 🖤
❤️‍🔥BJ Thomas sings Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head ❤️‍🔥
💘ELO does Can’t Get It Out Of My Head 💘
💜Little Anthony And The Imperials do Goin Out Of My Head 💜
💝Quiet Riot Says Bang Your Head 💝
💖Fleetwood Mac sings
Over My Head 💖
🟪Deep Purple plays Lazy and Smoke On The Water on there gr8 album Machine Head 🟪
💗I love the hit song I’m To Sexy by Right Said Fred 💗
💞I love the Flintstones Cartoons in 1960 when I was a young kid trying 2 keep up with the trial’s and tribulations of Barney and Fred 💞
❤️there is a beautiful song with over 105 million views called If You Don’t Know Me By Now done by Simply Red ❤️
💚I love the song Make It With You by the pop rock group BREAD 💚
❤️‍🩹when Phil Lesh’s father was dying from cancer he wrote a song called Box Of Rain with Robert Hunter that they did with the Grateful Dead ❤️‍🩹
✝️The Cure Does A dark Tune Titled Sleep When I’m Dead✝️
🤍there’s a rapper out there wireless in the air called Ramires with a gr8 tune with over 1 million views he does titled Lead Sled 🤍
🙂I’m here singing Ace Of Spade’s by Motörhead and Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head trying 2 write poems that I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head that gets me Goin Out Of My Head sometimes u have 2 Bang Your Head when I Am in Over My Head so I take hit on the bong with Cheech And Chong and enjoy the Smoke On The Water 2 calm my Machine Head looking in the mirror thinking I’m To Sexy just like Barney and Fred and I say 2 everyone everywhere outthere If You Don’t Know Me By Now it’s hard 4 me 2 Make It With You as I cry listening 2 Box Of Rain by the Grateful Dead getting some rest when I can knowing deep down inside no worries I can always Sleep When I’m Dead but until then I’m going 4 a nice cruise listening 2 Rock Rap Country and Blues 4 my head floating down the highway of life in my LEAD SLED 😍🙏✌️🤙🤟👌

✌️🤙🤟👌AROUND ❤️🍀🤞
✍️everyday I thank god 4 letting me stick AROUND
some daze I feel lost and some days my happiness is found
did u ever find yourself caught in a thought that was deja vu brought on by a smell or sound
when I was growing up I spent a lot of time being a passenger on a crazy train going off the rails hell bound
there were times I almost got 2 b a gardener growing flowers from beneath the ground
my father always told me an ounce of prevention is worth more than any cure sold by the pound in my life there have been times that I laughed and times that I frowned and some where I cried like a baby and my tears made a puddle between my feet on the ground I can remember being a perfect gentleman and I have memories of myself howling at the moon like a blue tick coon hound I used 2 love the way I felt after a couple rounds of Wild Turkey 101 were downed
I used 2 try and drink myself on2 the boat in the bottle and I don’t know how I didn’t drowned I am nothing but a ding a ling destined not 2 b the king of anything my head will never b heavy from being crowned did u ever think that planet earth is a baseball field and u control the game of your life from the pitcher’s mound
Green Day has a song with over 105 million views called
When I Come Around
I love the song I Once Was Lost
But Now I’m Found
Lynyrd Skynyrd sings That Smell and INXS say Hear That Sound
Hank Williams Jr is Whisky Bent And Hell Bound
Stevie Wonder does Higher Ground
There’s a song called Let’s Play House by The Dog Pound
when I come around love can b found I love music and I feel better when I hear that sound and from now on my train is heaven bound and until that day I am going 2 keep my 2 feet on the right side of the ground and everyday I exercise an ounce of prevention and I never need 2 buy any cure sold by the pound and I remember the times I laughed and I learn from the ones I frowned
I used 2 run with the pack but now I am a lone wolf with no desire 2 b a hell hound
on October first it will b 84 months 4 me since any alcohol at all has been downed
I have 2 friends Craig Stire and Andy Fasanella that I grew up with when we young who disappeared from Round Valley
while camping and May have drowned and they were never found I can remember 5 times in my life where I was set upon in a bar and I was Royaly crowned and beaten 2 the ground in2 a perfect little mound like I was in a deep sleep without a sound it is best 2 live 2 love another day and run away than 2 b attacked and knocked down 2 the ground in my life I have found I am good at hand rolling a nice bone that is perfectly wound so 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bestrong and protect yourself at all times and takecare thanx 4 coming AROUND 😎❤️‍🔥❤️
🌝the FullHarvestMoon was hidden from sight by the clouds and rain on Saturday night but I’m glad I got some pictures on Friday that came out alright just a little eyecandy from me 2 u and I hope uall enjoy every bite
2 everyone everywhere outthere I can’t wait 4 October 9th so we all can get caught up in the FullBloodMoon light
and admire it as it floats by like a stringless kite 🌝👁👁🌝

☮️ 💟 ✝️ F R E E ☮️ 💟 ✝️
🙏the truth can set America FREE🤞there is a gr8 album I love called FIRE AND WATER by a band called FREE ❤️
I don’t care if no one wants 2 Call Me or if u think I’m crazy don’t try 2 Save Me 💋
SHINEDOWN has a couple songs I love called CALL ME and SAVE ME 💋
sometimes I say the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary 2 Rescue Me and there r daze I look in the mirror and I am Afraid Of Me😎
there is a Nashville Rapper called JELLY ROLL doing songs like RESCUE ME and AFRAID OF ME ✌️
I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers when they sing TELL ME BABY – THE ADVENTURES OF RAIN DANCE MAGGIE and NOBODY WEIRD LIKE ME ❤️
I love it when Florence And The Machine sing STAND BY ME and WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME ❤️ JETHRO TULL has a gr8 album titled AQUALUNG
with an amazing song on it called CROSS EYED MARY ❤️
KEHLANI never ceases 2 amaze me she is hot when she does DO YOU DIRTY and CRZY ❤️ Harry Styles is laid back and cool when he sings TO BE SO LONELY – CHERRY and SHE ❤️ I feel the music when Dua Lipa Does HIGH WILD AND FREE and ELECTRICITY ❤️ Royal Blood rocks me when they play LITTLE MONSTERS and ONE TRICK PONY ❤️ when I listen 2 Willie Nelson it gets me high when he sings Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die and Crazy ❤️😍🥰😘✌️🤙🤟👌
I live in the home of the brave and the land of the free it’s going 2 take more than fire and water if u call me 2 save me I like 2 say the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary 2 rescue me and there r daze that myself and I r afraid of me and I ask Donna 2 tell me baby as we dive head first in2 the adventures of rain dance Maggie and I’m thinking out loud and saying there’s nobody weird like me I thank god 4 letting my wife stand by me and look what the holy water gave me as I play cross eyed Mary and I will never do u dirty or lose my mind and go crzy i always strive never 2 be so lonely when she is my cherry I like 2 b high wild and free with life pumping thru me like electricity my mom used 2 say my brother and me were little monsters and we would always b a one trick pony but I want 2 say roll me up and smoke me when I die and enjoy the high
as I jam 2 Pink Floyd playing The Great Gig In The Sky and then David Lee Roth Singing Goin Crazy well that about says it all 4 me as I put this dog and pony show on 4 FREE and I would like 2 thank everybody that comes 2 c me @ aneyefullofearcandy it puts an ear 2 ear smile on my face that makes me happy remember a person without dreams has no life so b all u can b because the best days of your life r waiting 4 u 2 set them free 🍀

😎❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 FIRE ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥😎
✌️there will come a day when I will pass away and I choose 2 b cremated and go out like a Viking on my funeral pyre with the spirit of my soul rising 2 the heavens above as I burn 2 ashes and dust in the flames of the FIRE 🔥 I love THE DOORS song LIGHT MY FIRE and there is a gr8 song by ARTHUR BROWN done in 68 called FIRE
JIMI HENDRIX sings Let Me Stand Next To Your FIRE 🔥 and JOHNNY CASH does his hit tune called RING OF FIRE while the ROLLING STONES do
❤️I live love laugh and play everyday come what may
and hope wish dream and pray with faith and DESIRE ❤️
U2 has DESIRE ❤️there is a gr8 song called HURRICANE on BOB DYLANS 17th studio album titled DESIRE ❤️
❤️when I was young and dumb living my life on the run thinking I was having fun getting so wasted I couldn’t get any HIGHER ❤️
SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE have a beautiful tune they do titled I WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER ❤️I love a song by CREED called HIGHER ❤️
MICHAEL BUBLE’ has an amazing album called HIGHER❤️if GEPPETTO created the devil’s advocate buck fiden they would have 2 trim his nose everyday because it would grow just like it does on PINOCCHIO whenever he is a LIAR 🤥 QUEEN has an awesome song with over 9 million views called LIAR 🤥
THREE DOG NIGHT has a cool tune with over 1 million views titled LIAR 🤥
✍️everyday I plan 4 the future and I never think about the end or ever saying that’s it phuckit I quit I’m DONE ✍️SWEET EMOTION can’t b found with a warm gun here comes the sun
4 mother natures son I’m One
the Willrello ranch is a house of fun that is blessed by the raze of the Black hole sun I like 2 call LULU Little One and I never had a talk between a Father&Son I used 2 hang with the hounds of hell like a Band On The Run some daze I think I’m The Only One and then I say I Ain’t The One Lucifer and reality r a Tag Team at night when I sleep I’m in a nightmare
caught in a Scream Dream I know when I was a child running wild and crazy I had no Self Esteem but god gave me the Power To Redeem and fight against buck fiden and his New Regime that I hope gets hit by a Sun Beam
as I go Runnin Down A Dream and pick up some Steam and catch a ride with David Bowie on a Moonage Daydream all across the Promise Land as I make my STAND with a confident and intelligent SLOWHAND and play Let It Whip by The Dazz Band knowing my FIRE burns bright with DESIRE that Takes Me Higher and I know the truth will set us free so try 2 never b a

😎heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share JSW here and I would like 2 say I’m in the REDONTHERIGHTSIDE
I love the Australien Rock Band INXS and I like 2 hear MICHAEL HUTCHENCE sing
my father always told me the difference between wrong and right and that I should fight 4 what I believe and never KOW TOW and run and hide
LYNYRD SKYNYRD has a song they do titled WAS I RIGHT OR WRONG
SUPERTRAMP has a gr8 song called BLOODY WELL RIGHT
MICK JAGGER has an awesome solo album that I can’t live without called PRIMATIVE COOL that has a track on it titled KOW TOW
there is an album by
THE HOLLIES from 66 called BUS STOP that had a tune on it titled DON’T RUN AND HIDE they say heaven is the ocean deep and we all swim there in the rapids of the river wide
THE HOUSES OF THE HOLY is an album by LED ZEPPELIN that has a song on it I love called THE OCEAN
I love the song GOD GAVE ROCK AND ROLL TO YOU by ARGENT on there album
DEEP PURPLE has a gr8 song titled THE CUT RUNS DEEP
CALVIN HARRIS has a video with over 64 million views called OPEN WIDE
the steal is real the devils advocate buck fiden owns the FBI – DOJ and the CIA so he was allowed 2 steal the Presidential election without an investigation that TRUMP won by a landslide
STEVIE NICKS has a voice that is sugar 4 an ear in need of something sweet 2 hear when she sings LANDSLIDE
when I met the love of my life and my best friend lover and wife DONNA it was the first time I felt heaven and earth COLLIDE
BELINDA CARLISLE has a beautiful song she sings called HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH
HOWIE DAY has a video with over 77 million views titled
Bicycle’s in 1985 and till this day we still like 2 take them out 4 a RIDE
BACHMAN – TURNER OVERDRIVE has an awesome tune I like 2 hear them play called LET IT RIDE
I am not the Pillsbury Doughboy but I like 2 wake and bake and get fried
MACHINE GUN KELLY has a song I like called WAKE BAKE and THE ZAC BROWN BAND has a cool tune titled CHICKEN FRIED
I’m in the REDONTHERIGHTSIDE with Donna by my side fighting 2 make everything wrong right and never give in and Kow Tow
and run and hide living on a planet that is 2/3 ocean deep keeping our eyes and ears open wide knowing heaven is a place on earth and we hope 2 b there when they collide and get on our Diamondback bicycles and let it ride as we wake bake with Machine Gun Kelly and go hang out with Zac Brown getting chicken fried as we listen 2 Don McLean sing his song American Pie that is about the day the music died in life happiness walks hand and hand with sadness and pain so u know there will be days u r happy and laugh and there will b some that u cried always walk tall and proud full of dignity respect ego and pride with a smile on your face that is ear 2 ear wide that can’t b denied and always keep the faith and let God his Son and the Holy Ghost b your heavenly guide as u make your journey through life on a magical trip we all make on our way 2 the other side u know what they say u can run but u can’t hide

☮️💟✝️AY HELLO☮️💟✝️✍️Whatsup I really don’t have much 2 say 2 uall 2day other than AY HELLO
ADELE has a song I love on her 3rd studio album 25 called HELLO
2day is just like yesterday and by the looks of it 2morrow is going 2 b the same way
THE BEATLES have a video with over 58 million views titled YESTERDAY
I LOVE ANNIE when she sings
there is no place like home but if there is please tell me because I want 2 go
THE CARS have a gr8 tune they do called LET’S GO
August is the time of year 4 Ganga plants 2 start letting the sticky Buds Grow
with an excellent song called
I’m sitting in my backyard watching the bird is quicker than the eye INVISIBLE MAGIC HUMMINGBIRD SHOW
BLINK 182 has a video with over 78 million views called
I traverse the planet earth 2 the beat of a different drummer I never make plans 2 go with the flow
have a video with over 71 million views titled
everything I say and do is a feeling I get from head 2 toe
that has an awesome tune called HEAD TO TOE
everyday we wake and bake and the reefer wacks us as we try 2 stay one step ahead of the reaper that tracks us as we Bob and weave reality as it kicks and smacks us as we roll with the punches taking everyday blow by blow
JEFF BECK released his second album in 75 that was a musically magical mostly instrumental record called
TOM PETTY has a tune where he sings Baby Let’s Go To The
in the darkest daze of my life I believe the only way I made it out of trouble was because our fathers light lit up my way when it reflected off of my faded halo lighting the path 2 safety 4 me 2 follow with its glow
ELLA HENDERSON has a powerful song she sings that I like 2 hear called GLOW
the doctor says b careful with CUTIPS and that the only thing we should stick in our ear is our elbow yo hey oh
I love the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS hit track called
I am who I am and there is no one I would rather b than me
a true red white and blue Conservative Republican American in the red on the right in a fight trying 2 drag the truth out in2 the light everyday and everynight telling buck fiden and his socialist communist party hell no
INGRID MICHAELSON has a really cool visual video called
every once in a while it’s nice 2 listen 2 BEN FM IN Philadelphia
@ 95.7 on the FM dial and take it slow an lay low
JOSH TURNER has a laid back song called LAY LOW
It’s unbelievably punishing 2 watch UFC BEST KNOCKOUTS
In slow-mo
BAM BAM has a video with over 51 million views titled
U say Potato I say potatto
U say tomato I say tomatto
have it your way that’s my motto
TIESTO AND AVA MAX have a gr8 video with over 92 million views called THE MOTTO
AY 2 everyone everywhere outthere like I said in the beginning of this thing I just wanted 2 stop and say AY HELLO yesterday 2day and tomorrow so let’s go and let it grow in2 a rock show feeling it head 2 toe blow by blow in the cabin down below and watch it glow in the snow hey oh saying don’t stop when I say when hell no and lay low taking life in slow mo that’s my motto and put on my DR . DRE BEATS headphones
And listen 2 PETER GABRIEL doing his 5th solo studio Smash album called SO
Until the next time I think of a rhyme inside my mind as I chase all the hopes wishes and dreams that I pray 2 one fine day b lucky enough 2 find b4 I finish touching every step in the stairway 2 heaven that I climb ✌️🤙🤟👌😍🥰😘💋


❤️❤️❤️❤️LIGHT ❤️❤️❤️❤️
😎high JSW here in the red on the right 2 tell u it may not b 2day or 2night but one day the American Conservative Republican Party is going 2 drag the truth about buck fiden and his gang out in2 the LIGHT
David Bowie and Iggy Pop wrote a song where they sing Everything Will B Alright Tonight and LED ZEPPELIN has a song I love called IN The LIGHT Stevie Wonder has a song with over 1.8 million views called UPTIGHT and INXS Sings NÉED YOU TONIGHT and I love it when RUSH plays LIMELIGHT and FLY BY NIGHT while MICHAEL JACKSON does his tune BLACK OR WHITE and CHEAP TRICK has a song I love called SHE’S TIGHT and GREAT WHITE does LADY RED LIGHT everyone everywhere outthere needs 2 hear THE SUGARHILL GANGS
Or THREE DOORS DOWN PLAYING KRYPTONITE and I love 2 hear IAN HUNTER singing a gr8 song called STANDING IN MY LIGHT and
ERIC CLAPTON does an excellent cover of J.J. CALE’S hit song AFTER MIDNIGHT and the BEATLES do GOOD NIGHT
and a movie album and song called A HARD DAY’S NIGHT and a cool tune titled BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR KITE
Lindsey Stirling has an amazing music video with over 36 million views called
There is a song that THE WHITE STRIPES do called IN THE COLD, COLD NIGHT that was written by JACK WHITE
Everything Will Be Alright Tonight In The Light don’t get Uptight because I Need You Tonight in the Limelight as we Fly By Night it doesn’t matter if we r Black Or White She’s Tight Lady Red Light partying 2 Rappers Delight eating KRYPTONITE hoping u move because your Standing In My Light After Midnight saying Good NIGHT it’s been A Hard Day’s Night Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite as we Take Flight the time is Too Tight we need 2 Shine A Light In The Cold, Cold Night Dancing In The Moonlight It’s Caught Me In It’s Spotlight
as we all work from GOODMORNING until we say GOODNIGHT 2 make everything in our lives go right
Working our fingers 2 the bone trying 2 get home by the end of daylight where only positive things happen as we fight 2 never let negativity take the spotlight always reading the writing on the wall written in black and white and never stand in another person’s light that is trying 2 fly like a stringless kite as I let this little light of mine shine after midnight munching KRYPTONITE and enjoying every bite on a cold cold night in a fight against frostbite dancing in the moonlight 2 my hearts delight in the face of the enemy without any fear or fright and never lose sight of the difference between wrong and right and always fight 2 bring everything that is a lie hidden within the darkness of night and expose it all out IN THE SUN LIGHT in hopes of making America Great Again with a future that is bright living a life that is a blessing and a SHEER DELIGHT ❤️

❤️❤️❤️❤️ ME ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love 2 listen 2 the music made by The Planet P Project
like the song Why Me and go Surfing With The Alien Joe Satriani and find David Bowie the Starman on a Space Oddity
Singing Gene Genie hanging out with the Beastie Boys smoking weed and drinking Brass Monkey as we Fight For Your Right To Party until the future happens your whole life is but a memory playing Deep Purple all the way up as they do there hit tune Lazy and Don’t Make Me Happy backed up by Sammy Hagar singing Would You Do it 4 Free and Lay Your Hand On Me and I love The Rolling Stones tunes Angie
I’m Free – Saint Of Me and Happy and Gary Hoey picking his guitar 2 Linus And Lucy I love music it makes me happy and fills my body with radioactivity and I like Motley Crue and become a Rock N Roll Junkie and dance 2 Here We Go (Let’s Rock And Roll)
By C&C Music Factory and jam 2 Bad Company because they really rock me when I hear Rock N Roll Fantasy And Rock Steady I ask the same question as The Simple Minds sing Don’t You Forget About Me I am just like Bill Withers when he does Lean On Me or Canned Heat Goin Up The Country while Little Feat say Don’t Bogart That Joint My Friend Pass It Over To Me because I got No Particular Place To Go just like Chuck Berry as I go Runnin Down A dream with Tom Petty and go 4 a Ride With Me and Nelly and b More Human Than Human like White Zombie and get the Key To Her Ferrari from Thomas Dolby and take a ride to White City and find Steppenwolf and ask them 2 play Sookie Sookie Rock Me and Ride With Me and Believe just like The Bravery and listen 2 Flo Rida sing Can You Blow My Whistle Baby as Bruno Mars does Old And Crazy as I play the album by XTC called Black Sea released in 1980 as Roy Orbison sings Here Comes The Rain Baby as Bobby Mcferrin tells me Don’t Worry Be Happy and let Pink Floyd take me 2 The Dark Side Of The Moon and Listen 2 There tune called Money and let The J Geils Band Give It To Me and I’m on the Highway To Hell with AC / DC doing the JB Witchdance with the Masters Of Reality and ask Third Eye Blind How’s It Gonna Be as I slip in2 Narcolepsy watching Kid Rock go by on his Harley singing Born Free while Jimi Hendrix plays The Wind Cries Mary as Nat King Cole dose L.O.V.E well that about says it all 4 me ☮️💟✝️🙏😇💋😍
the Full Super Sturgeon Moon was quite a sight 2 C last night 4 Me it put a smile on my face from ear 2 ear and made me happy 4 all the gifts of love from the heavens above that god let’s us c 4 Free I took some pictures and I think u will agree that the Luna eyecandy was a mighty tasty treat 4 me 2 post on my website @ Aneyefullofearcandy where I am blessed by the World Wide Web 4 all of the people that come 2 c me and watch me as I try 2 keep a tight grip on reality and always b a positive light in society and swim in a sea of tranquility that borders on the line between sane and insanity knowing whatever will b will b no one knows what the future holds 4 us all we just have 2 sit back and relax and wait and c giving it everything I got inside of me 2 find peace love and happiness with endless prosperity ready 2 chase the light when it shines my way sending me on a journey 2 the other side where I will live 4ever in2 ETERNITY
well that about says It all 4 me always live your life 2 b all u can b growing on your family tree 🌝🌕🌝👁👁🌝🌕🌝

❤️ 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share peace love and happiness
god bless and all the best 2 uall is what I wish
Each and everyone of us is a precious and fragile human being that needs 2 b swaddled in a blanket of tenderness
while being held in the arms of kindness 2 help put our hearts minds and souls in2 a state of bliss my love is your love here on earth and in the heavens above u r who I am always thinking of as I chase everything I hope dream and wish swimming thru life like a fish I am alive and 65 what could b better than this I have faith in the man upstairs and I believe that my life will go on 4ever in the promise land where I can c all of the friends family and pets that I love and miss I always end my videos by saying happy trails peace cya and blow u a kiss and say SWAK SEALED WITH A KISS
everything I do I do it 4 me I think the best days of my life r waiting in the future 4 me 2 c
I love who I am and me is all I ever wanted 2 b giving away my book 4 free at my website aneyefullofearcandy I am blessed 2 have everyone that comes 2 c me u put a smile on my face and make me happy THANKUALL4 being so friendly as I try 2 live a normal life on a planet where everything is wild and crazy filled with reality’s that faze me and daze me as the time and the future plays me I am praying 4 the RED WAVE on November 8th 2 come thru and amaze me ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
on Thursday August the 11th 2022 the Full Super Sturgeon Moon will b here and I hope wish dream and pray the sky’s r clear so we all can catch a smile on our faces from ear 2 ear as the man on the moon floats on by way up high in the sky where only eagles and angels dare 2 fly a Luna vision that u can c 4 yourself with your own naked eye 👁👁
peace hangloose iloveu ok 👌
may everything go your way🙏
keep a smile on your face😜everynight and everyday come what may it makes the life u live and the world u live it in a better place 2 stay ☮️💟✝️

🏫 ⏱ THE CLOCK ⏰ 🕰 😵‍💫
🍀women r from Venus and men r from Mars one of us has the key and the other has the lock we all live our lives on the run 2 get things done and have some fun as we get 2 stepin the whole time getting chased by the hands on the face of THE CLOCK I love Ted Nugent and in 1979 he released a gr8 album called STATE OF SHOCK I have danced a time or 2 after I had a few bottles of witches brew but one thing u will never c me do is shake my thing on TICTOK I love the band April Wine and they have an awesome tune they do titled
u can head on over 2 the Frisco Bay 2day and u may catch a glimpse of the ghost of Ottis Redding whistling a tune and sitting on the DOCK
when it comes 2 cartoons there is nothing like Looneytunes when u hear BUGS BUNNY say
Leonard Nimoy plays a mixed human Vulcan on Star Treks Starship USS ENTERPRISE as a science officer that goes by the name of SPOCK Twisted Sister has an amazing song and video I love called I WANT TO ROCK I love 2 hear Ronnie Van Zant sing FREE BIRD and then I am one with the wind a lone Angel flying on my own in the twilight zone without a flock when I was in the 8th grade I went 2 my first dance with Sue Hritz and I was no sock hop I was so nervous u could hear my knees knock I love 2 watch the young kids cut a rug jamming 2 Bill Haley And The Comets videos play
the next time u go 2 Las Vegas
go 2 the world famous Gold And Silver Pawn Shop where they film Pawn Stars and check out Chumlee if u have a family heirloom u want 2 hock
Macky Gee has a crazy song and video 4 u 2 c called AFTERSHOCK
there is a new album that came out this year that I love called BAD REPUTATION by the one and only KID ROCK
we all have the ability 2 break free from chains that hold down u and me because we r the keepers of the the key 2 set us free from the lock and act like we r in the state of shock ready 2 rock sitting in my Yellow Submarine tied 2 the dock listening 2 Bugs Bunny ask me What’s Up Doc
as I get ready 2 take off like Jonathan Seagull and fly free from the flock with a solar powered motor and one thing I can promise u is u will never hear my engine knock never let the sand in the hourglass bury u or let time blow your mind
my life is in the hands of god in a human race with THE CLOCK

😍💋😘 FINE / TIME 😘💋😍
🙃a rolling stone gathers no moss so I keep it moving and shaking and everything is FINE
Johnny Cash did a song in 1958 called I WALK THE LINE
a good massage release’s a rapture of elation that gives u a bolt of positive energy up and down your spine I like 2 say peace hangloose iloveu ok and express it by using a hand sign
news travels fast on the internet and World Wide Web
or social media when I was young we had 2 wait 2 hear it thru the grapevine
Aerosmith has a couple songs I love called DRAW THE LINE and F.I.N.E. I guess we all have a long list of things that r going on that blows our mind and we can look at each other and say would u like some cheese with that wine there is a comedy movie called THE PINK PANTHER that came out in 2006 and starred Steve Martin and Kevin Kline and Henry Fonda plays Wyatt Earp
In an American Western film in 1946 called My Darling Clementine my imagination is a little light of mine that I am going 2 continue 2 let shine 2 help me find all of the peace love and happiness I need 2 make me feel FINE 😎☮️💟✝️❤️
❤️both PINK FLOYD and THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT have a gr8 song called TIME FRANK ZAPPA has an amazing
tune titled I’M THE SLIME I like 2 write morning noon and night just trying 2 get it all right taking the thoughts I think and put them on paper in ink hoping everyone everywhere outthere understands the reason 4 my rhyme it’s my choice 2 publish my one of a kind precious and fragile kaleidoscope mind if I didn’t share everything I feel deep down inside it surely would b a capital crime I love 2 listen 2 SANTERIA SMOKE TWO JOINTS and WHAT I GOT by SUBLIME when I was young and dumb out in the world having fun by the ton living my life on the run u could go in2 a phone booth and make a call 4 only a dime
If it’s better 2 b seen than heard and not utter a single word MARCEL MARCEAU is hands down the worlds gr8est
MIME it would b a crime if we didn’t listen 2 music all the time trying 2 put a smile on our faces and blow our minds searching 4 all the hopes wishes and dreams we pray 2 one day find chasing after everything it takes 2 live a life of love that is always in search of a FINE / TIME ❤️☮️💟✝️