We Love Sweet Little LULU A Ton Because She Is Our NUMBERONE HONEYBUN & She Is The Master Of Peace Love Happiness & Fun That Is Second 2 None & We All Live High On The Hog & We Sleep Like A Log When The Day Is Done & When We Wake Up & We C Her Face It Lights Up Our World Just Like The Smile Of The Sun & Ilove It When We Go Out 4 A Run & We C Her Wagging Her Tail & Jumping Up 2 Paint Our Face’s With A Lap Of Her Tongue 👅 & Our Hearts Beat Inside Her Chest & We Dance 2 The Beat Of Her Drum & She Is Our Friend 4 Life As We Travel 2 The Otherside & She Is Our Partner In Crime & Our ChoseenOne & If The World Is Our Oyster Then LULU Is Our Fragile As A Butterfly Precious As A Beauty Of The Ocean Pearl & No Matter How Old We All Get She Will Always B Our OneOfAKind ThatBlowsOurMind BabyGirl & Everyday We Live With TenderLovingCare On This Crazy Planet That We All Share & We Look 4WARD 2 Taking The Ride Enjoying The Endless Perpetual Twirl & When We R Not With Her She Is The One We R Always Thinking Of & We Believe That God Played A Part In This Angel Of Mercy Being Sent Down 2 Earth 2 Fill Our Hearts With Love ❤️ Straight From The Heaven’s Above ✝️ & When LuluDonna&JSW Kneel Down & Pray B4 We Hit The Hay & We Look Up In2 The Sky & Say 2 The Man Upstairs Please Somehow Someway Even Though LULU Is Turning 10 Please Let Us Wake-up & LULU Is A Puppy & We Get 2 Live Her Life All Over Again 4ever & Ever Without End & She Is A Big Hunk Of PeaceLove&Happiness ☮️❤️😍 Swaddled In A Blanket Of EndLess Tenderness SealedWithAWetKiss & We Live 2 Love ❤️ Her With Every Breath She Takes & Every PawPrint That She Makes Turning The Lives We Live In2 A State Of Bliss Making AwesomeBeautiful&Amazing Memories That Fills Our Hearts Minds & Souls 🥰 With Joy Whenever We Reminisce Thinking Nothing Could Ever Take The Place Of This & We Give Her A Hug & A Kiss & We Say Peace Hangloose Weloveu OK MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY As U LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY Because That’s What We HOPEWISHDREAM&PRAY That U Have A SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS Happy 10th Birthday As U Put Smiles On Our Faces ComeWhatMay Everynight & Everyday Making The Lives We Live & The House We Call Home A Better Place 2 Stay & GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST LittleOne MayPeaceBWithUAlways LetUsPray🙏✍️🍀👅🐾🐾🌞🌝🤓😘😋😝😜😛💋🤞👁👁🫶🫀🧠👍YIPPEEWAALAAYEEHAAOOLALAKONNICHIWA ❤️OAKYDOAKYHOKYPOKYHOLYSMOKEYABIGTOKY😵‍💫YIPYAPFLIPFLAPTIPTAPHOLYCRAPTAKEANAP😴 FATLOGHIGHONTHEHOGHOTDIGGITYDOGBULLFROG🤪 HAPPY10THBIRTHDAY ON DECEMBER 4TH MONDAY & MayEveryThingEverywhereOutthere THAT U DESIRE B ALL TheThingsThatComeYourWay PeaceHanglooseWeLoveuOK & 4EverIsWhatWePray HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA THATSALLIHAVE2SAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Ilove A Gr8 Song From The Album Leftoverture Released In 1976 By Kansas That Has 205 Million Views Called CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON & Everyday We All Enter In2 A Race Against Time Knowing It’s A Duel We Will Never Win No Matter How Fast We Think We Can Run Because We Would Have 2 B Like Superman Zipping Along Faster Than A Bullet Shot From A Gun Goin Crazy Trying 2 Get Everything Everywhere Outthere Done B4 The Darkness Of Night Robs Us Of The Daylight Given By The Sun & We Go 2 Sleep After We Get Tucked In Nicentight & The Next Thing We Know Is Here We Go It’s 2morrow & We Wake & Bake Feeling Alright Just Like Groundhog Day & The Alarm Goes Off & U Hear Sonny & Cher Singing I Got You Babe & Then U Know It’s Time 2 Pick Up Your Dog&PonyShow & Go Back 2 Square One Hoping 2 B Second 2 None In Search Of Fun Trying 2 Stay One Step Ahead Of The Machete Being Swung By That Guy From Friday The 13th Named Jason & Ilove A Gr8 Song By Ozzy Osbourne That Has 11 Million Views Called Perry Mason & Ilove A Gr8 Movie Released In 1961 That Everyone Everywhere Outthere Should Watch Starring Sydney Poitier Called A Raisin In The Sun & Ilove A Gr8 Song Released In 1974 That Has 3.9 Million Views Called Keep On Smiling By A Rock Group From Mobile Alabama Named Wet Willie & There Once Was An Awesome Beautiful & Amazing Equine Named Ruffian That Captured The Hearts & Minds Of The Horse Racing World & She Was Known As The Worlds Greatest Thoroughbred Filly & Some Say My Poems & Poetry R The Dilly Sometimes A Little Goosebump Chilly & Other Times They Say Hey JSW That’s A Little Silly & Often Times I May B A Touch Sneaky & others I Try 2 B invisible & Do It Stealhily & In The End It All Puts Me In A State Of Tranquillity & Ilove A Gr8 Song From 1957 Called Who Do You Love By Bo Diddley & Ilove A Movie Franchise That Made A Gr8 Trilogy Of Flicks In 93/95/97 That Put A Smile On My Face & Made Me Happy As Can B Called Free Willy & Ilove A Gr8 Song By The Who Released In 1967 Called Pictures Of Lily & Ilove A Gr8 Song & Video That Has 10 Million Views Called Short/Skirt Long Jacket By An Excellent Band Named CAKE & Make No Mistake The Best Way 4 Me 2 Start My Day Is 2 Wake & Bake & If I Don’t I Start 2 Tremble & Shake & I Get A Belly & A Center Of The Mind Headache & Then I Have A Patience Tolerance As Short As A Nasty Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Looking 4 & Hoping 2 Find A Clean Break 4 Heavens Sake Living My Life In A World Where Everything Everywhere Outthere is All About The ☮️❤️😍 That U Give & Take Trying 2 B Different In Some Way Shape Or Form Like Fingerprints & Zebra Stripes & The Shape Of Every Falling Snowflake & Ilove A Gr8 Song By Prince That Was On His Sign “O” The Times Album Released In 1987 Called Housequake & Ilove A Gr8 Horror/Mystery Flick That Was Released In 2017 Called House By The Lake & Ilove A Gr8 Song Called Life Is Good That Has 2.1 Billion Views Rapped By Future Featuring Drake & Don’t Become A Victim Of The Choice’s U Make B Sure U Know Where Your Feet R Landing With Every Step U Take Always Doing What’s Right 4 Christ Sake & Ilove A Gr8 Song & Video By Lauv & Conan Gray That Has 1.4 Million Views Called FAKE & Ilove A Gr8 Song That Has 638 Million Views Called Circles By Post Malone & I Alone Am The Cornerstone Of ANEYEFULLOFEARCANDY & When I Am There I Feel Right @ Home Sitting On My Throne Catching A GoodStone Burning A Fat Bob Marley Handrolled Like A Cuban Bone Of Some Pepe Le Pew SkunkBud HomeGrown Mellowing Me Out In2 My ComfortZone Taking Pictures Of The PrettyAsARose FullBeaverMoon With My Cellphone Swallowing My Supplement’s 4 Energy Sexdrive & Muscle Building Testosterone Looking 4 Someone With A Mind Of Their Own With A Moist Vertical Smile 2 Plant Some Seeds I Haven’t Sown & Ilove A Gr8 Song By P J Harvey Called Long Snake Moan & Ilove A Gr8 Song By Dazey And The Scouts Called Groan & Ilove A Gr8 Song Sung By Shania Twain That Has 7.9 Million Views Called Honey I’m Home & After Having Said All Of That This Little WordTrip Leave’s Me In Need Of Some THC WithMyMindCaughtInAPoemCycloneWithMyBrainBlown 🍀✌️🤙🤟👌💋👁👁🧠🫶👍🤞😇😍😘😋🤪😜😛😝🤓😎😳🫣😵‍💫😬I Hope Everyone Everywhere Outthere Living On This Crazy Planet That We All Share Remembers This Is The Only One We Got So Let’s All Handle MotherEarth With Tender Loving Care It’s Only Fair & Pray 4 Her Every Time We Have Dinner & Right B4 We Hit The Hay & We Say Our Goodnight Prayers 2 The Man Upstairs 2 Help Us With The Thoughts & Feelings That We All Want 2 Share With The Man Who Created The Promisland On The OtherSide In The Houses Of The Holy Floating In Thin Air In A Place Where Nothing Else Could Ever Compare🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕🌝TheFullBeaverMoon Looked Like A Giant Cheddar Cheese Balloon That Had Me Singing That Old AMORE Dean Martin Tune Running Around Crazy As A Loon Wishing I Could Hang Out With Pink Floyd On The Dark Side Of The Moon & B4 U Know It TheFullColdMoon Will B Here The Day After Christmas 2 Make Us All Swoon 🥰 peacebwithuallalways ☮️GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST ✝️ PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS ✌️❤️😍 HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🤞🍀🙏❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✍️💋


Ilove A Gr8 Song By Simon & Garfunkel From 1966 That Has 1.3 Million Views Called 59th Street Song (Feeling Groovy) & Every Time I Write A New Poem & I Read What I Said Off Of The Top Of My Head & It Moovesme As I Take Another Toke & Start 2 Choke On The Green Pepe Le Pew Skunkbud Smoke & I Get A Little Woozy & I Say Ohmy That Fat Bob Marley Was A Handrolled Doozy & If There Ever Was Something In My Life That I Wanted & I Couldn’t Get It By Myself I Never Liked 2 Depend On Anyone Else Because Beggars Can’t B Choozy & Everyday I Play The Lead Role In My Life As I Live Love Laugh & Play Chasing Everything That I hope Wish Dream & Pray Like I Am Being Filmed By Steven Spielberg In A Home Movie & I Like 2 Say What I Mean & Mean What I Say & At The End Of The Day Let The Chips Fall Where They May & There Will B No So Sorry Or 4GIVEME Please From My Knees & I Won’t B Saying LetMeSlide Or Excussme & U Never Know When It Is Your Time 2 Go Or When It Will B The Last Time U Get 2 Lay Eyes On Me @aneyefullofearcandy So Hang On 2 Me & Hold Me Tight With All Your Might & Please Never Let Go & Loozeme & I Want 2 Say THANKU 2 Everyone Everywhere Outthere That Visits LULUANDJSW With An Open&Free Mind Ready 2 Lend An Eye&Ear 2 & It’s People Like All Of U That Gets Me Thru & Puts Me In A State Of Bliss Swaddled In Tenderness In A Cloud Of PEACELOVE&HAPPINESS That Moovesme Leaving Me Feeling Groovy & Ilove A Gr8 Simon & Garfunkel Song Covered By Disturbed That Has 949 Million Views Called The Sound Of Silence & Ilove A Gr8 Comedy/Romance Movie From 1985 Starring Anthony Michael Hall IIan Mitchell-Smith & Kelly Lebrock That Also Had An Awesome Theme Song By Oingo Boingo That Has 7.2 Million Views Called Weird Science & Ilove A Gr8 Song From 1973 By Mott The Hoople Called Violence & At The WILLRELLO Ranch I Wash The Dishes With Manpower So I Guess U Could Call Me A Handy Household Appliance & Ever Since I Was A Young Tyke I Never Did Like Rules & Regulations Or Being Told What 2 Do So I Guess U Could Say I Was Never In Compliance & Always A Little Wack That Was A Hard Nut 2 Crack Always Fit 2 B Tied That Could Give It Right Back As Good As I Got In Total Defiance Knowing Our Father His Son & The HolyGhost In Heaven R My Strongest & Only Reliance & Ilove A Gr8 ScienceFiction TV Series That Was On From 1968 Until 1970 Starring Gary Conway & Deanna Lund Called Land Of The Giants & Ever Since I Stopped Taking Drugs When I Was 30 Years Old & I Gave My Spacesuit & Helmet Back 2 NASA Because I No Longer Wanted 2 B Astronautic & Now Ilove The Awesome Beautiful & Amazing Feelings I Get From Head 2 Toe From Living My Life Being Nonnarcotic & The Star Spangled Banner Is My Alltime Favorite Song & Everyday Ilike 2 Say GODBLESS America When I Pray Because I Am Red White & Blue Thru & Thru & Truly 100% Patriotic & I Always Try 2 Avoid Processed Foods & Everything That Is Sugarsweet That I Shouldn’t Eat & Try 2 Survive On A Diet & Lifestyle That Is Healthy 4 Me That Is Macrobiotic & Ilove My Poems & Poetry & I Believe There R Mentally Nutritious & Delicious Message’s Weaved In2 The Fabric Of What I Say That R Not In Any Way Shape Or Form Psychotic Neurotic Or Idiotic & If Anything I Would Like 2 Think That My Poetry Gets Inside Of All Your Minds & Clears The Cobwebs Like An Antibiotic & My Ideas Expand Your Imagination’s & Become Posthypnotic & My Brain Swims In A Pool Of Holywater & The Thoughts Hidden Within My Wildest Dreams & Fantasies R Like Kevin Costner In Waterworld An Air Breathing Landwalker That Is Mentally Aquatic & Never Wants Anyone Anywhere Outthere 2 Ever think Of Me as Chaotic ☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🤍💙🇮🇱✡️🕎🙏☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🤍💙🇮🇱✡️🕎🙏2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare I hope wish dream & pray that uall have an awesome beautiful & amazing HAPPYTHANKSGIVING Day as uall live love laugh & play & keep a smile on all of your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay it make the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY we r all brothers & sisters made by the hands of god out of human clay waiting 4 a stork 2flyaway OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say wheretheresawilltheresaway ✌️🤙🤟👌💋🎈🍒😎🤞🕸🕷🍀👁👁🛸🚀✈️😍🥰😘😇😜🙃😉🤓😵‍💫keep your EYES2THESKY 2 try & catch The FullBeaverMoon that will b here real soon & we can all sing that spaced out old Frank Sinatra tune that has 157.4 million views called FLY ME TO THE MOON & say hey diddle the cat & the fiddle the cow jumped over the giant cheddar cheese balloon & so u know it’s at sunset on Sunday the 26th of November & I hope it is a gr8 one 4 all of us 2 remember & the only way 2 truly see the fullbeavermoon is 2 stand behind a woman bending over 2 touch her toes that’s not wearing any clothes pretty as a rose 🌹 🌝💫⚡️☄️💥🪐🌞🌻😋🌼🌷🌸🌺🍄🐾🐾👅✍️👍🫶🙂❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🍀


Every Morning That I Get 2 Wake & Bake Is A Chance 2 Make The Life I Live A World Of Peace Love & Happiness Floating On A Silverlined Cloud In Seventhheaven & On 11-15-23 I Will B Having A Little Party Celebrating Me Turning 67 Happy As Can B Chasing Time Feeling Fine 365 Daze A Year 24-7 As I Climb The Stairway 2 Heaven & I Always Seem 2 Look At The Clock & Maybe This Happens 2 U 2 But I Think Everyone Everywhere Outthere Should Look Up The Meaning Of 11:11 & 50 Years Ago When I Got My First Car On 11-15-73 When I Turned 17 Was A Firedeadly 71 Red Ford Pinto That I Called My Little Street Beater With A Radio & A Heater & Iloved Going On A Bone Cruise With My Friends In My 4 Seater & I Thought I Was The King Of The Road Saying Coolbeans & Beesknees Thinking Nothing Could B Sweeter Or Neater & When It Comes 2 Meeting Girls Having A Car Is Good 4 The Mind & The Peter Because When A Girl Needed A Ride There Was No Better Way 2 Meether & Treather When I Was Trying 2 Find Paradise By The Dashboardlight In The Back Of My CherryRed Pinto 4 Seater & Everyday Of My Is A Reality Show Played Out Live 4 All The World 2 C Of Me Trying 2 Get Everything 2 Go My Way Doing Whatever I Can Every Now & Then & God Only Knows When As I Live Love Laugh & Play Chasing Everything That I Hope Wish Dream & Pray Trying 2 Hold On 2 The Tail Of Time B4 It Flys Away Everynight & Everyday & I Say 2 The Man Upstairs Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK My Soul Is Yours 2 Keep B4 I Go 2 Sleep In My Prayers B4 I Hit The Hay Trying 2 Keep A Whiplashsmile On My Face & Wear It With Style & Grace 2 Solidify The Persona Of The Person I Portray & Never Go Astray From What I Dare 2 Say Letting The Chips Fall Where They May & Keep Uall At Bay Once I Let The Cat Out Of The Bag It’s 2 Late 2 Think About The Feelings I Hurt When I Rub Someone The Wrong Way & B So Cliche With The Messages & Thoughts I Convey Weaving Webbs Trying 2 Catch Open & Freeminds With Some Of The Finest Tales Ever Spun On The Imagination Highway Using Mentalmagic As The Yarn In The Artwork I Crochet & I Am As Proud As I Could Ever B Of Showcasing The Mindcandy Products That I Put On Display Using Wordplay Inside Of The Games My Mind Likes 2 Play & Hidden Within My Brain Is Where They Stay Billions Of Words Like Wild Birds Waiting 4 The Day I Let Them Break Free & Flyaway Never Knowing If People Will Say Yea Or Nay 2 My Gourmet Buffet That I Am Trying 2 Giveaway On My 67th Birthday & One Never Knows How Long They Will Get 2 Stay Here Or If The End Of Time Is Getting Near We All Just Have 2 Live Our Lives 2 The Fullest Everyday Come What May Without Any Negativity Or Fear With A Smile On Our Faces From Ear 2 Ear When We Hear Our Friends & Family Sing HAPPYBIRTHDAY 2 Us As We Say Goodbye 2 Another Year As We Wish The Next One Fills Our Hearts Minds & Souls With Peace On Earth Filled With Heavenly Cheer In Gods Light So We Can See The Path Ahead Of Us On Our Way 2 The Promiseland Is Troublefree & Clear As We Make Our Way 2 A Place Somewhere Wayoutthere That We All Can’t Wait 2 Go 2 When It’s Our Turn 2 Get Out Of Here & Use Our Angels Wings 2 Flyaway & Disappear ☮️💟✝️✌️🤙🤟👌🍀✍️🤞😎💋🌝🌞🌹🍒🎸🥁🚀🛸✈️🕸🕷🦂👁👁PeaceBWithUallAlways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 Israel 🇮🇱 MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY ThatsWhatIHopeWishDream&Pray PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS 2 Israel 🇮🇱 HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🙏😘💙🤍🇮🇱✡️🕎💙🤍🇮🇱✡️🕎💙🤍🇮🇱✡️🕎💙🤍🇮🇱✡️🕎💙🤍🇮🇱✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🍀🤞

🇺🇸🇮🇱FREE BIRD🇺🇸🇮🇱

Ilove a gr8 song that has 99.4 million views by Lynyrd Skynyrd on their album titled Pronounced Leh-Nerd-Skin-Nerd released in 1973 called FREE BIRD & My mind has been shakin but not stirred & My imagination is a Lone Red Angus Bull that preferred not 2 run with the herd that remains undeterred & Every word of my poems & poetry r thoughts from my mind that were spurred by the voices in my head that I overheard & transferred whatever got me stirred because I am a wordnerd & on paper & ink is where they fly out of my pen as fast as a Hummingbird clearheaded with all my visions spurred & magnified unblurred & never absurd slurred blurred or demurred & Every thing I say is true everynight & everyday comewhatmay cross my heart & hope 2 die I give uall my word on everything u c when u visit LULUANDJSW @aneyefullofearcandy that ever occurred & Ilove a gr8 song & video by The Trashmen that was released in 1963 that has 39.9 million views called Surfin Bird – Bird Is The Word & Ilove a gr8 song by The Duprees from 1963 that has 2.2 million views called Have You Heard & Ilove a gr8 song by ZZ Top off of their Fandango album released in 1975 called THUNDERBIRD & Ilove a gr8 NBA player that is the only person in history 2 b named Rookie Of The Year MVP – Finals MVP – Allstar MVP & Coach & Executive of the year & was nicknamed the Hick from French Lick & Larry Legend & he was one of the Gr8est Basketball Players of all time who is the one & only # 33 Larry Joe Bird & & Ilove a gr8 movie released in 1984 starring Kevin Bacon that also had an official song & video that has 90 million views by Kenny Loggins called FOOTLOOSE & If u got 2 watch Kevin dance in the movie or video u c his body & feet getting loose as a goose & doing Parkour 4 the first time in my life as seen by my eyes like He was pumped up on REDBULL & Pomegranate Pom Juice & Ilove a gr8 comedy animated TV series that was on from 1959 until 1964 called The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle that was about a Flying Squirrel & a Moose & there is nothing like starting the day by dropping a deuce from the caboose after all that food we eat that turns in2 a number2 that our bodies produce & I am out here without any fear just looking 4 free & open minds 2 seduce by making use of all my thoughts & feelings that I deduce trying 2 b profuse & I hope wish dream & pray I can convince everyone everywhere outthere 2 sit back & relax & HANGLOOSE & Fly like a bird in the sky where only Eagles Angels & UFO’S Dare 2 try & do a fly by just like The Hughes H-4 Hercules Aircraft Nicknamed The Spruce Goose☮️✝️💟🇺🇸✡️🕎🇮🇱. ✌️🤙🤟👌❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✡️🕎🇮🇱🙏2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always bsafe bestrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare & keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with eyes like coal & hearts made of ice & beware peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY that’s what I HOPEWISHDREAM&PRAY as uall LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY & keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay it makes the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say in America I hope uall have a happy VETERANS DAY GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 all the men & women serving in the Military now keeping the Home Of The Brave In The Land Of The Free happy & safe living our lives 2 the fullest as proud Americans Living In The USA 🇺🇸 GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 All VETERANS still living their lives in the land that Ilove & 2 all our Brothers & Sisters that live in the Houses Of The Holy Floating In The Heaven’s Above that we r always thinking of with Peace Happiness & Love let us all PRAY 🙏🍀PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 😎🤞😘🫶✍️👍🤍💙❤️🇺🇸✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸


Ilove a gr8 song & video with Paul Simon & Chevy Chase that has 119 million views called You Can Call Me Al & Ilove a gr8 James Bond Movie that was released in 2006 starring Daniel Craig in his first appearance as 007 called Casino Royale & In 1914 the United States completed one of the most Strategic artificial waterways ever built connecting the Atlantic & the Pacific Oceans called the Panama Canal & In 1957 a gr8 biography/drama movie was released starring Burt Lancaster & Kirk Douglas called Gunfight At O.K. Corral & There Is a gr8 quote that ilove that says (The More I See Of Mankind The More I Prefer My Dog) that was said by Blaise Pascal & In 2002 an erotic thriller flick was released starring Antonio Banderas called Femme Fatale & From 1967 until 1971 there was an American western drama TV series set in the 1870’s starring Lief Erickson called The High Chaparral & they say the El Matador Beach located in Malibu is one of the most stunning beaches around with rock formations & hidden cove’s 2 get some peace & quiet when u want 2 lay on a beach towel in So Cal & there is a gr8 dance video ilove on YouTube that has 2.6 million views called Alabama Gal & Ilove a gr8 song by Duran Duran that has 9.6 million views that was the theme song 4 a 007 movie called A View To A Kill & I heard it’s best 2 have a living will but when I think about it the thought gives me a chill because I don’t like 2 think about what happens 2 me when I have had my fill & When I know I still have the skill 2 chase my hopes dreams & wishes 2 get my thrill & I don’t think I will ever give in & say I can’t make it any further because I am over the hill & 4 what ever ails me aspirin is the wonder drug that is good 4 everything & it never fails me when something nails me & I have some pain 2 kill I just go & get my happymagicpill & Ilove my poems & poetry & I think it’s above & beyond anything u might think is the normal daily run of the mill I just read my mind & my imagination becomes a waterfall & on paper in ink is where I like 2 let it all spill & Alanis Morissette has a gr8 song called IRONIC that has 233.6 million views on her album released in 1995 called Jagged Little Pill & Ilove a gr8 song that has 48.4 million views called When I Call Your Name sung by Vince Gill & The Beastie Boys have a gr8 song ilove that has 51.1 million views called No Sleep Till Brooklyn on their awesome debut album released in 1986 titled Licensed To Ill & The Verve Pipe has a couple gr8 songs ilove off of their Villains album that was released in 1996 called The Freshmen & Photograph & Ilove2 live love & laugh as i choreograph the steps i will take on heaven’s path steering clear of all the Riff Raff hoping 2 catch a ride on the back of Geoffrey The Giraffe & everyday I hope 2 get some positive comments on my website about LULUANDJSW sharing ☮️❤️😍 using words on our behalf & Aerosmith has a gr8 song ilove that Steven Tyler sings that has 116.6 million views called DREAM ON & In 1984 there was a gr8 action/drama movie ilove that was released starring Patrick Swayze & Charlie Sheen called RED DAWN & I like 2 get up b4 the moon is gone & pound my chest & let out a Empire State King Kong Yawn & try 2 catch a glimpse of the Hummingbirds coming 2 the feeders at the break of dawn & In 1997 a gr8 action/crime movie ilove was released starring Michael Jai White & John Leguizama that was called SPAWN & I would love 2 go 2 Germany & drive on the highway with no speed limit in some areas called the Autobahn & hit the gas & begone & the founder of the Mongol Empire who was known as the Ultimate Conqueror with the largest contiguous land empire in history was Genghis Khan 🇺🇸🇮🇱🍀🤞2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share always besafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare & keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with eyes like coal & hearts of ice & bware & peace hangloose iloveu ok may every go your way as uall live love laugh & play that’s what I hope wish dream & pray & always keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday come what may it makes the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say peacebwithuallalways godblessandallthebest PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ☮️💟✝️🙏✍️💋🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇮🇱✡️🕎🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇮🇱✡️🕎🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇮🇱✡️🕎🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🍀


We All Should Think Of Our Bodies Like A Fine Tuned Machine & Keep Them Running Smooth & Clean Like The Beatles Yellow Submarine Taking On Anything Unforeseen without A Covid Booster Or Vaccine With Inhanced Physical Capabilities Like I Am An X-Men Wolverine Always Dressed 2 The Nines When I Go Out On Halloween & Take A Hit Of Mescaline & Snort A Pile Of Cocaine Mixed With Crystal Methamphetamine Drinking Cough Syrup With Codeine In A Military Canteen Mixed With Red Bull Just 2 Catch A Kick From The Caffeine Making My Blood Boil Like Gasoline & It’s The Same Color As Grenadine & It Feels Like I Am Pissing Fire When I Go 2 The Latrine Living My Life Like Everything I Do Is On The Bigscreen Playing My Green Tambourine Waiting 4 The Future So I Can Act Out My Next Unrehearsable Scene & Hoping I Get 2 Do A Cool Singing & Dance Routine Like Freddy Mercury Doing Bohemian Rhapsody With 1.7 Billion Views With Queen Looking 4 A Vertical Smile That Loves 2 Ride Mile After Mile That I Could Come Between When We Convene & Taste The Fruits Of Life Like We R Each Others Favorite Cuisine Trying Not 2 Say Anything Obscene & Act Like A Philistine & B Like Charlie Sheen Doing Time In Quarantine Riding In The Back Of A Long Black Limousine Doing Standing Backflips On My Indoor Trampoline packed In My Hot Whip Like A Sardine On A Trip 2 Florida 2 C The Oldest City In The Continental United States Located In Saint Augustine Listening 2 Robert Plant & Led Zeppelin Doing Tangerine While Eating A Nectarine Wearing A Suit Made Out Of Hot Red Neoprene Listening 2 Dexy’s Midnight Runners Singing There Hit Tune With 47.6 Million Views Called Come On Eileen & It Has Been 43 Years Since I Had A Kool Cigarette So I Could Breathe Some Nicotine & It’s Been 96 Months Since I Had Any Alcohol At All Passing Thru My Kidney’s Liver Or Spleen & Courtney Love & Curt Cobain Had A Daughter That Was Born On 8-18-92 & They Named Her Frances Bean & Life Is A Never Ending Movie That We All Play A Part In That Takes Place 24 Hours A Day From A Script That Is Sight Unseen Hoping 3 Get Your Picture On The Pages Of People Magazine As We All Pray 2 Pull Off The Great Escape From Death Every Minute Of The Day On A Harley Like Steve McQueen Burning The Midnight Lamp Filled With Kerosine Camping Out Under The Stars Beneath A 75 Foot High Blue Spruce Evergreen Eating A Sweet & Tasty New Orleans Praline Made With Pistachio Nuts 2 Get Some Excellent Plant Based Protein & Ilove Alice Cooper’s Genius Lyric’s When He Sings I Got A Baby’s Brain And An Old Mans Heart In His Gr8 Song I’m Eighteen Praying Not 2 Run In2 Michael Myers The Mental Patient In John Carpenter’s Slasher Flick From The Silverscreen In 1978 Called HALLOWEEN 🎃👽💀👻👹☠️🥸😳🫣😵‍💫😲😯🫢🫠🙄🌝 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share besafe bestrong protect yourselves at all times & takecare I hope uall had your EYES2THESKY 2 try & catch the FULLHUNTERMOON Floating By Way Up High In The Sky making me wish that I could fly where angels sigh & eagles cry & In The Wizard Of Oz Judy Garland Sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bluebirds Fly – Birds Fly Over The Rainbow Why Then Oh Why Can’t I & Crazy Town has a gr8 song ilove with 219.8 million views called Butterfly & Shaman’s Harvest has a gr8 song ilove with 8 million views called Dragonfly & we all get 2 live our lives 2 the fullest until the day we die ✌️🤙🤟👌🙏✍️💋🫶😎😍😋😜😇😛😝🤓🤔🤭🧐🥰🙂🙃😏😉😚PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2 ISRAEL 🇮🇱 MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY THATS WHAT I HOPE WISH DREAM & PRAY EVERYNIGHT & EVERYDAY PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟✝️🍀🤞❤️❤️❤️❤️


Doja Cat has a gr8 song & video ilove called Paint The Town Red & every shred of whatever I said were thoughts that came straight off the top of my head from the information overload of imagination that I spread hidden within the mental machinery inside my head that I shed along the path 2 heaven that I tread & when I was young I used 2 wear 2 crosses one on my chest & one on my back because I don’t have eyes on the back of my head & when someone uses there tongue 2 stab u in the back it’s a wound that can never b Stitched up with a needle & thread & there’s a gr8 video & song ilove called Hex by a band named The Dance Of The Dead & in 2010 a gr8 movie ilove was released starring Bruce Willis Morgan Freeman & John Malkovich called RED & Jack Johnson has a gr8 song ilove called One Step Ahead & in 1995 there was a action/ crime flick released that bombed in the movies that starred Sylvester Stallone called Judge Dredd & if u r a man over 40 years old pick up some made in America from all natural ingredients a new product that u take like a vitamin everyday called RED BOOST & In 1997 The Rolling Stones released a gr8 song ilove called Might As Well Get Juiced & if someone pokes prods or pinches u between the cheeks of your ass u have been Goosed & Hayley Kiyoko has a gr8 song & video ilove called CURIOUS & Macklemore featuring Skylar Grey has a Gr8 Video & Song ilove called GLORIOUS & on 5-19-23 the movie FAST X was the 10th flick released by Vin Diesel & his Franchise called THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS & Duran Duran has a gr8 song & video ilove called NOTORIOUS & there is a gr8 book ilove released in 2012 about Freddy Mercury called A LIFE IN PICTURES THE GREAT PRETENDER & Stillwater has a gr8 song ilove called Mindbender & in 1962 there was a gr8 comedy/musical flick ilove starring Elvis Presley titled Girls Girls Girls & he sang an amazing song called Return To Sender & Collective Soul has a gr8 song ilove released in 2000 titled Blender & Did u ever go on a hellbender in search of sweet surrender that is tasty & tender & likes 2 Share erotic splendor & if u choose 2 b a contender with the lady bartender because she is so hot u would like 2 rearendher & I’m not talking about a fender bender but u would never do or say anything 2 disrespect or offendher u just want 2 have fun & enjoy a wild&crazy fairytale fantasy weekender with a hot & nasty slender female mindbender & then it’s time 2 take a big hit of the skunkbudshit & get lit & never quit & rollover & submit & put that in your pipe & smoke it & always b the real thing cha ching & b legit & get with it & commit & if u don’t try it on u will never know if it was a tight fit that loves 2 give as good as they git & I slit a sheet a sheet I slit upon the slitted sheet I sit 2 everyone everywhere outthere keep your Eyes2thesky on Saturday October 28th & catch the FullHuntersMoon as he floats on by way up high in the sky 🌝👁👁🌝😎🌹🍄😍💋🌺🍒🎈♦️♥️🟥🔴🔺❤️‍🩹❤️‍🔥❤️🇮🇱💟🕎✡️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇮🇱💟🕎✡️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇮🇱💟🕎✡️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🍀🤞Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK May Everything Go ISRAEL’S Way Everynight & Everyday That’s What I Hope Wish Dream & Pray 🇮🇱🕎✡️peacebwithuallalways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST ☮️💟✝️🙏PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✌️🤙🤟👌🌝🌞

✌️🤙🤟👌 BLANK ✌️🤙🤟👌

There R Times When My Mind Just Draws A Blank Like I Am Running On An Empty Tank Chasing My Thoughts & Feelings Around My MEMORYBANK Trying 2 Get My Engines 2 Fire Up & Get The Gearbox Inside My Imagination 2 Crank Thinking Is It Drink Or Drank Sink Or Sank Stink Or Stank Shrink Or Shrank OHWELL PEACEYALL Whatever Whenever Whereever I End Up I Only Have Myself & No One Else 2 Thank & One Of The Gr8est Baseball Players In The World With 755 Homer’s & 3,771 Basehits Who Was Born Named Henry Louis Arron But All Of His Fans Knew Him As #44 HAMMERIN HANK & Grand Funk Railroad Has A Gr8 Song Ilove From 1973 Called WE’RE AN AMERICAN BAND & They Say God Has The Whole Wide World In The Palm Of His Hand & With The Help Of His Son Jesus & The HolyGhost They Have Got Everything In Total Command In The Motherland & Ilove A Gr8 Album Released In 1977 By Eric Clapton Called SLOWHAND & There Comes A Time In Everyone’s Life Where We Have 2 Make A Choice & Draw A Line In The Sand & Stop Living Off Of The Fat Of The Land & Get Your Ass In Gear & Go Chase & Capture The hopes Wishes & Dreams U peruse In2 The Future Life U Hope 2 Live That U Have Mapped Out & Planned In This Crazy Fantasyland That U Have The Powers Over 2 Command & Dig In Your Heels & Never Kowtow & Make A Stand & Ilove A Gr8 Song Called AIN’T NO LOVE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY By Bobby Blue Bland & Ilove A Gr8 Book Published In 1865 By Lewis Carroll Called ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND & The WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA The GayCrackHeadObomba Who Is The Devil In Disguise That Married His Boyfriend Mike Wrote A SAD&UGLY Biography Filled With Fiction Dripping BullShit&Lies Called The Promiseland & We The People Known As American Citizens Should Come 2gether & Begin A CountryWide Legal Battle 2 Take The USA 🇺🇸 Back From The America Hating Marxist Chinese Communist Hezbollah Fuckjoebiden & The GayCrackHead & Haveing Both Of There Names Removed From The List Of American Presidents Should B One Of The First Priorities That We Demand & Reclaim Our Country & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN With TRUMP In Command & Put An End 2 The Treason Madness & Destruction Of The Home Of The Brave & The Land Of The Free & Abolish Everything The GayCrackHead Did & Has Planned & The Tempations Have A Gr8 Song With 2.1 Million Views Called RUNAWAY CHILD RUNNING WILD & Ilove An Amazing Version Of The Gr8est Song In The World Called The Star Spangled Banner 🇺🇸 Played By One Of The Best Guitar Players Ever 2 Play A Guitar Named ZAKK WYLDE & Steppenwolf Has A Gr8 Song Ilove Called BORN TO BE WILD & I Try Not 2 Let Myself Get Easley Riled Ever Since I Was A Young Hippie Flowerchild Not 2 Hot & Not 2 Cold That Likes 2 Ride The Centerline Feeling Fine Being A MildChild Knowing Some Daze I Frowned The DayAway & Every Once In A While I Go The Extra Mile On The HappyDays & Make Sure That I Smiled & All I Want 2 Do Is Try 2 Reach Out & Touch All Of U By Being Honest & True As I Try My Best 2 Break On Thru & Fascinate U & Leave U Beguiled With All The Poems & Poetry & PsychoBabble That I Have Arranged & Styled & Mentally Compiled Using My Imagination As My BrainChild On Everything That I Have Profiled Peace By Peace & DataFiled & There Is A Gr8 Song Ilove From 1981 That Has 8.7 Million Views Called Kids In America By Kim Wilde & Ilove A Gr8 Song By The Black Keys That Has 5.3 Million Views Called Wild Child & Ilove A Gr8 Quote That Says (Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken) By A Brilliant Irish Poet & Playwright Named Oscar Wilde 🍀✍️💫🤞☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟2🇮🇱☮️💟✡️🕎✌️🤙🤟👌🙏😍😘Peace Hangloose Iloveu Ok May Everything Go Your Way That’s What I Hope Wish Dream & Pray As Uall Live Love Laugh & Play & Keep A Smile On Your Faces Everynight & Everyday ComeWhatMay It Makes The Life U Live & The World U Live It In A Better Place 2 Stay Knowing Life Is All About What U Do & Not What U Say 4 Free Without Pay & There Is A Gr8 Self Help Book Ilove That Was Published In 1967 By Psychiatrist Thomas Anthony Harris Called I’m Ok You’re Ok 🌞🌝💫PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 2🇮🇱💟✡️🕎 PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS 2🇮🇱💟✡️🕎 HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🤞❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💟✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💟✡️🕎🇮🇱❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💟✡️🕎🇮🇱🙏🍀

❤️🤍💙 GOSSIP ❤️🤍💙

Maneskin Featuring Tom Morello Have A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 12.7 Million Views Called GOSSIP & Always Keep A Stiff Upper Lip & Never Lose Your Grip & Run A Tight Ship & Let It Rip Skip & Crack The Whip On The Drag The Drag Strip & Go Skinnydip & Fly Off The Highdive Glad 2 B Alive & Do A Swandive At The End Of A Perfect Double Backflip & Take A Hit Of Windowpane & Enjoy The Trip & In My Dreams A 56 Cherry Red Corvette Would B My Hotwhip But I Can’t Afford 2 Guzzle It Down Real Quick So I Try 2 Get By & Enjoy Mine Feeling Fine & Indulge On It By The Sip & Words Like Birds Zip Off My Lip & After They Leave My Tongues Tip Like A Gunslinger Shooting From The Hip & I Completely Override My B Nice Microchip & Have U Ever Been So High That U Try 2 Get Your Buttonfly 2 Unzip & U Can Feel Your Spigot Start 2 Drip & u Bite Your Lip When All U Want 2 Do Is Let It Rip Straight From The Tip & AC/DC Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 25.8 Billion Views Called STIFF UPPER LIP & The Dazz Band Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 7.8 Million Views Called LET IT WHIP & Ilove A Gr8 Song By The Doors That Has 5.6 Million Views Sung By Jim Morrison Called THE CRYSTAL SHIP & In The Winter When I Was Young My Stepfather Would Say Hey Scott It’s As Cold As A Witches Tit Outside & If U Try 2 Lick Or Kiss It Your Lips & Tongue Would Stick 2 It & Say This 3 Times Fast I Slit A Sheet A Sheet I Slit Upon The Slitted Sheet I Sit & In 1948 There Was A Psychological Drama/Mystery Movie Released Starring Olivia De Havilland Called THE SNAKE PIT & There Is A Crazy Video & Song Ilove That Has 19.3 Million Views By MC Hammer Called 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT & Ilove A Gr8 Song By Lauv& Lany That Has 84.2 Million Views Called MEAN IT & Don’t B A Counterfeit & Do What’s Right 4 Christ Sake & Give In 2 The Truth & Submit & Take A Big Hit Of The Funky Pepe Le Pew Skunkybud Shit & Get Lit A Tidbit & B A Misfit & Go Find A Sweet Peace Of Cherry Pie & Lickitysplit & Don’t B A Chickenshit & Ilove A Gr8 Song Called MY OWN WORST ENEMY That Has 53.6 Million Views By The Band Lit & There Was A Gr8 Horror/Thriller Movie Ilove Released In 2016 By M Night Shyamalan Starring James McCavoy That Is Called SPLIT & There Is A Gr8 Song Ilove Called EAST BOUND AND DOWN That Has 3.2 Million Views From The Movie Smokey And The Bandit & There Is A Gr8 Album & Song By The Same Name Done By The Kinks That Ilove Called MISFITS & Ilove A Gr8 Series Of 3 Epic High Fantasy Adventure Films Based On The 1937 Novel By JRR TOLKIEN Called THE HOBBIT & Johnny Paycheck Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 9.1 Million Views Called TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT & In 2010 A Gr8 American Western Film Ilove Was Released Starring Jeff Bridges Matt Damon & Josh Brolin Called TRUE GRIT & Selena GomezHas A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 789.5 Million Views Called COME & GET IT & Saliva Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 108.4 Million Views Called CLICK CLICK BOOM & The Cream Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 40.6 Million Views Called WHITE ROOM & Elmore James Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 2.4 Million Views Called DUST MY BROOM & Nirvana Has A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 160.9 Million Views Called IN BLOOM & Frank Sinatra Has A Gr8 Tune Ilove That Has 152.3 Million Views Called FLY ME TO THE MOON & The Beetles Have A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 10.6 Million Views Called ROCKY RACCOON & The Rolling Stones Have A Gr8 Song & Video Ilove That Has 15.7 Million Views Called DOOM AND GLOOM & Electric Light Orchestra Has A Gr8 Song Ilove Called LONESOME LULLABY On Their Album Released In 2001 Titled ZOOM & In 1922 Excavators Led By Howard Carter Found The Most Famous Find In Egyptology When They Discovered KING TUT’S TOMB ✌️🤙🤟👌💋 Heythere Hothere Highthere 2 Everyone Everywhere Outthere Living On This Crazy Planet We All Share Bsafe Bstrong & Always Protect Yourselves At All Times & Takecare & Keep An Eye Out 4 Wolves In Sheeps Clothing With Eyes Like Coal & Hearts Of Ice & Beware Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK May Everything Always Go Your Way & Keep A Smile On Your Faces Everynight & Everyday Comewhatmay It Makes The Lives UALL Live & The Houses U Call Home A Better Place 2 Stay OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY Peacebwithuallalways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💋🍀🤞☮️💟✝️😎🙏✍️👁👁😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

✌️🤙🤟👌BRAIN STEW✌️🤙🤟👌

Konnichiwa Hello Domo Arigato Thank You & Boogie With Stu Stone Blue Eating BRAIN STEW In Search Of Days Of The New Knowing It Takes 2 If U Want 2 Break On Thru & Do The Do All Over Me All Over U Until We R Both Black & Blue Drinking An Ice Cold YOO-HOO Looking In2 Each Others Eyes & Wondering Who The Fuck R U After Trading Acts Of Carnal Knowledge 4 An Hour Or 2 & Iloveit When She Has 2 Cough Or Sneeze I Makes Me Weak In The Knees & Say THANKU Please That’s Sweet & Juicy JOO JOO When U Kiss My BOO BOO & Never Bite Off More Than U Can Chew b4 U Let Me Plow In2 I like 2 U I Take A Nice Long Birds Eye View That Helps Me 2 Tighten My One Loose Mental Screw Rock NRoll Hoochie Coo Wearing One Blue Suede Shoe & Disappear Without A Clue Right On Cue On The Hunt 4 What I Ensue & The Chinese Word 4 Tiger Is Hu & Luck Is Fu & When They Say The Road Or The Path The Word Is Lu & When The Chinese Say Weak Or Feeble They Say Ru & The Word They Say That Means Simplicity Or Unadorned Is Pu & When The Chinese Want 2 Say Longevity Or Long Life They Say Shou & The British Slang 4 Toilet Is The LOO & A Loose Flowing Dress Or Garment Worn In Hawaii Is Known As A MuuMuu & The Spanish R Saying WHAT When They Say Que & When The French Want 2 Say The Word Kill They Say Tue & If U R A Scorpio Go Get A Brand New Scorpion Tattoo & Go On A Rendezvous & Capture A Slew Of The Hopes Wishes & Dreams That U Persue & Say Peekaboo & Get A Room With A View Trying 2 Avoid The Madness Of The Public Eye Dressed Up Like A Member Of The Blue Man Crew Acting Like A Baboon With Balls That R Blue That Always Leaves A Sticky Residue & likes 2 Steal Honey From Whinny The Pooh & Piglet & Not Catch Any Swineflu & Say GodBlessAmerica & Get A Star Spangled Banner Tattoo & They Say That The Only Way 2 Fix A Broken Heart Is With Tender Loving Care & A Healthy Helping Of Gods Magic Glue & God’s Son Jesus By Ancestry Was A Hebrew & By Religion & Culture He Was A Jew & Ilove A Gr8 Song By Peter Frampton That Has 23.9 Million Views Called Do You Feel Like We Do & In 1995 A Gr8 Comedy Family Romance Film Was Released Starring Kirstie Alley Steve Guttenburg & Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Called It Takes Two & Johnny Cash Has A Gr8 Song Ilove That Has 30.1 Million Views Called A Boy Named Sue & Alice Cooper Has A Gr8 Album & Song Ilove By The Same Name That’s Called Trash & Ilove 2 Eat A Nice & Tasty Quintessential British Meal Fixed Up Real Good Made Of Banger’s & Mash & Ilove A Gr8 Album From Top 2 Bottom Released By The Dave Mathew’s Band In 1996 Called Crash & On 6-16-23 There Was A Gr8 Action Adventure Fantasy Flick Ilove Released Starring Ezra Miller That Had An Official Trailer #2 With 32.2 Million Views 4 The Movie Called The Flash & The Band Phish Has A Gr8 Song Ilove Called Stash & The Most Exotic Hashish In The World Is Red Lebanese Hash & Sylvester The Cat Has One Of The Coolest Catchphrases Ever Said When He Says SUFFERIN SUCCOTASH & Saul Hudson Is The Gr8est Guitar Player In The Universe That Is Best Known As The Top Hat Wearing Lead Guitarist 4 Guns N Roses Named Slash & In 1984 A Gr8 Comedy/Fantasy Film Ilove Was Released Starring Tom Hanks Daryl Hannah John Candy & Eugene Levy Called Splash & In 2001 A Gr8 Biography/Drama Movie Was Released That Ilove Titled A Beautiful Mind Starring Russell Crow That Was About An Awesome & Amazing American Mathematician & Nobel Prize Winner Named John Nash & Bobby Darin Has A Gr8 Song Song Ilove That Has 7.8 Million Views Called Splash Splash & Ilove Green & White Tea Made By Stash & I Live Every Second Of MyLife 2 The Fullest Because It All Could B Gone In A Flash So I Go Out & Try 2 Show The World I Came Here 2 Make A Big Splash Flying High & Never Crash & everywhere I Go I Have A Bash & I Will Never B A Sellout & Sell My Soul 4 The Love Of Cash & Say Sufferin Succotash & Catch A Train In Vain With The Clash Guzzling Sour Mash & SMOKEMYSTASH Singing A Boy Named Sue By Johnny Cash & not Get A Whiplash From The Backlash Without Batting An Eyelash😎 👁👁😎 Ilove A Gr8 Chris Cornell Soundgarden Song That Has 24.5 Million Views Called The Day I Tried To Live & I Am Glad I Was Able 2 C & Hear Him Sing & Play Live & Share His Gift of Musical Talents That He Loved 2 Give ☮️💟😍2 U 4EVER Peacebrother C U In Heaven ✌️🤙🤟👌🍀✝️😍🥰😘💋🙏🍀😜🤞✍️😇❤️🤍💙🇺🇸


If u feel like u r all alone on your own by yourself in this world without anybody else always remember GODS WATCHING U & ME & David Gilmour has a gr8 song ilove from his 1984 album titled About Face called Until We Sleep & if u believe in Our Father his Son & The Holy Ghost it is then that all the peace love & happiness of Heaven will b the gifts of joy that u will receive until eternity & I would say Merci 4 the Grand Prix & one fine day we will all b Scottfree 2 sightsee the otherside & the powers that b & fly like angels gravityfree & The Rolling Stones have a gr8 song ilove that has 7.7 million views called Saint Of Me & Prince & The Revolution have a gr8 song ilove off of their album in 1984 titled Purple Rain that has 27.1 million views called Let’s Go Crazy & Rob Dyrdek’s Rediculousness is the only show I will watch on any channel owned by MTV & Aldo Nova has a gr8 song ilove from 1982 that has 20.2 million views called Fantasy & Rimsky Korsakov has a gr8 Piano Tune ilove that has 22.3 million views called The Flight Of The Bumblebee & ilove a gr8 American Stand Up Comedy Film from 1987 called RAW Starring Eddie Murphy & Brian Hyland has a gr8 song ilove that was released in 1959 that has 6.1 million views called Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini & in 1989 a gr8 movie ilove was released starring Bruce Willis & Emily Lloyd called IN COUNTRY & in my eyes it was an awesome beautiful & amazing flick 4 the whole wideworld 2 c & Pharrell Williams has a gr8 song & video ilove from 2014 that has 1.2 billion views called HAPPY & there is a gr8 video out there that has 8.1 million views where the Singer Steals The Show called SHE ASKED IF I KNOW TENNESSEE WHISKEY & when I talk 2 God the call is tollfree & I just hope & pray everyday that somehow someway someone up there in heaven somewhere loves me because 2morrow is not promised 2 anybody so any minute could b your last no one gets a hasslefree guarantee & ilove a gr8 song by the Cranberries that has 191.1 million views called ZOMBIE & ilove a gr8 song by U2 that has 1.7 million views called IN GODS COUNTRY & when I was born I was a wildchild bornfree 2 b me stonecoldcrazy just like time I was always on the move & never lazy & I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS about all the knives in my back I never let that kind of bullshit phaseme or stop me in my tracks & dazeme as I plan my next moves in2 the future chasing things that amazeme that I hope will become the latest craze one of these days that causes eyebrows 2 raise as I walk on the path 2 Heaven lit up by Gods Light just trying 2 catch some rays & they say u can take a boy out of the country but it’s in the country is where that homesweethome boys heart always stays as he chases everything that he hopes wishes dreams & prays with a pocket full of handrolled Bob Marley bones 2 flick my Bic & Blaze trying 2 elevate my mental state with a boost from a skunkbud ganja raise & I haven’t worked in 69 months so as 4 me everyday of the year I am Scottfree living a life of nothing but Saturdays grinning from ear 2 ear on Cloud Nine Walking On Sunshine 2 use a catch phrase Flying On A Trackless Rollercoaster Coming In Hot & Heavy upsidedown & sideways knowing Jesus saves a person that prays & Our Father His Son & The HolyGhost r the only powers that b that I Praise & ilove a gr8 song by Pink Floyd that was the opening track on their 1971 album titled Meddle that has 11.1 million views called ONE OF THESE DAYS & The Jimi Hendrix Experience has a gr8 song ilove from 1967 that has 19 million views called PURPLE HAZE & the first time I ever saw paper acid my friend said take a hit of this kemosabi & enjoy the headgames that the imagination hidden within the brain that the mind plays ☮️💟✝️😍🥰😘😎😇🍀✍️🙏❤️🤍💙🇺🇸heythere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere the FullHarvestMoon was a tough site 2 c when the sky’s above were full of rain & cloudy it was like when I was young my stepfather would say u make a better door than a window when u r standing in front of the TV & I was hoping that mother nature & the weather would loosen there grip & let the ManOnTheMoon b footloose & fancyfree but u know what they say what will b will b the future is a movie that only Gods eyes r blessed 2 c & but I was fortunate 2 snap some pics 4 UALL 2 c I think they r gr8 & I hope UALL agree & but as 4 u & me it was still a rainy sight 2 c & all we can say is tough titty said the kitty & know that everything in outerspace & on the planet earth since it’s birth r in complete control of all the heavenly powers that b & ilove a gr8 song that has 173.7 million views called THREE LITTLE BIRDS sung by The WAILERS & BOB MARLEY & LULUANDJSW would like 2 say THANKU 2 everybody that visits us @ aneyefullofearcandy uall put a smile on our faces from ear2ear that helps our hearts minds & souls b healthy & happy 4ever trying 2 tempt u with my cosmicdebris potpourri poetry that I mentally keep under lock & key & set it free 4 your eyes & ears only Here on earth & in the heavens above with all my love till eternity peacebwithuallalways 🍀GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST 🙏PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS☮️💟😍HAPPYTRAILS☮️CYA✌️🤙🤟👌💋❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

☮️💟✝️ I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS ☮️💟✝️

If u like or loveme iloveu2 & if u dislike or hateme I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS & we all hope 2 tip toe thru the tulips & not run in2 any snakes in the grass & life is all about the throttle & no brake with high hopes & dreams 2 live chasing the wishes that we make & right now is a good time 2 use a heavy shoe & mash the gas because Fathertime waits 4 no one so live love & laugh having fun by the ton getting what u want 2 do done as the days months & years pass & they say the eyes r the Ray-ban Aviator windows of the mind that r made of stained glass & there’s nothing better than an ice cold Fiji spring water & burning a fat one people watching on the AC Boardwalk & observe the critical mass as they pass everything from the lowest lowlife scum all the way up 2 the crass & entitled upperclass marching like zombies in the walking deadhead parade on a freepass making there way 2 midnight mass catching a whiff of me smoking a nice handrolled bone of some Pepe Le Pew skunkbudgrass like I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS & I have a pair of balls made of sparkling Brass carrying the world on my back like I am as strong as ATLAS & when I was young at a party with a pool I would b doing flips & double gainers in the nude 4 free in front of everybody like I was getting paid on Johnny Knoxvilles Jackass acting like I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS or have any class & I am on a journey 2 heaven & I hope when I meet Old Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates knowing he has seen my rap sheet showing when I was good & every time I committed a sin & all the wild & crazy things I ever did in all the evil places I have ever been on skates made of hells fire melting the ice I was cruising around on that was already paper thin & they say in life u have 2 learn what it is 2 lose 2 know how 2 win & always keep in touch with the ones u love all your close friends & your kin & always bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare what would I do without all of u I could never find a twin & I doubt that I could find a spare that would b able 2 fill the skin your in & they say if u sleep with dirty dogs u wake up with the crabs & u start bitching about how bad your junk is itching & it has u dancing & prancing with one hand in your pocket twitching trying 2 think of a remedy 2 takecare of this tiny crustacean affliction u hope 2 soon b ditching & remember never again go 4 a hitching on a parasite slippery flight without first checking the pulsating package that your partner is pitching because a couple minutes of fun could end up being a voodoo spell that is bewitching & Flume has a gr8 song ilove featuring Little Dragon that has 15 million views called TAKE A CHANCE & in this world u have 2 fly by the seat of your pants 2 give yourself a fighting chance living the life u live & hope 2 enhance In your search 4 peace love & happiness fortified by your hard earned high finance & an awesome beautiful & amazing sure shot tasty & hot romance surviving on god’s gr8 earth traveling across its vast expanse staying positive come what may in each & every circumstance in the hopes wishes & dreams that u freelance & never get side tracked or waylaid by temptation & bad habits that cause hesitation that blocks your way 2 a higher destination & lose sight of good over evil in a second glance don’t trade all of your 2morrows 4 vices & getting high & kiss the future u could have had goodbye because u can’t go back no matter how hard u try u know what they say time flys by in the wink of an eye so remember 2 keep it moving & dance & prance like u have ants in your pants & I like 2 Frenchkiss with my tongue the same way they do it in France & if I have some time 2 kill ilove2 sit back & relax & chill chasing the goodlife trying 2 get my fill & smoke a big toke of a Bob Marley joint & try not 2 choke & slip in2 a enlightening mental hypnotictrance & let my kaleidoscope imagination use ink & paper 4 transportation 2 express my psychobabble rants & chants in2 my poems that come 2gether by sheer happenstance from thoughts hidden within the universe of my mind that becomes food 4 my thinking brainwaves 2 have a fantasy romance that I fall in love with at first glance that no one will ever hear or c if I let fear of failure convince me 2 not let it c the light of day by not taking a chance & let my words fly free like wildbirds & hang out with the Man On The FullHarvestMoon & moondance & living life on planet earth has us all moving at a maddening pace like we r all in a human race trying 2 all fit in & find our happyplace praying 2 god just in case never knowing if everyday we will have a smile or a frown on our face keeping our fingers & toes crossed because we know life is journey where we all enter in2 the game of chance where we hope 2 go above & beyond what is known as normal exceedance on the stairway 2 heaven making unforgettable memories on every step we r taking along the path we traverse singing a Louis Armstrong song that has 8.3 million views called WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD as we dance & prance in a faithful & holy trance by always paying it 4WARD in advance so we all can live happily ever after as one like brothers & sisters on the otherside of gods rainbow bridge of light when we r given the chance & ilove an awesome beautiful & amazing song by LEE ANN WOMACK that has 84.7 million views called I HOPE YOU DANCE 🫵🙏heytere hothere highthere 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share THANKU from LULUANDJSW 4 visiting aneyefullofearcandy we love UALL & we really do care as we travel the wireless internet worldwide flying thru the air on a wing & a prayer exposing 2 UALL the cross that I bare with the confessions & poetry that I share trying 2 convince everybody 2 b my friend & start a never ending love affair slow & steady always wins the race when u play the game of life fair & square always remember the Tortoise & the Hare 🥰☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🌞🌝✍️✌️🤙🤟👌🍀🐾🐾👅😎😍😇😘😵‍💫😳🫣🫢💋peacebwithuallalways godbless&allthebest peacelove&happiness HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 💋


Ilove a gr8 song by Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers called WHO WILL BE THERE & one fine day the spirit of all of our souls will evaporate like a mist & disappear in2 thin air & just like Jesus we all have our own cross 2 bare living life happy go lucky on this crazy planet that we all share laid back & not worrying if the devil may care & always play fair & square on a wing & a prayer trying 2 make it from here 2 there without time 2 spare as heaven & earth collide in midair & we all start 2 break down from all the wear & tear & Huey Lewis & The News have a gr8 song & video ilove that has 16.9 million views called HIP TO BE SQUARE & never bet your life on a dare like u have a spare & remember the AESOP’S FABLES about the Race between the Tortoise And The Hare & Alice In Chains has a sad song about the lead singer Layne Staley’s heroin addiction that eventually killed him called ANGRY CHAIR & ilove a gr8 song that has 1.6 million views called I GOT YOU BABE by Sonny & Cher & everyone everywhere outthere beware because there is no way 2 prepare 2 become old & gray & b no worse 4 wear all square fighting 2 breathe air watching time fly in a wink of the nakedeye as u have a love affair with your rocking chair & Neil Young has a gr8 song ilove that has 1.1 million views called EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE & it’s nice 2 b with a woman that is bare with a perfect pair & a fantabulous derrière & a moist vertical smile without any hair pretty in pink stylish & debonair that makes me want 2 stare & I am ready 2 take on anything I face on this planet with savior faire & energy 2 spare living my life like I am a multimillionaire just like the Jetsons in my flying car landing in the driveway of my castle floating on thin air & dancing up my spiral staircase without a care as if I was Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire & then I am getting 12 hat tricks playing hockey 4 the Flyers just like John Leclaire & I like 2 keep my buds in an airtight container made by Tupperware & Chevrolet built a car from 1960 until 1969 in 2 generations that was there response 2 the VW Beetle with a rear mounted air cooled engine called the CORVAIR & there is a gr8 original soundtrack that ilove that was released in 1979 from an American Tribal Love Rock Musical called HAIR & who r u fooling if u cheat while playing solitaire & when I am shopping 4 sneakers I never buy Chinese made nike or sketchers when I purchase footwear & I declare buyers beware & ilove a gr8 song that has 300.9 million views by The Greatest Showman called NEVER ENOUGH & I like 2 think my poetry is up 2 snuff & each & every poem is a diamond in the rough that is filled 2 the brim with wild & crazy stuff that I write down every time I take a Puff of that funkystuff & I chase the thoughts inside my mind that r all one of a kind that helps me 2 get my brainspring 2 unwind that I say right off the cuff & streaking was popular in the 70’s & as 4 me 2 much was never enough & I remember going 2 a Halloween party wearing only sunglasses after taking a hit of windowpane & snorting a gram of cocaine & drinking a fifth of Lerox 100 proof peppermint schnapps & that’s what I did all night long in the BUFF & ilove a gr8 song by Vanilla Ninja that has 2.5 million views called TOUGH ENOUGH & The B52’S have a gr8 song ilove that has 1.9 million views called GOOD STUFF & the Indigenous Populations of Brazil were the first people 2 have used fine ground tobacco 2 snort as Snuff & Lady Gaga has a gr8 song ilove that has 3.8 million views called I LiKE IT ROUGH & when I was young it was hard 2 find a girl with no hair down there everyone of them had a muff & until I got older I never really thought anything was wrong with the fluffy stuff I could never ever get enough 😍🥰😘😋😛😜😝✌️🤙🤟👌✍️😎❤️🤍💙✝️💟✝️ peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY that’s what I hopewishdream&pray as UALL LIVELOVELAUGHANDPLAY & keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay it makes the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay OHWELL PEACEYALL thatsallihave2say peacebwithuallalways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🕷🕸🐾🐾👅💋🍒🌎🌞🌝🍄🙈🙉🙊👽😳

☮️💟✝️ WHEN I AM HAPPY ☮️💟✝️

When I am happy I might say YIPPEEWAALAAYEEHAAOOLALA if everything is going my way as I while away the day letting my imagination live love laugh & play planning the steps I will take 2 get each & everyone of my hopes wishes & dreams underway in the life I portray keeping a smile on my face everyday come what may Jesus Mary & Joseph let us pray & if u let God come in2 your world he will make the life u live & the house u call home a better place 2 stay until 4ever & a day if there’s a will there is a way peace hangloose iloveu ok & Sting has a gr8 song ilove that has 15 million views called BRAND NEW DAY & ilove a gr8 song by Shannon that has 41.3 million views called LET THE MUSIC PLAY & ilove a gr8 song by Fergie that has 48.1 million views called LONDON BRIDGE (OH SNAP) & maybe u think I am an old chap trying 2 bridge the Generation Gap like my website is a tourist trap when your surfing the internet trying 2 catch the big kahuna hanging 10 all over the global map & that makes me wanna say yipyapflipflaptiptapholycrap in a cold snap like I am the first driver in a NASCAR race at the Daytona 500 & they just waved the white flag on the last lap & slappers slap nappers nap & rappers rap as clappers clap & toe tap & ilove a gr8 song by Fitz And The Tantrums that has 131.3 million views called HANDCLAP & ilove a gr8 song by Guns N Roses that has 752.6 million views called DON’T CRY & I am always on the fly never knowing if we r seeing things the same eye 2 eye sweetie pie as I try 2 b a nice guy that never says die with an endless well of words that never leaves me hanging high & dry without something 2 say 2 get me by & ilove a gr8 song by Bush that has 1.2 million views called GREEDY FLY & Tool has a gr8 song called THE POT that has 40.5 million views where Maynard James Keenan sings YOU MUST HAVE BEEN HIGH & Willie Nelson has a gr8 live song that ilove that has 9.2 million views called ROLL ME UP AND SMOKE ME WHEN I DIE & if I take 2 big of a toke & I cough & start 2 choke I might say oakydoakyhokypokyholysmoky & it ain’t no joke & Billy Squier has a gr8 song ilove that has 10.9 million views called THE STROKE & sometimes I might whisper fatloghighonthehoghotdiggitydog when I get caught in a cloud of PEPE LE PEW FOG & i never worry about what people might say trying 2 ruin day because everynight b4 I go 2 sleep I pray 2 God my soul 2 keep & I catch zzz’s like a log & they say if u smell the middle finger of Kermit The Frog it smells like bacon from playing doctor with Miss Piggy The Hog & there is a gr8 drama/music movie ilove that was released in 2007 starring 12 year old Dakota Fanning called HOUNDDOG & when things r going gr8 i just might say coolbeans or beesknees when I am shooting the breeze & I always say GODBLESSU if I hear someone sneeze & I always try 2 b polite & say THANKU & Please & ilove it 2 the moon & back every time I go 2 JIMMY BUFFETT’S MARGARITAVILLE RESTAURANT IN THE FLORIDA KEYS & when LULU is acting wild & crazy like a puppy I like 2 say Jeez Louise u act like a Daring Young American Pitbull on the flying trapeze soaring like an Angel with the Gr8est of ease up in the clouds high above the Redwood Trees with no ticks or fleas & I like 2 share PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS with the world & swaddle it in a blanket of tenderness & seal the deal with a hug & a kiss trying 2 ease your minds in2 a elevated state of bliss like I am Kris Kringle & everyday is Christmas & ilove Holy Cheese & my favorite kind is Swiss & Pearl Jam has a gr8 song ilove that has 18.1 million views called LAST KISS & until we all reach heaven & as long as we r alive what on earth could b better than this & I am blessed 2 b able 2 take every breath I breathe in my search 4 my own state of bliss & I will always reminisce about the pets family & friends that i lost & until I meet them again on the otherside they will all b the loves of my life that I miss 2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times and takecare time flys by in the wink of an eye & leaves us no time 2 prepare & the next thing u know u r on your way 2 the promise land & the spirit of your soul evaporates in2 thin air out of nowhere & alls fair ☮️💟✝️✌️🤙🤟👌✍️🙏😎😍🥰💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band has a gr8 song ilove that has 23.4 million views called Blinded By The Light & I’m a cream filled French Eclair pastry take a bite & take a hike & go fly my kite & try 2 elevate your mental state 2 a new height just hold on 2 Peter Pans hand real tight & snort some Pixiedust with Tinkerbell & enjoy the flight out of sight as I write 2 my hearts delight in ink that is black on paper that is white about how the Red on the Right needs 2 find the switch 2 turn out the light on the bluebellydonkeyparty that works as hard as they can 2 destroy America everyday & everynight & the Chinese communist Beijingleftwing dbags run deep in the regime media & there control of the fbi cia doj & the secret service that makes it hard 4 Republicans 2 put a fight it’s unbelievable how much evidence we have against them & we still can’t drag the truth out in2 the light trying 2 fix everything that is wrong with the fuckjoebiden devils brigade & make everything alright 4 Americans & America 2 b socialist free with a future that is 4ever bright & Billy Joel has a gr8 song ilove that has 17.1 million views called You May Right & ilove a gr8 Action/Drama flick that was released in 2022 starring Liam Neeson called Blacklight & ilove a gr8 poem by Anonymous that says Star Light Star Bright First Star I See Tonight I Wish I May I Wish I Might Have This Wish I Wish Tonight & ilove a gr8 song & video by Michael Jackson that has 448.3 million views called Black Or White & ilove a gr8 poem by William Wordsworth called She Was A Phantom Of Delight & ilove a gr8 song that has 21.5 million views by Dr.Hook & The Medicine Show called The Cover Of The Rolling Stone & I am not a Superhero like Captain Marvel or Spider Man I am a simple man with a blood pumping heart made of skin & bone on an island in the center of my mind all alone on my own trying 2 find my comfort zone smoking some Pepe Le Pew sticky homegrown getting my mind blown as I get stoned 2 the bone living like a modern day Flintstone as I smile & laugh one day & the next I piss & moan still trying 2 figure out the world that lives inside my cellphone & there’s a gr8 song ilove that has 6 billion views sung by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth that’s on the Furious 7 Soundtrack called See You Again & we all get lost every now & then & the funny thing about everything that happens is that we never know how why or when & the paper is my shield & my sword is my PEN & every time I pray 2 God 2 tell him about my day I say Amen & in 1991 there was a gr8 debut album ilove released by Pearl Jam called TEN & there is a gr8 radio station in Philadelphia ilove 2 listen 2 at 95.7 playing anything they feel like called BEN FM & there is a gr8 book by John Steinbeck that was published in 1937 that ilove called OF MICE AND MEN & in1979 there was a gr8 movie released starring Dudley Moore & Bo Derek called 10 & on top of the Philadelphia City Hall Building sits a 37 foot high 53,384 pound bronze statue of William Penn & it’s time 2 put an end 2 the cartoon news network on tv that we all call cnn & I would like 2 let everyone everywhere outthere know if u need someone with an ear 2 lend that will never blow smoke up your stack or send u around the bend & b a fakefriend & pretend like I am a passing trend & have no fear my dear I am always here if u need a friend & if we make a bond love is a circle & once both ends meet it goes on 4ever without end & in heaven it starts again & there is a gr8 album by James Taylor ilove called Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon that has a song on it with 1.5 million views titled You’ve Got A Friend & Stevie Wonder has a gr8 song ilove that has 147.3 million views titled I Just Called To Say I Love You & sometimes allthetime what I say is more than one can take a bite of & chew letting it rip off of my tongues tip out of the blue trying 2 find my way in2 your mind & break on thru & I hope what I say rings true 2 u & gives u a bird’s eye view of what’s what & who’s who & give accolades & credence 2 & tell the truth & b honest with all of u & b true about the old & the new in my point of view & satan is the enemy so I can never give the devil his due no can do not after everything that I once upon a time put myself through & ilove a gr8 song by the Grateful Dead that has 1.6 million views called Morning Dew & ilove a gr8 Roy Orbison tune that became a Signature Song 4 Linda Ronstadt that has 26 million views called Blue Bayou & The Beatles have a gr8 song ilove that has 28.4 million views called Love Me Do & IF U LOVE ME ILOVEU2 & EVERY WORD I SAY IS TRUE MAY GODS LIGHT SHINE ON ALL OF U 🙏 2 everyone everywhere outthere i hope uall got 2 c the Superfullbluemoon go floating by without a care a beautiful sight 2 c 4 us all 2 share like a giant round cheddar cheese castle way up high in the sky flying on a magic carpet made of thin air on a lick & a promise on a wing & a prayer caught in the Milky Way somewhere in between here & there cross my heart & hope 2 die I swear TAKECARE 💋😘😍🍀peace hangloose iloveu ok MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY peacebwithuallalways GODBLESS&ALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ✌️🤙🤟👌❤️🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸😎✍️


Ilove a gr8 song that has 65.9 million views called CRAZY BITCH that is sung by Josh Todd & BUCKCHERRY & it’s a drag when u lose your baby teeth & u find out that your mom is the Tooth Fairy & I know it sounds scary but always shoot 4 the stars & if u miss u can hangout with the Man On The Blue Moon & eat drink & b merry & if u don’t want 2 b ordinary & b just another zombie head marching with the living dead until u reach the cemetery & me myself I try 2 b extraordinary & Jesus is my savior & the devil satan is my adversary & Journey has a gr8 live song ilove that has 225.5 million views & is sung by the bands best ever Lead Singer STEVE PERRY & ilove a gr8 19 minute Warner Brothers Cartoon Video of the top ten Funniest Chase scenes that has 161.1 million views Starring TOM & JERRY & ilove a gr8 song that has 12.8 million views called MY DING~A~LING that is sung by CHUCK BERRY & in the old days a Coal Miner’s best friend 4 early detection system 4 harmful gases like methane & carbon monoxide was 2 bring a Caged Canary & in 1976 a gr8 movie ilove was released that was based on a Stephen King Novel Starring Sissy Spacek & John Travolta called CARRIE & ilove a gr8 song called IF I DIE YOUNG that has 237.7 million views played by the Band PERRY & ilove a gr8 song titled CALLING ALL ANGELS that has 28.6 million views & is sung by Pat Monahan & TRAIN & it never does any good 2 complain about everything in this crazy world that we all share that drives u insane that your brain just can’t seem 2 contain as u try 2 mind your own & stay in your lane raising Cain trying not 2 let anyone pull your chain when u r drinking Everclear that is 150 proof Grain & washing it down with some 19 hundred dollar 1976 DOM PERIGNON CHAMPAGNE hitting on a Bob Marley rolled up with some BLUE DREAM MARYJANE & the Bible says You Shall Not Take The Name Of The Lord Your God In Vain & they say people only use about 10% of there brain & the other 90% is just like shit getting flushed down the drain & there is a gr8 movie ilove that was released in 1952 starring GENE KELLY called SINGIN IN THE RAIN & ilove a gr8 song called STACY’S MOM that has 184 million views done by FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE & why does the rain in Spain stay mainly in the plain & BRUCE WILLIS stars as the main fictional character & protagonist in THE DIE HARD SERIES WHOSE NAME WAS JOHN McCLANE & Superman is Clark Kent & Batman is Bruce Wayne & Howard Hughes built & flew his Spruce Goose Wooden Airplane & ilove a gr8 song by THE BAND that has 53 million views called THE WEIGHT & always try & keep a clean slate & live your life 2 the fullest heaven can wait so don’t tempt fate just go straight & don’t crash the gate & remember there r only 7 days in a week even though the Beatles sing a song saying there r 8 & nobody promised u a rose garden so don’t expect life 2 b served up 2 u on a Silverplate & they say the goodlife can b found where the ice is thin when u skate & try 2 never b the prey or the bait & try 2 release the baggage & anxiety anchors u carry in your mental freight it’s never 2 late so don’t hesitate 2 step up 2 the plate & make your life gr8 & choose right over wrong at any rate in the peace love & happiness u create knowing every second of the future is coming at us all is like going on a blind date of having life served up at an uncontrollable speed that sends us flying down the interstate in search of everything we all await 2 join 2gether as one & participate holding a balloon of success we all hope 2 inflate b4 we make our way up the stairway 2 heaven 2 meet Old Saint Peter At The Pearly Gate & shed the weight of the world that we all accumulate & appropriate on this crazy planet we all circumnavigate until the spirit of all our souls disappears like a dream & we all evaporate & in the Jimi Hendrix song VOODOO CHILD he sings If I Don’t Meet You No More In This World Then I’ll Meet Ya On The Next One And Don’t Be Late ☮️💟✝️😎✍️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸💋✌️🤙🤟👌🙏🌝🌝🌝🌝on Wednesday August 30th the Full Blue SuperMoon will appear in the sky like a giant sweet peace of lunar candy that can b consumed by the eye god willing & the weather participates we all just might get a chance 2 watch the man on the moon go floating by way up high in the sky where only Eagles & Angels dare 2 Fly 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet we all share I would like 2 thank u all 4 coming 2 c LULUANDJSW on the worldwide web flying wireless thru the air on a lick & a promise traveling on a wing & a prayer trying 2 bsafe & bstrong always protecting myself trying 2 takecare wishing everything 4 all of us was fair & square as heaven & earth collide in midair spinning in2 eternity not knowing what 2 do or how 2 prepare knowing we all have our own cross 2 bear knowing it’s a jungle out there as we travel from here 2 there ✌️🤙🤟👌 takecare ❤️😘🍒peacebwithuallalways GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 😍😇🙃😳😵‍💫😋

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 HEADSPACE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Velvet Revolver has a gr8 song ilove called HEADSPACE & always b careful with the dreams that u chase u know what they say just in case watch what u wish 4 it might not b something u can erase & everything might just blow up in your face & that will b the day u got your way & u took a fall from grace & u got yourself caught between a rock & a hard place & if things don’t get better soon u will b lost 2 the humanrace & get hidden within the sin inside your HEADSPACE where your dreams disappear like a fart in the breeze gone 4ever without a trace & u start praying 2 God 2 4give u & let u have a breath of fresh air & a change of pace & always try 2 learn from your failures & bad breaks & foolish mistakes so that u can saveface with amazinggrace with a smile on your face from ear 2 ear making the life u live & the world u live it in a better place if only u could get a second chance 2 show the world & heaven above that your heart mind & soul r all in the right place & I would like 2 climb inside your HEADSPACE & check out the database that travels around in your Ironman leather & lace cyberspace that u embrace & ilove a gr8 song called The Sign that has 120 million views done by ACE OF BASE & the movie DEEP THROAT was released in 1972 & it is considered the forefront of the golden age of porn that starred LINDA LOVELACE & Billy Idol has a gr8 song ilove that has 293.5 million views called EYES WITHOUT A FACE & ilove a gr8 quiz show on GSN that is hosted by Brook Burns & Starred Mark The Beast Labbett on the American TV Game Show called THE CHASE & ilove a gr8 song that brings a tear drop 2 my eye that’s sung by the CELTIC WOMAN that has 90.3 million views called AMAZING GRACE & there is a gr8 song that QUEEN did after FREDDY MERCURY passed away that makes me cry when I hear it sung called NO ONE BUT YOU ( ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG) & they say a dog has so many friends because they wag there tail instead of there tongue & go get your headsprung or your bell rung & watch out if u like 2 puff on a vaporizer those monster big hits u take they just might give u h2o in the lung & there is a gr8 adventure/drama fantasy movie that was released in 1949 in black & white that iloved called MIGHTY JOE YOUNG & they say JOHNNY BIG WAD HOLMES was well hung & ilove a gr8 song called EVERYBODY HAVE FUN TONIGHT that has 19.7 million views & is sung by WANG CHUNG & they say when I was young that I was high STRUNG & far flung looking 2 get QUEENBEE stung searching 4 magic mushrooms in a cow pasture trying not 2 step in any bovine dung eating a American Chinese omelette called Egg Foo Young swinging 4 the stars every single time I swung climbing the latter 2 heaven hoping I get 2 step on every single rung & ilove a gr8 song by BOB DYLAN that has 8.4 million views called FOREVER YOUNG & there is a cool book that ilove that was published in 2022 that has the perfect word for every life moment written by Tom Read Wilson called ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE & ilove a gr8 song by Jethro Tull that has 2.7 million views called AQUALUNG & ilove the Ladies With A Stacked Treasure Chest Packed With Some Nice Baby Cakes & A Sweet & Tasty Stickybun & LL Cool J has a gr8 song & video ilove that has 22 million views called HEADSPRUNG & does anyone remember watching the 3rd season of American Idol & catch a singing star on the rise during auditions when RICKY MARTINS hit song SHE BANGS was sung by WILLIAM HUNG & he has 2.7 million views of himself dancing & letting the lyrics fly like birds across the sky as they slid off of the tip of his tongue 👅💋😍😘☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸✌️🤙🤟👌2 everyone everywhere outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share try 2 always bsafe bstrong & protect yourselves at all times & takecare & keep an eye out 4 wolves in sheeps clothing with eyes like coal & hearts of ice & beware & the balance of nature only works out 4 us all if everything in life is fair & square I declare with a lick & a promise on a wing & a prayer 🍀🤞🙏😇🌝🌞🌻🌸🌺🌼🌹🍄🌷💐🌎PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTHAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 😎🇺🇸✍️

❤️❤️❤️ MY FUNKY VALENTINE ❤️❤️❤️

Ilove a gr8 song by The Thompson Twins called MY FUNKY VALENTINE & they say 2 ERR is human & 2 4give is so Divine & Johnny Cash has a gr8 song ilove that has 20.1 million views called I WALK THE LINE & sometimes we have 2 draw the line come rain or shine always giving the peace sign stoned 2 the bone floating on cloud nine singing GUNS N ROSES SWEET CHILD OF MINE & now we follow the information trail on the internet by design & back in the day the grapevine was the knowledge hardline & it worked just fine & it helped us 2 get our stars 2 align & everything was so divine & complaining never does any good & all we can say 2 each other is would u like some cheese with that whine as we all tap dance like Sammy Davis Jr on a landmine as we watch the lives of the good & the evil intertwine in2 a state of sublime decline as the Beijingleftwing regimemedia try’s daily 2 brainwash dumbdown & convince the bluebellydonkey party 2 b stupid by telling everyone no need 2 worry everything is fine on the bluepartyline & Aerosmith has a gr8 song ilove called DRAW THE LINE & there is a gr8 movie ilove that was released in 1931 starring Boris Karloff called FRANKENSTEIN & Josh Turner has a gr8 song ilove that has 4.5 million views called EVERYTHING IS FINE & ilove a gr8 song credited to Percy Montrose (1884) called OH MY DARLING CLEMENTINE & ilove a gr8 singer named Alice Fredenham when she sang on week one of Britains Got Talent in 2013 doing her version of an amazing song called MY FUNNY VALENTINE & ilove a gr8 song by David Bowie called SWEET HEAD & when I was young growing up my black friends used 2 call me WhiteBread & I am a Republican on the Right In The Red until the day I drop dead & having that b said I hope that it doesn’t happen until lightyearsahead & it goes without saying because that is a day that I dread & my stepfather always said that I wasn’t the brightest lightbulb in the closet or the sharpest tool in the shed & that I would never learn anything watching cartoons or get an education from the comic books I read & ilove a gr8 song called BOX OF RAIN that has 2.7 million views done by THE GRATEFUL DEAD & ilove a gr8 TV show about a talking Equine that was on from 1961 until 1966 called MISTER ED & when I started dating girls I liked the ones that had legs like peanut butter that were easy 2 spread & don’t b a fool & follow your peers thru hell & high water trying 2 b cool u could just say no & go home instead & some of the finest things I ever said I felt the words in my heart after my imagination thought of them in my head when we got married Iloveu 4ever DONNA With This Ring I Thee Wed & I look 4WARD 2 the future & I can’t wait 2 take every step 2gether on the path 2 heaven that we Tread & every weeknight @ 8 pm I like 2 listen to FM 102.9 WMGK in Philadelphia as they play 3 Led Zeppelin songs 2 get out the Led & ilove a gr8 song by The Aviators called The Monsters Under My Bed & I read it & iloved a gr8 book that was published in 1851 by Hermin Melville that was called the Gr8est story about the Sea named MOBY DICK & it is one of the best novels I ever read with every page I turned it had me hanging on by a thread & what I learned is that fools rush in where Angels fear 2 tread & in 1991 a gr8 movie ilove was released called White Fang & the star of the film was Wolfdog Jed & ilove a gr8 song & hot video called I’M TO SEXY that has 12 million views & is sung by Right Said Fred & there is a gr8 poem ilove by ANNE LINDGREN that really touched me called I’M FREE & ilove a gr8 book published by Earnest Hemingway in 1952 that was called The Old Man And The Sea & Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush have a gr8 song ilove called I’M A KING BEE & MUHAMMAD ALI wrote the shortest poem ever written with only 2 lines in it that said ME? WHEE! & there is always more 2 the picture than the naked eye can see & who knows what the future holds 4 u & me I guess we all just have 2 wait & see because they say what will b will b 4ever until eternity & hopefully we will live in peace love & happiness in the home of the brave in the land of the free OH SAY CAN YOU SEE Mother Mary ☮️💟✝️❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🍀🤞🫶✌️🤙🤟👌😎😍💋

❤️❤️❤️ WHEEL ❤️❤️❤️

Your life is yours 2 live & control 2 b the driver & never let anyone but u b the one that sits behind the steering WHEEL & get the feel of being the one that keeps your ship floating on an even keel with nerves of steel & b proud of who u r with a good sense of humor & a whiplash smile & a positive mental attitude full of sexappeal & ilove a gr8 song by Brantley Gilbert called MAN OF STEEL & ilove a gr8 poem by Walt Whitman called Sparkles From The Wheel & I never only pray 2 God when things don’t go my way I say a prayer everyday just 2 tell him his Son & The Holy Ghost just 2 let them know how I feel & when I do I get caught in a thought inside of a dream where everything around me feels so Surreal & ilove a gr8 song by Jesus Jones called Real Real Real & I am 2 old 2 try & do a backflip at the end of my cartwheel because hurting yourself at 66 could turn in2 a real life changing ordeal & the 8th Commandment says Thou Shalt Not Steal & never sell your soul 2 the Devil 2 4ever let him keep your neck under his heel & kneel b4 him & kiss the fire in his hand 2 seal the deal & when in china they say u r in the dark if u r Yin & u walk in the light if u r Yang & Jessie J has a gr8 song ilove called Real Deal & I am a lone wolf with no need 2 run with the pack or hang with the gang it’s just not my thang & if u live your life by the sword u will die by the sword just like throwing a boomerang & I am a male from Mars & i call my Johnson the wang & ilove females from Venus that have T+A & a vertical smile that I like 2 call the poontang 2 use a slang & try 2 never say God dam & instead I might say gosh darn or gall dang & I believe that God created all life living on planet earth & I am not a follower of the theory called the BigBang & I always get a tear of joy in my eye when I hear the Star Spangled Banner properly sang & in Washington DC the difference between the blue on the left & The Red On The Right is like the darkness & the light that takes place during the day & the night & it’s a never ending fight that is a SAD&UGLY plight that is played out in front of the world in plain sight with the blue taking over the fbi doj cia & the secret service that has now turned in2 a one sided battle that is unfair 2 Republicans as they run America like it is a leftist political mafia run country with all there might & if people never look 4 the answers they will continue 2 b brainwashed dumbed down & stupid 2 there heart’s delight & if they look 2 regime media 2 find the truth that is the one thing they will never see & only u control your mind don’t let anyone lockup your thoughts & hypnotize u 2 b what they want u 2 b only u have the key 2 unlock your brain & set it free & let your choice b your voice & speak about what u love & hate freely & not b afraid 2 tell somebody when u agree or disagree & let God b the referee & let honesty b the difference between positivity & negativity & ilove a gr8 song by Prince called LOOSE & ilove it every morning when I drop a deuce it makes me fly free like a Howard Hughes Spruce Goose just like a runaway train without a caboose sharing my poetry with everyone everywhere Outthere that has eyes ears & minds that I can try 2 seduce & ilove 2 drink some POM Wonderful Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice & ilove the art & the poetry hidden within the beautiful heart & the amazing mind of a one of a kind American Author & Cartoonist Writing & Illustrating more than 60 Books Under His Pen Name Dr. SEUSS 🍀🤞💋😍🙏✌️🤙🤟👌☮️💟✝️😇😎🫶Peace Hangloose Iloveu OK MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY always keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday comewhatmay PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸

☮️💟✝️ THE SWEET SPOT ☮️💟✝️

When u r trying 2 flick someone’s switch or help them scratch that itch I always like 2 say hey honey let me know if I’m cold or hot as I give it all I got hoping 2 hear her scream jackpot gr8Scott u just hit me with your best shot in the sweet spot & what not & when I was young & dumb I used 2 like 2 take a hit or 2 of the purple microdot & when I was 13 years old it only cost 20 dollars to buy an ounce of smokinhot killerpot & when I used 2 wrestle in school my stepfather told me that I have 2 try & b as slippery as a doorknob covered in snot & when I was a young kid I used 2 watch the Jetsons cartoons & iloved Astro the dog & the maid Rosie the Robot & ilove a gr8 crime comedy movie from 1959 starring MARILYN MONROE TONY CURTIS & JACK LEMON that was called SOME LIKE IT HOT & the 2021 Rolls Royce Boat Tail with a cost of 28 million dollars is the world’s number one rarest & most expensive car on the road & this planet that they call a Land Yacht & The Rolling Stones have a gr8 song ilove called She Was Hot & in 1975 Stephen King published his second novel that was a gr8 story about Vampires that iloved called Salem’s Lot & Chuck Mangione has a gr8 song ilove called Give It All You Got & THEFATRAT has a gr8 song ilove called JACKPOT & always love honor respect & protect Gods gr8 Earth & remember what your Mom & Dad said Waste Not Want Not & when I talk I have no reason 2 lie with God as my witness & my Alibi I just feel like I have 2 tell everyone everywhere Outthere that there is always more 2 the picture than meets the eye that’s a tip that I swear by & I don’t watch ABC CBS or NBC as they brainwash dumbdown & try 2 make the public stupid as they sit there & lie just letting the bullshit fly & when it comes 2 the truth they leave America & American Republican’s high & dry 2 sit there & cry eating a piece of humble pie as they protect the guilty & try 2 hogtie the innocent like they r a political mafia wise guy & the fuckjoebiden biejingleftwingbluebellydonkey party has control over the CIA FBI DOJ & The Secret Service & they r untouchables flying high & they all work on the sly trying always 2 make Republicans b the Fallguy after they stole the election in 2020 & forced the USA & the World 2 go along with & live the sad & ugly big lie that they supply that is paid 4 & powered by Shanghai & ilove a gr8 song by The Alan Parsons Project called Eye In The Sky & there is a gr8 adventure drama movie iloved that came out in 2012 that was about 2 shipwrecked survivors a 16 year old Indian Teen & a Tiger called LIFE OF PI & Heart has a gr8 album & song ilove by the same name that they released in 1978 called DOG & BUTTERFLY & there is a thought provoking book published in 2000 by John Mason that says if u know the the right questions u can find the right answers in his book called WHY ASK WHY & there is a gr8 & really cool action comedy movie that was released in 2005 that starred Curt Russell that iloved called SKY HIGH & there is a gr8 song ilove by the GEORGIA MASS CHOIR called BY AND BY & I don’t know if we will all ever c eye 2 eye & it makes me cry as time flys by ever since I was a kneehigh smallfry as we all climb the ladder 2 heaven beyond the stars in the sky 2 live in the houses of the holy after we die & we r only able 2 carry the peace love & happiness & the memories we made living life on planet earth hoping we never have 2 say goodbye 2 an awesome beautiful & amazing place that God built with his own 2 hands creating a place that money can’t buy & James Blunt has a gr8 song ilove called HIGH & never cheat steal & lie 2 get by & Marshmello has a gr8 song ilove called FLY & there’s a gr8 song ilove by COLBIE CAILLAT called TRY❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🌝🌝🌝The Sturgeon SuperMoon was cool when it was full & it was a sight 2 c 4 u & me on Sunday Monday & Tuesday from sunset until sunrise putting on a celestial LUNA display without any foul weather 2 get in the way & there is a gr8 song ilove written & sung by Frank Sinatra called Fly Me To The Moon & then ilove 2 hear his Ratpack pal Dean Martin croon his old AMORE tune & I took some pictures I hope u like of the giant stringless Cheddar Cheese Balloon OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY I hope 2 c UALL again real soon 🙏 PEACE HANGLOOSE ILOVEU OK MAYEVERYTHINGGOYOURWAY that’s what I hope wish dream & pray as UALL live love laugh & play & keep a smile on your faces everynight & everyday come what may it makes the life u live & the world u live it in a better place 2 stay never put off until 2morrow what u can do 2day walk the walk don’t talk the talk it’s what u do not what u say PEACEBWITHUALLALWAYS ✌️🤙🤟👌💋😎😍🙃GODBLESSANDALLTHEBEST PEACELOVEANDHAPPINESS 🫶❤️🥰😘HAPPYTRAILSPEACECYA 🌝❤️💙🤍🇺🇸☮️💟✝️🍀🤞😇

❤️❤️❤️ MYSTIFIED ❤️❤️❤️

There’s a gr8 song ilove by Travis Tritt called MODERN DAY BONNIE AND CLYDE & if that’s the way u want 2 live your life where everyday & night u try 2 run your hustle & hide fit 2 b tied because the thought of being a cold blooded gangster has u MYSTIFIED & u think the world is your oyster as u take the weak & the innocent 4 a ride telling all of your victims welcome 2 my world step inside & u say I may joke but I don’t phuckin play so hey everybody walk this way & don’t lose your stride when I meet u on the darkside as I force u 2 swim against the tide & so I just wanted u 2 know what we have here on planet earth is a place where heaven & hell coincide & it’s sad but true that it’s everywhere worldwide so bad it makes me teary eyed when I think about the godfearing people that run in2 a misfit criminal with a brain that is fried from the devil that they let live inside when both of there worlds collide when u meet the sinners in public when u leave the safety of your home 2 go outside & in the center of my heart mind & soul that I have under complete control & is an imaginary time machine that is driven by a child ever since I was born I have been living my life like a fugitive from heaven on the loose running wild chasing words like wild birds around 2 hear that sound & hope they r worthy enough 2 save & say hoping 2 leave u beguiled if they were properly placed & mentally styled but as 4 me without the ability of being able 2 c your face because we r separated by time & space billions of humans caught up in this crazy rat race 2 know if u laughed or smiled as I get lost at any cost going hogwild trying 2 never let myself get easily riled & share peace love & happiness like a flowerchild that was always hot n nasty & anything but mild on my own a lonewolf running wild like Tarzan king of the jungle who was raised by animals when he was a helpless & lost dreamchild wishing the world could b reconciled & life can b a pain in the neck if u don’t live the one u got 2 the fullest & keep it in check as we all play the hand we r dealt knowing god is the dealer that controls the deck in a world where everything is on the leading edge of being spaceage & hightech where everything is all about cost & effect living a life where u should learn 2 suggest & not expect & always remember 2 give back when given respect & instead of saying what the hell say what the heck & b a stellar & perfect subject 4 the whole planet 2 inspect & ilove2 swim in the pool where my eternal waterfall of my imagination loves 2 collect expressing my internal mental magic that I think & redirect in2 the eyes & ears & minds of everyone everywhere Outthere that I hope wish dream & pray 2 infect with my Dirty Whiteboy New Jersey dialect & the candle of thought never burns if u don’t light the wick when u have an axe 2 grind or a bone 2 pick so get on the stick with no baffling bullshit just cut 2 the quick & lay it all out & spread it on thick & it’s eye 4 an eye so don’t blink u might miss a trick & then your life ain’t worth a lick that anyone would even want 2 touch with a 10 foot stick & when u got a bad case of anxiety & stress that u r trying 2 give a swift kick just handroll a fat Bob Marley stick & give that glue on the hemp paper a nice little lick in search of that T H C pleasure that is sure 2 b the one thing that always does the trick right after I light the bone when I flick my Bic & as I watch the cloud of the green haze rise with a sweet skunkybud aroma that is pungent & thick & they say if u like 2 play with the roses watch out 4 the thorns trying 2 give u a prick & everyone can learn a lesson from the Three Little Pigs when the Big Bad Wolf comes around 2 try & blow your house down make sure u build your Castle out of brick & INXS has a gr8 Album & song by the same name that they released in 1987 called KICK & there is a gr8 sci-fi fantasy comedy flick starring Adam Sandler ilove that was released in 2006 called CLICK & NBA Hall Of Famer Patrick Ewing is the number one Gr8est player of all time 2 ever suit up as a New York Knick & u can call it the wang or the wood the ding a ling or the tallywacker maybe it’s your junk the Johnson or the twig & berries your dipstick or your prick but in the end it’s just a DICK ✌️🤙🤟👌😍🍀😎🤞❤️🤍💙🇺🇸☮️💟✝️🙏🌝🌝🌝I just wanted 2 tell everyone everywhere Outthere living on this crazy planet that we all share 2 try & catch the Full Sturgeon Supermoon that will b here real soon a giant flying free from the string aged cheddar cheese balloon & we all can b like Dean Martin & crone that old Italian AMORE tune so keep your eyes open wide on August first Tuesday & hope wish dream & pray that the weather sees fit 2 let the the man on the moon & his starlight overnight skyshow live love laugh & play sending an awesome beautiful & amazing eyecandy display our way OHWELL PEACEYALL THATSALLIHAVE2SAY 🌝🌝🌝Donald Trump The 45th President Of The USA did more in two years for AMERICA & AMERICANS Than 4 years of peanutpicker jimmy carter 8 years of goodoldboy hillbillyclinton 8 years of the worst president in The History Of America headlikearockobomba & 2 years & 7 months of braindeaddevilsadvocatefuckjoebiden all 2gether & all of these 4 anti American cronies spent there time in the White House & our tax dollars working as hard as they could trying 2 turn our America in2 a third world country & regime media try’s 2 hide the truth by putting lipstick on & blowing out the hair on the bluebellydonkeyparty 2 try & make them look good instead of telling the truth like they should but hey it’s still the Beijingleftwingdonkeyparty 😵‍💫🤪🙃😳💀🤥😷☠️🤑😡🤬👺